2-Person Match Play Results

Congrats to everyone who survived through Round 1 and moved onto the next round. Remember, you are responsible for setting up all future matches between each of the playing partners. Some prizes:

  • Closest To Pin #1 – Matt Grove
  • Closest To Pin #4 – Dan Peters
  • Closest To Pin #8 – Aaron Woytcke
  • Long Putt #9 – Joel Longo
  • Closest To Pin #11 – Roger Hamm
  • Closest To Pin #12 – Ramiro Sifuentes
  • Closest To Pin #17 – Dan Gregorich

We also had a skins game this week.

  • Net Skins: Dan Gregorich and Eric Beitlich $117 Each
  • Gross Skins: Brad Jordan, Joel Longo, Matt Grove, Ramiro Sifuentes and Richard Brynteson $20 Each

Tournament Results: 2021 2-Man Match Play Event :: Tournament Results (golfgenius.com)

Player Stats: 2021 2-Man Match Play Event :: Tournament Results (golfgenius.com)

Week 2 Results

The new guy of the week is Nick Bellestri enjoying a pint of Bald Man Brewery Honey Hush Kosch. Nick just moved here from Michigan this past year. How did he find out about our League? Chris Wrecza of course the #1 Bank Recruiter in Minnesota and of course he has a great Barber… Nick is hoping to make a splash this year and get the Loopers off the ground level.

Week 2 Game Results: (I totally forgot them in the barbershop I’ll update on Tuesday SORRY)

Closest to the pin on #1 in 2

Closest to the pin on #4 Craig Wethington $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Steve Sliviken $10

Longest Putt on #9 Larry Locelyn $10

Closest to the pin on #11 in 2 Wayne Nau $10

Closest to the pin #12 Ben Zurn $10

Closest to the pin on #17 Chuck Bernardy $10

Longest Putt on #18 Brad Jordan $10

Low Gross Howie Hoffman and Michael Manion 37 $5 each

Low Net Jeremy Hagen 29 $10

Front 9 Net Skins: Tom Scheunemann 4 on #2, Richard Schostag 3 on #5, Mark Lange 3 on #6, Christian Olson 4 on #7 (12.50 Each)

Back 9 Net Skins: Brad Jordan 4 on #16, Jeremy Hagen 3 on #18, Mike Saless 4 on #10, Ben Zurn 2 on #12 (12.50 Each)

Metro Senior Teams tough it out at Bunker Hills

Week 2 of the Metro Senior league was held at Bunker Hills on Friday, May 7. Unfortunately, the Brookview Golden Team opponent had the home field advantage. @Dan-Olson shot an 86 against and evenly matched opponent and won the front 9 and the match to get 4 points but the rest of the team struggled in the chilly temps and windy conditions. Bunker Hills defeated the Golden team 19-5 and the team dropped a few places in the standings

The Brookview Valley Team had a little better result with a 14-8 win over the Hiawatha team. @Marty-Mangold swept all 6 points and @Steve-Slivken picked up another 4 with four birdies and some really ugly holes! @Dean-Penk and @Jim-Sanford each won the the front 9 but could only muster 2 points each.

After 2 weeks the Golden team slipped to 8th place and the Valley team moved up to a 5th place tie. There are 16 teams in the league. 

To learn more about the league, check out the website http://metroseniors.org or speak to one of the captains, @roger-hamm (Golden Team) or @Sheldon-Silberman (Valley Team.)
Full standings here Full results here Season Schedule here

2-Person Match Play

It’s time to get ready for our first weekend tournament of the year. This year we have thirty-four teams seeking to become our 2021 Match Play Champion. With those thirty-four teams we had to get creative in our bracket design. We feature four regions: Watson, Langer, Irwin and Kite.

Returning to defend their title is the group of Matt McClernan and Ramiro Sifuentes who draw the Jordan Brother’s in their first round. There are so many amazing round one draws that I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Backet is now online and available here: 2021 2-Man Match Play Event :: Tournament Results (golfgenius.com)

Tee Sheet is available here. There are three matches that are taking place outside the tournament weekend. Those are marked as 12:00 PM 1A/1B/1C match. Please schedule those and let me know the results as soon as possible.

Lastly, there WILL be a cash skins game this weekend – both GROSS and NET. Cost is $5 per skins game – $10 if you want to play in both. You can register online here.

Week 1 Results

1st off this is Frank Tempone one of our 19 new guys this year. I was able to chat with him over a couple of Bald Man Brewery Brown ales on Wednesday. He started off his career in the Brookview Men’s League beating up his opponent 7 to 3. Frank is from St. Louis Missouri originally, but he married a MN Gal so he is up here living the high life. Frank got drafted by 9th Green by 9 mainly because his favorite club is the Driver! Bingo the guy knows how to keep it in play at Brookview.

Week 1 Game Results:

Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Mike Saless $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Ramiro Sifuentes $10

Longest Putt on #9 Justin Waters $10

Closest to the pin on #11 in 2 Ryan Johnsrud $10

Closest to the pin on #12 Roger Hamm $10

Closest to the pin on #17 Mark Kraus $10

Longest Putt on #18 Joe Luchsinger $10

Low Gross Erik Swanson 36 $10

Low Net was a tie 4 ways so I drew a name,,,, Curtis Medina 34 $10

Front 9 Net Skins Chris Gaspard par on #1 $25

Jeff Wagner on a 3 on #9 $25

Back 9 Net Skins Jesse Doughty 4 on #16 net double eagle, Tyler Nelson 3 on #11, Nick Ward 3 on #10 $16.50 each….

Metro Senior Teams start the season off with a bang.

The Metro Senior 16 week long season started on Friday at Gross.

The Brookview Valley Team had an impressive 17-7 win over the Oak Marsh team. Getting all 6 points were @Steve-Slivken and @Dean-Penk. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman split his match and took 3 home while @Larry-Larson was in a tight one (tied stroke play) but was only able to grab 2 points.

The Brookview Golden Team took advantage of captain @roger-hamm’s absence and went on an absolute tear, smoking the Como team 21-3. Winning all 6 points were @Stan-Hop, @Steve-Shellenbaum and first-timer @Ward-Eames. @Dan-Olson was in a tight match and split it 3-3.

After 1 week the Golden team is tied for first and the Valley team is in 7th out of a 16 team league.

To learn more about the league, check out the website http://metroseniors.org or speak to one of the captains mentioned above.
Full standings here Full results here Season Schedule here

Spring Social Results

Thanks guys for coming out on Wednesday. The cold weather didn’t deter to many people from coming out so we had a great turnout. Week 1 starts next week so get ready and if you haven’t gotten your handicap card or patron card get it done soon.

Winners from last night:

Closest to the Pin on #9 $10 Ramiro Sifuentes

Longest Putt on #2 $10 Corey Smith

Lowest Round $10 Jeff Towey 17

April 21st Spring Social 4:00pm-6:30pm (3 Club Challenge)

Hey guys another year is upon us. Our first event will be on the Par 3 starting at 4:00. This is a great opportunity to get together and meet your team. You can only use 3 clubs of your choosing and we will be playing 5 holes on the par 3. We play holes 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9. Use a scorecard and we will have the lowest score payout ($20) a closest to the pin on #9 and a long putt on #2 ($10 each).   This is a very open night for tee times.  Grab a few guys and head down to the 1st tee of the par 3 and tee off when ready.

Hole #1 – 137

Hole #2 – 137

Hole #3 – 188

Hole #8 – 160

Hole #9 – 117

The beer will be on the upstairs patio and that will start around 4:30 pm. Brookview will have a beverage cart on the course as well, but that will be cash or card only. Thanks guys and we will see you on the course!!!

BMGA Metro Seniors

All, if you are 50 or over and wish to play on Friday mornings, the BMGA has an opportunity for you. We run 2 separate teams in the Metro Seniors Golf League.  This is fully handicapped Match play at area courses and runs for 16 weeks.

You can read more about our team and some information here: https://bmga.org/traveling-teams/ You can see all of the information, including the 2021 schedule on the Metro Seniors Website here: http://metroseniors.org/

No one can play on both teams during the season,  The captains have decided to have a core team each and the remainder of the players are in a pool that both teams can use.  This gives people in the pool the opportunity to play for either team when the opportunity arises.  This works best for those guys that can play once or twice a year.

Sheldon Silberman and Roger Hamm are the team captains.  If you have an interest, please contact one of them.  Sheldon is at mnhandball@aol.com and Roger is at roger.hamm@comcast.net

Sheldon and Roger held a draft of everyone that played more than 2 times last year. There will be a supplemental draft for anyone responding to this email that would like to play more than twice. 

If you want to play, but not more than twice, contact a captain, and we will make sure that you are noted in the pool.

The teams from the preliminary draft of guys that played more than twice are as follows – with the supplemental draft (as noted above) to follow:

Team Valley (Sheldon Silberman)

Chuck Bernardy
Richard Courtney
Jim Husnik
Larry Larson
Marty Mangold
Ted Roberts
Jim Sanford
Sheldon Silberman
Steve Slivken
Peter Steichen
Randy Zejdlik

Team Golden (Roger Hamm)

Doug Diedrich
Roger Hamm
Tom Hansen
Stan Hop
Dan Olson
Doug Paquette
Steve Shellenbaum
Ramiro Sifuentes

BMGA Wednesday Night League Update

To accommodate this year’s high demand for the Wednesday Night League, the board has decided to expand the league to a maximum of 192 players and increase the regular season to 18 weeks.  This will result in 16 teams of 12 players. With the additional two weeks, the average number of starts per player will increase from 11.64 to 12 and each team will play all teams in their division twice and all other teams once.  For the final weeks of the season, we will work to move tee times earlier to ensure play is completed on time.  Below is the new end of year schedule:

  • Aug 18th – Week 16
  • Aug 25th – Week 17
  • Sept 1st – Week 18
  • Sept 8th – OFF / MAKE-UP
  • Sept 15th – Round 1 Playoffs (4 teams)
  • Sept 22nd – Semi Final Playoffs (4 teams)
  • Sept 29th – WNL Final (2 teams)
  • Oct 9th – Shootout (invitation only)

If you have any questions, please reach out to a board member.

BMGA Board