President’s Cup Tee Sheet & Flights

The President's Cup field ahs been set. The TEE SHEET and Flights are attached below. Good Luck to all!


  2. Sheldon Silberman & Doug Diedrich are playing the "Gold Tees" in the "White Net" flight with course/tee adjusted handicaps.
  3. The "Presidents Flight" for 2017 includes the following current/former Presidents:

Roger Hamm, Doug Paquette, Mike Deede, Pete Steichen & Curt Medina


President's Cup Tee Sheet

President's Cup Flights

Online Tee Time Link:



WNL Semi-Finals

The Semi-Finals wrapped up on Wednesday, and the stage is set for the Championship match on the 20th of September.

Regular season leading point-getters (635 points), WTF came out ready for battle vs. the 2nd place leading point-getters (634) AND their divisional rivals, Range BallsWTF advances with a 46-34* win to represent the Golden Valley Conference in the championship match.  Congratulations, boys!

In the Bassett Creek Conference, CTB steamrolled Fairway 2 Heaven 50-30.  CTB was the Wildcard and certainly has some mojo going as only one player lost their match this week – way to go, fellas!

2017 Playoffs - Round 2

Next week is the Championship, and CTB and WTF (maybe more team names will change to acronyms next year for good luck…?) will be teeing off at 4:33 and 4:42 off the front and back – there is NOT open golf, but would be great to see some of you out there so grab a tee time with your boys and get nine in after work and cheers the Champions, let’s go!

Reminder of payouts as this was asked by a couple of you:

Conference Winners get $40/player:

  • Fairway 2 Heaven
  • WTF

Division Winners get $20/player:

  • Foreplay
  • Drive 4 Show

Semi-Final Winners get $30/player:

  • CTB
  • WTF

League Champions get $35/player and their team name engraved on a sweet-ass trophy:

  • TBD (not a team name yet, guys, we just don’t know…)


*Unfortunately, Range Balls had a no-show due to a last minute medical emergency and couldn’t get a sub to take a spot in time – I do not have details on the situation and I do not want to misinform, so I will leave it at that. Our current rules state that in the playoffs all 10 points are awarded to the opposing team for a no-show.  I did check what would have happened following our regular season rules, and the victory would still belong to WTF.  This rule will be looked at by next year’s Board.

3-Ball Update (Calcutta)

The 2017 20Man 3-Ball event was held on a beautiful weather weekend. The weekend festivities began on Friday evening with the auction. Brad Kadue ran the auction with precision and heightened the energy of the bidding to have the total pot for the 15 teams reaching about $3500.

The first round saw some great weather, helping some teams to play really well. As the teams scores started coming in, the story for Sunday was beginning to take shape. The defending champions posted 60 to take the clubhouse lead, but there still teams on the course....At the end of day one, 3 teams were tied for the lead Kadue/Broyer(team handi 18), Meier/Bolduc(team handi 43) & Koppy/Cicic(team handi 35)...the question was...would the defending champs vault ahead on Sunday or would there be a new champion...

Sunday provided the same great weather as Saturday...a welcome sight after the weather issues of the year. The tee times were re-shuffled after Saturday to have the leaders out last. As the teams started coming in, the pages of the story were turning rapidly to find out the ending. As expected, the scores were tracking along with the Saturday finish. A middle of the pack team Peyer/Couture(team handicap 39), posted a 66 on Saturday, took the clubhouse lead with a -5, 139 for a team total of 205. The question was...would it hold with 6 teams ahead of them...

One by one, the teams came in...and couldn't catch the new lead....the team of Gallagher/Jordan(team handicap of 14) was anxious as their total was being tallied...207...the Monogue/Pula(team handi 24) team came in, 63 Saturday, 146 Sunday...209 total...

Then the 3 Saturday leaders came in....the defending champs faltered and fell well off the pace...the Meier/Bolduc posted 153, total of 213....the Cicic/Koppy team posted 151 for a total 211....and all was done....a 6 shot come from behind victory for Peyer/Couture team to win the 2-Man 3-Ball event.

Here are the prizes for the top 5 teams and hole prize winners for the weekend.

3-Ball (Calcutta) Prize Report

WNL Playoffs – Round 1

Round 1 is in the books, folks.

2017 Playoffs - Round 1

CTB defeats Foreplay 43 to 37 with some strong performances.  Don Grove continued his WNL prowess by scoring 7.5 points to lead the team.  They will play Fairway 2 Heaven next week in the semi-finals.

Plucky Range Balls won in dramatic fashion over Drive 4 Show 41.5 to 38.5.  D4S was up by 6 waiting for the final group to come in, and the Marks (Steinhauser and Lauffenburger) took 15 total points (8 and 7) to clinch the team victory. They will take on WTF in a grudge match for the ages.

Jason Lunetta shot a 34, winning 8 points for D4S in their losing effort, and had possibly the shot of the year from what I heard.  Wasn't able to talk to the man himself, but his opponents tell quite the tale - after snapping a drive left on #16 and bouncing off some trees, he found himself closer to #7 fairway than #16...we've all been there...but from 250+ (maybe 275?!?!) he apparently saw a window no mere mortal would see.  He hit a high, hard cut (story is with a 5 wood?!?!), he ended up kicking off the #17 tee box side hill (?!?!), ending up just off the left of the green for a chip and putt for birdie (?!?!).  That's a lot of ?!?! going on, man.  Beauty.

Good times this week, and looking forward to the semi-finals next week (9/13):

  • Fairway 2 Heaven vs. CTB
  • WTF vs. Range Balls

(FYI - There is no more open golf for the remainder of the playoffs.)

Calcutta Details (Tee Sheet, Team Report & Auction Info)

The Calcutta details have been set....teams aligned and tee times set...

The Tee Sheet and Team Report are attached below.

The auction and para-mutual betting are set to take place on Friday night, Sept 8th at 6:30 in the Brookview grill. All BMGA members are welcome to attend and place wagers in the auction or on the para-mutual betting.

Calcutta Tee Sheet

Calcutta Team Report

WNL Regular Season Recap

With some unfortunate drama (see email, I'm not rehashing that unfortunate happening here), our regular season has come to an end!  We had three rainouts, sure, but got to make up two of them which is fantastic.  We tried a new conference/division set up, which I thought was a smashing success and a lot of fun - hope you did, too, and if not want to hear what's up!

Congratulations to our two Conference Champs - Fairway 2 Heaven and WTF who earn a 1st round bye and $40/dude!

Fairway cruised to the conference title by an 11 point margin over Foreplay and crushed the division - nearest competitor Young Gunz finished 44.5 points back.  Wow.

WTF barely edged out Range Balls, winning the conference and division by 1 point! Crazy finish in a very tough division.  Range Balls makes the playoffs as a very, very tough wildcard.  They would have won any other division based on their points...what a race.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 18 (Week 15 Make-Up)

BCC South winner Foreplay ($20/guy for the division win) will go against Wildcard winner CTB next week in Round 1.

GVC West winner Drive 4 Show ($20/guy for the division win) will battle Wildcard winner Range Balls.

I will reach out to the Captains to let them know tee times and what not.

Also, there WILL BE open golf next week for BMGA Members – we were unable to confirm last night, thus no sign up sheets, but it’s official.  There is a signup sheet in the Pro Shop, or you can call 763-512-2330 and tell them you are signing up for September 6th, BMGA - give you name and choose a time to see what's open.

Finally, our WNL MVP Winner is....Dylan Niska with 88.5 total points!  Nice work, Dylan - looks like Dylan didn't miss a night of golf and averaged 5.9 points per week.  Well done, he earns $250 in pro shop dough.

I will be sending out an invite to the top 12 point-getters (using your 10 best scores of the season) to participate in the shootout.  If I receive "no thank yous" I will extend down the list.  This list can be found on the above link under "Ind Pts".

Thanks to all for a great season!

Individual Low Gross:

  • Dave Supalla - 36 (front) $5
  • Todd Crandell - 36 (front) $5

Individual Low Net (odd weeks):

  • 1st: Robert Monge - 30 (front) $35
  • t2nd: Mark Steinhauser - 31 (back) $17.50
  • t2nd: Todd Crandell - 31 (front) $17.50

$10 each goes to:

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Rahul Tamhane
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Jason Clark
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Aaron Riedel
  • Long Putt #9: Doug Maday
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Bill Wallace
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Larry Larson
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Rick Bollin
  • Long Putt #18: Rick Bollin

Update on Tournaments

All, the board has discussed with Brookview, and this is where we ended up:

We will be having 3 tournaments in September. 

  • 09 Sept is Calcutta
  • 23 Sept Presidents' Cup
  • 30 Sept Shoot Out

The Calcutta Auction is to be held on Friday night 08 September.  The Auction will be held in the meeting room upstairs beginning at 6:30pm.   If you are interested there is a moonlight golf tourney that night starting at 8:30.  See this for more GVCF_MoonlightGolf_flyer 2017

You can sign up below for the tournaments (must be logged in) or fill out a form at Brookview.  Forms will be available on Wed.

Check out the Points Standing for the BMGA Cup - Remember the top 12 get into the Shoot Out - Maybe you can crack that spot with these tourney's above. Standings

And, if you want more golf in September, the MPGA puts on a great 27 hole Rotation-like event - this is on the 16th/17th, depending on what flight you are in.

President’s Cup Cancelled Tomorrow

The course is pretty wet now, it will continue to rain tonight and thunderstorms are predicted starting at 9am.

We decided to cancel.  We will reschedule so stay tuned for more info on that.

Richard will contact you if you already paid and give you options for those funds.

Thanks - It has been a wet year!

Click for larger image


Small scoring error due to bad penmanship (yeah, I'm deflecting blame here).  WTF is now only 6 points (instead of 7) up on Range Balls so it's an even tighter battle:

2017 WNL Standings-Week 17 (Week 4 Make-Up) UPDATED

First off, thank you all for playing as fast as possible – the late groups seemed to get in before the dark could bother them.  Next week it will be even more crucial to play quickly – maybe this practice will lead to faster rounds next year.  Wishful thinking, but if we all do our best we CAN play faster.  On to this week’s recap.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 17 (Week 4 Make-Up)

It was a good night for golf, and a great night for standing around a grill with a beer and watching steak sizzle.

There wasn’t much sizzle in the match between WTF and Putt 4 Dough – in a wtf head-scratcher, Dough had three no-shows and WTF took advantage winning 55-17.5! I know It’s late in the season, but three no-shows on one team…yikes!  Only 3 matchups battled for the full 80 points, so there were a record amount of no-shows this week. Unfortunate.

Range Balls won 41.5-34.5 against Team Hack Attack, but lost the Division lead to WTF.

In the GVC East it’s a two team battle for the Division, with WTF up 7 points on Range Balls – but looks like whoever doesn’t win the division will get the wildcard slot.

The GVC West saw Drive 4 Show beat Zed Heads 43-37, and remains 34.5 points ahead of Drawshank Redemption (who beat Six Pack 44.5-31) for the Division…can’t say it’s over since a team won by 37.5 points this week…so anything’s possible, I guess!?

The BCC South once again dominated the BCC North in this week’s Conference match up.  Foreplay beat up on I Like Big Putts 46-34; CTB beat Fairway 2 Heaven 42.5-32.5 and remains in the Wildcard lead by 7.5 points; Bald Man Brewing Co. had no issues with Last Call winning 43-34.5; and Loopers and Young Gunz split every card to go 40-40.

One week left to go before playoffs start, should be a wild finish for a couple playoff spots – let’s all show up and try to win no matter what!

Matchups next week:

  • I Like Big Putts vs Last Call
  • Young Gunz vs Fairway 2 Heaven
  • CTB vs Loopers
  • Bald Man Brewing Co. vs Foreplay
  • Six Pack vs Range Balls
  • WTF vs Zed Heads
  • Drive 4 Show vs Putt 4 Dough
  • Team Hack Attack vs Drawshank Redemption

Weekly Winners:

Low Gross…surprise, surprise…

  • Dave Supalla - 35 (front) $10

2-Man Low Net (Even Weeks)

  • 1st: Gary Romo (34) & Jay Steffenhagen (33) - 67 (front) $17.50 each
  • 2nd: Ermin Cicic (37) & Richard Courtney (31) - 68 (front) $10 each
  • 3rd: Ward Eames (31) & Jeff Wagner (38) - 69 (front) $7.50 each

On Course Winners ($10 each)

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Brian Beitlich
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Chad Olson
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Chris Wrecza
  • Long Putt #9: Dwayne Beberg
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Tyler Paulson
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Joe Wrecza
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Steve Binenstock
  • Long Putt #18: Scott Hartmann

BMGA 2017 Hall of Fame Nomination Information

Hello fellow BMGA members

Every two years we open up the ability to vote new members into the Hall of Fame.  This is one of those years.

A nomination form that you can fill out and drop into the BMGA box in the hallway or give to a Board member or a committee member is on the link below.  Also on this link is a list of all current BMGA members and whether or not they served a term on the board.


The 2017 committee is comprise of:  Richard Koppy, Brad Jordan and Chuck Kugler