WNL Members-

League will be cancelled this evening (4/26) due to unplayable conditions at the course - there is too much standing water on too many holes.

Thank you.


Standing water on 9th Fairway: 26 April 2017

2017 WNL Starts 4/26

Hey boys, Week 1 is upon us!  Forecast looks a bit...chilly...but we will play each and every week if the course is open.  We will always do our best to send a prompt note to the entire league if WNL is ever cancelled due to weather, so always plan on playing until you get a cancellation.

As previously stated, but to just be redundantly redundant, we are still using points for rankings but this year we now have four divisions we will be battling it out in.  I will be giving a recap each week (hopefully half as entertaining as Meder's past recaps) along with an updated standings grid.  Here is what that spectacular grid will look like:

2017 WNL Standings

Look at that, we're all tied for first!  Congratulations!

Have some fun out there and always feel free to reach out to me (Brad Jordan) about any WNL questions or concerns now or throughout the season.  Live long and prosper.

League Social Par 3 Tourney Results

Thanks to all who made it to the Social last night, it was a great turnout.  Only 14 dudes finished the Par 3 Tourney in the cold rain, and four guys tied at +1 (16).  It was decided that those four would each get $10, so congratulations to...

Matt Pacyna

Mark Hengel

Howard Hoffman

Nick Schultz

WNL starts next week, see you then.

League Social Still On

Today's forecast looks cold and rainy, but rest assured the Social is still on for this evening even if playing the Par 3 isn't in the cards.  Come meet your team, others members, board members, and staff - all while having a brat/burger and beer.  Remember all BMGA Members are welcome, not just WNL Members.

See you tonight.

Final WNL Team Roster – Come meet your team


Click to see a larger image

On Wed, 19 April come and meet your team during the social starts at 4pm.

Captains Draft is Wed April 5th in the Brookview Grill at 6pm

For more...


Registration is now closed for WNL

The Wednesday night league is full.  We were able to accept 14 new members that do not live in Golden Valley this year.  We have 6 new members from Golden Valley.

You can still register for the weekend events if you wish.  We have a series of fun and well run events over the course of the summer.  This membership also provides you priority for 2018 WNL.

You can use the same application, here.

Spring Meeting Presentation is here

We had a good turnout last night.  Here is what was presented if you would like to review or missed the meeting:

This is the entire presentation that was provided on 15 March  :  SpringMeeting

This is the new WNL LeagueStructure


Registration is now open!

BMGA Registration begins now.  It is open until 4pm on 24 March 2017.

Each application must come with a completed form - see this link for a PDF -->  BMGA-Application

You can submit your application via these methods:

  • In person at the Brookview Golf Course prior to the spring meeting
  • In person at the Brookview Golf Course during the spring meeting
  • Via mail:
    • Brookview Golf Course
    • Attn: BMGA
    • 200 Brookview Parkway
    • Golden Valley, MN 55426
  • Via email
    • Complete this form and email the completed form to registration@bmga.org
      Note: If your application is accepted, you will receive a link to submit payment

Please note, submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance.

Order or preference for membership goes:

  1. Golden Valley residents
  2. Returning members
  3. Board Member referral exemption (1 per board member, 9 max)
  4. New members on first-come-first-served basis.


2017 Season to begin soon

Hello all.

BMGA will open registration on noon CT on 25January.  We will accept registrations through 24March at 4pm.   An application form will be on this site beginning at noon on 25Jan.  There will be instructions on the form on how to submit.

Some info:

Wednesday Night League – nine hole matches played on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer.  16 week season, with the week of the 4th off.  You’re scheduled to play at least 11 of the 16 weeks, and generally guys who are available to play each week can find sub opportunities to get more weeks in.  Individual matches, but team standings, playoffs, etc.  Our Wed teams are 11 members and 8 play on any given Wed.  You can join as a single or bring friends along.   Typically we have a draft for team captains to fill their team up.  Each captain can keep 7 of their 11 players.  Those players cut and new guys end up in the draft pool.  If you wish to play with a buddy, we can make that known to the captains during draft night.  There are 16 teams of 11 players each : 176 members max.

Weekend Tournaments – we run 10 weekend tournaments throughout the summer of varied format.  We usually get 40-60 players for each event and pay out prizes, provide free beer/sodas, manage scoring, etc.  You can play in however many you want – 0, some, all – whatever.  You pay for each one individually but must be a BMGA member AND a Brookview patron.  There is no maximum membership

If you join league, you join for the season.

Cost:  We think this is a good value.

$70 annual BMGA member fee.  Required for both Weekend Tournies and WNL.

$290 – WNL fee.  Covers your greens fees for all Wednesday night matches.  Does not include cart

$42 / weekend tournament, $84 for each of the 2 2-day events.

$135/$100 GV-SLP Res/Non-res Brookview patron rate including handicap service.  Paid directly to Brookview golf, required for all members.

So all in it’s ~$460-$500 for WNL.

What you get:

Weekend tournaments include prize payouts equal to $12/player (which is included in the $42 event fee).  Also includes free beer/sodas after the event paid from the BMGA membership fee.

Wednesday night league includes weekly, as well as season long prizes, free beer/soda all season long (budget permitting), par 3 social, 4 food nights.

As a Brookview patron you also get a number of benefits including preference on tee times, discounted rates for non-league play, proshop discounts, etc.


Order or preference for membership goes:

1)      Golden Valley residents

2)      Returning members

3)      Board Member referall exemption (1 per board member, 9 max)

4)      New members on first-come-first-served basis.

After getting through #s 1-3, there are usually only a dozen or so spots available to new guys, which are usually filled within the first week or so.