2-Person Scramble Results

We dodged what was supposed to be rain in the morning and it ended up just being really hot! In our third year of running the 2-Person Scramble tournament, we had 52 players on 26 teams playing in a single NET and GROSS event.

First place players will take home $50 and 100 BMGA Cup Points. Second place is worth $40 each and 75 BMGA Cup Points. Third place is $25 per player and 50 BMGA Cup Points. Fourth place is $15 per player and 40 BMGA Cup Points.

In the Gross Tournament there was some surprise. In first place was Brad Jordan + Howard Hoffman at -8 including an eagle on 15! Second place was Erik Swanson + Kelly Gallagher at -7. In a tie, broken using USGA Card, third place went to Nick Hendrikson + Zach Kamerer at -4. And fourth place to Ben Wolfe + Craig Wethington.

In the Net Tournament, some new names and a lot of similar names. Ben Wolfe + Craig Wethington -4 gross resulted in a tournament setting -11 Net for first place. Brad Jordan + Howard Hoffman takes 2nd place at -8 Net (and Gross). Erik Swanson + Kelly Gallagher and Matthew Payne + Steve Couture were tied at -7. Using cards again, Swanson/Gallaher take 3rd place.

For on course prizes paying out $10 each:

  • #1 – Matt Payne
  • #4 – Dan Grubb
  • #8 – Ramiro Sifuentes
  • #9 – Steve Couture
  • #11 – Ramiro Sifuentes
  • #12 – Kirk Williams
  • #17 – Larry Hahka
  • #18 – Darin Allen (longest putt ever!!!)

Top 12 in BMGA Cup Points after this weekend

  1. Matt Payne
  2. Steve Couture
  3. Steve Shellenbaum
  4. Jeff Olson
  5. Richard Brynteson
  6. Stan Hop
  7. Sheldon Silberman
  8. Brad Jordan & Zach Kamerer
  9. Matt McClernan & Ramiro Sifuentes
  10. (12th) Ted Roberts

In the horse race betting. Larry Jocelyn was the big winner with $300. Those who still need to see me are:

  • Ben Peterson $32 Gross
  • Greg Donahue $25 Gross
  • Howard Hoffman $38 Gross
  • John Bulduc $12 Gross
  • William Guthrie $191 Net
  • Ben Wolfe $40

2-Man Scramble Details & Horse Race Betting

The weather is going to be hot, dry and should lead to a lot of great scores this weekend.

A few notes for this weekends tournament:

Tee Sheet can be found here: 2021 2-Person Scramble Event :: Tee Sheets (golfgenius.com)

Horse Race Betting is ready to go. If you have never done a horse race bet before, you are betting if the team will finish 1st (Win), 2nd (Place) or 3rd (Show).

Place your wager online, head over to https://forms.gle/3B8Vntbg3HrHcsRJ7 and fill out the form. You can also bet in-person all night long after WNL play. This is a cash event. If you have questions email me at dj@brynteson.info.

Tournament Rules

1. Remember, each person must use a minimum of SIX (6) drives for the round to count.

2. Through the green, “winter rules” will be allowed within 1 foot of the ball in play, not closer to the hole. A ball in a hazard, must be played from within the hazard, unless relief is taken per the applicable USGA rule(s).

3. Each team is entered into both the NET and GROSS tournaments at the same time.  You can win both!

HORSE BET RACING IS COMPLETED!!! A few notes about the below results. Odds are rounded to a whole number – the spreadsheet is the authority for payout. Odds are based on win bets. Place and show pay out less of course. Lastly, remember that in the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd the tie breaker will be: A) Chip Off if all players are available – if not – B) USGA Tie Breaker Method.

GROSS: Total Amount Bet = $392.00

  • 3-2 Nick Hendrikson + Zach Kamerer
  • 2-1 Kelly Gallagher + Erik Swanson
  • 4-1 Howard Hoffman + Brad Jordan
  • 21-1 Larry Hahka + Doug Paquette
  • 23-1 Richard Brynteson + Tory Stellick
  • 43-1 Forrest Nelson + Kevin Stoner
  • 111-1 Steve Hartmann + Mark Kraus
  • 223-1 Matt McClernan + Ramiro Sifuentes
  • 223-1 Tom Hansen + Steve Slivken

NET: Total Amount Bet = $1,003.00

  1. 5-1 Ben Peterson + Nick Ward
  2. 8-1 Curtis Medina + Ted Roberts
  3. 10-1 Christopher Gaspard + Christopher Herzig
  4. 10-1 Darin Allen + Richard Courtney
  5. 10-1 Jeff Mirviss + Cory Smith
  6. 14-1 Matt McClernan + Ramiro Sifuentes
  7. 17-1 Sheldon Silberman + Brian Egan
  8. 22-1 AJ Cleland + Kirk Williams
  9. 24-1 Steve Couture + Matthew Payne
  10. 27-1 Richard Brynteson + Tory Stellick
  11. 27-1 John Bolduc + Ben Zurn
  12. 34-1 Forrest Nelson + Kevin Stoner
  13. 34-1 Chuck Bernardy + Roger Hamm
  14. 39-1 Nick Hendrikson + Zach Kamerer
  15. 39-1 Stan Hop + Steve Shellenbaum
  16. 45-1 Tom Hansen + Steve Slivken
  17. 55-1 Larry Hahka + Doug Paquette
  18. 55-1 Steve Hartmann + Mark Kraus
  19. 279-1 Howard Hoffman + Brad Jordan
  20. 279-1 Ben Wolfe + Craig Wethington
  21. 279-1 Steve Bensen + Paul Yakshe
  22. 279-1 Jeffrey Olson + Dean Penk
  23. 279-1 Dan Grubb + Larry Jocelyn
  24. 279-1 Kelly Gallagher + Erik Swanson
  25. 279-1 Richard Koppy + Dan Olson
  26. 279-1 Brent Nordstrom + Randy Zejdlik

Fourball Results

In what was supposed to be a day with lots of rain, Saturday ended up being one of the best Saturday’s of the summer. In our second year of running the Fourball (best-ball) tournament, we had 52 players on 26 teams playing in a single NET and GROSS event.

First place players will take home $50 and 100 BMGA Cup Points. Second place is worth $40 each and 75 BMGA Cup Points. Third place is $25 per player and 50 BMGA Cup Points. Fourth place is $15 per player and 40 BMGA Cup Points.

In the Gross Tournament, Erik Swanson + Kelly Gallagher took first place by shotting a steady -7 (65) – finding 7 birdies and no bogeys on the tournament. In second place was the team of Richard Brynteson + Zach Kamerer with a -2 (70). They found a way to overcome a +2 through 4 holes. Third place went to Forrest Nelson + Steve Hartmann at E (72). Fourth place goes to Kirk Williams + Nick Hendrikson with a +1 (73).

In the Net Tournament, Christopher Gaspard + Christopher Herzig took first place with a -10 (62) including a net Ace on #17. In second place was the team of Stan Hop + Steve Shellenbaum at -8 (64). There was a tie for third place at -7 with Jeffrey Olson + Steve Couture, Erik Swanson + Kelly Gallagher and Dan Peters + Daniel Peters. Each player with receive $20 and 22 BMGA Cup Points.

For on course prizes paying out $10 each:

  • #1 – Kelly Gallagher
  • #4 – Ryan Rogers
  • #8 – Kelly Gallagher
  • #9 – Nick Hendrikson
  • #12 – Steve Shellenbaum
  • #17 – Steve Couture
  • #18 – Matthew Payne

A look at the BMGA Cup Point Standings. Remember, the Top 12 are invited to the Shootout in October to crown the top BMGA Player.

  1. Steve Shellenbaum
  2. Matthew Payne
  3. Steve Couture
  4. Jeff Olson
  5. Richard Brynteson
  6. Stan Hop
  7. Larry Larson, Sheldon Silberman, Carson Walker
  8. (Tied 10th) Ramiro Sifuentes, Matt McClernan

Fourball Details

The 2021 Fourball is scheduled for July 10th. Here are the key details:

Format: Both players will play their own golf balls throughout and the lower net score between them on each hole counts as the team score. This is an 18-hole tournament.

Players must hole out all putts for a score to count. A player may pick up on a hole but the partner must then finish the hole. If both players on a team fail to hole out on a hole, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

Rules: USGA rules shall govern all play. Per USGA recommendation, 85% of handicaps will be used of each player. Max of 11 stroke differential between playing partners.

Payouts: The top 4 in the NET and GROSS flight will earn BMGA Cup Points and chits.

Tee Sheet: https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/7560784684855117615

Skins Sign Up: https://forms.gle/g4UUszifS7F8rtVS6

Rotation Results

You could not dial up a better weather for a morning of golf. The good scores did not result in any super low scores. In 2020, our winning score was -5 under.

In the Gross Flights, the champions will take home 100 BMGA Cup Points and $40.00 per person. Second place receives 75 BMGA Cup Points and $27.50 per player. Third place will take home $17.50 per person and 50 BMGA Cup Points. (Unless there was a tie and it’s noted below.)

In the Championship Flight, there was a tie for first place with an even par (72) with Jake Walezko + Nick Hendrikson and Mark Kraus + Tom Nestvold. Each player will take home $33.75 and 87 BMGA Cup Points. A tie for third place at +1 (73) between Forrest Nelson + Tom Hansen and Richard Brynteson + Zach Kamerer. Each player will receive $8.75 per player and 25 BMGA Cup Points.

In the first flight, there was a tie at +3 (75) between Chris Wrecza + Joe Wrecza and Matt McClernan + Ramiro Sifuentes and the same amounts below ($33.75 and 87 BMGA Cup Points). Third place goes to Carson Walker + Matthew Payne and each earn $17.50 and 50 BMGA Cup Points.

The second flight, your champion was Martin Peyer + Marty Mangold at +9. Second place, went to Steve Couture + Steve Shellenbaum and third place to Larry Larson + Sheldon Silberman.

In our net flight, we only award the top team with $15 each. That goes to Chris Wrecza + Joe Wrecza at -7.

For on course prizes:

  • #1 – Richard Brynteson
  • #3 – Howard Hoffman
  • #4 – Joe Wrecza
  • #7 – Ben Zurn
  • #8 – Gary Scharmer
  • #9 – Gerald Meier
  • #11 – Steve Slivken
  • #12 – Steve Shellenbaum

Let’s take a quick look at the top 12 for BMGA Cup Points. Remember, the top 12 are invited to the Shootout in October for the top BMGA Player of the Year.

  1. Matthew Payne
  2. Carson Walker
  3. Steve Couture
  4. Jeffrey Olson
  5. Steve Shellenbaum
  6. Larry Larson & Sheldon Silberman
  7. Marty Mangold
  8. Martin Peyer
  9. Kevin Monogue
  10. Ramiro Sifuentes & Matt McClernan
  11. Ted Roberts & Jeff Martin

Rotation Details

The long-range forecast says the heat will be gone and the day will be perfect on June 19th. (That means – it’s going to 41 and raining or 107 that day!!!)

Here are the details for the 2021 2-Person Rotation:

Tee Times can be found online via Golf Genius. Please note we are going off the front and the back and I tried to put an entire flight off the back to keep it more equalized. With that constraint, I tried to handle all tee time requests.

Remember, the format is:

  • Holes #1 to #6 – Scramble
  • Holes #7 to #12 – Best Ball
  • Holes #13 to #18 – Alternate Shot

Even if you start on the back nine, this is still your hole setup. Holes 10 to 12 would be best ball, starting on 13 you would start alternate shot. You get it!

A note on alternate shot. One player will tee on off on holes #13, #15, #17. The other will tee off on #14, #16, #18. You must make that decision before teeing off on #13.

A note on scramble. Two drives must be used by each player.

Lastly. Remember this is a GROSS event for chits and BMGA Cup Points. We do have a single – uber large – Net Flight for fun and $8.75 in chits.

On course prizes. Since holes #13 to #18 are alternate shot it’s not fair to have course prizes. We will have them all on holes #1 to #12. The lineup requested I requested is:

  • #1 – Closest to the Pin in two
  • #3 – Long Drive <– Yes, you must hit the smallest fairway on the course to count!
  • #4 – Closest to the Pin
  • #7 – Long Putt
  • #8 – Closest to the Pin
  • #9 – Long Putt
  • #11 – Closest to the Pin in two
  • #12 – Closest to the Pin

Flights. You can find all the details in this document.

What is your Ringer Score?

Do you know what a Ringer Score is? The internet defines it as:

A ringer board or ringer report shows the best score each player has posted during a set time period for each hole on a specific course and set of tees.

Well good news is, we just happen to have a set time period and a specific course we can look at! So how does it work? Let’s say you have played the front-nine three times this year. And your scores on the first hole are a 3, 5 and 6. Your Ringer Score on Hole #1 is then a 3. Your lowest score. Repeat that for each hole and you have your ringer score!

What’s the best Ringer Score of 2021 so far? Excluding the 20 players in Wednesday Night League who have not yet played both sides after week 6. Here is your Top 10:

  1. Howard Hoffman: 66 (34 – 32)
  2. Brad Jordan: 67 (33 – 34)
  3. Zach Kamerer: 68 (35 – 33)
  4. Erik Swanson: 68 (34 – 34)
  5. Jeff Wagner: 69 (35 – 34)
  6. Perry Jacobson: 70 (34 – 36)
  7. Tom Nestvold: 72 (37 – 35)
  8. Dave Supalla: 72 (41 – 31)
  9. Tim Lueder: 73 (39 – 34)
  10. Ramiro Sifuentes: 73 (37-36)

What’s our All-Time Ringer Score? This is based on 16 years worth of Wednesday Night League data. Your Top 10 active BMGA Players:

  1. Howard Hoffman: 49 (23 – 26)
  2. Kelly Gallagher: 50 (23 – 27)
  3. Tim Lueder: 50 (26 – 24)
  4. Tom Nestvold: 50 (24 – 26)
  5. Michael Ryan: 50 (26 – 24)
  6. Perry Jacobson: 51 (25 – 26)
  7. Dave Supalla: 51 (25 – 26)
  8. Chris Wrecza: 52 (26 – 26)
  9. A huge tie at 53…

You can find all of the Ringer Scores below! Don’t worry – you don’t need to post these scores.

Greek Scramble Results

It was hot and windy! No other way to describe the weather. And maybe it was that windy and hot conditions that kept the birdies off the scorecards but for the first time – only one team was able to keep it under par.

First place went to the team of Payne + Monogue + Wolfe + Olson who shot a very well done -1 (143) for the tournament. For their victory they will each earn 100 BMGA Cup Points and $50.

Second place was a tie between Peterson + Silberman + Larson + Bensen and Berndt + Lange + Walker + Lindstrom at +2 (146). The Peterson team was at -4 par until the last few holes. Each person will earn $30 and 62 BMGA Cup Points.

Fourth place was also a tie. Syverson + Yakshe + Husnik + Roberts and Hartmann + Couture + Zejdlik + Martin finished at +5 (149). Each person will earn $12.00 and 30 BMGA Cup Points.

Your Top 5 in BMGA Cup Points after the first three tournaments are:

  • Jeff Olson & Matthew Payne with 250 Points
  • Brent Lindstrom, Steve Benson & Carson Walker with 212 Points

Remember, the top 12 in BMGA Cup Points will be invited to the season ended Shootout. Full BMGA Cup standings can be found here. Tournament results can be found here.

On course prizes paid out $10 per prize. Your winners are:

  • #1 – Steve Benson
  • #4 – Matt Payne
  • #8 – Scott Syverson
  • #9 – Curt Medina
  • #11 – Luke Kannel
  • #12 – Jeff Towey
  • #17 – Corey Smith
  • #18 – Nick Ward

Greek Scramble Details

Below are the tee times for this weekend’s Greek Scramble.

Tee Times2021 Greek Scramble Event :: Tee Sheets (golfgenius.com)

Format: Each player tees-off from the member tees of Hole #1. The Team selects the two “best” drives and divides into two 2-man Sub-teams (Sub-team A and Sub-team B).

The players whose tee-shots are selected as “best” must remain with his ball.

Each 2-man Sub-team completes the hole in scramble format (choosing the best of each pair of shots). This sequence is repeated for each of the 18 holes.

Scoring example (Hole #1): Sub-team A’s score of 3 strokes and Sub-team B’s score of 4 strokes. Total Team score for Hole #1 is 3 + 4 = 7 strokes.

A minimum of six tee-shots from each player must be used during the round.

Short a Player In the event a Team is short a player (only 3 team members), the player whose handicap is closest to the handicap of the missing player will play both his own ball and the ball of the missing player.

Individual Match Play Results

Congrats to everyone who won their opening rounds of match play. Please make sure to start working on scheduling your next match. You can find the full bracket here.

The highlights of the round included:

  • Low Gross score went to Howard Hoffman shooting a solid 70.
  • Most birdies went to Zach Kamerer with 5
  • Only one eagle on the course, Carson Walker, with a 3 (net 1) on hole #3.

Our on-course prizes for the tournament included:

  • Closest to Pin #1: Steve Couture
  • Closest to Pin #4: Richard Courtney
  • Closest to Pin #11: Brad Jordan
  • Closest to Pin #12: Chris Gaspard
  • Closest to Pin #17: Brad Jordan
  • Long Putt: Matt McClernan

Unfortunately course stakes for #8 and #9 were removed from the course before all groups were able to play so we have to invalidate those ones.

In our skins game, we had LOTS of skins.

  • Gross Skins: Zach Kamerer (x2), Howard Hoffman, Brian Sutton and Michael Saless each earned $23.00 per skin.
  • Net Skins: Steve Couture, Gary Ridout, Larry Jocelyn, Michael Saless, Steve Benson, Christoper Gaspard and Zach Kamerer each earned $23.00 per skin.