The battle lines were drawn…

Brookview Golden (BG) vs Valley (BV) in the big Metro Senior head to head matchup. One year ago it was a 12-12 draw at Fountain Valley. This year, new teams, one new captain and the match was at Valleywood.

In the A slot, @Tom-Hansen takes on @Pete-Steichen and is giving 2 strokes. They halve the front side for 1 point each – then Tom manages to win the back and the match. Final : BG 5 – BV 1 Great golf by both with Pete at net 74 and Tom net 75.

In the B match, @Steve-Slivken of BV takes on @Steve-Shellenbaum of BG. Again, they spit the front 9, because of a missed putt by Shellenbaum. Shellenbaum (net 75) then puts the sleeper hold on and takes the back 9 and match. Final BG 5 – BV -1

At this point the Golden boys are feeling great – up 10-2 with 2 matches remaining. BV — “not so fast my friend”.

Match 3 it’s @Jim-Husink (BV) vs @Daniel-Peters (old one) (BG). Again – third match in a row they split the front 9. Husnik (net 76) buries Peters winning the final 9 and the match. Final : BV 5 – BG 1.

In the final match it’s @Randy-Zejdlik (BV) vs @Dan-Olson (BG). Again, the opening 9 is halved. In a battle of attrition (both battle-weary net 82’s) Randy takes the homeward 9 and the match. Final : BV 5 – BG 1.

The end result was another damned tie 12-12. Matches went 5-1 / 5-1 / 1-5 / 1-5.

The 12 points dropped BG further back from first place university. They are now 9 points behind first, but hold on to second by 10 over Braemar.
BV did move up in the standings 2 spots all the way to 4th position! They jumped over With and Daytona. BV is just 6 back of third.

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To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

Metro Seniors Battle at Fountain Valley

In a far-away land the Brookview Valley team took on the host, Fountain Valley and were able to come up with a split versus the home field team. Brookview Golden took on a talented Gross team and was able to come away a winner.

For the golden team, @Steve-Shellenbaum shot a nice net 76 and was able to halve his match for 3 points versus a net 74. It was a close one as one putt on each side made a big difference. @Tom-Hansen shot a 78 (one off medalist) and won the 2nd 9 and the match after dropping the front side and came home with 4 points. @Dan-Olson grabbed all 6 versus a struggling opponent and @Chris-Reuter, on a tight schedule, grabbed 5 points with his net 75. The final was 18-6 for a great win with points for everyone.

The Valley team had mixed results. Two guys were shut out and two swept their opponents. @Steve-Slivken, through his chipping woes, managed a net 74 and won all 6 points @Jim-Husnik also got all 6 points with his net 76. Unfortunately, both @Randy-Zejdlik and @Jim-Sanford were skunked. The final was a 12-12 tie.

The Golden win closed a gap with first place University, where only 5 points separate them. Wirth (20 points) made a move up T2 with Golden.
Valley dropped from T6 to solo 7 with their tie. Coming into the picture, and jumping up 4 spots is Braemar that had a perfect 24 point week, body slamming Columbia that sank from 5th to 9th with a big 0.
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Next week we are off for the 4th. On July 9th we play at Daytona where Valley takes on Greenhaven (8th place) and Golden matches up versus Hiawatha (10th place).

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

Metro Seniors Split at tricky Chomonix

On a hot and windy Friday, Brookview send 8 men into battle. The Golden team took one on the chin, slowing their forward momentum while the Valley team picked up an important win.

The Golden team, riding a 2 week win streak drops a close one to a Columbia team 10-14. @Thomas-Hansen shot a net 74 versus a net 72 and found himself with a goose egg. @Gary-Ridout found his A game again and his net 70 took all 6 points. Both @Dan-Olson and @Ward-Eames took the first 9, but faded in the end and lost the 2nd 9 and the match to only gain 2 points each.

The Valley team battled Como and each player was able to contribute points. @Jim-Sanford shot another net 80, but was able to get one point. @Dean-Penk had a late charge and posted a nice net 75 which got him 5 of 6 points versus a net 77. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman swept his opponent with 6 out of 6 with a neat 74 in a close match. @Richard-Courtney contributed 5 with his net 75.

With the Brookview teams split, the standings have changed. Golden slides from 2nd to 4th, and the Valley team jumps up to 5th. Only 6 points separate the teams at this point. Both are in the top 1/3 of the league.

Next week Hiawatha hosts. Golden takes on 7th place Green Haven and Valley takes on first place University. This match will mark the mid-point of the season.
To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.
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Metro Seniors split at Wirth – Golden teams jumps up.

On a very cold and a very soggy Theo Wirth course the Metro Sr teams battled their way to one huge win and one unfortunate defeat.

The Valley team went up against the team from Gross. @Dean-Penk led the way with 5 of 6 points while shooting a net 80. @Ted-Roberts split is match 3-3 with his net 82. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman was able to split the front 9 and got his only point, losing 1-5. @Richard-Courtney unfortunately was swept by his opponent.
The Valley Team was beat 9-15, but retained their 7th place spot in the league.

The Golden team had better luck. Of the 24 points possible, they dropped only 1, beating Oak Marsh 23-1.
Leading off was the venerable one, @Tom-Hanson shooting a nice 81 and grabbing all 6 points by the 14th hole. Captain @Roger-Hamm won the 9th hole to split the front 9 and then went on to win the back and the match and was only able to get 5 of the 6 points with his net 72. @Steve-Shellenbaum had some challenges with the driver, but was still able to get 6 out of 6. @Ward-Eames posted a nice net 73 and also smoked his opponent 6-0.
The Golden team jumped 3 spots to third in the league and are 11 points behind the co-leaders.

Next week the Golden team hosts. Come on out to meet the Brookview brave on Friday afternoon! To find out more, see Sheldon or Roger.
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Metro Seniors endure a soggy round @ Les Bolstad

On Friday at the University course our fearsome 8 some of the Metro Seniors slogged it out on a wet course made ever wetter by a deluge mid-round.

The Golden team took on Valleywood and had mixed results. @Gary-Ridout did not have his usual stuff and lost 0-6 to a net 74 from a 5 handicap. Net 74 is pretty good in those conditions. Captain @Roger-Hamm managed to grab 5 with his net 77. @Daniel-Peters played a solid net 76 and swept all 6 points. @Chris-Rueter had his first ever Metro Sr Round and unfortunately was swept 0-6, but had his chances. The 11 -13 point loss had little impact on the team standings.

The Valley team fared better versus the Columbia team. @Steve-Slivken managed just 1 point with his net 79. @Marty-Mangold (BNH) shot a nice net 73 and took all 6 points. @Dean-Penk squeezed 2 points from his net 78. Not to be out-done, @Jim-Husnik took all 6 with his net 77. The 15-9 win also had little impact on the season standings.

Next week we play at Wirth. Just 2 points separate the teams now. We are in 6th and 7th places. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!
To learn more about the league, check out the website or speak to one of the captains,  @roger-hamm (Golden Team) or @Sheldon-Silberman (Valley Team.)

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