Shoot Out Field is Set!

Hi all.  Below is the shootout field.  We are teeing off at noon this Saturday.  We should be finishing up the front at about 2:30
All are welcome to watch the players come in and see who makes the cut.
Follow along on the back 9 and cheer on your favorites in Ryder Cup fashion!


Calcutta Update

The 2016 Calcutta has come to a close. It was a great day of competition as expected. The weather was perfect!

We had a come from behind victor....

1st Place - Broyer/Kadue B - 198

2nd Place - Hamm/Nelson - 199

3rd Place - Mangold/Nestvold - 201

4th Place - Kim/Mayberry - 203

5th Place - Diedrich/Brower Rob - 209


Hole Prizes -

Long Putt #3 - Larry Hahka

Nearie #4 - Trent Mayberry

Nearie #8 - Brad Kadue

Closest in 2 shots #11 - Kelly Gallagher

Nearie #12 - Ted Roberts

Long Putt #15 - Tom Nestvold

Nearie #17 - Craig Wethington


There were 8 skins awarded, each earning $50. Dick Koppy has those winners.


Calcutta Round 1 Update

Here is the tee sheet for the 2nd round on Sunday: calcutta-round-2-tee-times


Here is a brief overview of the first round of the Calucutta.

We had a great day of competition in the first round after the auction on Friday night.

We have 3 teams tied at the top with net -13 (59) - Mayberry/Kim, Diedrich/Brower & Peterson/Peyer

Kadue B/Broyer are in 4th place with a net -10 (62) and in 5th place is Doherty/Supalla at net -9 (63)

Several teams are right behind them and will be great day tomorrow to see the race to the finish.

There were skins awarded today for $97.50 each

Hole #1 - Peterson/Peyer

Hole #4 - Gaasedelen/Millman

Hole #8 - Brower Ro/Diedrich

Hole #11 - Crandell/Kraus


Todays event hole prize winners are:

Long Putt #2 - Stanhop

Nearie #4 - Trent Mayberry

Closest in 2 #6 - Andy Kim

Nearie #8 - Jason Lunetta

Nearie #12 - Andy Kim

Long Putt #13 - Doug Diedrich

Nearie #17 - Forrest Nelson

Calcutta Details

The teams have been chosen and set....the tee times have been assigned. It's time to start thinking about the auction on Friday the 16th....

The teams are listed below along with the tee times. See everyone on the 16th!

NOTE: the handicaps for the event WILL BE CACLULATED OFF THE 9/15 REVISION!!



2-Man Match Play Re-Cap

The season long 2-Man Match Play came to a close on Labor Day. 64 guys, on 32 teams, entered the field in May and over the course of the past 4 months, it was dwindled down to 2 men and 1 team! There were a large number of close matches all summer along with some big margin wins. Koppy/Sjoblom took the EAST bracket and were up against the WEST bracket winners of Kadue/Wolosyn in the semi-final. Kadue/Wolosyn advanced themselves to the championship match with their 3&2 victory. Towey/Hamm won NORTH bracket and faced off against the SOUTH bracket winners (and 2-time defending champs) Kim/Mayberry. Kim/Mayberry advanced themselves to the finals again by winning the 18th hole for their 1 UP victory. On Labor Day, the 2 teams squared off for the championship and for the THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR, your champions are KIM/MAYBERRY. Congratulations to Andy and Trent!


The prize chits for all the match winners and opening weekend hole prizes have been submitted to the pro shop and will be available this weekend. The final tournament bracket is attached.


Look forward to seeing everyone compete in the 2-Man Match Play next year!



Semi-Final Round, WNL Playoffs

Thirty-two of BMGA's bravest stood toe-to-toe and 16 withered away, while 16 move on for the title.  Top seeded Drawshank Redemption took on fifth ranked CTB and second-seeded WTF took on last year's champs, Young Gunz. Matt Pacyna and Phil Berndt kicked things off for Drawshank, with an early win, 10.5 to 9.5 over Steve Latham and Don Grove of CTB. Ben Raak and Mark Hengel, of Drawshank downed Kugler and Stacy Sundet of CTB 13.5 to 6.5, putting Drawshank in a good position, 24 to 16 after the first two groups.  Meder and Doug Maday, of Drawshank, withstood a strong challenge from Matt Grove and Joel Longo, of CTB winning 12 to 8.  The final pairing was Barry Nelson / Mike Ryan (Drawshank) vs. Wayne Nau / Joe Wrecza (CTB).  Nau and Wrecza put on a strong showing winning the final match 11.5 to 8.5, but Drawshank, needing only 4.5 to secure the win, moves on: 44.5 to 35.5. Every member of Drawshank Redemption will recieve $30 in chits for their victory.

Second seeded WTF dared to challenge the defending champs, Young Gunz.  Dick Koppy and Kyle Haab of WTF dropped a bomb on Ramiro Sifuentes and Neal Reykdahl of Young Gunz, scoring 16 points.  This following Koppy & Haab's 18 point bomb on the final week of the regular season.  Andy and Trent of WTF had plenty of firepower in their own right scoring 14.5 points over Nick and Chris of Young Gunz.  Needing only 10 points from the last two groups, WTF was resting easy. Nick Shultz (Young Gunz) took on Joe Larson (WTF), and the pair split getting 4.5 points each for their teams. Brad Jordan (Young Gunz) took 6.5 more points yielding only 3.5 points to Erik.  WTF needed only 2 points out of the last group, and predictably, they got it. Nate and Chris of WTF took 11.5 points over Kelly and Vince.  WTF moves on winning 50 to 28. Every member of WTF will receive $30 in chits for their victory.

Second-seeded WTF will take on top-seeded Drawshank Redemption on Wednesday September 14th for the crown. Drawshank, finishing 2nd place last year, has an eye on redemption (pun intended) while WTF, scoring 57 points in the final week of the regular season and another 50 this week, seeks to ride the hot hand to victory.

1st Round Results, for the WNL Playoffs!

On an open play Wednesday, we had many sign up, but I don't believe all that many members actually played.  I teed off early at 3:39 and had to get out of their early, so I could be wrong.  Nonetheless it was perfect weather for the four teams playing in the first round: It was third ranked Young Gunz vs. 6th ranked The Loop & 5th ranked CTB vs. 4th ranked Unfinished Business. Top seeded Drawshank and second seeded WTF both had byes.

(3) Young Gunz vs. (6) The Loop: The first group off was Gavin May & Ryan Dahl (Young Gunz) vs. Steve Hallfin & Eric Berg (The Loop). May and Dahl propelled Young Gunz to a big lead with 14 points out of the gate vs. Hallfin and Berg's 6 points. The second group to play was Vince Ross & Steve Binenstock (Young Gunz) vs. Brian Sutton and Paul Olson (The Loop). Binenstock and Ross pushed them a little farther ahead with a 12 to 8 point win over Olson and Sutton.

With two groups remaining, Young Gunz needed only 14.5 points to guarantee the win.  The third group off was Ramiro Sifuentes & Nick Ward (Young Gunz) vs. Bill Guthrie and Kevin Schultz (The Loop). Sifuentes and Ward did their job securing another victory with 10.5 points to Guthrie and K. Schultz's 9.5. Needing only 4 points out of the last group, Young Gunz was almost there. And the final match was Nick Schultz & Kelly Gallagher (Young Gunz) vs. Marc Kenville & Mike Parsons (The Loop). Schultz and Gallagher must've been nervous, that they didn't get it done for their team, coming in with only 6.5 points. However, needing only, it was just good enough. Young Gunz defeats The Loop 43 to 37. Young Gunz moves on to face WTF in a (2) vs. (3) matchup.

(4) Unfinished Business vs. (5) CTB: The first group off was Stacey Sundet & Wayne Nau (CTB) vs. Richard Brower & Ben Peterson (Unfinished Business). Nau took Brower 6-4 but Peterson took Sundet 6-4, leaving the match all tied 10 to 10 after the first group. The second group off was Chuck Kuglar & Dan Gregorich (CTB) vs. Curtis Medina & Ward Eames (Unfinished Business). Chuck & Dan had enough messing around, so they single-handedly destroyed Unfinshed Business's dreams winning 15 to 5.

With two groups remaming, CTB lead Unfinished business 25 to 15, CTB needing only 15.5 more with two groups remaining.  The third group off was Matt Grove & Joel Longo (CTB) vs. Jim Husnik & Dan Roberts (Unfinished Business).  Husnik & Roberts pulled Unfinished Business's dreams out from the ashes crushing Grove and Longo 14.5 to 5.5. Down to the final pairing, CTB lead Unfinished Business by only 1 point, 30.5 to 29.5. The final pairing of the evening was Stave Latham and Don Grove (CTB) against Mark Lange & Mike Dietrich (Unfinished Business). After 6 holes, Latham and Grove already secured 9 points. Needing only 1 point between the two of them over the last three holes, the pressure was off and they crushed it... scoring a total of 13.5 points to Lange and Dietrich's 6.5. CTB defeats Unfinished Business, also, 43 to 37.  CTB will move on to face Drawshank Redemption in a (1) vs. (5) matchup.

This was the last week for flag events. Thanks to everyone that came out and played. The winners are:

Weekly Hole Winners ($10 each):

CTP in 2 #1 - Matt Grove

CTP #4 – Larry "One Putt" Larson

CTP #8 – Gavin May

LPutt #9 – Jim Husnik

CTP in 2 #11 – Mike Deede

CTP #12 - Jason Lunetta

CTP #17 – Phil Berndt

LPutt #18 – Mark Kraus



Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us this weekend and after some deliberating, it was decided to cut the tournament to an 18 hole event. However, that did not deter us from having a great event with some fierce competition in all the flights. We had some great play in all the flights. Here are the results for each of the flights along with the hole prizes:

Championship Flight:

CLUB CHAMPION - Nick Hendrikson - 71 ($70 & 200pts)

2nd Place - Howard Hoffman - 72 ($50 & 120pts)

T-3rd Place - Derek Pyle & Dave Supalla - 74 ($15 & 37pts each)


1st Flight (Blue Gross)

1st Place - Kevin Stoner - 76 ($70 & 200pts)

2nd Place - Richard Brynteson - 77 ($50 & 120pts)

T-3rd Place - Steven Houtz & Gavin May - 79 ($15 & 37pts each)


2nd Flight (White Gross)

1st Place - Brent Lindstrom - 78 ($70 & 200pts)

T-2nd Place - Roger Hamm & Bob Brower - 82 ($40 & 97pts each)


3rd Flight (White Net)

1st Place - Steve Couture - 64 ($70 & 200pts)

2nd Place - Ted Roberts - 66 ($50 & pts earned in senior flight)

T-3rd Place - Curt Medina & John Bolduc ($25 & 66pts each)



Senior Champion - Scott Hartmann 78 (1 hole playoff) ($65 & 150pts)

Runner-Up - Forrest Nelson - 78 ($40 & 100pts)

3rd Place - Perry Jacobsen - 79 ($25 & 60pts)


Senior Flight 1 (White Net)

1st Place - Ted Roberts - 66 ($65 $ 150pts)

T-2nd Place - Roger Hamm & Bob Brower - ($32.50 & pts earned in flight 2 already)



Doug Paquette - 73 - ($36 & 25pts)

Hole Prizes: ($10 each)

Hole 4(nearie) - Brady Schmidt (first shot of day, lasted all day)

Hole 5(SR closest in 2) - Steve Hartmann

Hole 8(nearie) - Mark Kraus (8 inches)

Hole 12(nearie) - Perry Jacobsen

Hole 13(long putt) - Larry Hahka

Hole 17(SR nearie) - Scott Hartmann


Season Ending Statistics

As requested, I have attached the season ending player statistics.  Captains of the playoff teams, please feel free to use these statistics when determining your matchups.  The first link has the net scores for every player for every week and their average net scores.  The league average net score this year was 37.43.  The lowest single week net score this year was 27, by Ben Raak, followed by eight, 30's and ten 31's.  The highest net score this year was 49.

The top five lowest average net scores belong to:

(1) Dylan Niska - 33.91; (2) Richard Brower - 34.10; (3) William Guthrie - 34.44; (4) Trent Mayberry - 34.90; and (5) Kelly Gallagher - 35.00.

There were 30 (out of 177) players with a net average of even par or under.

2016 WNL Player Net Scores

This next link contains each player's average gross score on Par 3's, Par 4's and Par 5's.  The lowest scoring average on Par 3's belongs to Dave Supalla with 2.95, followed by Kelly Gallagher with 3.0 and Brandon Meder with 3.05.  The lowest scoring average on Par 4's belongs to Howie Hoffman with 3.96, followed by Joe Larson with 4.07 and Dave Supalla with 4.1.  The lowest scoring average on Par 5's belongs to Howie Hoffman with 4.77, followed by Joe Larson with 4.86, and Dave Supalla & Brandon Meder with 4.9 & 4.91 respectively.

Also on this link, contains every player's total number of eagles, birdies, pars, bogies, dbl bogies, and others.  There were 11 players with eagles this year. Brandon Meder topped the chart with 2, ironically getting them both in the same round. Howie Hoffman and Joe Larson tied for most birdies at 24 followed by Brandon Meder with 18. The title of Par King is split this year between Nick Schultz and Eric Berg with 61 a-piece. The very distinctive title of, most "others" goes to Larry Jocelyn, with 42.

Finally, on this link you will also find hole-by-hole scores for every player for every round this year.  Have fun!

Statistical Reports

WNL Individual Post Season Award Final

Congratulations to Chuck Bernardy who finished strong last night to capture the WNL MVP award!  Chuck was one back from Todd Crandell going into the final week, and finished strong with 7.5 points to Todd's 4 to win by 2.5  Eric Berg was right there too, but fell short with 4.5.

Also congrats go to the top 12 in the WNL shoot out standings.  These are established by summing each player's top 10 weeks.  You 12 are eligible to participate in the invitation only shootout that will be held on 24 September.  (What a great Ryder Cup Kickoff Event).  If you cannot make it, the next ranked player in the list will be offered your spot.  Expect an email soon.

Your Shootout WNL Qualifiers:

  • Niska
  • Bernardy
  • Crandell
  • Berg
  • Kim
  • Kugler
  • Larson, Joe
  • Beitlich
  • Engebretson
  • Hop
  • Brower, Richard
  • Nau

WNL Indy Prizes

Click for larger image