Manion wins Club Championship / Nestvold wins Senior Club Championship

After a rain-out for the first round, and a shrunken 18-hole Club Championship, we are adding new names to the trophy.

Nestvold (Left) / Manion (Right)

In the Championship Flight, Michael Manion (-1) held off defending Club Champion Howard Hoffman (+1). The top five was rounded out by Erik Swanson (+2), Tim Lueder (+5) and Kelly Gallagher (+11).

In the Senior Club Championship, Tom Nestvold shot +4 to sneak away with a one-stroke win over Tim Lueder. Perry Jacobson started hot with a 36 but ended at +9 for 3rd place. Hartmann (+13) and Merriman (+15) rounded out the top five.

In the 1st Flight, Justin Wallace played a near perfect round of golf to score 75 (+3). 2nd Place was a tie between Chris Wrecza and our Senior Club Champion Nestvold (+4). 4th Place went to Richard Brynteson (+7). 5th was a tie between Matt Grove and Michael Ryan (+8).

In the 2nd Flight, we had a tie at the top of the leader board at +10 between Brent Lindstrom and Luke Fox. 3rd Place went to Craig Wethington (+12). Rounding out the top 5 was Matt McClernan (+16) and Steve Shellenbaum & Chuck Bernardy (+17)

In the net events, Dylan Airhard won with -1 in the Club Championship. John Bolduc was 2nd at Even Par and John Derig finished +1. Rahul Tamhane and Sheldon Silberman finished +3 in 3rd Place.

In the Senior Net, John Bolduc and Brent Lindstrom finished at even par for a share of 1st place. Steve Shellenbaum and Silberman finished in a tie for 3rd . Dean Penk and Larry Jocelyn finish in a tie for 5th place.

In the Super-Senior Net event, Sheldon Silberman’s +3 was good enough to capture the title. Below are all of the payouts for this weekend.

Sheldon Silberman1st PlaceSSCC Net $                 100.0075
Dean Penk2nd Place (TIE)SSCC Net $                   35.000
Larry Jocelyn2nd Place (TIE)SSCC Net $                   35.000
Tom Nestvold1st PlaceSCC Champ $                 125.00200
Tim Lueder2nd PlaceSCC Champ $                   95.00120
Perry Jacobson3rd PlaceSCC Champ $                   70.0075
John Bolduc1st Place (TIE)SCC Net $                 110.00160
Brent Lindstrom1st Place (TIE)SCC Net $                 110.00160
Steve Shellenbaum3rd Place (TIE)SCC Net $                   35.0037
Sheldon Silberman3rd Place (TIE)SCC Net $                   35.000
Michael Manion1st PlaceCC Champ $                 125.00200
Howard Hoffman2nd PlaceCC Champ $                   95.00120
Erik Swanson3rd PlaceCC Champ $                   70.0075
Tim Lueder4th PlaceCC Champ $                   40.000
Kelly Gallagher5th PlaceCC Champ $                          –  30
Justin Wallace1st PlaceCC 1st $                 125.00200
Chris Wrecza2nd Place (TIE)CC 1st $                   82.5097
Tom Nestvold2nd Place (TIE)CC 1st $                   82.500
Richard Brynteson4th PlaceCC 1st $                   40.0050
Matt Grove5th Place (TIE)CC 1st $                   12.5015
Michael Ryan5th Place (TIE)CC 1st $                   12.5015
Brent Lindstrom1st Place (TIE)CC 2nd $                 110.000
Luke Fox1st Place (TIE)CC 2nd $                 110.00160
Craig Wethington3rd PlaceCC 2nd $                   70.0075
Matt McClernan4th PlaceCC 2nd $                   40.0050
Steve Shellenbaum5th PlaceCC 2nd $                   12.500
Chuck Bernardy5th PlaceCC 2nd $                   12.5015
Dylan Airhart1st PlaceCC Net $                 125.00200
John Bolduc2nd PlaceCC Net $                   95.000
John Derig3rd PlaceCC Net $                   70.0075
Rahul Tamhane4th PlaceCC Net $                   32.5040
Sheldon Silberman5th PlaceCC Net $                   32.500
Mike ManionCTP $                   10.00
Chuck KuglerCTP $                   10.00
Dylan AirhartCTP $                   10.00
Bob BouffordCTP $                   10.00
Tom NestvoldCTP $                   10.00
Erik SwansonCTP $                   10.00
Rahul TamhaneCTP $                   10.00
Ramiro SifuentesCTP $                   10.00

Club Championship Details

Below are the details for the 2022 Club Championship to be held on August 6th and 7th. As additional details become available, this post will be updated.

Tee Sheets:

Round One was rained out!

Round Two:

Make sure to use the drop down and select Round 2 Tee Sheet.

Local Rules & The Course: The course has been marked for Abnormal Course Conditions and Penalty Areas are supposed to be marked today.  A few notes and reminders:

  • We have our local rule for irrigation work through the Club Championship.  If your swing or stance is impacted by irrigation work (grass seems, removed turf, holes, etc.) then you are entitled to free relief under rule 16.
  • Please make sure to be familiar with our local rules that can be found at
  • If during play, you simply are stuck and do not know how to deal with a rules issue, you can play 2 balls from the infraction spot as noted by rule 20.1c3.

Skins: We will be doing a skins game for Saturday and Sunday.  You can sign up here:

Club Championship Flight Assignments

If a player wishes to move UP flights (i.e. 1st flight to Championship) please make sure to email me as soon as possible so we can pair flights together where possible.

Erik SwansonBrad JordanAaron WoytckeCurtis Medina
Howard HoffmanBrian BeitlichBrad SoderlingDean Penk
Kelly GallagherChris WreczaBrent LindstromDoug Paquette (G)
Michael ManionDoug ZuckCharles MorseDylan Airhart
Nick HendriksonJustin WallaceChuck BernardyJeffrey Olson
Tim LuederLarry Hahka (UP FROM 2ND)Craig WethingtonJohn Derig
Matt HawsJeff Towey John Bolduc
Matt GroveJeff MartinKen Hanson
Matthew PayneKevin MonogueLarry Larson
Michael RyanLloyd “Chuck” KuglerLarry Jocelyn (G)
Perry JacobsonLuke FoxRahul Tamhane
Peter SteichenMarty MangoldRichard Courtney (G)
Phil BerndtMatt McClernanSheldon Silberman (G)
Ramiro SifuentesNick WardSteve Couture
Richard BryntesonPaul YaksheSteve Bensen
Ryan FlynnStan Hop
Steve HartmannSteve Shellenbaum
Steve Merriman
Steven Houtz
Tom Nestvold
Tory Stellick

Senior Club Championship Flight Assignments

If a player wishes to move UP flights (i.e. Net to Championship) please make sure to email me as soon as possible so we can pair flights together where possible.

Doug ZuckBrent Lindstrom
Larry Hahka (UP FROM NET)Chuck Bernardy
Perry JacobsonCorey Smith
Steve HartmannCurtis Medina
Steve MerrimanDean Penk
Steven HoutzDoug Paquette (G)
Tim LuederJeffrey Olson
Tom NestvoldJohn Bolduc
Ken Hanson
Larry Larson
Larry Jocelyn (G)
Marty Mangold
Paul Yakshe
Peter Steichen
Richard Courtney (G)
Sheldon Silberman (G)
Stan Hop
Steve Shellenbaum
Steve Couture
Ted Roberts


  • Bob Boufford (G)
  • Dean Penk
  • Doug Paquette (G)
  • Gary Scharmer (G)
  • Larry Larson
  • Larry Jocelyn (G)
  • Paul Yakshe
  • Randy Zejdlik (G)
  • Richard Courtney (G)
  • Sheldon Silberman (G)

2-Person Scramble Results

The good news is that we can all confirm that the horns work when lightning is in the area. After being called off the course two times, we were able to finish the tournament.

In the Gross division. We had a tie at -8 par with Brad Jordan + Howard Hoffman and Dave Supalla + Nick Hendrikson.

In the Net division, the top team was Ben Peterson + Nick Ward at -12 par.

Here is the full payout.

PlayersEventPayout (EACH)Points
1st Ben Peterson + Nick WardNet $                  42.50100
2nd Matthew Payne + Phil BerndtNet $                  32.5075
3rd Steve Couture + Wade WardenNet $                  22.5050
4th Curtis Medina + Larry JocelynNet $                     3.006
4th Dave Supalla + Nick HendriksonNet $                     3.000
4th Marty Mangold + Steve MerrimanNet $                     3.006
4th Jeff Towey + Steve HartmannNet $                     3.006
1st Brad Jordan + Howard HoffmanGross $                  37.5087
1st Dave Supalla + Nick HendriksonGross $                  37.5087
3rd Matthew Payne + Phil BerndtGross $                  17.5037
3rd Erik Swanson + Kelly GallagherGross $                  17.5037
Steve MerrimanLD $                  10.00
Nick WardCTP $                  10.00
Jeff ToweyCTP $                  10.00
Nick WardCTP $                  10.00
Stan HopCTP $                  10.00
Brad SoderlingCTP $                  10.00
Matt PayneLP $                  10.00
Doug PaquetteCTP $                  10.00

2-Person Scramble Details

Here are the details for this weekend’s 2-Person Scramble:

Date: Saturday, July 23rd
Tee Sheet:
Format: In the general area and bunker, “winter rules” will be allowed within 1 club length of the ball in play, not closer to the hole. A ball in a penalty area must be played from within the penalty area unless relief is taken per the applicable USGA rule(s). The player must play from the same cut of grass. For example, if the player is currently in the rough, they CANNOT use the 1 club length to reach the fairway. On the putting green, you must play from the same marked location.
Each player must use a minimum of 6 drives for the round to be valid.
Team Handicaps will be established on Thursday

TeamsTeam HandicapSkins
Brad Jordan + Howard Hoffman (6.1 / 6.9)0Gross
Erik Swanson + Kelly Gallagher (6.1 / 2.7)1Gross
Dave Supalla + Nick Hendrikson (6.3 / 1.5)1Gross
Matt Grove + Richard Brynteson (15.6 / 1.2)4Both
Jeff Towey + Steve Hartmann (16.5 / 5.3) 3Both
Matthew Payne + Phil Berndt (17.2 / 1.2)4Both
Marty Mangold + Steve Merriman (21.1 / 2.7) 5Both
Matt Haws + Peter Crane (21.5 / 8.3)4Both
Ben Peterson + Nick Ward (23.8 / 2.4)6Both
Chuck Bernardy + Ramiro Sifuentes (23.8 / 4.0)5Both
Brad Soderling + Dan (Jr.) Peters (24.4 / 2.0)6Both
Craig Wethington + Jeff Martin (25.0 / 1.8)6Both
Kevin Stoner + Steve Susich (G) (27.2 / 7.6) 5Both
Stan Hop + Steve Shellenbaum (27.9 / 1.1)7Net
Jeff Mirviss + Steve Binenstock (28.9 / 4.9)7
Doug Paquette (G) + Larry Hahka (29.6 / 7.8)6Both
Darin Allen + Steve Bensen (32.9 / 7.3) 7Net
John Bolduc + Ted Roberts (35.6 / 2.0) 9Net
Larry Larson + Sheldon Silberman (G) (35.8 / 4.4)8Net
Steve Couture + Wade Warden (38.8 / 2.8) 10Net
Curtis Medina + Larry Jocelyn (G) (42.8 / 0.8)10Both
Jeffrey Olson + Richard Courtney (44.4 / 4.8) 11Both

Past Winning Scores

  • 2021
    • Gross -8 Hoffman/Jordan
    • Net -11 Wolfe/Wethington
  • 2020
    • Gross -5 Brynteson/Grove
    • Net -9 Sherburne/Eames & Paquette/Hahka

On Course Prizes

  • Hole #3 – Long Drive (Member Tee Only)
  • Hole #4 – Closet to Pin
  • Hole #7 – Closet to Pin in Two
  • Hole #8 – Closet to Pin
  • Hole #12 – Closet to Pin
  • Hole #14 – Closet to Pin in Two
  • Hole #15 – Long Putt
  • Hole #17 – Closet to Pin 

Fourball Results

Sorry, still on vacation, and behind on posting results. Here is the results sheet from Golf Genius:

Full Results:

While you wait…here is the view from my hotel.

Here are the full payouts for this tournament.

PlayersEventPayout (EACH)Points
Larry Larson + Sheldon SilbermanNet $                  42.50100
Peter Steichen + Ted RobertsNet $                  27.5062
Doug Paquette + Larry HahkaNet $                  27.5062
Curtis Medina + Larry JocelynNet $                  12.5025
Erik Swanson + Howard HoffmanGross $                  42.50100
Matt Grove + Michael ManionGross $                  27.5062
Forrest Nelson + Steve HartmannGross $                  27.5062
Larry Larson + Sheldon SilbermanGross $                  12.500
Steve HartmannCTP $                  10.00
Mike ManionCTP $                  10.00
Steve ShellenbaumLP $                  10.00
Phil BerndtCTP $                  10.00
Brian BarlowCTP $                  10.00
Doug PaquetteCTP $                  10.00
Steve harmannCTP $                  10.00
Larry LarsonLP $                  10.00

2022 Fourball Details

Here are all of the fun details for this year’s 2022 Fourball tournament. We will offer an optional Skins game for both Gross and Net for this event.

Date: Saturday, July 9th
Tee Sheet:

Format: This is a Fourball (Best Ball) format. Each player will play their own ball from the teeing area to holed out. There are no gimmies and players must putt out. Keep in mind that it is a Best Ball format. If your partner is in for a Gross 4 / Net 4 and you are putting for an 8 you could pick up in that scenario.

However, it is the players responsibility to keep track of the score. If you pick up your ball, without marking it, and realize you need to putt out. It is a one-stroke penalty, and you must replace the ball at the approximate spot and finish the hole.

There is both a GROSS and NET play in this event. You can in theory win both events. NET will use 85% of the players handicap per USGA Appendix C.

Tees: All players will play from the Member Tees, unless they have previously informed the tournament that they are playing from the gold. You MUST let me know by Thursday at noon if you plan on playing from the gold tees.

Teams: The following teams have been requested or put together. The first number is total handicap. The second number is the differential.

  • Brett Notvedt + Brian Notvedt (27.1 / 1.5)
  • Brian Barlow + Matt Haws (22.5 / 9.3)
  • Chuck Bernardy + Steve Slivken (24.2 / 2.8)
  • Craig Wethington + Peter Crane (26.0 / 2.8)
  • Curtis Medina + Larry Jocelyn (41.8 / 0.2)
  • Doug Paquette + Larry Hahka (29.8 / 8.0)
  • Forrest Nelson + Steve Hartmann (14.7 / 3.5)
  • Corey Smith + Ken Hanson (33.0 / 5.8)
  • Erik Swanson + Howard Hoffman (1.4 / 2.6)
  • Matt McClernan + Richard Schostag (33.9 / 3.7)
  • Larry Larson + Sheldon Silberman (35.7 / 2.7)
  • Matthew Payne + Phil Berndt (16.8 / 1.6)
  • Chris Gaspard + Ramiro Sifuentes (39.4 / 20.2)
  • Stan Hop + Steve Shellenbaum (28.8)
  • Matt Grove + Michael Manion (9.2 / 6.4) (7.8)
  • John Derig + Kevin Stoner (26.4 / 6.8)
  • Jeff Towey + John Bolduc (28.6 / 8.8)
  • Peter Steichen + Ted Roberts (27.8 / 5.8)
  • Dan (Jr.) Peters + Jeffrey Olson (31.0 / 8.6)
  • Steve Bensen + Wade Warden (40.1 / 1.5)
  • Gerald Meier + Randy Zejdlik (44.7 / 11.9)
  • Michael Saless + Richard Courtney (47.7 / 0.7)

Race to BMGA Shootout

In October, the top individual player will be crowned, at the 2022 BMGA Shootout. To be invited to this event you need to finish in the top 12 of WNL Player Points or top 12 of BMGA Weekend Cup Points.

Remember – the WNL MVP and BMGA Cup Champion are also awarded $250.00 prize each year!

Here is the list of the current Top 20 Players Player in WNL. Points are based on your 10 BEST scores during WNL play. There is still plenty of time to move up (or down) the list.

Player (WNL Team)Place
Smith, Corey (8)1st
Martin, Jeff (4)2nd
Jordan, Brad (11)3rd
Slivken, Steve (6)4th
Grove, Matt (1)5th
Binenstock, Steve (10)6th
Repinski, Dave (8)7th
Abramson, Frank (1)8th
Grubb, Dan (7)8th
Milbert, Randy (3)10th
Wallace, Bill (15)10th
Fox, Luke (15)12th
Timpone, Frank (9)12th
Hayes, Greg (8)14th
Larson, Greg (6)14th
Mangold, Marty (8)14th
Riggs, Kent (9)14th
Sustad, Mike (2)14th
Wethington, Craig (4)14th
Nelson, Tyler (10)19th
Anderson, Lucas (11)20th
Berg, Eric (16)20th
Gaspard, Chris (15)20th
Hamm, Roger (13)20th
Host, Jeremy (4)20th
Ryan, Michael (7)20th

The BMGA Cup is awarded to the top weekend player. Points are awards based on participating in tournaments and then placing in the top 4 at those tournaments. There are still 4 weekend tournaments to earn points at (2-Person Scramble on July 23rd / Club Championship Weekend on August 6th & 7th / President + Hall of Fame Cup on August 20th / Calcutta on September 18th).

Here are the current top 20 players. To see the full list.

Larry Hahka2751st
Doug Paquette2751st
Stan Hop2751st
Steve Bensen2751st
Dylan Airhart2625th
Larry Larson2506th
Sheldon Silberman2506th
Jeff Martin2378th
Matt Grove2378th
Richard Brynteson22510th
Brad Jordan21211th
Richard Courtney20012th
Curtis Medina20012th
Steve Couture20012th
Ted Roberts20012th
Steve Shellenbaum20012th
Steve Slivken20012th
Chuck Bernardy20012th
Larry Jocelyn20012th
Darin Allen20012th

Brookview 2022 Irrigation Project

The following post will be updated as we are made aware of changes on the course with regards to the 2022 Irrigation Project.

Background: The inground irrigation at Brookview is nearly 40 years old. The course made the decision to replace the entire system (regulation and par 3) with a new product. Notable changes include: no more sprinkler heads in the fairways or tee boxes, greens will have two sets – one dedicated to the green and one to the rough, and overall better coverage of the course.

The project is starting in April of 2022 and expected to end in late July / early August.

The BMGA has a local rule for Abnormal Course Conditions for WNL as seen below. Irrigation equipment and the damage done as part of the installation of new or removal of old is considered an Abnormal Course Condition and the player is entitled to free relief for Ball, Swing, Stance, or Line of Play.

Abnormal Course Conditions not marked

  • If a ball comes to rest in or on an area that appears to be Abnormal Course Condition (formally known as Ground under Repair), but is not clearly marked as such, relief may be taken provided the player and his competitor agree that the area is warranted for relief. 
  • The ball may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole.  A ball in the fairway may be dropped in the fairway, a ball outside the fairway must stay outside the fairway.  This rule is not applicable to balls inside a penalty area.
  • This rule is intended for areas of the course that are currently under maintenance by grounds crew, drainage, or irrigation work. This local rule is not designed for areas of the course with poor surfaces, poor grass, etc.

August 10 Update – Driving Range will be closed. Putting Green between the Driving Range and #1 Tee will also likely be closed.

July 27 Update – Hole #11 will be shortened and play as a Par 3. Member and Gold tee boxes will be located about 175 yards from the middle of the green.

July 20 Update – Hole #12 will be shortened with the teeing area on the other side of the pond.

July 13 Update – Hole #4 will be closed. Players should proceed to Hole #5 and continue their match.

June 29 Update – Hole #10 will be closed. Players should proceed to Hole #11 to begin their match. The Member Tee Box on Hole #3 will be moved up to where the Gold/Red Tee Box is located.

June 15 Update – Hole #1 will be closed. Players should proceed to Hole #2 to begin their match.

May 18 Update – Crews have finished laying the initial pipe on #1 and #2. Remember that if a sod seam impacts your ball lie, swing or stance you can take free relief for abnormal course conditions.

April 25 Update – Due to construction and maintenance, the Driving Range is closed from April 25th and will reopen on April 29th.

April 22 Update – Starting the week of April 25th, pipes and other construction equipment will be placed on certain holes for the installation of the primary pipe that runs around the course. Ground is scheduled to be broken the first week of May.

2022 Rotation Results

In what started as a cold and rainy, after a quick 20 minute delay, turned out to be a wonderful day of golf. In the rotation we featured a NET and GROSS division.

In the GROSS Event. First Place went to Jake Waletzko + Nick Hendrikson who shot a sweet +2 over all 17 holes. (Yes, 17 holes…#9 was closed and removed from the event. Each player will receive $45 and 100 BMGA Cup Points.

Second place went to the senior standouts of Larry Larson + Sheldon Silberman with a +6 score. They earned $35 and 75 BMGA Cup Points.

Third place was a MASSIVE tie at +7. Those tied were: Craig Wethington + Jeff Martin, Don Grove + Matt Grove, Forrest Nelson + Steve Hartmann, Matthew Payne + Ramiro Sifuentes. For their effort they will get $10 each and 37 BMGA Cup Points.

In the NET Event. First place went back to those senior standouts of Larry Larson + Sheldon Silberman at -4. Second place was a tie with Dylan Airhart + Wade Warden and Jake Waletzko + Nick Hendrikson. Fourth place was also a tie with Brad Jordan + Nate Jordan and Craig Wethington + Jeff Martin.

On course prizes included:

  • #1 – Kevin Hearnen
  • #3 – Don Grove
  • #4 – Matt Payne
  • #5 – Brad Jordan
  • #7 – Alex Harding
  • #8 – Brad Jordan
  • #11 – Larry Hahka
  • #12 – Curtis Medina
  • #13 – Kirk Williams

Here is a summary of all the winnings. For GROSS and NET the low-non-placing team (i.e. outside of Top 4) in each of the three formats (Scramble, Fourball, Alt Shot) earned $5 each.

PlayersEventPayout (EACH)Points
Jake Waletzko + Nick HendriksonGross$45100
Larry Larson + Sheldon SilbermanGross$350
Craig Wethington + Jeff MartinGross$1037
Don Grove + Matt GroveGross$1037
Forrest Nelson + Steve HartmannGross$1037
Matthew Payne + Ramiro SifuentesGross$1037
Larry Larson + Sheldon SilbermanNet$45100
Dylan Airhart + Wade WardenNet$3062
Jake Waletzko + Nick HendriksonNet$300
Brad Jordan + Nate JordanNet$7.5012
Craig Wethington + Jeff MartinNet$7.500
#1 – Kevin HearnenCTP$10
#3 – Don GroveCTP$10
#4 – Matt PayneCTP$10
#5 – Brad JordanCTP$10
#7 – Alex HardingCTP$10
#8 – Brad JordanCTP$10
#11 – Larry HahkaCTP$10
#12 – Curtis MedinaCTP$10
#13 – Kirk WilliamsCTP$10
Matthew Payne + Ramiro SifuentesLOW Net 1 to 6$5
Darin Allen + Jeffrey OlsonLOW Net 7 to 12$5
Don Grove + Matt GroveLOW Net 13 to 18$5
Brad Jordan + Nate JordanLOW Gross 1 to 6$5
Alex Harding + Brian BeitlichLOW Gross 7 to 12$5
Marty Mangold + Steve MerrimanLOW Gross 13 to 18$5

Rotation Details

Here are the details of the 2022 2-Person Rotation:

Tee Times:


Holes #1 — #6   Two-Man Scramble Format

  • Must use each player’s drive at least twice.  
  • “Winter rules” will be allowed within 1 club length of the ball in play, not closer to the hole. Must stay in the same “cut” of grass.

Holes #7 — #12   Fourball Format (a.k.a., Two-Man Best Ball)

  • The team score is the better gross score of the two players.

Holes #13 — #18   Two-Man Alternate Shot Format

  • Player #1’s tee shot is used on the odd numbered holes (#13, #15, & #17)
  • Player #2’s tee shot is used on the even numbered holes (#14, #16, & #18)
  • Each team must identify Player #1 and #2 before the start of hole #13.
  • On each hole players alternate shots, playing the ball as it lies, until the ball is holed-out.
  • Players cannot switch balls during the play of a hole unless the ball is lost or damaged.

On Course Prizes

  • Closet to Pin #4, #8, #12
  • Closet in Two #1, #5, #7, #11
  • Long Drive #3