2021 BMGA Application

*2/1/2021 – application had incorrect address listed for Brookview Golf and has been corrected to 316 Brookview Pkwy*

2021 is upon us, fellow golfers, and with the new year brings a new season of the BMGA at Brookview Golf.

Registration will open at 8am on 2/1/21 and end at 4pm 3/24/21. If you know of anyone who was not part of the BMGA in 2020 that wants to partake in 2021, be sure to have them submit their application as soon after 8am on 2/1 to give them the best shot at getting into WNL. 

EARLY APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Since mailing could result in delays due to the Pro Shop being closed, it will be best to submit the application electronically to registration@bmga.org. Date/time of submission will be tracked and payment will be figured out when registration closes.  

A reminder that Wednesday Night League acceptance priority is:

1. Golden Valley residents
2. Members from the preceding year regardless of member type in registration order
3. Board Member Exemption (max of 1 per Board Member) in registration order
4. General public in registration order

If you were a member in 2020, please note your BMGA dues have been reduced by $50 (new members will pay the full $75) – this is due to us not having the social functions in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The Spring Meeting is tentatively scheduled for 3/24/21, and we will keep you up-to-date closer to the date on if this will occur or not due to protocols.

Happy New Year,

BMGA Board

2020 BMGA Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone for making this a successful year! Seven months ago we had to cancel the Spring Meeting and we were concerned we would cancel the season. Everyone did their part, keeping their distance and allowing us to play every week.

Unfortunately we are unable to have a banquet this year, but we are hoping we will be able to turn the 2021 Spring Meeting into more of dinner and award ceremony. There will be a online slide show coming out shortly with a recap of the 2020 season. All trophies will be handed out at the Spring Meeting in 2021.

Great appreciation goes out to the board. This league would not be what it is without the dedication of all 9 board members. A special thank you to both Chuck and Richard. Running Wednesday night and weekend events is a ton of work. Both were run amazingly this year and weekend events had our highest participation in quite a few years!

Finally, BMGA 2021 Board Elections are complete. The three members who will be starting a 3 year term next year are: Erik Swanson, Howard Hoffman and Larry Jocelyn. Tim Lueder will move into the roll of President of the BMGA.

Have a great offseason. Stay healthy and work on your game! See you in the spring!

Jordan takes home top honors in Shootout

Jordan – Putting for the victory!

Another perfect weekend was dialed up for the last tournament of the season. After a tight opening nine holes (you needed a Net 37 to make the chip-off) we saw a fun and exciting back nine. After all the chip offs and fun, Brad Jordan – People 1st Flight Champion – added another trophy to his list for 2020 by winning the Shootout.

Our opening nine holes left us with a six-person chip-off for the final five spots. This eliminated HoF Curtis Medina on the chip-off. On #10 we had a withdrawal to eliminate Nick Hendrickson.

On hole #11, Tom Nestvold had some unfortunate luck and found himself scoring a seven after dropping one into the water. On #12, Kirk Williams had an untimely 3-putt to drop him out of the running.

On #13, we have our first back-nine chip-off with Ramiro Sifuentes and Marty Mangold. Both has amazing chips within 9 feet, but Ramiro was just outside and was eliminated. Unfortunately for Marty, he may have used all his mojo on the chip-off and found water on #14 and was eliminated.

On #15, we had our first five-way chip-off. Tournament manager gave them the full length of the green to work with and unfortunately Stan Hop at 13 feet was eliminated.

On #16, Sheldon Silberman hit just about every tree down the right side but still had a chance to push a chip-off with a short 4 footer but missed. On #17, Doug Paquette was eliminated via chip-off coming across the green.

That setup the 18th hole between Jordan and Steve Shellenbaum. Jordan hit what had to have been a 320+ drive leaving himself only a short 40 yard chip shot into the 18th green. Steve went through the fairway, into the hazard, took his medicine and punched up the green leaving himself 12 feet to make net par, which unfortunately didn’t go down. This left Jordan with a 2 putt for a par victory.

Paquette collects Individual Match Play Honors

In what was considered to be the marquee match-up in the Individual Match Play bracket, Doug Paquette faced off against Club Champion, Howard Hoffman in the honors of being the #1 Match Play Player of the year.

In what was a tight but one-sided event, Doug won 3 & 2. After the round, “Even the best players have an off day.  I was fortunate to play Howie on his ‘off’ day.  He’s still the best we have and a 100% class player.” Paquette said.

Congrats to everyone who played in the largest Individual Match Play even in a long time!

BMGA Shootout is Set

Our final event of the season is set for our top 24 players. The event is on October 10th starting at 12:00 PM (Noon). The tee sheet is:

Shootout Event Portal :: Tee Sheets (golfgenius.com)

This tournament is open to all observers. If you are not qualified for the tournament but want to come out and cheer on your favorite golfers, come on out, and see who will be crowned as the top BMGA Player of 2020.

Those who qualified:

Brad Jordan, Brian Beitlich, Chuck Bernardy, Curtis Medina, Don Grove, Doug Paquette, Jeffrey Olson, John Bolduc, Kelly Gallagher, Kent Riggs, Kevin Monogue, Kirk Williams, Marty Mangold, Nick Hendrikson, Ramiro Sifuentes, Richard Brynteson, Richard Schostag, Roger Hamm, Sheldon Silberman, Stan Hop, Steve Couture, Steve Shellenbaum, Ted Roberts, Tom Nestvold

Bald Man Brewery Triumphs in the Closest Match in Championship History!

Well it was a night to remember for both teams. The matches were up and down, but in the end every 1/2 point counted. It seems like we forget on how slow this match is compared to the regular season. 6pm after 2 hours of play some of the groups only had 7 holes completed. We had to stop play for lighting at 6:00pm which had to be another first for the Championship. 6:30 we got them back on the course and honestly I still think the fading sun didn’t speed them up. I was lucky enough to watch Luke Fox chip in on 8 from 30 yards out for his par to tie the hole. Crazy that one shot could decide the fate of a whole season. Once we realized the tie was inevitable we went to the 3 captains choice tie breakers that were announced to me only before the match. Bald Man won 16.5 to 15.5… It doesn’t get any closer and hats off to Who’s your Caddy for another spectacular season.

Thanks guys for another great year and thank goodness we had golf league to look forward to this Summer in our very first World Pandemic. Well most of us, Emmy Yates might have been thru a couple more. No banquet this year so the last event will be the shootout that is an invitation only, but you can come and watch.

One last thing if your interested in joining the board or perhaps you would like to Captain your own team into history contact Howie Hoffman, myself or any of the board members.

Roberts – Kjorsvik Win Big in Calcutta

With windy course conditions and some big numbers posted managed to navigate through the crazy both-ball final nine with a posted -1 score. This got them into an alternate shot playoff with Hamm and Stellick.

With two solid drives from Ted and Roger, Dan put his team just off the front of the green. Then Ted hit a chip to within 4 inches and a one-putt par was good enough to win.

3rd Place went to Peterson / Gahn. 4th Place Bernardy / Hop. 5th Place tie to Hagen – Krause, Meier – Hallfin.

Championship is Set!

Bald Man Brewery vs Who’s your Caddy

Who’s your Caddy took Hack Attack to the wood shed on Wednesday. 7 out of their 8 golfers one their match. On the other side of the Bracket I like Big Putts lost to Bald Man Brewery by 1 point to give Bald Man a ticket to the Championship show. This Wednesday at 4:00pm matches will start, its usually a slow round of golf so expect them to come in right around 6pm and the trophy presentations 6:30pm. Thanks Guys for a great year!