BMGA Banquet Info

The registration for the banquet is now closed.  Please see registered list below.

This event begins at 6pm with a self guided tour and social time  Banquet and awards will be at 7pm.

Children 2-12 are welcome in the play center. Each child will receive a wristband courtesy of the BMGA for admission to the play center upon arrival.  Ramiro Sifuentes is providing a sitting service for children 2-12, and we will have a BMGA representative as well as a Brookview/ City of Golden Valley personnel at the play center. Per City of Golden Valley regulations, children under 2 cannot be in the play center. but can be with their parents in the banquet hall.  No baby sitting services will be provided for children under 2.

We have reserved a party room adjacent to the play center, where pizza will be provided for the kids in this room.  If you child has special dietary needs, please bring your own meal for your child.

We look forward to a great event with this awesome turnout!

Banquet Guests

Roger Hamm

And so the end of an era ushers in a new one.

Shootout Recap

The 2017 Shootout was held on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day for the event.

After the front nine was played by the 24 qualifiers, the back nine field of 10 began to take place. There was not a chip off for the turn, and the cut line ended at an net even par 36. Making the turn were, Steve Couture, Jason Lunetta, Stan Hop, Wayne Nau, Ermin Cicic, Richard Brower, Pete Steichen, Jim Hegedus, Don Grove and Roger Hamm.

Nau was eliminated on #10 after a chip. Lunetta fell on #11 with a double. Richard Brower lost a 3-way chip-off on 12. Steichen, eliminated on 13, left even before the group behind him finished...he know it was over after an 8. Hegedus missed a short putt on 14 to force a chip off and was eliminated. Hamm had a rough go on 15, and after an 8, was eliminated. Grove gave himself some left side trouble on 16 (even played 7 for a shot), and was eliminated with 10. #17 saw some drama as all 3 players went to a chip-off shootout...2 solid chips to by Hop and Couture (4'6" and 4'1") eliminated Cicic.

Both, Hop and Couture were receiving strokes on 18 so it was an even duel on 18. Great drives were hit by both, and the 2nd shots ultimately determined the winner. With Hop just off the green in the rough on the right and , and Couture well right and short sided. Couture was unable to get up and down and finished with a bogey. Hop hit a decent chip, but left himself a knee knocking 4 foot slider for par.....DRAINO....STAN HOP WINS THE 2017 SHOOTOUT!!!

Congratulations Stan!

Below is the prize report.

Shootout Prize report

2017 BMGA Cup Points


Rounding out the top 5 are:

T2 - Roger Hamm - 708

T2 - Ermin Cicic - 708

4th - Craig Wethington - 705

5th - Chuck Bernardy - 698


Individual and 2-Man Match Play Re-Cap

We had a great season of completion in both the single man and 2-man match play events.

Even with weather hiccups we all felt this year, I want to thank all the participants in both events for keeping everything on schedule and getting the matches completed as they were supposed to and kept everything on track.


The single man match final pitted Dave Supalla against Steve Broyer. Dave and Steve chose to hold the final at The Meadows. Dave Supalla had a great day and finished his round with a 74, and with great day like that, he was able to close out the championship with a 5&4 victory to become the 2017 Individual Match Play Champion - Congratulations Dave!

Here are the final brackets and prize report for the single man tournament.

Single Man Match Final Bracket (North-West)

Single Man Match Final Bracket (South-East)

Individual Match Play Prize Report


The 2-Man Match Play saw the teams dwindle down to Deede/Rogers versus Bolduc/Egan. Egan played a great round in the President's Cup the day before the 2-Man final and the family team of Deede/Rogers took a brief 3 week hiatus for a vacation before being able to schedule the final match. However, the break of play certainly seemed to help them and Egan couldn't carry his play in the President's Cup into the final. Deede/Rogers performed exceptionally in the final and won the match in the same fashion as the single man with a 5&4 victory. Congratulations Mike Deede and Ryan Rogers!

Here is the final 2-Man Match play bracket and prize report.

2-Man Match Final Bracket

2-Man Match Play Prize Report

President’s Cup Re-Cap

The re-Scheduled Presidents Cup was held this past Saturday. It was a steamy day but still better weather than the original date!

We had 3 flights in this years event - Member Net, White Net & President's Flight

The Member Net flight finished in a tie for first place between Brian Egan and Ted Roberts. Trent Mayberry finished a close 3rd, with Mark Kraus right on his heels in 4th.

The White Net flight showed no contest as Ermin Cicic ran away with the flight, with the best point total in the whole field of +20. Sheldon SIlberman finished respectably in 2nd.

The President's Flight was as hotly contested as the temperature was on Saturday. In the end, Doug Paquette surpassed the past president's and won the title!

President's Cup Prize Report

WNL Champions…WTF?!?!

That's right, WTF (Where's The Fairway) is your 2017 BMGA Wednesday Night League Champions!


Captain Andy Kim and his squad finished runner-up in 2016 and came back to have a strong 2017 season - WTF finished the regular season with the most points (635) and on a 6 week winning streak.  After a bye in round 1, they kept rolling with a win in the semi-finals and then last night won the Championship 43-37 over CTB.

Matt Grove and his CTB team had a good run, also winning the final 6 weeks of the regular season and 1st two rounds of the playoffs as a wildcard.  They put up a good fight in their loss last night, but came up short to a white-hot WTF team.  It was good to see that they were all smiles for their final selfie of the season.

CTB Selfie

Congrats to WTF!

2017 Playoffs - Championship

Thank you all for a great WNL Season and hope to see you at the banquet!

President’s Cup Tee Sheet & Flights

The President's Cup field ahs been set. The TEE SHEET and Flights are attached below. Good Luck to all!


  2. Sheldon Silberman & Doug Diedrich are playing the "Gold Tees" in the "White Net" flight with course/tee adjusted handicaps.
  3. The "Presidents Flight" for 2017 includes the following current/former Presidents:

Doug Paquette, Mike Deede, Pete Steichen & Curt Medina


President's Cup Tee Sheet

President's Cup Flights

Online Tee Time Link:



WNL Semi-Finals

The Semi-Finals wrapped up on Wednesday, and the stage is set for the Championship match on the 20th of September.

Regular season leading point-getters (635 points), WTF came out ready for battle vs. the 2nd place leading point-getters (634) AND their divisional rivals, Range BallsWTF advances with a 46-34* win to represent the Golden Valley Conference in the championship match.  Congratulations, boys!

In the Bassett Creek Conference, CTB steamrolled Fairway 2 Heaven 50-30.  CTB was the Wildcard and certainly has some mojo going as only one player lost their match this week – way to go, fellas!

2017 Playoffs - Round 2

Next week is the Championship, and CTB and WTF (maybe more team names will change to acronyms next year for good luck…?) will be teeing off at 4:33 and 4:42 off the front and back – there is NOT open golf, but would be great to see some of you out there so grab a tee time with your boys and get nine in after work and cheers the Champions, let’s go!

Reminder of payouts as this was asked by a couple of you:

Conference Winners get $40/player:

  • Fairway 2 Heaven
  • WTF

Division Winners get $20/player:

  • Foreplay
  • Drive 4 Show

Semi-Final Winners get $30/player:

  • CTB
  • WTF

League Champions get $35/player and their team name engraved on a sweet-ass trophy:

  • TBD (not a team name yet, guys, we just don’t know…)


*Unfortunately, Range Balls had a no-show due to a last minute medical emergency and couldn’t get a sub to take a spot in time – I do not have details on the situation and I do not want to misinform, so I will leave it at that. Our current rules state that in the playoffs all 10 points are awarded to the opposing team for a no-show.  I did check what would have happened following our regular season rules, and the victory would still belong to WTF.  This rule will be looked at by next year’s Board.

3-Ball Update (Calcutta)

The 2017 20Man 3-Ball event was held on a beautiful weather weekend. The weekend festivities began on Friday evening with the auction. Brad Kadue ran the auction with precision and heightened the energy of the bidding to have the total pot for the 15 teams reaching about $3500.

The first round saw some great weather, helping some teams to play really well. As the teams scores started coming in, the story for Sunday was beginning to take shape. The defending champions posted 60 to take the clubhouse lead, but there still teams on the course....At the end of day one, 3 teams were tied for the lead Kadue/Broyer(team handi 18), Meier/Bolduc(team handi 43) & Koppy/Cicic(team handi 35)...the question was...would the defending champs vault ahead on Sunday or would there be a new champion...

Sunday provided the same great weather as Saturday...a welcome sight after the weather issues of the year. The tee times were re-shuffled after Saturday to have the leaders out last. As the teams started coming in, the pages of the story were turning rapidly to find out the ending. As expected, the scores were tracking along with the Saturday finish. A middle of the pack team Peyer/Couture(team handicap 39), posted a 66 on Saturday, took the clubhouse lead with a -5, 139 for a team total of 205. The question was...would it hold with 6 teams ahead of them...

One by one, the teams came in...and couldn't catch the new lead....the team of Gallagher/Jordan(team handicap of 14) was anxious as their total was being tallied...207...the Monogue/Pula(team handi 24) team came in, 63 Saturday, 146 Sunday...209 total...

Then the 3 Saturday leaders came in....the defending champs faltered and fell well off the pace...the Meier/Bolduc posted 153, total of 213....the Cicic/Koppy team posted 151 for a total 211....and all was done....a 6 shot come from behind victory for Peyer/Couture team to win the 2-Man 3-Ball event.

Here are the prizes for the top 5 teams and hole prize winners for the weekend.

3-Ball (Calcutta) Prize Report