Metro Sr. Team in 19-5 win!

On Friday May 24th the Brookview Metro Senior team took on the Como team at Bunker Hills and were looking to get back on track.

@Steve-Hallfin took on the Como team leader and walked away with a 5-1 win with his net 73.
@Chuck-Bernardy also with a solid net 73 took the clean sweep 6-0.
@Doug-Maday started strong with a front 9 win, but was only able to manage those 2 points.
@Sheldon-Silberman posted the same score as Doug (Net 76) but was able to sweep his match 6-0.

The team brought Brookview from 6th place all the way up to 2nd!
Check out the new standings below!

Welcome to the new BMGA.ORG

We are always trying to make things better. So today we take off the wraps of a new BMGA website. There are a few things we wanted to make sure you were aware of.

#1 – Player Dashboard. Looking for stats, want to register for the next tournament. Use the Player Dashboard for all of your needs. Want to learn more, than make sure to check out the help page.

#2 – Message Board. It’s better than ever! Plus all of the old content is there. Want to see what everyone is chatting about. Want to talk smack about an opponent before match play? The message board is waiting for you. Not familiar with how they work. Check out the help page for more details.

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#4 – Always be secure! The new BMGA website comes with full SSL. Don’t know what that means? Don’t worry. It just means you are safer than ever before.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and much more is coming. So stay tuned!

Senior Metro Team drops one.

Our Senior metro team took an L last Friday in a 5-19 final.

For the second week in a row, our A player had to take on the medalist.
This time it was Steve Slivken (net 70) that was lucky to get 2 from the low man in the league.
Steve Shellenbaum put his net 70 up against a net 68 and was only able to grab 1 point.
Tom Bredesen got smoked by a net 68.
Randy Zejdlik was able to get 2 points.

The result is that we dropped in the standings, but the league is very tight right now and we are definitely in the mix.

See the standings here:

Week 4 Results

Hey Guys, Wow what a fantastic day.  We had 3 skins on each side last week and I was lucky enough to see Mike Ryan hit his Eagle putt on 2 from 6 feet away.  Congrats to the skins this week.  Give the board feedback on if you like doing the skins instead of the nightly games.

2019-WNL-Standings Week 4

Low Gross $5 Each: Erik Swanson & Brad Jordan (36)

Low Net $10: Michael Meyer (Net 31)

Front – Nine Net Skins: 3 Winners! $16.50

Jim Hegedus 3, #4 – Mike Ryan 3, #2 – Richard Courtney 3, #7

Back – Nine Net Skins: 3 Winner! $16.50

Dan Kjorsvik 2, #17 – Michael Meyer 3, #13 – Justin Waters 2, #18

$10 Nightly game Winners

Closest in 2 Hole #1 Todd Crandell

Closest to the Pin #4 Brian Egan

Closest to the Pin #8 Doug Maday

Long Putt #9 Ermin Cicic

Closest in 2 Hole #11 Evan Johnson

Closest to the Pin #12 Bob Boufford

Closest to the Pin #17 Cory Jacobson

Long Putt #18 Cory Jacobson

CANCELLED – Individual Match Play Saturday, May 18th

In consult with our Board and Ben Disch, Brookview Club Manager, we have decided to CANCEL tomorrow’s Individual Match Play’s first  matches due to poor weather conditions in the forecast and probably poor course conditions.  All tee times have been cancelled.  We will not have a makeup Saturday to conduct the first round matches.  Each individual should communicate with their opponent to schedule their first round match.    You can find your opponent on the bracket sheet link, Single Man Match Bracket (revision 3) to schedule your match.  If you need their contact info please go to the Player Dashboard on the BMGA website and click members.  All chit moneys for Saturday’s contests will be rolled into the total payout for the tournament.  Each participant will have a rain check for the first round match in the pro shop.  So when checking in for your match just mention it is your first round match and your rain check will be used.  Let’s try to get these first round matches in by June 8th.

Sr. Metro Team Continues Winning

The Week Brookview sent the team of Merriman, Penk, Husnik and Diedrich.  The boys walked away with a 15-9 smackdown of Greenhaven

-Merriman went toe to toe with the medalist of the week.  Steve split the first nine, but lost the back in a tight match, shooting 78 to the medalist 75 and got a point off the league’s low man.
-Husnik split his 9, winning the front, losing the back and tying overall for 3.
-Diedrich started slow, but still found a way to halve the front and won all the remaining points, grabbing 5 of 6.
-The star of the day was Penk who shot a net 71 and swept all 6.

Brookview now stands in second place, 6 ahead of third and only 2 back of Oak Marsh.  Full standings here: Gross, May10, 2019 Standings

Senior 8-Man Team Celebrates Victory

The Brookview Senior 8-Man team celebrated a narrow home victory over Hiawatha on Tuesday by the score of 6-1/2 to 5-1/2.  it was a beautiful day for golf (imagine that) at Brookview and many players did well.  The team of Larry Hahka / Steve Houtz came back in their match to salvage a 1-1/2 to 1-1/2 tie.  The team of Steve Slivken / Doug Zuck ran into a monster team and were defeated 3-0.  The team of Perry Jacobson / Forrest Nelson played well and won their match 2-1/2 to 1/2.  And anchoring the team and bringing home the victory, the team of Tom Hansen / Steve Hartmann won their match 2-1/2 to 1/2.  We celebrated with a few pitchers of beer and welcomed our #1 cheerleader on the 18th hole, Gary Ridout (a non- player this match) to join us.  Our next match is Tuesday, 5/21 at Hiawatha.

Sr. Metro Team off to a fast start!

On Friday May 3rd, the 2019 version of the Brookview Sr. Metro team headed to Keller to take on Chomonix.

On this day, the foursome was Tom Hanson, Roger Hamm, Dan Olson, Richard Courtney.

Keller’s greens were very fast, but did not deter our bravest.

  • Tom leads the entire league and earns medalist honors, as he posts an outstanding 74 (net 68) to win the front, back and total for a 6-0 win.
  • Not to be outdone, Dan Olson shoots an 88 (net 70) and he also blanks his opponent 6-0.
  • Richard Courtney, seeing all this fires a net 74 and he also wins 6-0
  • Roger Hamm (net 74) found a way to get one point on the front nine with a tie, but lost the back 9 and total on the 18th

So Brookview jumps to a 19 – 5 win and is tied for the lead in the league! MSrs_Wkly_Standings_Form_v3, Keller, May 3, 2019