Week 2 in the books and its Sponsored by: Ernie Rose Golf

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Hey guys, well this weeks scorecards were definitely not anything to brag about. Please remember first and last names, if you don’t know your team number any chance you can figure it out by week 3. Also there about 7 guys who have yet even purchased their patron card let alone their GHIN. This league is handicapped so that puzzles me a little.

One Scorecard per foursome Please!!! We have a limited amount of cards this season. Sorry if you have to use your phone or maybe get a scorecard from under the door of the clubhouse. Leave my scorecards to the 1 person scoring the 4 some. Please call anyone out if you see them grabbing a card just for themselves.

Games…. The team with the most points Mid-Round Crisis… $10 dollars per guy.. Brad Jordan, Nick Schultz, Greg Donahue, Nick Hendrickson, Neal Reykdal, Erik Swanson, Nick Ward, Ramiro Sifuentes…

Low Net $10 Bill Wallace 32

Low Gross $10 Alan Johnson 34

Net Skins Front: $12.50 Stephen Wernblom with a Real Eagle on #2. Nice! Don Grove #1 3, Luke Kannel #3 4, Ross Johnson #6 3

Net Skins Back: $12.50 Brent Nordstrom #10 3, Michael White #18 4, Dave Bialke #17 2, Zach Kamerer #15 3

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