Calcutta Details

Format.  This is a 27 hole event on Sunday, September 26th.  Our first 18 holes will be at 8:00 AM Shotgun.  Followed by a 9-hole shotgun off the front at 1:30 PM.  This is a NET event, and players will be allocated 85% of their handicap per USGA Appendix C.  The first 18 holes is a best-ball (single score per team).  The final 9 holes is both-balls (two scores per team).

Skins. We will be offering both NET and GROSS skins for this event. The cost is $10 per type (or $20 for both). If there are NO skins on the last 9 holes, we will roll the pot into the 18 hole skins.

Skins Signup:

Horse Bet. Players (and ALL BMGA Members) can enter wagers online here. This thread will be updated with favorites of who is going to win. Exact odds will be released when betting is closed. Betting closes on 9/22/2021 at 7PM.

Betting Form:

Favorites (Updated 9/22/2021 at 9:50AM)

  • 11) Howard Hoffman & Brad Jordan
  • 27) Matt Doherty & Tom Nestvold
  • 17) Corey Smith & Curtis Medina
  • 2) Chuck Bernardy & Stan Hop
  • 22) Ben Peterson & Jake Waletzk

Auction: The auction took place on September 15th. The critical details you all want to know are:

  • The Most Expensive Teams were:
    • Doherty/Nestvold – $350
    • McClernan/Sifuentes – $310
    • Stoner/Brynteson – $300
    • Walker/Payne – $270
    • Bernardy/Hop – $260
  • Value Bets were:
    • Gaspard/Saless – $80
    • Schoeller/Bischel – $80
    • Tsatsos/Tamhane – $100
  • Total Pot: $5,175
  • Average Price: $185

Handicap. Players will be assigned their USGA handicap prior to the auction. Players will be allocated 85% of their handicap, per USGA Appendix C.

Teams. You can find a current team list here. Handicaps ARE NOT less than 85% and do not indicate a player is playing from the Gold Tees or not.

Tee Sheet. You can find both Round 1 and Round 2 Tee Sheet here. REMEMBER the first round is an 8:00 AM Shotgun. Round 2 is at 1:30 PM.

BMGA well represented at MPGA Combination

On Sunday the 12th, the MPGA held it’s 27 hole combination event (Scramble, Best Ball, Alternate Shot) at Emerald Greens in Hastings. This event had 90 teams of two players competing in Championship, Gross (3 flights) and Net Divisions.
Of the 180 players, 9 play out of the BMGA.

Teams of:
– Tom Bischel / Dave Schoeller (6th in Net)
– Ted Roberts / Pete Steichen (T14 in Gross Flight 3)
– Marty Mangold / Todd Peterson (T11 in Gross Flight 3)
– Tory Stellick / Jeff Towey (T7 in Gross Flight 3)
– Matt McClernan / Ramiro Sifuentes (3 in Gross Flight 3)
all represented us well.
For full results see this link:

WNL Final Results

Thank you to EVERYONE for an amazing regular season. Posting for our awesome WNL Coordinator and a big thank you for all his work this season.

Before we jump into the final standings of the season. Remember, that on September 15th – after the final group comes in from the first round of the playoffs, we will be having the 2021 Calcutta Auction and Horse Bet Racing. Auction starts at 7PM.

ALL BGMA Members are welcome to attend, bet and have fun. It will be the LAST Weekend of the deck for the season and the open keg. So, grab a drink, watch some golf, and then bet on golf. What better way to finish the WNL Season!

Final Standings

Chuck will officially reach out to Captains on tee times, matches, etc.

In the Bassett Creek Conference, CTB (Team 1) will get the BYE and Mid-Round Crisis (Team 11) vs Bald Man Brewing (Team 15).

In the Golden Valley Conference, 9th Green at 9:00 (Team 9) will get the BYE and Team Hack Attack (Team 3) vs Range Balls (Team 12).

The above matches will take place on September 15th. Tee times will be announced but they are 3:30 to 4:00.

In the WNL MVP Race, congrats to Richard (Rick) Schostag for winning the 2021 MVP Title with his league high 95.5 Points.

Top twelve in the WNL Points are invited to the season ending Shootout. Remember, the Shootout takes your best 10 scores through the season. There is a tie for 12th place – but some names appear on both the WNL and Weekend Shootout list so it should work out.


Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Dave Bialke $10

Closest to the pin on #4 Richard Brynteson $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Paul Carlson $10

Longest Putt on #9 Mark Kraus $10

Closest to the pin on #11 Jim Stetler

Closest to the pin #12 eric Berg

Closest to the pin on #17 Dan Grubb

Longest putt on #18 Tom Scheunemann $10

Low Gross: Paul Bryan (34) $10

Low Net: Wayne Nau and Kyle Johnsrud (32) $10

Skins Front: Dan Kjorsvik a Natural eagle on 5 drove the green and made the putt, $50 Dollar Bill!!!!!

Back: Jim Stetler a 3 on #11 net 2, Dave Schoeller a 2 on #12 net 1, Ross Johnson a 3 on #10 net 2. $16.50 Each

Congratulations to Perry Jacobson for his 1st hole in one today at Sugar Lake Lodge. No worries he doesn’t win the pot for the BMGA, but he offered to buy drinks next Wednesday!

Week 18 Results

Hey guys next week is the makeup week from our only Rain out of the year. The schedule changed so make sure your in contact with your captain on what your tee time is. SUNLIGHT will be an issue so those early tee times, just because your team has a chance for playoffs lets not pretend we are in the PGA. If you see your foursome falling behind say “SOMETHING” Please.

We have a lot of tight races still and no one is a lock for all the marbles going into the last week. The last Back tee time failed to pick up the game cards so hopefully their in the locker so those names will be revealed next week.


Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Tom Nestvold $10

Closest to the pin on #4 Mike Sustad $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Bill Guthrie $10

Longest Putt on #9 Stephen Wernblom $10

Closest to the pin on #11

Closest to the pin #12

Closest to the pin on #17

Longest putt on #18 Mark Steinhauser $10

Low Gross: Howie Hoffman (34) $10

Low Net: Tom Scheunemann (32) $10

Skins Front: Bill Guthrie a 2 on #8 net 1, Nick Gnerer a 3 on 5 net 2, Kevin Stoner with a easy 2 on #6 Just an Eagle, Mike White a 3 on #1 net 1 $12.50 Each

Skins Back: Tom Scheunemann a 3 on #10 net 2, Kirk Williams a 3 on #13 net 2, Dan Anderson a 2 on #17 net 1. $16.50 Each

Richard is on Vacation so I didn’t want to bother him about fixing the spreadsheet so here is the team stuff and the shootout information is sponsored by Tuppleware thanks to Roger.

Race to the BMGA Cup Champion

With only one major tournament left in the season, let’s look at where the standings sit for the prized BMGA Cup. This award goes to the top Weekend Player. Not only do they get recognition but also a cool $250 dollars in chits!

There are ONLY four players left who could mathematically take home the crown! Remember, the TOP 12 are invited to the Shootout to crown the top player in the league. They will be joined by the TOP 12 WNL Players.

Points still outstanding are:

  • Calcutta Points
  • Finals in 2-Man Match Play
  • Semi-Finals and Finals in Individual Match Play
1st PlaceSteve Couture827 Points
2nd PlaceSteve Shellenbaum800 Points
3rd PlaceHoward Hoffman770 Points
4th PlaceMatthew Payne742 Points
5th PlaceRichard Brynteson695 Points
6th PlaceJeff Olson682 Points
7th PlaceTom Nestvold584 Points
8th PlaceSteve Hartmann580 Points
9th PlaceRamiro Sifuentes567 Points
10th PlaceMatt McClernan547 Points
11th PlaceCraig Wethington535 Points
12th PlaceDoug Paquette525 Points

What did it take to get into the top 4?

Steve C. played in all weekend events thus far. In those, he finished as a semi-finalist in 2-Person Match Play; 1st Place Net Club Champion, 2nd Place Rotation, 4th Place in the 2-Person Scramble.

Steve S. played in all weekend events thus far. In those 2nd in Rotation, 2nd in Fourball and won the Senior Club Championship Net.

Howard has played in 6 of 8 tournament. Taken first in 2-Person Scramble, Presidents Cup and Club Championship.

Matthew played in all weekend events thus far. Won the Greek Scramble, 3rd Rotation, 4th in 2-Person Scramble, 4 in Club Championship and 2nd in Presidents Cup.

That is a lot of consistent play between four players! Good luck in the rotation!

President’s / HoF Cup Results

Although the course was wet under your shoes there wasn’t a drop of rain to be found during the tournament. And that allowed 40 players to hit the course on what was a windy but pleasant day of golf.

In the Gross Division, Howard Hoffman shot a 71 to score +7 points in the stableford scoring format. He was the only player to finish with a plus number in the Gross division. Second place went to Richard Brynteson with a 75 and -1 points. Third place to Ramiro Sifuentes and his -5 points (78) and fourth place to Matthew Payne at -6 (shotting his best ever score of a 77).

In the Net Division, it was another run away! Jeff Olson and his Net Double Eagle on #2 made it difficult for anyone to catch him. Shooting an 89 that lead to a +14 score. Second place was a tie between Matthew Payne and HoF/Past President Curtis Medina at +8 stableford score. Fourth place went to another HoF, Richard Brynteson with his +7 stableford score.

In the main event, our Past President’s, and Hall of Fame division. We had two returning members in Josh Mueller and Nick Schultz participate. Our champion was Curtis Medina at +8. Second place went to Richard Brynteson at +7.

On course prizes and other details coming.

Week 17 Results (A tad faster next week please)

Paul Olson (Edina Realty) Cleaned my clock last week. If you haven’t noticed how many great scorecard sponsors we have this year checkout the back! These guys are all great league contributors!

Next week we need to play just a tad faster! Give some putts guys!!! If you won the hole give your opponent the putt this is not the Fed Ex Cup.


Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Nate H…? $10

Is this someone from the Public? no reply and I’m giving this to Zach

Closest to the pin on #4 Lucas Anderson $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Brent Lindstrom $10

Longest Putt on #9 Gerald Meier $10

Closest to the pin on #11 in 2 Dan Gustafson $10

Closest to the pin #12 Mike Deede $10

Closest to the pin on #17 Ted Roberts $10

Longest putt on #18 Doug Paquette $10

Low Gross: Howie Hoffman (32) $10

Low Net: Mike Saless and Jeremy Hagen (31) $5 Each

Skins Front: Nate Jordan a 3 on #5 net 1, Mark Lauffenburger a 3 on #9 net 1… Mick Krause 4 on #6 net 2. $16.50 Each.

Skins Back: John Bolduc a 3 on #13 net 2, Mike Saless a 5 on #16 net 3, Paul Rust a 3 on #10 net 2, Mike White a 4 on #11 net 2. $12.50 each

Spreadsheet to follow including Roger’s breakdown on Individual points….. Thank you Roger Hamm

President/HoF Cup Details

Here are the details for this coming weekends tournament.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

Here are the tee times for this weekend.

Tee Times

We will again be doing a Gross and Net Skins game.  Here is the form to sign up this weekend.


Here are the basic rules to be aware of.

Rules: This is stableford event.  You need to putt-out in all cases.  Do not scope up the ball and walk off the green.  We are using modified scoring of stableford.

Goodbye to a Champ

Guest Author: Club Historian Marty Mangold

Bill Cook was one of the senior members in the BMGA and I was a young new member in 1990.  Bill was the type that would always request late tee times for events so he could get his stretching in.  I on the other hand would come screaming into the parking lot on four hours sleep and barely make my tee time.

Bill passed away last week at the age of 92.  He was a longtime member of the BMGA.  His resume includes the Brookview Club Championship in 1969, the Senior Club Championship in 1992, 1995 and 1997.  He was the MPGA President in 1977 and 1978.

I realize that there are only a handful of current members who even know who Bill was.  But it is guys like Bill, Don Gustafson, Mike Essma, Don Schuenemann, Fred Sicora, Jim Sicora, Len Lewicki, Vince Kennedy, Henry Bongard, Bob Littlefield and many others that made my early days in the BMGA so fun.  They had funny stories, stale jokes and could play some golf.  They gave me pointers on how to play Brooky, which I obviously haven’t done very well!  They were characters.  They were the foundation of the early years of the BMGA and it is important that they are recognized and remembered.

Let’s all lift a glass. RIP Bill

Week 16 Results (Pace of play still needs to be faster)

We have 3 weeks left of regular season matchups… Don’t forget we are making up week 11 (Rainout) on Sept 8th. Captains make sure your team is ready to go and finish out the season. The standings are getting really close on some divisions so is imperative that we show up and not give FREE points to our opponents. Meaning Don’t FORFEIT…. Find a sub!


Closest to the pin on #1 in 2Mike Gomez $10

Closest to the pin on #4 Kevin Monogue $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Brent Lindstrom $10

Longest Putt on #9 Aaron Woytke $10

Closest to the pin on #11 in 2 Tyler Nelson $10

Closest to the pin #12 Jeff Wagner $10

Closest to the pin on #17 Jeremy Host $10

Longest putt on #18 Corey Smith $10

Low Gross: Nick Hendrikson (34) $10

Low Net: Ryan Johnsrud (31) 10

Skins Front: Dan Gregorich a 2 on #4 net 1, Aaron Woytke a 3 on #9 net 2, Michael Whit a 4 on #1 net 2 $16.50 EACH

Skins Back: Steve Bensen a 2 on #12 net 1 “$50 Dollar Bill”