Brookview 16-Man Team Cruises to Victory

The Brookview 16-man team defeated the boys from Fountain Valley 22-2 on Sunday, June 6th. The weather was hot and the wind was strong but we were able to win all 8 matches on the day. 6 of the teams were able to sweep and get all 3 points and the other 2 teams won their match 2-1.

The course played challenging at times, especially those holes into the wind. The hole location on 4 was pretty dicey in the back left corner of the green. It yielded some three putts as well as some putting it off the green. Holes 16-18 played dead into the wind and yielded no birdies on the day.

All the teams put in steady performances on the day. Individually, Perry Jacobson went out and birdied 3 out of the first 5 holes and his opponents weren’t able to recover. Mike Manion threw in an eagle on #2 (not good enough for a skin as Brad Jordan also eagled) and a few more birdies on the front 9. There were only 2 skins on the day: Manion/Sustad birdie on #8 and Brynteson/Swanson birdie on #15.

Our next match takes place on Sunday, June 27th at New Prague. We are both 2-0 on the season and we have the slight advantage having 36 total points to their 30 points. The winner of this match is guaranteed to make the playoffs so let’s bring our A game boys.

Week 7 Results

Hot Wednesday night this week! Quick rule update that has been going on that needs to be addressed. You CAN’T help your teammate with his putts. The way the league is setup Yes we have teams and your playing with a teammate, but you both are in a separate match so Please don’t help your teammate with putts. I could go into more detail, but that pretty much says it all. Also on the spreadsheet ignore the Weekly Results page its not correct and I don’t have enough time in the day to bother with it.

The New guy of the week is the young guy on the right Carson Walker. He’s a natural at meeting people and his new buddy Chuck Bernardy can vouch that this kid has some game. Apparently on a weekend tournament this Spring he didn’t put in money for skins and sunk an eagle on #3. Opps! Carson is from Chicago originally where he attended East Lake High School. Currently he is a Wealth enhancement director for UBS.

This week in the standings a few teams made some strong moves playing division opponents, so the standings definitely had to be adjusted. Ramiro is still on top of the individual points board. Who’s going to stop him?

Chuck Bernardy and Carson Walker enjoying some Bald Man Beer

Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Tim Lueder $10

Closest to the pin on #4 Brad (No Clever Name) Jordan $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Nick Ward $10

Longest Putt on #9 Brad (No Clever Name) Jordan $10

Closest to the pin on #11 in 2 Doug Zuck $10

Closest to the pin #12 Eric Swanson $10

Closest to the pin on #17 Mike Manion $10

Longest Putt on #18 Kyle Johnsrud $10

Low Gross: Erik Swanson (33) $10

Low Net: 4 way tie so I picked a name out of a hat “Mick Krause” 51 net 33 $10 Bucks

Front 9 Skin: Christian Olson #5 a par for a net 2 $50 (New guy of the week last week)

Back 9 Skin: Michael Sales a birdie on #3 net 1, Dave Repinski a birdie on #15 for a net 3, Jeff Towey a birdie on #11 net 2, and David Hillesheim a birdie on #12 net 1…. “Where’s my drink David?” $12.50 each

Rotation Details

The long-range forecast says the heat will be gone and the day will be perfect on June 19th. (That means – it’s going to 41 and raining or 107 that day!!!)

Here are the details for the 2021 2-Person Rotation:

Tee Times can be found online via Golf Genius. Please note we are going off the front and the back and I tried to put an entire flight off the back to keep it more equalized. With that constraint, I tried to handle all tee time requests.

Remember, the format is:

  • Holes #1 to #6 – Scramble
  • Holes #7 to #12 – Best Ball
  • Holes #13 to #18 – Alternate Shot

Even if you start on the back nine, this is still your hole setup. Holes 10 to 12 would be best ball, starting on 13 you would start alternate shot. You get it!

A note on alternate shot. One player will tee on off on holes #13, #15, #17. The other will tee off on #14, #16, #18. You must make that decision before teeing off on #13.

A note on scramble. Two drives must be used by each player.

Lastly. Remember this is a GROSS event for chits and BMGA Cup Points. We do have a single – uber large – Net Flight for fun and $8.75 in chits.

On course prizes. Since holes #13 to #18 are alternate shot it’s not fair to have course prizes. We will have them all on holes #1 to #12. The lineup requested I requested is:

  • #1 – Closest to the Pin in two
  • #3 – Long Drive <– Yes, you must hit the smallest fairway on the course to count!
  • #4 – Closest to the Pin
  • #7 – Long Putt
  • #8 – Closest to the Pin
  • #9 – Long Putt
  • #11 – Closest to the Pin in two
  • #12 – Closest to the Pin

Flights. You can find all the details in this document.

Metro Seniors Split at tricky Chomonix

On a hot and windy Friday, Brookview send 8 men into battle. The Golden team took one on the chin, slowing their forward momentum while the Valley team picked up an important win.

The Golden team, riding a 2 week win streak drops a close one to a Columbia team 10-14. @Thomas-Hansen shot a net 74 versus a net 72 and found himself with a goose egg. @Gary-Ridout found his A game again and his net 70 took all 6 points. Both @Dan-Olson and @Ward-Eames took the first 9, but faded in the end and lost the 2nd 9 and the match to only gain 2 points each.

The Valley team battled Como and each player was able to contribute points. @Jim-Sanford shot another net 80, but was able to get one point. @Dean-Penk had a late charge and posted a nice net 75 which got him 5 of 6 points versus a net 77. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman swept his opponent with 6 out of 6 with a neat 74 in a close match. @Richard-Courtney contributed 5 with his net 75.

With the Brookview teams split, the standings have changed. Golden slides from 2nd to 4th, and the Valley team jumps up to 5th. Only 6 points separate the teams at this point. Both are in the top 1/3 of the league.

Next week Hiawatha hosts. Golden takes on 7th place Green Haven and Valley takes on first place University. This match will mark the mid-point of the season.
To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.
Standings  Results

What is your Ringer Score?

Do you know what a Ringer Score is? The internet defines it as:

A ringer board or ringer report shows the best score each player has posted during a set time period for each hole on a specific course and set of tees.

Well good news is, we just happen to have a set time period and a specific course we can look at! So how does it work? Let’s say you have played the front-nine three times this year. And your scores on the first hole are a 3, 5 and 6. Your Ringer Score on Hole #1 is then a 3. Your lowest score. Repeat that for each hole and you have your ringer score!

What’s the best Ringer Score of 2021 so far? Excluding the 20 players in Wednesday Night League who have not yet played both sides after week 6. Here is your Top 10:

  1. Howard Hoffman: 66 (34 – 32)
  2. Brad Jordan: 67 (33 – 34)
  3. Zach Kamerer: 68 (35 – 33)
  4. Erik Swanson: 68 (34 – 34)
  5. Jeff Wagner: 69 (35 – 34)
  6. Perry Jacobson: 70 (34 – 36)
  7. Tom Nestvold: 72 (37 – 35)
  8. Dave Supalla: 72 (41 – 31)
  9. Tim Lueder: 73 (39 – 34)
  10. Ramiro Sifuentes: 73 (37-36)

What’s our All-Time Ringer Score? This is based on 16 years worth of Wednesday Night League data. Your Top 10 active BMGA Players:

  1. Howard Hoffman: 49 (23 – 26)
  2. Kelly Gallagher: 50 (23 – 27)
  3. Tim Lueder: 50 (26 – 24)
  4. Tom Nestvold: 50 (24 – 26)
  5. Michael Ryan: 50 (26 – 24)
  6. Perry Jacobson: 51 (25 – 26)
  7. Dave Supalla: 51 (25 – 26)
  8. Chris Wrecza: 52 (26 – 26)
  9. A huge tie at 53…

You can find all of the Ringer Scores below! Don’t worry – you don’t need to post these scores.

Greek Scramble Results

It was hot and windy! No other way to describe the weather. And maybe it was that windy and hot conditions that kept the birdies off the scorecards but for the first time – only one team was able to keep it under par.

First place went to the team of Payne + Monogue + Wolfe + Olson who shot a very well done -1 (143) for the tournament. For their victory they will each earn 100 BMGA Cup Points and $50.

Second place was a tie between Peterson + Silberman + Larson + Bensen and Berndt + Lange + Walker + Lindstrom at +2 (146). The Peterson team was at -4 par until the last few holes. Each person will earn $30 and 62 BMGA Cup Points.

Fourth place was also a tie. Syverson + Yakshe + Husnik + Roberts and Hartmann + Couture + Zejdlik + Martin finished at +5 (149). Each person will earn $12.00 and 30 BMGA Cup Points.

Your Top 5 in BMGA Cup Points after the first three tournaments are:

  • Jeff Olson & Matthew Payne with 250 Points
  • Brent Lindstrom, Steve Benson & Carson Walker with 212 Points

Remember, the top 12 in BMGA Cup Points will be invited to the season ended Shootout. Full BMGA Cup standings can be found here. Tournament results can be found here.

On course prizes paid out $10 per prize. Your winners are:

  • #1 – Steve Benson
  • #4 – Matt Payne
  • #8 – Scott Syverson
  • #9 – Curt Medina
  • #11 – Luke Kannel
  • #12 – Jeff Towey
  • #17 – Corey Smith
  • #18 – Nick Ward

Metro Sr. Teams Advance with Home Court Advantage

On a very HOT Friday the Metro Sr teams took advantage playing at our home course and both teams moved up in the standings.

The Valley team moved up to sixth place with a 19-5 win over Valleywood. Both @Jim-Sanford (net 80) and @Steve-Slivken (net 70) won all six points. @Peter-Steichen took five points, tying the front nine with a net 80 and captain @Sheldon-Silberman was only able to win the back nine and acquire 2 points with a net 75 against an opponent with a net 73.

The host Golden team was solid with 15-9 win and moved up to 2nd place in the league only nine points back of the leader, University of Minnesota team.  Captain @Roger-Hamm “crushed” his opponent with a net 76 vs. net 78 – it was close but Roger pulled it out. @Stan-Hop was able to take four points winning the back and the match as his opponent faded in the heat. @Doug-Diedrich was able to get a split for 3 points and @Chris-Reuter won the back for 2 points. The Golden Team leads the Valley Team by 12 points.

Everyone enjoyed the course but it was a slow, hot round. Scores were pretty high and the last groups came in at five hours. Thanks to those that helped to guide the visitors around the course and find lost balls. A big thanks to @jeff-towey for filling the job of starter.

Next week Chomonix hosts. To find out more, see Sheldon or Roger.
Standings  Results

Week 6 Results

Thanks everyone for being aware of speeding up play this week. If we all can stay in that mentality please feel free to say something to your group if things start slowing down in your foursome.

New Guy of the week is Christian Olson. He grew up in Monticello and was a part of that great winning tradition of the Monticello High School Stars. With a 1-2-1 start to his BMGA career Christian is slowly getting into the groove. Single and no pets Christian plans on concentrating his time this Summer hitting the range and dialing in those putts.

Worth noting this week. 9th green at 9 plugged in their Buzz Saws this week and cut up their opponents 50.5 to 29.5…. Matt McClaren shot his career round on Wednesday night 37 net 29. Putt for Dough has won 5x in a row and plays Par than Bar next. Good Luck Boys!

Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Jeff Martin $10

Closest to the pin on #4 Ted Roberts $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Richard Brynteson $10

Longest Putt on #9 Mike Manion $10

Closest to the pin on #11 in 2 Bill Guthrie $10

Closest to the pin #12 Kevin Stoner $10

Closest to the pin on #17 Tim Lueder $10

Longest Putt on #18 Nick Gnerer $10

Front 9 Skin: Frank Abramson 2 on #4 Net 1 $50

Back 9 Skins: Christian Olson 4 on #13 net 2, Randy Zejdlik 2 on #17 net 1, Bill Guthrie 4 on #11 net 2, Andrew Gruber 4 on #18 net 2. $12.50 each

Low Gross Zack Kamerer (34) $10 

Low Net Matt McClaren (29) $10

Greek Scramble Details

Below are the tee times for this weekend’s Greek Scramble.

Tee Times2021 Greek Scramble Event :: Tee Sheets (

Format: Each player tees-off from the member tees of Hole #1. The Team selects the two “best” drives and divides into two 2-man Sub-teams (Sub-team A and Sub-team B).

The players whose tee-shots are selected as “best” must remain with his ball.

Each 2-man Sub-team completes the hole in scramble format (choosing the best of each pair of shots). This sequence is repeated for each of the 18 holes.

Scoring example (Hole #1): Sub-team A’s score of 3 strokes and Sub-team B’s score of 4 strokes. Total Team score for Hole #1 is 3 + 4 = 7 strokes.

A minimum of six tee-shots from each player must be used during the round.

Short a Player In the event a Team is short a player (only 3 team members), the player whose handicap is closest to the handicap of the missing player will play both his own ball and the ball of the missing player.

Week 5 Results (Slowest Round of golf EVER)

Clearly we have an issue with slow play! We had a great day of weather and plenty of sunlight, but seriously we need to discuss this issue much further… If your 4 some is not on top of the group in front of you something is WRONG. I need you Minnesota nice (never want to see conflict) people to say something to your 4 some… PLEASE play ready golf. Number 14 can be very difficult to navigate when maybe 1 guy could possibly drive the green. Let the other guys tee off for starters. Also if we are backed up, the group on the green wave the guys on the tee box to tee off and you guys back off for a moment. If your on an early tee time you better play fast, you set the pace for the whole night. more information will follow throughout the year.

The new guy of the week is no other than a local Hopkins kid Mike Saless. Drafted by the Loopers in the 4th round, Mike attributes his 2-2 match play record to his style and pure strength off the tee box. Clearly Mike is not a potential customer for JESSE’S Barbershop, but luckily for Bald Man Brewery he likes beer! Mike has a bit of pink in his golf gear so he is pretty easy to recognize from great distances. I asked him about the pink and well he got a great deal on a bag with pink on it and the cart well that just matched.

Week 5 and we are seeing the last place teams from 2020 dominating their division. Last Call has had some impressive wins and is leading its division thanks to veteran captain Bob Boufford who has yet to be defeated this season. Bob has been working on the maintenance crew at Brookview this season so you decide? (First hand knowledge on pin placements and boxes?)

CTB (aka Jesse’s Barbershop) went from the bottom of the barrel to #1 overall. Jesse the barber has yet to lose, it probably has something to do with those 300 yard bombs he hits that are somehow hitting the fairway for the first time in years?

Zed Heads whose history has been pretty mediocre has taken off… Randy Z has not only won all of his matches, he has destroyed his competition. Randy is leading the league in points scored and he has only played 4 out of 5 weeks. If you end up playing with Randy in your foursome play the other guy… Trust me…

Putt for Dough the one anomaly this year in the league… Ever since Roger took over this team they make it to the playoffs. A Championship will defiantly be in their future, but when? Roger has only played 3 weeks and so far the captain is still undefeated, although unlike Randy Z I would challenge Roger any day of the week in match play. David Hillsheim is the hot stick on this team scoring 25 points in 4 weeks. The key to beating this team is hoping David is on a bye.

Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Mike Ryan $10

Closest to the pin on #4 Pete Steichen $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Joel Longo $10

Longest Putt on #9 Chuck Bernardy $10

Closest to the pin on #11 in 2 Steve Slivken $10

Closest to the pin #12 Steve Bensen $10

Closest to the pin on #17 AJ Cleland $10

Longest Putt on #18 David Mitchell $10

Low Gross Howie Hoffman (36) $10 

Low Net Eric Beitlich (31) $10

Front 9 net Skins Nick Gnerer a 2 on #4 with a bump so that’s a net 1…. Wow it has to be his first birdie ever. Lucas Anderson with a birdie on #1 with a bump for a net Eagle. $25 Each

Back 9 net Skins Tom Nestvold with a birdie on 16 with a bump net Eagle and Ted Scheunemann with a par on 15 with 2 bumps net eagle. $25 Each… Sorry guys on 14 there were like 5 of you who just cancelled each other out.