Individual Match Play

Our second weekend tournament is ready to kick off. On May 30th we will have our opening weekend event.

The bracket can be found via Golf Genius and will be linked on the home page at all times.

Tee times for those playing can be found via the Tee Sheet on Golf Genius. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the first tee starting at 6:30 AM.

If you are still interested in playing in the Individual Match play please reach out to me at and we will get you scheduled.

At the conclusion of each match make sure to e-mail me the results so I can update the online bracket.

2-Man Match Play Bracket

Below is the 2-Man Match Play bracket. A few reminders as we start this year-long tournament.

  1. You, as players, are responsible for setting up all tee times. There is NO opening weekend play for the 2-man match play this year. Please try your absolute best to schedule these as fast as possible.
  2. We have 74 players (37 teams!!!). It is the largest opening bracket we have had that I can remember. As such, there are a handful of round 1 matches or play-in-matches or the-computer-picked-you-sorry matches.
  3. When you matches are complete, you need to e-mail me so I can update the bracket. The dates on the bracket are when we would like those rounds completed prior to, get the first rounds in ASAP please.

If you believe you see any errors with pairings, you are missing, etc. please let me know ASAP.

View Bracket Online via Golf Genius

View PDF Bracket

Updated Course Handicap

As we get prepared to enter our first week of league the board thought it was important to remind all players of a few items. We also wanted to share news about the 18th hole.

Member Tees

For all league events, WNL and Weekend Tournaments, we use the Member Tee Shortened. This consists of a combo of Blue and White tees. Here is your list to remind yourself:

Front: #1 (Blue), #2 (Blue), #3 (White), #4 (Blue), #5 (Blue), #6 (Blue), #7 (White), #8 (White), #9 (Blue)

Back: #10 (White), #11 (Blue), #12 (White), #13 (Blue), #14 (White), #15 (Blue), #16 (White), #17 (Blue), #18 (White)

18th Hole

If you have not had a chance to play at Brookview this year you will discover a new White Tee box. This is set approximately 40 yards back from the previous tee box. With that, it means we have a new slope and rating for 2020. Below is the new course measurements and member tee handicap breakdown.

I would aim a little more to the right when teeing off from #18 now. Carrying the trees is a little more difficult.

Find all course handicap breakdowns via the MGA.

2-Man Match Play Registration Open

Registration for the 2020 2-Man Match Play tournament is now open. Registration will remain open through May 9th at Noon. You can register as a single or note your preferred partner. YOUR PARTNER NEEDS TO REGISTER AS WELL.

There is NO PAPER registration for this event. To register you can do one of the following:

#1 – Go to and login. Once there, on the right side you will see 2020 Tournaments and you can choose to the 2-Man Match Play and register. Cost for the event is $12 to cover tournament payout. You will take care of all money with the course. If you cannot login please e-mail me so we can resolve/reset your password.

#2 – E-mail me (Richard) at and let me know you wish to register for the 2020 2-Man Match Play Tournament. Let me know if you have a partner in mind. You will need to pay $12 via Venmo to @BMGAGolf

Please note we will be observing a few social distancing changes for 2020 until further notice:

#1: Rakes are not in the bunkers. It is play as it lies. Be nice, clean up after yourself when done in a bunker.

#2: The bracket will be ONLINE only. You will need to e-mail me promptly at the conclusion of your match so I can update the bracket.


Richard Brynteson
BMGA Weekend Event Coordinator

BMGA Hall of Fame

The BMGA is taking nominations for the 2019 Hall of Fame. Attached is the nomination form. Minimum requirements for HOF Inductees include 1) 10 years of membership, 2) Served at least one term on the Board of Directors. There are no other requirements, however, inductees must have demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment and gone above and beyond the basic level of participation in order to be considered.

Examples of contributions that may be looked upon favorably would include: Served as WNL Captain, Served as a Travelling Team Captain, Served multiple terms on the Board, successfully recruited many new members, high participation in events, sponsorship of BMGA events and activities, etc.

Please submit to a board member or

WNL Week 6 Results

Let’s start with the headline of the night. CONGRATS to Jeff Wagner for his ACE on #17. This is our first hole-in-one of the season and now Jeff waits to see if anyone else makes one to share the pool.

Now, filling in for our fearless WNL Leader as he enjoys the warm’er weather of the Southern US. Here goes:

Weekly $10 Games

  • #1 – Closest in two: Doug Lang
  • #4 – Closest to pin: Dan Kjorsvik
  • #8 – Closest to pin: Stephen Wennblom
  • #9 – Long Putt: Stephen Wennblom
  • #11 – Closest in two: Steve Susich
  • #12 – Closest to pin: Phil Berndt
  • #17 – Closest to pin: Jeff Wagner (ACE)
  • #18 – Long Putt: Jeff Wagner

Side Games

  • Low Gross: Scott Hartmann (35) : $10
  • Low Net: Doug Lang (30) : $10

Net Skins

  • Front: Meyer, Michael – Net 2 #18, Paquette, Doug – Net 1 #12, Scheunemann, Ted – Net 2 #13 ($16.50 each)
  • Back: Engebretson, Bob – Net 2 #5, Gnerer, Nick – Net 2 #3, Tamhane, Rahul – Net 1 #8, Craver, Steve – Net 1 #9 ($12.50 each)

Here are the week-by-week numbers. I don’t have the fancy spreadsheet so I’ll just share this:

Welcome to the new BMGA.ORG

We are always trying to make things better. So today we take off the wraps of a new BMGA website. There are a few things we wanted to make sure you were aware of.

#1 – Player Dashboard. Looking for stats, want to register for the next tournament. Use the Player Dashboard for all of your needs. Want to learn more, than make sure to check out the help page.

#2 – Message Board. It’s better than ever! Plus all of the old content is there. Want to see what everyone is chatting about. Want to talk smack about an opponent before match play? The message board is waiting for you. Not familiar with how they work. Check out the help page for more details.

#3 – Leave Comments. Did you know you can leave comments on posts, like this one? You can now tag people – just like you do on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to check out the help page for more.

#4 – Always be secure! The new BMGA website comes with full SSL. Don’t know what that means? Don’t worry. It just means you are safer than ever before.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and much more is coming. So stay tuned!