Calcutta Tournament Info

Team Pairings

Team List. The below is the final team list. Handicaps have been locked in.

The above guide has your locked in individual handicaps. Remember, we will take 85% of your handicap and that will be applied individual handicap.

Auction & Horse Race

The Auction will occur at Brookview, on the upper-deck at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, September 23rd.  The timing should work so those who are playing in the playoffs will be able to attend.  A few notes about this:– Max capacity on the deck is 36 people.  Therefore, when we reach capacity, we will ask teams to have only ONE PERSON on the deck so we can remain at capacity numbers.– There are LOTS of teams.  28 of them.  Should have been 26 but I screwed up, so now there are 28 – and I apologize in advance for the last nine holes – it’s going to be slow!  That means the draft MUST BE FAST paced.  We love people hanging out and having fun.  If you are being loud and disruptive during the draft, we will ask you to head down to the patio and continue your conversation.  That also means you should come prepared with the plan.

During the auction we will also be taking Horse Bet information as well.


We will be having a skins game this weekend.  There will be two pots, the first 18 holes and the last 9 holes.  Cost is $10 for Gross / Net or you can pay $20 and get into both skins pools.  If for some reason there are NO skins in the final 9 holes, that money will be moved to the first 18 hole skins pot.

To register for skins use this form:

Tee Sheets & Format

Reminder, the tournament is on SUNDAY, September 27th.

Tee sheets are now available for both rounds here:

If I did it correctly, you will play with different people in the first 18 vs the last 9 holes.  The tee times are two shot-gun starts at 8:00 AM and 1:30 PM.  Most groups are threesomes and the goal is to get around the course quickly.  As part of the tournament, you will receive 2 drink tickets and a meal ticket.  We MUST start the second nine by 1:30 PM so we do not goof up the public tee sheet.

The first 18 holes you will NOT play with your partner.  It is a best-ball and a single score between the two players will count towards your final score.  The last 9 holes is Both Balls will count towards the final score.  All players will use 85% of their USGA Handicap.

President’s + HoF Cup Results

On what was supposed to be a cold and rainy morning turned out to be just perfect for had 42 players who played.

In the Gross Flight, there was a tie for first place with Zach Kamerer (72) and Howard Hoffman (Past Pres.) (73) who finished at +3. They receive $62.50 and 87 BMGA Cup Points. Third place went to Richard Brynteson (HOF) (74) at -1. 3rd Place takes home $45.00 and 50 BMGA Cup Points.

In the Net Flight, there was a tie for first place with Matt McClernan and Kirk Williams finishing at +11. They also receive $62.50 and 87 BMGA Cup Points. In 3rd place was Ramiro Sifuentes at +9. He receives $45.00 and 50 BMGA Cup Points. 4th place went to Tory Stellick at +7 receiving $35.00 and 25 BMGA Cup Points. 5th place goes to Cory Smith at +6 and receives $25.00.

In our President & Hall of Fame Net Flight. First place went to Richard Brynteson at +5 and receives $45.00. Second place went to Hall of Famer Curtis Medina at +2 ($25.00).

President’s + HoF Cup

Weekend events are from a month-long break since the Club Championship as we enter the President + Hall of Fame Cup. This year we feature two returning President’s/Hall of Fame members back to the league and six current members who are Past Presidents or Hall of Fame Members.

Tee times for this event can be found here:

We will feature ten players in the Gross Flight, ten players in the Past Presidents-HoF Flight and thirty-four players in the Net Event. Rest assured; we are paying out at least five deep this weekend.

Warm up your putters. The only question now is, who will match Dustin’s -20 in stableford points?

Sifuentes & McClernan named 2-Man Match Play Champions

The two man championship was played on Sunday August 30 on a top ten weather day between the team of Dan Grubb/Brian Beitlich (both 8 handicaps) and Ramiro Sifuentes/Matt McClernan (10&16 handicaps).  

The BMGA sent along it’s cub reporter who wrote back:’

The first hole was solidly won by Brian who two putted for par.  The second hole was halved with pars but on the third hole, Dan made birdie for the win.   The Dan/Brian team made par on #4 for a 3 up lead.  The teams halved #5 and on number #6 Ramiro made birdie for the win.  The seventh hole was won with Matt making net par for the win.  Dan/Brian were up 1 going into the 8th which was halved and so was the 9th. 

On number 10 every player made bogey but Matt was getting a shot so his net par made the match tied.   Dan/Brian came back with a par on #11 for the win and then Dan made his second birdie on #12 for a 2 up lead.   On #13 Ramiro made his birdie putt (second for the day) for the win.   And followed that up with a par on #14 for the win and making the match a tie going into #15.   Brian made a birdie on #15 to have his team go up 1 headed into #16.   But with Ramiro getting a shot and making par on 16, the match went back to a tie.  On 17 with a middle right pin position, Dan hit his tee shot to the far left of the green but then drained his 45 footer for his third birdie of the day.  More importantly, his team was going into 18 one up.   Only Ramiro had a decent tee shot to the green on 18 but pulled his approach in the weeds behind the green.  Both Dan and Brian made bogey and it was all up to Matt to extend the match.  He had a 13 foot, net par, uphill putt to extend the match.  

Bam!   He made it to extend the match.  Extra holes!   The teams decided to play #10 and Matt hit his approach 15 feet above the hole.   He then drained the downhill putt for a natural birdie and Team Ramiro Sifuentes/Matt Mcclernan were declared the champions.   It was a great and friendly match.  Both teams played well.   

Hansen comes from behind to win big

Starting Sunday two strokes behind, Tom Hansen found his swing and his laser focused irons to shoot a 71 on the second day to finish five strokes better than first round leader Perry Jacobson. 3rd Place went to Forest Nelson, 4th place to Steve Hartmann and 5th Place to Steven Houtz.

In the net flight, Doug Paquette won by three strokes with a net 74-71. Stan Hop added to his money-bank with a second place tied with Chuck Bernardy. In a fourth place tie, Jim Sherburne and Roger Hamm were +5.

In the Super-Senior Net event. Doug Paquette won with a -1 to win the flight by three strokes over Dick Koppy.

1st place paid out $125.00 and 200 Cup Points. 2nd place $95.00 and 120 Cup Points. 3rd Place $65.00 and 75 Cup Points. 4th Place $30 and 50 Cup Points. 5th Place paid out $15.00 and 30 Cup Points. Players in ties will see combined and lower winnings.

1st Place Super-Senior paid $55. 2nd Place paid $40.

Hoffman for the three-peat

After the winds had come, the trees had fallen, we were given maybe the two best days of golf. Scoring on Saturday was hard and the pins got tricky on Sunday.

Howard Hoffman scored his third consecutive club championship title and eighth overall by shooting an even par 71-73 over the two days. He held off Alan Johnson 75-70 to win by one stroke. In third place was Eric Swanson at +2. Zach Kamerer finished in fourth place at +10.

In the first flight, Brad Jordan drove the green on hole #9 (started on #10) to make birdie and win the flight by one stroke over Justin Wallace. The top 5 was rounded out with Perry Jacobson (3rd), Tory Stellick (4th) and Mike Gomez (5th).

In the second flight, nearly every player shot better on day 2. Chuck Bernardy started with a two-stroke lead and added to it to win the flight by 4 strokes over Gary Rideout. Tied for 3rd was Steve Slivken and Roger Hamm. 5th Place ties were given to Kevin Monogue and Ramiro Sifuentes.

In the Net, 3rd Flight, John Bolduc lead wire to wire with a two stroke victory over Doug Paquette. 3rd was Stan Hop, 4th Jim Sherburne and 5th Sheldon Silberman.

1st place paid out $125.00 and 200 Cup Points. 2nd place $95.00 and 120 Cup Points. 3rd Place $65.00 and 75 Cup Points. 4th Place $30 and 50 Cup Points. 5th Place (except Champ Flight) paid out $15.00 and 30 Cup Points. Players in ties will see combined and lower winnings.

Race to the Shootout

At the end of the season, the top 12 Wednesday Night League and top 12 Weekend Players are invited to the BMGA Shootout. A nine hole match, followed by group play to eliminate players on each hole until only one remains.

With three weeks to go in WNL let’s look at the top 20.

Player Name (Team): Top 10 Total Shootout Ranking (Top 12 Invited)
Riggs, Kent (9)                 70.51
Couture, Steve (6)                 64.52
Waters, Justin (3)                 70.03
Grove, Don (1)                 62.54
Beitlich, Brian (7)                 66.55
Hendrikson, Nick (11)                 61.55
Mangold, Marty (8)                 61.55
Shellenbaum, Steve (6)                 69.05
Berg, Eric (16)                 65.09
Meyer, Michael (5)                 64.59
Silberman, Sheldon (14)                 68.09
Anderson, Dan (13)                 60.512
Eames, Ward (2)                 64.512
Nestvold, Tom (10)                 66.512
Niska, Dylan (13)                 66.015
Smith, Cory (8)                 66.515
Wallace, Justin (15)                 66.015
Schostag, Richard (9)                 66.518
Gallagher, Kelly (10)                 67.519
Grubb, Dan (7)                 64.520
Hop, Stan (6)                 58.520

In Weekend Play, our Top 20 are:

 Richard Brynteson563
 Curtis Medina435
 John Bolduc430
 Peter Steichen425
 Roger Hamm420
 Larry Hahka408
 Doug Paquette408
 Steve Couture400
 Steve Shellenbaum391
 Stan Hop391
 Jeffrey Olson390
 Kirk Williams347
 Brad Jordan340
 Craig Wethington340
 Jeff Martin340
 Matt Grove338
 Ted Roberts330
 Steve Slivken320
 Chuck Bernardy320
 Steve Hartmann315

2-Man Scramble Results

Another weekend where all the bad weather somehow missed Brookview. We had a few flirting moments but barely had a rain drop.

We had another full tournament, with 52 players. In our Gross Division we had a two-way tie at -5 (67). Congrats to Justin Wallace + Tom Nestvold and Matt Grove + Richard Brynteson for earning $57.50 and 88 BMGA Cup points for each player.

In the Net division we had another tie. At -9 (63), we had Jim Sherburne + Ward Eames and Doug Paquette + Larry Hahka. They will also receive $57.50 and 88 BMGA Cup Points each.

In third place in the Gross Division, we have Doug Paquette + Larry Hahka. They earned $35.00 for their efforts. No BMGA Cup points as they already scored a greater number in the Net Division.

Speaking of the Net, we had a massive pile up at -8 with a three-way tie for 3rd place. Congrats to Justin Wallace + Tom Nestvold, Matt Grove + Richard Brynteson and Stan Hop + Steve Shellenbaum. They will receive $12.00 for their efforts. In addition, Stan and Steve earned 16 BMGA Cup Points for the 3-way tie.

Our next weekend event is the Club Championship on August 15th and 16th.

2-Man Scramble Details

Here are the details for the 2020 2-Man Scramble. Remember, you are going to record a SINGLE GROSS score for each hole. The computer will determine our GROSS / NET winners.

Tee Times

All tee times are off hole #1 and can be found via Golf Genius here:

Score Cards


This is a scramble event. Each player must use at a minimum of SIX (6) drives from each player.


Handicaps will be determined Thursday based on 35% of the low players USGA Index and 15% high players index. Adjustments are made for Gold Tees.

2-Man Best Ball Results

After a dark and scary 6:30 tee time, it turned out to be one of the absolute best weekends of golf one could ask for. In our first ever 2-Man Best Ball tournament, we featured the primary Net Flight with 85% handicaps and a second bonus Gross Flight.

The tournament features payouts for BMGA Cup Points for the top 5 teams in the Net Flight. In the Gross Flight, the top 2 teams are rewarded with chits but no BMGA Cup Points.

As a funny side to me, if we had a Net Skins game this weekend Stan Hops natural birdie would have been cancelled out by Howie’s natural eagle – net birdie on Hole #5. There was no skins but I just love the “Eagle – Net Birdie” moment.

In first place, congrats to John Bolduc + Peter Steichen for earning $90 per person and 100 BMGA Cup Points with their -11 performance.

Second place was a tie between Dan Klein + Stephen Wennblom and Stan Hop + Steve Shellenbaum earning $57.50 each and 75 BMGA Cup Points at -7.

Fourth place goes to our -6 team of Forrest Nelson + Steve Hartmann earning $37.50 each and 40 BMGA Cup Points each.

In a massive tie at 5th place, at -5 were the teams of Steve Slivken + Tom Hansen, Chuck Bernardy + Roger Hamm, Doug Paquette + Larry Hahka. Each earned 20 BMGA Cup Points and $8 they can use to spend on a Hot Dog and Chips.

In our Gross Flight. Howard Hoffman + Nick Schultz go -4 and earn $25.00 each. Forrest Nelson + Steve Hartmann go -2 and earn $15.00 each.

Our next weekend event is July 25th and is our 2-Man Scramble.