Spring Meeting Details

We are excited to have everyone to join us on April 10th for our Spring Social. Here is the schedule for the day. We have absolutely no clue what the weather will look like but maybe it will be amazing or terrible.

  • Par 3 Tournament is open from 2:30 to 4:30 and reopens from 5:30 to 8:00 PM. Holes are 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9. It is a three-club event. Your putter counts as a club. All scorecards need to be turned in by 8:00 PM.
  • The kegs are tapped are at 4:00 PM.
  • Meeting starts at 5:00 PM in the Basket Creek Room (upstairs)
  • New Member meeting is from 5:30 to 5:45 PM in the Valley Room (first floor).

BMGA New Member Registration

To Register Use This Form: https://forms.gle/DDUmG2NJhoVENDEo9

NOTE: The BMGA Wednesday Night League is FULL for the 2024 season. We thank everyone who registered so quickly. It took less than 27 seconds to fill the league this year!

We encourage players to consider joining to play in BMGA Weekend Tournaments. We offer several tournaments and this year will have some larger-payout tournaments due to new sponsor funds. Cost is $90 to join. See the post below for the full tournament schedule.

The other reason to join BMGA Weekend League is that is does give you priority to join WNL the following year. It DOES NOT guarantee you get it but your odds are slightly better.

BMGA Weekend Tournament Schedule

We are excited to release our BMGA Weekend Tournament Schedule. We do want to note some VERY exciting changes that are coming this year.

Brookview Golf Course, has invested in using the premium version of Golf Genius for the 2024 season. That will bring about a few major changes:

  • Online course scoring, live leaderboards and more. During each tournament, you will now be able to see the live scores – including hole-by-hole stats.
  • More stats for the tournaments and potentially WNL. More information is coming on this one, but the possibilities are endless.
  • Better online payment and registration. We will move to Golf Genius registration for tournament, which will remove the have to chase people down months after the fact!

You can register online at: http://bgc-bmga.golfgenius.com

May 4th (Saturday)Greek Scramble8AM to 10:30 Tee Times
May 11th (Saturday)Individual Match Play7AM to 8:30 Tee Times
May 18th (Saturday)2-Person Match Play7AM to 8:30 Tee Times
June 1st (Saturday)Lone Ranger7AM to 8:30 Tee Times
June 22nd (Saturday)Rotation7AM to 8:30 Tee Times
July 13th (Saturday)Fourball7AM to 8:30 Tee Times
July 27th (Saturday)2-Person Scramble7AM to 8:30 Tee Times
August 10th & 11th (Saturday and Sunday)Club Championship7AM to 8:30 Tee Times
August 24th (Saturday)The Stableford7AM to 8:30 Tee Times
** Backup Weekend for CC if rainout
September 22nd (Sunday)Calcutta8AM Shotgun / 1:30PM Shotgun
** September 11th Auction
October 6th (Sunday)Shootout12PM Shotgun
October 25th (Friday)Banquet5:30 Social Hour

BMGA 2024 Registration and Dues



Registration for new members of the BMGA opens on February 22nd.

The 2024 BMGA Season is fast approaching, and the BMGA board has established the dues for the upcoming season as follows:

  • BMGA Dues: $90
  • WNL Dues: $390
  • Weekend Tournaments: $65
    • NOTE: In 2023, $12 of weekend due were applied to the prize pool. In 2024, $15 will be applied to the prize pool

Please note that members participating in both the Wednesday Night League (WNL) and Weekend Tournaments are required to pay the total sum of BMGA and WNL dues, amounting to $480.

Additionally, the BMGA Board has set several key dates to keep in mind:

  • 02/01/2024 to 02/14/2024 – Registration period for returning WNL members. Form will be live at 8:00 AM Central.
  • 02/15/2024 to 02/21/2024 – Registration period for returning Weekend members who wish to participate in both WNL and Weekend Tournaments, as well as Weekend-Only Members. Form will be live at 8:00 AM Central.
  • 02/22/2024 to 03/01/2024 – Open registration period for new BMGA Members. Form will be live at 8:00 AM Central.
  • 03/01/2024 – Deadline for all BMGA Dues payments.
  • 03/13/2024 – BMGA Draft.
  • 04/10/2024 – BMGA Social.
  • 04/24/2024 – First Week of WNL League.

As we present the dues for 2024, it’s crucial to start planning for the 2025 season. Members will notice an increase of $50 in dues from 2023 to 2024. To understand this change, let’s examine the reasons behind the increase for 2024

The increase is attributed to five primary factors:

  • The 2023 season was notably costly for the BMGA. Brookview increased green fees by $1.00 for 9 holes, leading to overspending and a loss of just over $6,000, mainly due to the high costs of WNL beer.
  • For 2024, Brookview has again raised green fees by $3.00 for 18 holes and $1.50 for 9 holes, resulting in an additional $3,456 cost for the BMGA.
  • A new 18% service charge on all beverage and food purchases by the BMGA, previously applied only to drink tickets in 2023, will now also affect our WNL keg purchases, adding $2,871 to our expenses.
  • The cost for Premium Kegs at Brookview has increased by $50. Based on our spending in 2023, this represents a $1,200 increase for the BMGA.
  • The City of Golden Valley has raised the sales tax by 1.25%, impacting all services (golf, beverages, food, etc.) and leading to an additional cost of $1,508.46 for the BMGA.

Without changes, these factors would result in a projected loss of $15,035 for the BMGA in 2024, which is not a sustainable situation.

The BMGA Board, recognizing the importance of maintaining a balance between social and golf aspects in our league, opted for a moderate approach rather than drastic changes for 2024. Our aim is to spend this year evaluating the best course of action for the future. We are aware that continuously raising prices is not a viable long-term strategy.

For 2024, the BMGA Board has adopted the following plan:

  • Limited to a maximum of two kegs per WNL event, reducing the frequency of opening a third keg. With 128 players each week, this should allow each member to enjoy two beers.
  • Opting for two domestic kegs over the more expensive premium kegs for WNL, reducing costs significantly.
  • Setting the first pour time for WNL at 5:30 PM, to ensure beer availability for all members.
  • Increasing dues by $50 to cover the aforementioned costs.
  • Raising weekend tournament fees to assist in covering overall costs.

Immediate planning for 2025 is essential. We understand that budgets are not limitless, and throughout the 2024 season, the BMGA Board will explore various strategies for budget balancing. Your ideas and suggestions are valuable, and we invite all members to contribute their thoughts. While not all ideas may be feasible due to our commitments to the City of Golden Valley, we aim to maintain transparency throughout this process.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to Ramiro (President) and Richard (Vice-President) so we can incorporate your ideas for 2025 and beyond.

Weekend Tournament Recap

The last weekend tournament has wrapped up and it seems like a perfect time to recap all the tournament, who won and provide some analysis.

TournamentChampion (WNL Team)
Greek ScrambleHoward Hoffman (10) + Ramiro Sifuentes (11) + Corey Smith (8) + Kevin Ahtou (8)
2-Person Match PlayBrian Egan (9) + Rick Schostag (9)
Individual Match PlayGerald Meier (16)
Lone RangerStan Hop (6) + Brian Barlow (11) + Corey Smith (8) + Ted Roberts (12)
Fourball (GROSS)Erik Swanson (11) + Howard Hoffman (10)
Fourball (NET)Brad Soderling (14) + Dylan Airhart (12)
Rotation (GROSS)Howard Hoffman (10) + Richard Brynteson (9)
Rotation (NET)Daniel (Sr.) Peters (NA) + Randy Zejdlik (8)
2-Person Scramble (GROSS)Nick Hendrikson (11) + Richard Brynteson (9)
2-Person Scramble (NET)Nick Hendrikson (11) + Richard Brynteson (9)
Club ChampionshipHoward Hoffman (10)
Senior Club ChampionshipTom Nestvold (10)
Super Senior Club ChampionshipSheldon Silberman (13)
1st Flight Club ChampionshipRichard Brynteson (9)
2nd Flight Club ChampionshipNick Ward (11)
Net Flight Club ChampionshipBrad Soderling (14)
Senior Net Club ChampionshipRichard Courtney (12)
Stableford (GROSS)Howard Hoffman (10)
Stableford (NET)Doug Paquette (6)
CalcuttaKevin Monogue (3) + Michael Saless (9)
ShootoutRichard Brynteson (9)

Multiple Time Winners in 2023

  • Hoffman (5)
  • Brynteson (5)
  • Smith (2)
  • Hendrikson (2)
  • Soderling (2)

Winning Player by WNL Team

  • Team 9 (8 Wins)
  • Team 10 (6 Wins)
  • Team 11 (6 Wins)
  • Team 8 (4 Wins)
  • Team 12 (3 Wins)
  • Team 6 (2 Wins)
  • Team 14 (2 Wins)
  • Team 3 (1 Win)
  • Team 13 (1 Win)
  • Team 16 (1 Win)

Brynteson wins BMGA Shootout

The rain held off, the course was still wet and overall, it was cold day for golf.

Below is the hole-by-hole scoring that I had available. Some of the early holes were missed for score-by-score.

  • 10th Hole – Allen is eliminated with a 9, net 8
  • 11th Hole – Hagen is eliminated with a 7, net 6
  • 12th Hole – Hulkonen is eliminated with a 5, net 5
  • 13th Hole – Paquette and McDonnell in a chip off. McDonnell eliminated.
  • 14th Hole – Supalla eliminated with a 5, net 5.
  • 15th Hole – Zurn eliminated with a 8, net 7.
  • 16th Hole – Paquette and Brynteson in a chip off. Paquette is eliminated.
  • 17th Hole – Soderling eliminated with a 4, net 4.
  • 18th Hole – Steichen pushes drive into the water. Brynteson covers water, 125 out in fairway. Steichen 3rd hits a bomb to 45 yards out. 4th shot is pushed into left bunker. Brynteson just off the front-end after 2nd. Chip to 3 feet.

The following payouts for the shootout.

Richard Brynteson1st Place$100.00
Pete Steichen2nd Place$75.00
Brad Soderling3rd Place$50.00
Doug Paquette4th Place$25.00

Calcutta Results

What was supposed to be a rain out became a one-hole sprinkle with a very wet golf course. Here is the list of winners. You can find the full results here:


1st Place – $135 Each | Kevin Monogue & Michael Saless
2nd Place – $110 Each | Larry Jocelyn & Richard Brynteson
3rd Place – $75 Each | Mike Gomez & Scott Syverson
4th Place – $50 Each | Brian Beitlich & Dan Grubb

On Course.  Each is $10 per person

  • #1 Kelly Gallagher
  • #4 Steve Benson
  • #8 Richard Brynteson
  • #9 Darin Allen
  • #11 Mike Gomez
  • #12 Dan Peters Jr
  • #17 Rahul Tamhane
  • #18 Mike Ryan

President/Hall of Fame Cup Results

An amazing fall-day in late August for golf. Here are the results for this weekend:

Top 4 Gross

Top 4 Net

Race to the BMGA Cup

Each season, the top Weekend Player is awarded the BMGA Cup based on having the most points in a single season. You can find the full list of players available here: https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/9834021751707715189

The below list does not include points for the Calcutta, Individual and Two Person match play.

PlayerNumber of
Number of
Behind Lead
1Mr. Howard Hoffman1261122.50
2Richard Brynteson104920202.5
3Daniel Peters141750372.5
4Nick Ward121725397.5
8Peter Steichen111664.17458.33

President’s / HoF Cup Information

We are looking forward to our next weekend tournament on August 26th. Below are all the details for this tournament:

Tee Sheet: https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/9807351931461486132

Skins Game: https://forms.gle/TTUd2FNgwggdttWZ6

History of Tournament: https://bmga.org/presidents-hof-cup-history/

The tournament will feature an optional cash skins game. The cost is $5 for Net, $5 for Gross or $10 for both events.

Hoffman wins 10th Championship | Nestvold defends Senior Championship

In what was supposed to be a rainy two days, became a great two days of golf with some scattered rain, great stories and fantastic play. It would be remiss to not mention that Steve Hartmann took 5 shots to play Hole #1 for both days: -3 over two days!

Your flight winners:

  • Club Champion: Howard Hoffman
  • Senior Club Champion: Tom Nestvold
  • Super Senior Club Champion: Sheldon Silberman
  • 1st Flight: Richard Brynteson
  • 2nd Flight: Nick Ward
  • Net Flight: Brad Soderling
  • Senior Net: Richard Courtney

Club Championship History: https://bmga.org/bmga-club-senior-champions/

Club Championship Flight History: https://bmga.org/club-championship-flights/

Player Statistics: https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/9750311930655983241

BMGA Cup Point Race

For full results, you can find them online here: https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/9776536682030483349

PlayerNumber of
Number of
Behind Lead
1Mr. Howard Hoffman105972.50
2Richard Brynteson84820152.5
3Daniel Peters121700272.5
4Nick Ward101675297.5
5Brad Soderling72610362.5

On Course Prizes Saturday:

  • #1: Steve Hartmann (Eagle)
  • #4: John VonEschen
  • #8: Nick Ward
  • #9: Tom Hansen
  • #11: Tom Hansen
  • #12: Tyler Nelson
  • #17: Brad Soderlin
  • #18: Corey Smith

On Course Prizes Sunday:

  • #1: Larry Hahka
  • #4: Marty Mangold
  • #8: Mike Pokorney
  • #9: Nick Ward
  • #11: Matt Haws
  • #12: Mike Manion
  • #17: Dan Olson
  • #18: John VonEschen