WNL – Week 5 Results

Not a lot of movement in divisional ranks, but large wins by Drive 4 Show (47.5 points), CTB (47 points), and Fairway 2 Heaven (46 points) extend their divisional leads.  WTF also played well to maintain their spot atop the GVC East, but Range Balls are within striking distance.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 5

Individual Low Net (Odd Weeks):

1st: Richard Brower - 30 (front) $35

2nd: Eric Berg - 31 (back) $20

3rd: Jim Hegedus - 32 (back) $15

Individual Low Gross:

Dave Supalla wins $10 for his 34 on the front, beating out Eric Berg (35 on the back) and a handful of 37 posts.

Weekly Hole Winners ($10 each):

Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1 – Perry Jacobson

Closest-to-Pin #4 – Greg Larson

Closest-to-Pin #8 – Steve Shellenbaum

Long Putt #9 – Todd Crandell

Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11 – Theo Scheunemann

Closest-to-Pin #12 – Richard Brynteson

Closest-to-Pin #17 – Brady Schmidt

Long Putt #18 – Dan Kjorsvik


The pairings are made....the tee times are set for June 3rd!

The brackets are attached....find your name and track your road to the championship!

The tee times are attached also.

See most of you June 3rd!

Good Luck to everyone!

Single Man Match Tee Times (June 3rd)

Single Man Bracket (North-West)

Single Man Bracket (East-South)

WNL Cancelled – Horns just blew

#9 putting green has water on it too

Updated 2-Man Match Play Bracket

Good Afternoon,

Attached is the updated bracket for the 2-Man Match Play.

If you have not yet played your first round match, please do so quickly.

If you have and it’s not updated on this sheet, let me know the result so I can update. (jeffrey2e2@yahoo.com)

I will be posting the bracket boards in the clubhouse this weekend. There is some wall space issues that need to be resolved to fit both the 2-man and single man match boards on the wall.

The hole prize winners will receive their chits at the end of the season. The winners are:

Long Putt #1 – Doug Paquette

CTP #4 – Brian Egan

CTP #8 – John Bolduc

CTP #12 – Gerald Meier

Closest in 2 #13 – Nick Hendrickson

CTP #17 – Brady Schmidt


Jeff Towey

Updated 2 Man-Match Bracket

Food Night Cancelled for Wed 17 May

Guys, due to what appears to be a possible cancellation of golf, we have cancelled the food night that was scheduled for tomorrow.

Watch this space for news regarding tomorrow.  If the course is playable and there is no dangerous weather, we will play.

Also, you should have gotten an email from your captain about fielding a team on 05 July for a possible make-up date.  If not, ask him about that.


WNL Week 3 Results

What a great evening – kinda cool yet warm enough to be comfortable, no wind, and best of all - no bugs.  There was, however, a turkey running loose out there along with all the goslings and birdies.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 3

Basset Creek Conference:

Fairway 2 Heaven holds their spot atop the BCC North by beating I Like Big Putts 44-36. Last Call beat Young Gunz 42-38 to jump into 3rd and are only two points out of 2nd place.

Foreplay dominated with the most points this week over CTB to win 45.5-34.5 to leap into first place in the BCC South.  Loopers remain in third and extend their lead over Bald Man Brewing Company by winning 42.5-37.5.

Golden Valley Conference:

WTF took out Range Balls 43-37 to leap over them an into 1st in the GVC East.  Six Pack handed Zed Heads a 45-35 defeat to remain in 3rd but are in the hunt in our tightest division through two weeks.

Drive 4 Show put on a show by defeating Drawshank Redemption 44.5-35.5 to leap into 1st place in the GVC West.  Putt 4 Dough was also a winner, defeating Team Hack Attack 41.5-38.5 pushing them up to 3rd place in the division.

Individual Low Net (Odd Weeks):

  • 1st: Dan Klein - 32 (front) $35
  • T2nd: Josh Mueller - 33 (back) $17.50
  • T2nd: Jeff Wagner - 33 (back) $17.50

Individual Low Gross:

  • Joe Larson with a smooth 35 on the front (with an eagle deuce on #5!) wins $10

Weekly Hole Winners ($10 each):

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1 – Brady Schmidt
  • Closest-to-Pin #4 – Joe Larson
  • Closest-to-Pin #8 – Scott Hartmann
  • Long Putt #9 – Jason Lunetta
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11 – Michael Meyer
  • Closest-to-Pin #12 – Dan Anderson
  • Closest-to-Pin #17 – Todd Knutson
  • Long Putt #18 – Robert Monge

It is Food Night next week, some come chow down on some chicken and fixin’s even if you’re not scheduled to play.

The scorecards this week were amazingly near perfect…I’m near tears.  Thank you, fellas, you’re the best.  I WILL have a printout available to look up the adjusted handicap for those who do not have an index – remember you need to adjust scores if any holes have over a triple bogey (a couple cards did not adjust, but after the adjustment it did not affect the points, luckily).

As always, be sure to check with the starter what your handicaps are and do not guess – these are not verified on the back end by me, so I use what is on the card unless it looks really fishy.  If you’re playing someone and want to verify their handicap, the starter has everyone’s latest index and 9-hole handicap so it’s easy to check and is totally legit.

WNL Week 2 Results

And we are OFF!  It was a beauty of an evening, even with a bit of a chill in the air, and many guys didn’t have much rust to knock off it looked like!  It will be great fun to see the new clubhouse advance towards completion each week as we stroll up #9 and #18 – amazing how much it towers over the old building, and it’s quite a sight from out on the course.

CTB leads the pack this week with 47 points (remember that all matches are worth 80 points this year), so am sure captain Matt Grove is happy with how his draft turned out.  Following in a close tie for 2nd is Range Balls and defending champions Drawshank Redemption with 46 points. The Drawshank embroidered champion hats were pretty fantastic...well done.

Here is the standings spreadsheet that also shows some other nuggets of information.  I will add to this as I receive feedback each week…either from behind my laptop or behind a beer.

2017 WNL Standings

Here’s who won some chits with the on course action:

 2-Man Low Net (Even Weeks):

  • 1st: Doug Maday & Phil Berndt - 69 (back) - $17.50 each
  • 2nd: Stan Hop & Steve Shellenbaum - 70 (back) - $10 each
  • 3rd: Jason Lunetta & Craig Wethington -71 (front) - $7.50 each

Individual Low Gross:

  • Alec Johnson - 36 (front) - $10

Weekly Hole Winners ($10 each):

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1 - Mike Parsons
  • Closest-to-Pin #4 - Martin Peyer
  • Closest-to-Pin #8 - Joe Larson
  • Long Putt #9 - Larry Jocelyn
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11 - Phil Berndt
  • Closest-to-Pin #12 - Doug Christensen
  • Closest-to-Pin #17 - Aaron Riedel
  • Long Putt #18 - Ramiro Sifuentes

Please remember to write your full name and team number on the scorecards.  Also, be sure to check with the starter before each round to ensure you're using the correct handicap each week - the front and back could be different based on your index.

2-Man Match Play and Bracket

The 2-Man Match Play tournament set up has been completed.

We have a full field of 32 teams.

The brackets have been formed and the tee times posted. Check your email for the tee times OR see the attachments below!

Good Luck everyone!

2017 2-Man Match Play Bracket

2 Man Match Starter List


WNL Members-

League will be cancelled this evening (4/26) due to unplayable conditions at the course - there is too much standing water on too many holes.

Thank you.


Standing water on 9th Fairway: 26 April 2017

2017 WNL Starts 4/26

Hey boys, Week 1 is upon us!  Forecast looks a bit...chilly...but we will play each and every week if the course is open.  We will always do our best to send a prompt note to the entire league if WNL is ever cancelled due to weather, so always plan on playing until you get a cancellation.

As previously stated, but to just be redundantly redundant, we are still using points for rankings but this year we now have four divisions we will be battling it out in.  I will be giving a recap each week (hopefully half as entertaining as Meder's past recaps) along with an updated standings grid.  Here is what that spectacular grid will look like:

2017 WNL Standings

Look at that, we're all tied for first!  Congratulations!

Have some fun out there and always feel free to reach out to me (Brad Jordan) about any WNL questions or concerns now or throughout the season.  Live long and prosper.