Tenth Year of the BMGA Cup!

2018 represents the 10th year of this coveted year long award. I thought that maybe a little number crunching was in order.

Top Ten Cup Points by Year

Top Ten in Cup Points for Each Year

BMGA Cup Wins
Richard Koppy 2
Stan Hop 2
Roger Hamm 1
Larry Hahka 1
Howard Hoffman 1
Tom Aamot 1
Bradley Kadue 1

Multiple Top Tens
Stan Hop 7
Roger Hamm 5
Chuck Bernardy 4
Craig Wethington 4
Dave Appelbaum 4
Howard Hoffman 4
Larry Hahka 4
Richard Koppy 4
Bradley Kadue 3
Doug Diedrich 3
Gary Jungbauer 3
Nick Schultz 3
Richard Brower 3
Robert Brower 3
Dan OBrien 2
Dave Supalla 2
John Bolduc 2
Kevin Stoner 2
Randy Zejdlik 2
Rick Kadue 2
Steve Shellenbaum 2
Tom Aamot 2

Largest Margin of Victory
2016 Roger Hamm 307

Closest Margin of Victory
2010 Tom Aamot 10
2009 Bradley Kadue 10

Years with multiple 1000 point scorers
2011 Howard Hoffman 1085
2011 Tom Aamot 1000

2010 Tom Aamot 1100
2010 Brian Sutton 1090
2010 Howard Hoffman 1030

2009 Bradley Kadue 1115
2009 Howard Hoffman 1105
2009 Stan Hop 1090

2 Man Roto: Flights and Tee Times

Flights and Tee Times for the 2 man rotation are now posted.

2 Man Rotation Flights

2 Man Rotation Tee Times


Greek Scramble Re-Cap

It was the usual build up going into the Greek Scramble....last minute cancellations and reshuffling of teams - 2 times...

In the end, the teams were evenly balanced and the tightly packed scores confirmed this point.

However, the weather was not willing to cooperate with the event. We had 10 teams and only 5 teams were able to complete 18 holes. We had to cut the event to a 13 hole scoring method as that was the maximum holes completed by all teams. the 10 teams were separated by only 7 strokes, with 7 of them within 4 strokes.

After everyone dried off, the scores showed a tight knit group of winners:

1st Place - 99 (-3) 100 pts/$35 each

Team #6 - Brad Jordan, NIck Ward, Stan Hop, Richard Brower 

2nd Place (Tie) - 62 pts/$27.50 each 

Team #2 - Steve Hartmann, Kevin Monogue, Roger Hamm, Richard Courtney

Team #1 - Tom Bischel, Craig Wethington, Dick Koppy, Erik Swanson

4th Place (3-Way Tie) - 10 pts/$5 each

Team #5 - Ryan Pula, Sheldon SIlberman, Jim Husnik, John Bolduc

Team #9 - Larry Hahka, Ermin Cicic, Ben Peterson, Steve Shellenbaum

Team #10 - Steve Slivken, Isaac Philibert, Jeff Martin, Kevin Stoner

Hole Prizes - (#15 & #17 eliminated as not everyone played them)

Closest to Pin #4 - Ramiro Sifuentes - $15

Closest in 2 Shots #7 - Ermin Cicic - $15

Closest to Pin #8 - Erik Swanson - $15

Closest to Pin #12 - Ryan Pula - $15



WNL Recap – Week 8

I have a little housekeeping to tend to before recapping the last week of the 1st half of the season (where does time go, I remember when the season was only THIS TALL). Lemme grab my soapbox.

There were a lot of looooong gaps between groups coming in last night. I get it, it’s not your fault – it never is, I know that! But...maybe pretend it kinda/sorta is your fault and push yourself to keep up which may just inspire your entire group to keep up which may just lead to a more enjoyable round or could even lead to universal healthcare…worth a shot. I also think we need to wave groups up on #14 – we tried it last year and I thought it worked well. I dare the guys playing the back nine next week to try it…double dog dare you, even. Any other thoughts on pace of play? Would love to hear ‘em but also talk to each other while out there and spread the word while having a brew after the round. Maybe some grassroots changes will happen instead of hoping the silly, boring Board will actually come up with a solution “one of these years” that will result in a seven paragraph addition to the highly enjoyable League Guide. We’re all responsible for pace of play, so I ask you to do what YOU can do out there to make it faster and encourage others to do the same directly (preferably) or as passive-aggressively as only a true Minnesotan can. Example: “You know, guy, it’d be cool if you took only 1 practice swing instead of 9…” Oh, and enter your scores promptly. End of speech.

What a night, eh! Sun shining, birds chirping, fist pumps pumping, Misty Mountain IPA flowing, breeze breezing, and not one single ball was hit OB! That last one may not be true, but still...pretty dang lovely evening to play some G.

2018 WNL Standings Week 8

Not any movement in rankings this week, but some teams are creeping closer while others are slipping a bit further from the leaders. Par then Bar scores the most points this week with 47.5 against Range Balls to pull away from Hack Attack who lost big to the 2nd most point getters Who’s Your Caddy 34-46.

WTF had a no-show but held their ground and lost 38-39 to Pin Seekers to remain atop their division, but Zed Heads are lurking 11 points behind after a solid 44-36 win over Putt 4 Dough.

CTB has a 19.5 lead over Bald Man Brewing Co., and I Like Big Putts is now only 3 points behind Mid-Round Crisis after CTB beat up on Crisis 44.5-35.5 and Big Putts tied Bald Man. And don’t sleep on Fairway 2 Heaven who is only 13 points back after sneaking past The Loopers 41-39.

Scorecards of Shame: This was easy – Team 10 (I Like Big Putts) and Team 15 (Bald Man Brewing Co.): One card had team numbers written down correctly. The other three cards? Ew.

Week 8 Scorecard

Our prizes section for this week's Real Sponsor, Fake Advertising is brought to you by newly minted Scorecard of Shame winner...Bald Man Brewing CompanyBeer. Need I say more?  Ok, I will – good effin’ beer! The folks at Bald Man Brewing Company - including co-founder and our very own BMGA-er Dan Jacobs (dan@baldmanbrewing.com) - know what they’re doing when it comes to beer.  The taproom is located in Eagan and there always seems to be something going on there so be sure to come down and check it out. But you’ll also see their fine artisan beer out and about at bars, restaurants, and quite possibly in your local liquor store.  Check out baldmanbrewing.com for more information and tip one back today!

Low Gross - Tie (35) $5 each:

  • Dave Supalla
  • Alec Johnson

2-Man Low Net (Even Weeks) - 4-way tie (69) $8.75 each:

  • Ted Scheunemann & Bill Wallace
  • Chuck Bernardy & Stan Hop
  • Jason Lunetta & Brent Wolosyn
  • Scott Hartmann & Tom Bredesen

On Course Winnah’s $10 each – Team 15 takes 3 of 8, and Team 10 takes 2 of 8…and three of the guys (Lang, Zuck, and Nestvold) played in the same group which claimed 3 out of the 4 proxies on the back nine – players gotta play! Leave some for the rest of us!

  • CTP in Two #1: Steve Latham, Team 1 – 2nd group out, Steve punched out from under the trees in the left rough to 6’ or so…but alas, a miss.
  • CTP #4: Sheldon Silberman, Team 10 – Buries the deuce wearing the so fresh and so clean-clean baby blue North Golf polo. Nice.
  • CTP #8: Ted Scheunemann, Team 15 – Ted gets back in his match against Sheldon (see above) by stuffing it and making a birdie of his own en route to winning the match.
  • Long Putt #9: Mike Ryan, Team 7 – “Best shot of my day” a very sorrowful Ryan tells reporters after his round, needing that monster for a par to tie the hole for a half point in lost match. Chin up, Mike, chin up.
  • CTP in Two #11: Tom Nestvold, Team 10 – Writes “Gimme” on the card – not sure what he wants, but he made the deux!
  • CTP #12: Jason Lunetta, Team 4 – Gets to throw a 2 on the card after sinking the putt.
  • CTP #17: Doug “Zuck It” Zuck, Team 15 – Drops the deuce and wins the hole against Nestvold (see above), but ultimately loses the match.
  • Long Putt #18: Doug Lang, Team 15 – Makes the birdie putt with his team erupting from the bleachers…er patio.

I apologize in advance as next week I won't get the recap done until the Monday after we play. I also apologize to the boring Board members for calling us boring, but c'mon...we are. Don't fine me.

WNL Week 7 Recap (6/6/18)

This week was a battle of Inter-Conference match-ups and there wasn’t much to the battle. There ain’t no other way to put it – the Golden Valley Conference destroyed the Bassett Creek Conference. GVC went 7-0-1 against the BCC, which is pretty amazing and amusing. That means there were no major shifts in the standings since each team in each division either won or lost. All the matches were pretty dang close – especially the tie between Last Call and Par then Bar, that one was REALLY close. Who’s Your Caddy was the week’s biggest wiener with 45.5 points. Congrats to the GVC – hopefully the BCC can pay you back in a couple weeks!

Be sure to get your ESC scores entered for your round last night (as well as every round you play). If you still don’t know what ESC is, check out the Week 4 recap or reach out to me.

2018 WNL Standings Week 7

Reminder that next week (6/13) is Food Night – Brookview will be providing burgers/brats/sides. If you’re playing early, please control yourself and leave some grub for the dudes with later tee times. Brookview will stagger bringing out food to keep it fresh, but remember there are guys coming in late that would like to eat, too.

Next week is also our halfway point – so if you don’t have enough scores in to establish a handicap index after the 6/15 GHIN revision, you will be playing as a scratch (0 handicap) until you have an index. In other words, Callaway scoring goes bye-bye starting 6/20. Let me know if there are questions.

This week’s Real Sponsors Fake Advertising Weekly Winners Winner Circle is brought to you by: Marty Mangold, Realtor with Coldwell BankerAre you ready to buy your first home? Are you ready to sell your twelfth home? Are you ready to downsize, upsize, or sidewaysize? Are you looking to invest in a chunk of that sweet American dream called real estate? Are you tired of these questions? Well stop answering these questions in your head and contact Marty Mangold today to help you navigate the Minnesota real estate scene! He works hard so you can live easy! (612.423.6339 or marty.mangold@cbburnet.com)

Low Gross – $10

  • Brian Beitlich, 35 (back)

Individual Low Net (Odd Weeks) – This is the third time in three tries that the low gross winner has gotten a piece of the individual low net!

  • 3 way tie, each with a net 31, $23.33 each
  • Brian Beitlich (back)
  • Kyle Johnsrud (front)
  • Dan Olson (front)

$10 each:

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Steve Binenstock – Pencil Saver Award and a sunk birdie!
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Marcus Gahn – Knocked in for birdie!
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Mark Corzine – Pencil Saver Award and…a birdie!
  • Long Putt #9: Randy Zejdlik – Rams it in for a bogey.
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Colby Grupa – Drain-o…birdie.
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Jim Husnik – Pencil Saver Award #3, but a miss (not butter miss).
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Dan Klein – An aw shucks miss.
  • Long Putt #18: Steve Hartmann – Clunk, birdie!

Thank ya, and see ya next week!

Brad Jordan, WNL Dictator (bradleyejordan@gmail.com)

Greek Scramble: Teams and Tee Times

The teams and tee times for the Greek Scramble are now posted.

We look forward to seeing everyone on June 9th.

Greek Tee Times (final)

Greek Scramble Team Report


Bracket Update: Single Man Match

The first round of the Single Man Match was completed on May 19th. The rain managed to hold off and the course was in great shape. There were many great matches with the majority of them ending on either 15 or 16.  The follow the link to view the most up to date brackets https://t.co/HBweAlpL6t (Must be logged in)

2018 Single Man Bracket

Hole Prize Winners

CTP #4 - Richard Bryntenson

CTP2 #6 - Steve Merriman

CTP #8 - Glenn Ronning
CTP #12 - Richard Brower
Long Putt #13 - Curtis Medina
CTP #17 - Jeff Towey


Registration for the 2 man rotation is now open.  The 2 man rotation is scheduled for June 23rd, 2018 and registration will close June 15th @ 5PM. If you would like to participate in this tournament you can register online at www.BMGA.org, or turn in your application to the BMGA lockbox.  This lockbox is now located in men's locker room at the top of locker #1.  You can pay via paypal on the BMGA website, or by check turned into the BMGA lockbox.  We look forward to receiving you application.   Matt Grove - Tournament Director grove9021@gmail.com 612-710-9758


WNL Week 6 (5/30) Recap

The weather cooperated with us on Wednesday, must be all that clean livin’ from this group of dudes.  There was some rain early, but the course was in super shape for this week’s Divisional match-ups. Let’s get to it.

2018 WNL Standings Week 6

There was no movement in the standings, but some teams were able to gain some ground.

CTB was the big winner this week with 53.5 points over The Loopers. The team behind CTB in the BCC South, Bald Man Brewing Co., scored a 2nd best 46 against ForePlay and actually dropped 7.5 points…ouch, tough break!

Staying in the BCC, I Like Big Putts scored 44 against Last Call to creep closer to Mid-Round Crisis who got beat by Fairway 2 Heaven 38-42.

In the GVC East, Zed Heads snuck out a win over division leader WTF 41.5-38.5 but are 18 points back.  Who’s Your Caddy dropped 45.5 against Range Balls, who have yet to win an overall match yet.

The GVC West division remains the tightest with two really close matches – 1st place Par then Bar eeked out a win over 2nd place Team Hack Attack 40.5-39.5, and 3rd place Pin Seekers also snuck a win past winless Putt 4 Dough 40.5-39.5.

Just a reminder that standings are based on points, so wins/losses don’t mean anything except how you’re team is doing head-to-head and gives me something to talk about.

Scorecard of Shame: I’m going with an entire team, because each week at least one card is missing their team number – Team 8, congrats!  Wait, Team 8 guys don’t know they’re on Team 8, so…Zed Heads you’re the winner this week!  Overall the scorecards have been top notch so, in all sincerity: thank you!  I just had to give someone grief after this long.

Here are the Weekly Winners in a new segment called Real Sponsors, Fake Advertising.  This week is brought to you by: Chuck the BarberAre you down in the dumps?  Feeling like you lost a step and the ladies aren’t giving you the old double-take like before?  Nothing changes a man’s confidence quite like a great haircut, and Chuck the Barber knows a thing or two about giving great haircuts.  So check out ChuckTheBarber.com today and book a time to get that fresh new cut today.

Low Gross:

  • $10 to Nick Schultz – 34 (front)

2-Man Low Net (Even Weeks):

  • $17.50 each to Jason O'Shea (32) & Mark Corzine (33) – 65 (back)
  • $10 each to Wayne Nau (34) & Joel Longo (32) – 66 (back)
  • $7.50 each to Dean Penk (33) & Kevin Monogue (34) – 67 (back)

On Course Action, $10 each:

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Perry Jacobson – Two putts needed…must have been a tricky one for this guy to miss.
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Jim Husnik – Juuuuuust missed it...I imagine.
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Nick Schultz – Pencil-Saver Award (only name on the card), and a miss that could have put him to 33!
  • Long Putt #9: Perry Jacobson – 2nd time on the list, and redeems himself with a birdie!
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Chris Wrecza – Nearly a hole-out for a 3” tap-in birdie!
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Michael Meyer – Pencil-Saver Award and a miss!
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Jesse Doughty – Oh no, the dreaded lip out!
  • Long Putt #18: Gavin May – Snakes it in for a birdie!

WNL Week 5 Recap

It was a hot one out there last night, and while some teams wilted in the heat others thrived.  There were some big swings in a couple divisions after these Conference match-ups.

2018 WNL Standings Week 5

The totally rebuilt Team 14, Par then Bar, took down Who’s Your Caddy 52-23.5 (there was a no-show which is why the total is short of the full 80 points) to earn the highest score of the week. Captain Alec Johnson goes low with a 34 to win Low Gross and a piece of Low Net.  In their division, Team Hack Attack scored a ho-hum 48.5 points against the struggling Range Balls to remain in 2nd place, and actually fell from 0.5 to 4 points behind the lead.

Mid-Round Crisis cruised to their 4th consecutive win of the season with a  49-31 thumping over The Loopers to remain at the top of the BCC North.  In the same division, I Like Big Putts moves into 2nd with a win over ForePlay, 46.5-33.5 and Last Call falls to 4th after getting beat by the surging Bald Man Brewing Company 32-48.

In the BCC South, CTB falls to Fairway 2 Heaven 35.5-44.5 but still remain atop the division with Bald Man jumping from 4th to 2nd and only 7 points back.

WTF gets past Putt 4 Dough 42.5-37.5 to remain atop the GVC East and are tied with the overall point lead with Mid-Round Crisis at 179.5.

Weekly Winners

Individual Low Gross:

  • Alec Johnson (34-back) $10

Individual Low Net (Odd Weeks)

  • Joe Wrecza (32-back) $23.33
  • Alec Johnson (32-back) $23.33
  • Doug Lang (32-front) $23.33

On Course Wieners ($10 each):

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1 - Rich Benson (miss)
  • Closest-to-Pin #4 - Dick Koppy (miss)
  • Closest-to-Pin #8 - Joel Longo (miss)
  • Long Putt #9 - Steve Broyer (birdie!)
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11 - Nick Schultz (birdie!)
  • Closest-to-Pin #12 - Alec Johnson (birdie!)
  • Closest-to-Pin #17 - Nick Ward (miss)
  • Long Putt #18 - Kelly Gallagher (par saver)