Club, Senior & Super Senior Championship Re – Cap

Last weekend was absolutely perfect for the Club, Senior & Super Senior Championships.  The weather was perfect and there was a great field of players all vying for titles in their respective flights.

The Club Championship:  We had 7 guys battling it out to see who would take the title of Club Champion.  After the first day everyone was packed together, with only a couple strokes separating the field.  With a come from behind win, Howie Hoffman, who two nights before suffered a freak toe injury and was a game time decision to play in the tournament, comes out swinging with a smooth 72 to clinch the win.  He is your 2018 club champion...CONGRATS HOWIE!!  Dave Supalla finishes in second place. (Hoffman 145, Supalla 146)

Champ Flight

Flight 1 saw some ups and downs, but was not short on excitement.  After the dust had settled on Saturday only 3 strokes separated the top 3 guys.  With the Saturday leader withdrawing, this left Richard Brynteson in prime striking distance.  He comes back from one down and takes the first in Flight 1... CONGRATS RICHARD!!  Mark Kraus and Todd Crandell finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. (Brynteson 159, Kraus 161, Crandell 165)

CC Flight 1

Flight 2 was more of the same. 4 strokes separated the top four players in flight 2.  Pete Steichen came out blazing on Saturday with an 81 and had a 4 shot lead heading into Sunday.  However it was not meant to be for Mr. Steichen as Ramiro Sifuentes comes blazing back for another  come from behind win to take Flight 2...CONGRATS RAMIRO!! Steichen, Monogue, and Lindstrom finish 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. (Sifuentes 166, Steichen 167, Monogue 170, Lindstrom 171)

CC Flight 2

Flight 3 was a different story.  After Saturday, two players had control of the field.  Curt Medina and Richard Brower were set for an old fashioned showdown on Sunday with only 1 stroke separating them.  Richard showed no signs of slowing down Sunday as he fired a net 69 to win flight 3 by a whopping 10 Strokes!  CONGRATS Richard.  Sheldon Silberman made up 10 strokes on Sunday to finish second.  (Brower 136, Silberman 146)

CC Flight 3

The Senior Champion was again tightly compacted after the first day.  Only 4 strokes separated the top half of the field.  However, it would be a battle of the Hartman's on Sunday.  Scott shoots a nearly flawless 74 to take first place and become the Senior Club Champion....CONGRATS SCOTT!! Steve Hartman and Forrest Nelson take 2nd and 3rd.  (Scott Hartman 153, Steve Hartman 159, Nelson 160)

Sr. Champ Flight

The Sr Champion Flight 1 saw another come from behind win.  The Saturday lead was one stroke, however a Sunday charge by Richard Koppy landed him first place in the Senior Flight 1.... CONGRATS RICHARD!!  Stan Hop took solo 2nd and Shellenbaum/Silberman tied for 3rd. (Koppy 140, Hop 143, Shellenbaum/Silberman 146)

The SUPER SENIOR event is a 1 day tournament played on Sunday. We had four players with Richard Koppy and Sheldon Silberman tying for first place.  CONGRATS RICHARD and SHELDON!

Club Championship Prize report

Senior Club Championship Prize Report

Super Senior Prize Report

This year we also implemented a net skins pot for both days of the tournament.  We had Approx. 75% participation in the skins and paid out 11 skins over the 2 day tournament!


SATURDAY WINNERS                     $34 EACH


                HOLE #2               JOHN BOLDUC                   4 WITH 1 STROKE = NET 3

                HOLE #3               CURT MEDINA                   4 WITH 2 STROKES = NET 2

                HOLE #7               GERALD MEIER                  3 WITH 1 STROKE = NET 2

                HOLE #13             GERALD MEIER                  3 WITH 1 STROKE = NET 2

                HOLE #16             STEVE MERRIMAN           3 WITH 1 STROKE = NET 2

SUNDAY WINNERS                          $28.25 EACH  


                HOLE #1               MIKE DEEDE                        3 WITH 1 STROKE = NET 2

                HOLE #6               NICK HENDRICKSON          3 WITH 0 STROKE = NET 3

                HOLE #9               KELLY GALLAGHER             3 WITH 1 STROKE = NET 2

                HOLE #13             STEVE SLIVKEN                   2 WITH 0 STROKE = NET 2

                HOLE #15               SCOTT HARTMAN              4 WITH 1 STROKE = NET 3

                HOLE #18             DICK KOPPY                        3 WITH 1 STROKE = NET 2




WNL Week 16 Recap

Howdy fellow golfers. This may be Week 16 but we still have one more week left before the playoff field is set. Reminder that we are playing on 8/22 – we’ll be using the same tee times as Week 1 (4/25). That doesn’t mean you’re playing at the same time you were initially scheduled, but your captains should be setting a lineup for y’all soon so bug them if you haven’t seen that yet. I know I haven’t heard back from most Captains about this, but hopefully you all have or will soon.

We had a scary ball-meets-head situation out there last night. Tom Nestvold was looking for his ball on the right side of #7 and took a nugget off the old noggin (from #16 tee, who couldn’t see him over the hill). Tom played it off pretty cool after the round (and finished bogey-par-par after the doink), but it was quite a welt and hope he’s not feeling any ill effects today. Nobody’s fault, just be careful out there boys.

2018 WNL Standings Week 16

Things are lining up for the playoffs, and two teams have a virtual lock of their Divisions. CTB crushes ForePlay 52-28 to clinch the Bassett Creek Conference, $40/dude, and a 1st round bye. WTF lost 32.5-41 to Range Balls, but are up by 25.5 points over Zed Heads (who beat Who’s Your Caddy 41-31.5) so they clinch the GVC East Division barring 5 no-shows next week.

With their 42.5-32.5 win over Pin Seekers, Par then Bar is 6 points ahead in the Division and 9 points ahead in the Conference. Team Hack Attack won 43-37 over Putt 4 Dough, who remain in 2nd place in the GVC West by 6 points, and also lead the Wildcard slot in that conference. Who will get the bye and $40 in the GVC Conference? Next week we'll have that answer - and I plan on entering in scores as they come in so we hopefully have an answer before the beer runs out.

Mid-Round Crisis handles Last Call 44.5-35.5 to jump an 11 point lead over I Like Big Putts, who lost handily to Fairway 2 Heaven, 34-46. Next week we’ll see who comes out on top of the division and wins that $20/guy in the BCC North. We’ll also see if Bald Man Brewing Co. can sneak into that Wildcard slot (7.5 points behind) after losing this week to The Loopers 38.5-41.5.

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2-Man Low Net (Even Weeks):

  • $17.50 each: 66, front - Olson, Jeffrey (32) & Steichen, Peter (34), Team 12
  • $8.75 each: 67, front - Wrecza, Chris (34) & Johnson, Ross (33), Team 1
  • $8.75 each: 67, back - Hendrikson, Nick (32) & Swanson, Erik (35), Team 11

Low Gross ($10):

  • Nick Hendrikson, Team 11, with a smooth 33 on the back – 6 pars and 3 birdies. <yawn>

On Course ($10 each):

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Jeff Olson, Team 12 – Cozies the putt up for a par.
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Scott Hartmann, Team 8 – A miss? This can’t be correct…
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Doug Paquette, Team 11 – Drops a deuce out there. Nasty.
  • Long Putt #9: Phil Steinweg, Team 10 – Par saving effort from long range.
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Todd Crandell, Team 16 – Birdie time with a one putt.
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Steve Binenstock, Team 10 – Missed birdie opp.
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Mike Deede, Team 7 – Drops it like it’s hot.
  • Long Putt #18: Steve Binenstock, Team 10 – I’ll just say “nice putt” and ignore what the putt was for since he’s a former teammate of mine. #respect


Registration is open for the 1-2-3 Tournament.  You can turn in the attached application to the BMGA locker.

1-2-3 Application

WNL Week 15 Recap

It was a pretty exciting week, and I’m expecting the following two weeks to be just as exciting. We will be making up the Week 1 snow-out on 8/22 – captains will be putting together their lineups…could come down to the wire for more than one team, that’s for sure. Final housekeeping – next week is food night! No, we are no longer allowed to grill steaks so it will not be our usual end of year Steak Night.  But we’re going to try something different than burgers/brats – everyone playing will get a voucher from the starter, and I will be next to the BMGA bucket after my 3:30 match with vouchers for those not playing (all are invited). The voucher is for one of the $7 nightly specials (select burgers and wraps) that 316 offers up. Hopefully y’all enjoy, I know I will.

Ok, on to the results!

2018 WNL Standings Week 15

The biggest jump came in the GVC West: Team Hack Attack had a rough week, losing to GVC East leading WTF 35.5-44.5 – it got twice as rough because Par then Bar leapfrogs them with a dominating 45-35 win over Zed Heads to take over the division lead by 6.5 points. Hack Attack still has the Wildcard lead, and there are two weeks to nab back the division lead. The Golden Valley Conference champions will be a tight race – remember Conference Winners (2 teams) get $40 per player, Division winners (2 teams) get $20 per guy.

Meanwhile in the BCC North, I Like Big Putts beat CTB 41-39 but Mid-Round Crisis won bigger, 43.5-36.5, over Bald Man Brewing Co. to take the division lead by a scant 0.5 points. With CTB firmly in control of winning the Conference, Big Putts and Crisis are battling for the division win and some cash (Wildcards get $0, but do get a chance to earn some dough in the playoffs).

The race for WNL MVP has Craig Wethington in the lead, with Randy Zejdlik 7 points back. Both of these guys have played twice in one week multiple times to avoid the dreaded no-show penalty for their teams. There is also a tight race for the Shootout qualifiers (see Ind Pts tab for the rundown) with 14 fighting for 12 positions (not accounting for weekend qualifiers).

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Individual Low Gross ($10)

  • Jeff Wagner, Team 2, with a smooth 35 on the back.

Individual Low Net (Odd Weeks) – 6 way tie with net 32 ($11.66 each)

  • Greg Larson, Team 6, back
  • Stacy Sundet, Team 7, front
  • Jeff Wagner, Team 2, back
  • Chris Garcia, Team 9, front
  • Sheldon Silberman, Team 10, back
  • Chris Wrecza, Team 1, back

On Course ($10 each):

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Steve Slivken, Team 6 - Only name on the card, but the putt doesn’t drop.
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Tony Moe, Team 14 - A ho-hum par.
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Mike Ryan, Team 7 - Never a doubt birdie.
  • Long Putt #9: Brent Lindstrom, Team 6 - Snakes it in for his 2nd birdie in a row (Mr. Ryan sniped his efforts on hole #8).
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Greg Larson, Team 6 - Drains it for a birdie.
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Ben Peterson, Team 2 - Makes the birdie putt.
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Isaac Philibert, Team 10 - Knee knocker miss, settles for par.
  • Long Putt #18: Nick Ward, Team 11 - It’s a rare birdie sighting for Mr. Ward…well done!

Senior 8-man Team takes Commanding Lead in Playoffs

---Dateline Golden Valley---

In the first round of the playoffs, the Brookview Senior 8-Man team took a commanding lead in the home / home total point match against Riverwoods, winning the first round 10 1/2 - 1 1/2.   Playing at Brookview, the BMGA fielded it's strongest team ever (or at least since I have been involved).

In match #1 Mark Kraus and Larry Hahka won their match 2-1.  In match #2, Tom Hansen and Steve Hartmann dominated 3-0.  In match #3 Forrest Nelson and Mike Deede kicked butt 3-0.  And in match #4 Scott Hartmann and Jim Sanford squeaked out a 2 1/2 - 1/2 victory.

As a team we played very well.  But please check out these individual scores.  Tom Hansen -73, Steve Hartmann - 74, Mike Deede - 75, Mark Kraus - 75, Scott Hartmann - 76 (with an OB on #18), Forrest Nelson - 80.  All from the Member Tees.  Great scoring.  All these players are entered in this weekend's Senior Club Championship.  Should be fun.  I realize it is a different division, but I would be shaking in my boots if I were Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Hendrickson, or Mr. Supalla.

The return match will be at Riverwoods 8/28 where we will need 2 points out of 12 to secure the round 1 victory.

-Steve Slivken, Captain Extraordinaire

WNL Week 14 Recap

Sorry for the short recap (or maybe you’re welcome for the short recap?), but it’s a short week for me so am crunched on time and want to get this out to y’all. Check out the Standings grid for all the nitty gritty info.

2018 WNL Standings Week 14

No Division lead changes, and some teams got a little closer while others slipped a little further. With 3 weeks left our Division leaders are I Like Big Putts, CTB, WTF, and Team Hack Attack. The Wildcard leaders are Mid-Round Crisis and Par then Bar at the moment.  Plenty of time for this to get shaken up!

Our on course winners in this week’s Real Sponsor/Fake Advertising are brought to you by Brookview Golf & Lawn BowlingYou have surely heard about Brookview’s famous Lawn Bowling turf and gigantic indoor play area, but did you know they have a golf course?  That’s right – they have a full 18-hole championship golf course, a Par-3 course, AND they have a driving range and lesson area for you to come on out and enjoy! You may know someone that could take advantage of that practice area, so spread the word. They also host the #1 rated* Men’s Golf League in the entire upper Midwest, the BMGA, so be sure to check them out!

Low Gross - $10

  • Perry Jacobson w/ a 32 on the back, wow! Started with a bogey on #10, then birdied 12-15 and 18…masterful!

2-Man Low Net (Even Weeks) – 4 way tie at 67! $8.75 each

  • Perry Jacobson (29) & Steven Haik (38), Team – back nine
  • Mark Steinhauser (33) & Peter Steichen (34), Team – front nine
  • Ben Zurn (29) & Roger Hamm (38), Team – back nine
  • Bill Wallace (33) & Dan Klein (34), Team – front nine

On Course Cash Money - $10 each

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Brian Sutton
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Brent Nordstrom
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Erik Swanson
  • Long Putt #9: Marcus Gahn
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Scott Hartmann
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Steve Couture
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Tim Lueder
  • Long Putt #18: Darin Allen

WNL Week 13 Recap

The rain and storms were not a threat, but those who played the back nine surely agree the hole location on #13 WAS a threat!  Holy jeez, the hole was cut ON the dang hill!  The greens may have been slow, but that location was pretty cruel. The scoring average the previous 11 weeks was 5.06 on #13, last night it was 5.85.

Hole #13 Situation

  Previous 11 Weeks Last Night
Chances: 700 62
Birdies/%: 14/2.0% 0/0%
Pars/%: 210/30.0% 7/11.3%
Bogies/%: 282/40.3% 18/29%
Others/%: 194/27.7% 37/59.7%

Ok, I feel better after crunching some numbers – now onto the matches!

2018 WNL Standings Week 13

The Bassett Creek Conference won all but one match against the Golden Valley Conference – these inter-conference matches tend to be one-sided…I’m too math fatigued to actually do any further research.  Maybe for the season wrap up.

I Like Big Putts lost the division lead last week, and that didn’t sit too well with them so they beat up on Zed Heads 48-32 to take the BCC North lead once again.  Mid-Round Crisis held their own against Who’s Your Caddy with a 42.5-37.5 win, but end up 4.5 points behind. Last Call jumps out of the cellar with a 45-35 win over GVC East leading WTF. And Range Balls wins 37-31.5 over Fairway 2 Heaven, who had two no-shows in the same group.  Tough to score points without warm bodies teeing it up!

The GVC West is still the tightest division in all the land – three teams are in contention to win the Division and appear to be fighting for the Wildcard…all three lost last night, which kept it tight. Division leader Team Hack Attack lost a close one 39-41 to The Loopers; Par then Bar lost their 5th week in a row 39-41 to league point leader CTB; and Pin Seekers also lost a close one 38.5-41.5 to Bald Man Brewing Co. Finally, ForePlay roughs up Putt 4 Dough 45-35 to increase their win streak to 4.

Scorecard of Shame: None again, the one card I saw missing team numbers was fixed before I left…nicely done! Cards have been really great, and I really appreciate it. Really.

Here are this week’s Real Sponsor/Fake Advertising on course prizes, presented to you by Tradition MortgageNeed a mortgage or looking to refinance? Check out Tradition Mortgage, one of Minnesota’s top independent mortgage lenders. The guys and gals here are so professional they probably won’t even use words like “guys and gals” and will dedicate themselves to focusing on you and your mortgage needs. Tradition Mortgage…a tradition unlike any other traditional tradition.  (www.traditionmortgagemn.com).

Low Gross – tie (36, front), $5 each:

  • Howie Hoffman, Team 10
  • Eric Berg, Team 16

Individual Low Net (odd weeks):

  • 1st: $35 – Dan Gustafson, Team 10 (37 for a 31, front)
  • 2nd: $11.66 – Eric Berg, Team 16 (36 for a 32, front)
  • 2nd: $11.66 – Dean Penk, Team 3 (39 for a 32, front)
  • 2nd: $11.66 – Steven Klatt, Team 4 (42 for a 32, back)

On Course Prizes, $10 each:

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Dylan Niska, Team 13 – Only name on the card, but unable to drain the bird.
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Kirk Williams, Team 11 – Kirk drops a deuce!
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Justin Waters, Team 3 – Bangs it in for birdie!
  • Long Putt #9: Dick Koppy, Team 9 – Par saver.
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Brad Kadue, Team 13 – Missed it, but this dude played with 5 clubs, 2 balls, and no bag…gamer.
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Richard Brynteson, Team 12
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Nick Schultz, Team 11 – Wasn’t meant to be…
  • Long Putt #18: Lee Koppy, Team 9 – The Koppy bros apparently know how to putt, but Lee makes his for birdie!

Next week is Divisional play, so bring your Fonzie (AAAaaaaaa) Game!

WNL Week 12 Recap

Pretty boring night on Wednesday – gorgeous weather, 52.8% of guys shot their handicap or better, there ended up being a couple division leader shifts <yawn>, two matches ended in a draw, oh and a freaking HOLE IN ONE aka ACE aka $10 NEARIE! Mr. Jeff Martin knocks one in on the super easy 8th hole – he flew a 5 iron high that flew directly over the flag and sucked back in. Nobody could tell if it went in because of shadows or beer or something…so it was confirmed by walking up to the hole with wide eyes to peek into the depths of the cup. And there was much rejoicing.


Bob Engebretson had an ace in Week 2 (our first week of play), so he’ll have to split the hole-in-one pot with Jeff…plenty of time left for someone else to get a piece of the pie! Congrats, Jeff! Also, his teammate Steve Broyer rolled one up to 10” after the ace...no big deal.

Ok, to the action on the course. This week was a Division battle – and it was a doozy of a week. Here are the highlights:

  • Mid-Round Crisis defeats I Like Big Putts 47.5-32.5 to take the BCC North lead by 1 – this battle isn’t over.
  • Par then Bar loses to Putt 4 Dough 40-35.5 in a heartbreaker, team captain Alec Johnson barely misses his tee time, which could have flipped the script.
  • Pin Seekers eeks one out over Team Hack Attack 41.5-38.5, but because that division is so tight Team Hack Attack actually pulls ahead of Par then Bar by 2 points in the GVC West. Pin Seekers creep with 8.5 points of the leader with their win. This division has been tight all year.
  • We had two ties this week: WTF v Who’s Your Caddy and CTB v Bald Man Brewing Co.
  • Zed Heads win big over Range Balls 45-35 to gain on WTF, only 17.5 points back..
  • Last Call scores well defeating Fairway 2 Heaven 44.5-35.5

2018 WNL Standings Week 12

Scorecard of Shame – None. I’m speechless for once.

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Individual Low Gross - $10:

  • Doug Zuck, Team 15 (33-back)

2-Man Low Net (even weeks) – all winners were on the back, oddly enough:

  • 1st - $17.50 each: 61 - Ryan Johnsrud (31) & Richard Koppy (30), Team 9
  • T-2nd - $8.75 each: 65 - Doug Maday (31) & Brent Lindstrom (34), Team 6
  • T-2nd - $8.75 each: 65 - Doug Zuck (29) & Jim Stetler (36), Team 15

On Course Prizes - $10 Each:

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Neal Reykdal, Team 11 – Close (maybe?) but no cigar…par.
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Mark Kraus, Team 16 – Rams it in for birdie.
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Jeff Martin, Team 4 – 0 putt eagle.
  • Long Putt #9: Tom Bredesen, Team 8 – Bogey saver from afar.
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Justin Waters, Team 3 – Drains it for the birdie.
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Ramiro Sifuentes, Team 11 – Probably short, miss.
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Nick Hendrikson, Team 11 – Two putt par.
  • Long Putt #18: Dan Lamanna, Team 3

REGISTRATION OPEN: Super Sr. Club Championship

Registration for the Super Sr. Club Championship is now open! If you would like to register for this event you can do so online (http://bmga.org/events/event.aspx?aID=518&bID=Tournament), or by turning in your application to the top of the BMGA locker.  We look forward to receiving your application.

REGISTRATION OPEN: Sr. Club Championship

Registration for the Sr. Club Championship is now open! If you would like to register for this event you can do so online (http://bmga.org/events/event.aspx?aID=519&bID=Tournament), or by turning in your application to the top of the BMGA locker.  We look forward to receiving your application.