Week 3 Sponsored by Tradition Mortgage

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Once again another beautiful sunny day. I can’t think of a year where we have had such awesome weather so early. June 1st is coming so maybe the rules on booze and food will change shortly. If things change I’ll be the first to let you know.

Guys once again please put last names as well on your card. If you don’t know your team number find out… And lastly if you haven’t downloaded the app USGA GHIN do it and figure it out…. We had one scorecard this week that took at least 30 minutes of MY time that I will never get back. They had none of these things also to top it off we have multiple teams with guys having the same first name. It’s not hard your playing with these guys for 2 hours get the information. If you don’t know how to fill out a card don’t keep score!!!

Games… The team with the most points… Putt 4 Dough 46.5 points… $10 each to: Roger Hamm (Captain) Dave Schoeller, David Hillsheim, Kevin Ahtou, John Bolduc, Ben Zurn, Dylan Niska (Mortgage Lender Stud)

Low Net $10 Tom Scheunemann 33

Low Gross $5 Each Howie Hoffman and Dave Supalla 34

Net Skins Front: $50 Paul Tharp #2 (5)

Net Skins Back $17 Each: Jason Clark #18 (3) Jeremy Hagen #15 (5) Mark Steinhauser #10 (3)

Individual Match Play

Our second weekend tournament is ready to kick off. On May 30th we will have our opening weekend event.

The bracket can be found via Golf Genius and will be linked on the home page at all times.

Tee times for those playing can be found via the Tee Sheet on Golf Genius. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the first tee starting at 6:30 AM.

Scorecards will be available on the first tee but they are also available from here to view. With the new daily updates for Handicap, the Tournament Committee has created handicaps based on your 5/29/2020 handicap and that should be used for matches being played on 5/30/2020.

If you are still interested in playing in the Individual Match play please reach out to me at golf-at-brynteson.info and we will get you scheduled.

At the conclusion of each match make sure to e-mail me the results so I can update the online bracket.

Brookview Teams Have Mixed Results in Metro Seniors

Bunker Hills hosted week two of the Metro Seniors League. Our two Brookview teams had mixed results. The Brookview Valley team amassed 19 out of a possible 24 points to jump in the standings. Tom Hansen, Gerry Meier, and Jim Husnik won all 6 points in their matches. Marty Mangold couldn’t hold onto his early lead and salvaged a hard fought point in his match.

The Brookview Golden team had a rough day. But they will come back strong. The team of Steve Susich, Chuck Bernardy, Ted Roberts, and Doug Diedrich battled hard but could only record Doug’s 2 points.

Congrats to Tom Hansen, who shared medalists honors with a flawless 73.

Results: http://metroseniors.org/weekly-results

Standings:  http://metroseniors.org/current-standings

Week 2 in the books and its Sponsored by: Ernie Rose Golf

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Hey guys, well this weeks scorecards were definitely not anything to brag about. Please remember first and last names, if you don’t know your team number any chance you can figure it out by week 3. Also there about 7 guys who have yet even purchased their patron card let alone their GHIN. This league is handicapped so that puzzles me a little.

One Scorecard per foursome Please!!! We have a limited amount of cards this season. Sorry if you have to use your phone or maybe get a scorecard from under the door of the clubhouse. Leave my scorecards to the 1 person scoring the 4 some. Please call anyone out if you see them grabbing a card just for themselves.

Games…. The team with the most points Mid-Round Crisis… $10 dollars per guy.. Brad Jordan, Nick Schultz, Greg Donahue, Nick Hendrickson, Neal Reykdal, Erik Swanson, Nick Ward, Ramiro Sifuentes…

Low Net $10 Bill Wallace 32

Low Gross $10 Alan Johnson 34

Net Skins Front: $12.50 Stephen Wernblom with a Real Eagle on #2. Nice! Don Grove #1 3, Luke Kannel #3 4, Ross Johnson #6 3

Net Skins Back: $12.50 Brent Nordstrom #10 3, Michael White #18 4, Dave Bialke #17 2, Zach Kamerer #15 3

Metro Seniors kick off 2020 season with 2 teams from Brookview

dateline – 17May- Columbia GC
The Valley team, captained by @steve-slivken played against a rejuvenated Fountain Valley team. @Jim-Sanford, @Stan-Hop, @Jim-Husnik and @Randy-Zejdlik could only manage 10 points out of the 24 max. Randy led the way with 5.
The Golden team, captained by @roger-hamm played against a tough Braemar squad. @ramiro-sifuentes, @doug-maday, @doug-paquette and @ted-roberts could only grab 8 points. This group was led by rookie @ramiro-sifuentes and his 5 points.

To find out more about the league, check out the traveling teams page or visit metroseniors.org. If you are over 50 and wish to play in a fully handicapped competition on Friday mornings, contact @steve-slivken or @roger-hamm

Week 1 Results (Sponsored by Bald Man Brewery)

Hey guys well for our first ever socially distancing round of Wednesday night league, that went really smooth. Thanks! Hopefully later this Summer we can actually hang out and have a beer.

The cards were perfect! Thanks for filling out last names as well and of course the much needed team numbers. For those of you have yet to download the USGA Ghin app your doing yourself a disservice. It’s quite handy and it will tell you what your handicap is for 9 holes Member tees in a flash. If there were any errors it was people not knowing their handicap.

Weekly Winners this week!

Low Net $5 Each Jesse Doughty & Jeremy Host (32)

Low Gross $10 Nick Schultz (34)

Team Most Points $10 (Team members who played) Putt for Dough

Roger Hamm, Tory Stellick, Dan Anderson, John Bolduc, Tom Bischel, Dan Kjorsvik, (Niska, and Schoeller… ) These 2 didn’t have a first name. There first names must be really long?

Skins Gross

Front $25 each: Dan Grubb 3 on #5 , Nick Schultz 3 on #7

Back $16.50 each: Alan Johnson 3 on #18 , Brad Jordan 4 on #16 , Patrick Burrage 2 on #12

2-Man Match Play Bracket

Below is the 2-Man Match Play bracket. A few reminders as we start this year-long tournament.

  1. You, as players, are responsible for setting up all tee times. There is NO opening weekend play for the 2-man match play this year. Please try your absolute best to schedule these as fast as possible.
  2. We have 74 players (37 teams!!!). It is the largest opening bracket we have had that I can remember. As such, there are a handful of round 1 matches or play-in-matches or the-computer-picked-you-sorry matches.
  3. When you matches are complete, you need to e-mail me so I can update the bracket. The dates on the bracket are when we would like those rounds completed prior to, get the first rounds in ASAP please.

If you believe you see any errors with pairings, you are missing, etc. please let me know ASAP.

View Bracket Online via Golf Genius

View PDF Bracket

Updated Course Handicap

As we get prepared to enter our first week of league the board thought it was important to remind all players of a few items. We also wanted to share news about the 18th hole.

Member Tees

For all league events, WNL and Weekend Tournaments, we use the Member Tee Shortened. This consists of a combo of Blue and White tees. Here is your list to remind yourself:

Front: #1 (Blue), #2 (Blue), #3 (White), #4 (Blue), #5 (Blue), #6 (Blue), #7 (White), #8 (White), #9 (Blue)

Back: #10 (White), #11 (Blue), #12 (White), #13 (Blue), #14 (White), #15 (Blue), #16 (White), #17 (Blue), #18 (White)

18th Hole

If you have not had a chance to play at Brookview this year you will discover a new White Tee box. This is set approximately 40 yards back from the previous tee box. With that, it means we have a new slope and rating for 2020. Below is the new course measurements and member tee handicap breakdown.

I would aim a little more to the right when teeing off from #18 now. Carrying the trees is a little more difficult.

Find all course handicap breakdowns via the MGA.

BMGA Start Date May 13th!

Today the board received the go ahead from Brookview to start play on Wednesday May 13th, week 2 of our schedule. Due to the 1 week delay we will play the week of August 26th which was previously being held as a rain-out date. We are planning to move the week 1 match-ups to August 26th, pending any rainouts during the season and if those are division match-ups.

The changes we mentioned in the previous post will be enacted, with a potential exception on scorecards. We are hoping to find a way to have a stack on 1 and 10 tee for use. Players will still need to send in a photo of the final card to both team captains.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through everything to get our season started as soon as we could, and very large thank you to Brookview staff working with the City of Golden Valley to give us the go ahead!!

Until we hear more from the Gov. there will not be any hanging out after our rounds. (This may change between now and May 13th.) We are waiting to hear if beer /food will be available for us and how that will be handled.

Thank you,

2020 BMGA Board

2-Man Match Play Registration Open

Registration for the 2020 2-Man Match Play tournament is now open. Registration will remain open through May 9th at Noon. You can register as a single or note your preferred partner. YOUR PARTNER NEEDS TO REGISTER AS WELL.

There is NO PAPER registration for this event. To register you can do one of the following:

#1 – Go to https://members.bmga.org and login. Once there, on the right side you will see 2020 Tournaments and you can choose to the 2-Man Match Play and register. Cost for the event is $12 to cover tournament payout. You will take care of all money with the course. If you cannot login please e-mail me so we can resolve/reset your password.

#2 – E-mail me (Richard) at golf@brynteson.info and let me know you wish to register for the 2020 2-Man Match Play Tournament. Let me know if you have a partner in mind. You will need to pay $12 via Venmo to @BMGAGolf

Please note we will be observing a few social distancing changes for 2020 until further notice:

#1: Rakes are not in the bunkers. It is play as it lies. Be nice, clean up after yourself when done in a bunker.

#2: The bracket will be ONLINE only. You will need to e-mail me promptly at the conclusion of your match so I can update the bracket.


Richard Brynteson
BMGA Weekend Event Coordinator