Metro Seniors win at Greenhaven

Valley Team continued their winning ways with a solid 15-9 win over Fountain Valley. @Ramiro-Sifuentes (net 72) swept all 6 points from the MN Senior stalwart Darrel Retka. @Ted-Roberts also swept his opponent with a net 76. @Marty-Mangold also shot a net 76, but could only get 1 point . @Richard-Courtney had an off day but was still able to grab 2. The 15 points jumped the team from 7th to 5th in the league

The Golden Team, after a tough couple of weeks bounced back versus Hiawatha with a 14-10 victory. Leading the way was Curt Medina who did not have an opponent but had to play versus old man par. He came away with a sweep of 6. @Dan-Olson (net 74) and @Ward-Eames (net 76) both took 4 points. Recently promoted to the A player, @Stan-Hop admitted to playing like an F player and got skunked. Currently the team is in 11th place, but only 13 points out of 8th.

Next week we play at Valleywood where Golden takes on last place Gross and Valley plays 8th place Greenhaven.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Senior Teams Crushed at Fountain Valley

The 8 guys representing the two Brookview Metro Senior Teams Drove to Fountain Valley, paid their $16 green fees and were smashed. It was like 41-0 all over again! The nets from the Brookview teams were 75, 75, 78, 78, 80, 80, 80, and 84.

Valley Team scored a total of 2 out of 24 points versus Hiawatha. Those came as a single point on the back nine by @Jim-Sanford and a rejuvenated @Randy-Zedjlik. Getting blanked were @Peter-Steichen and @Dean-Penk.

The Golden Team did not fare much better, losing 7-17. @Ward-Eames was able to manage 1 point. @Gary-Ridout, @Roger-Hamm and @Gary-Scharmer all won 2 each – all on the back 9 : Hamm won on the 18th hole, Scharmer won the back after losing 8 holes on the front.

With 6 weeks left in the season, Valley is in 8th spot with 90 points and Golden is in 10th with 86. For reference, the top five teams are all over 100 points.

Next week we are off for the fourth. In 2 weeks, we play at Daytona where Golden takes on 3rd place Braemar and Valley plays 2nd place Wirth.
We will see if the teams can get more than 7 combined points with a week of rest.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Brookview Golden hosts Metro Seniors

The Valley team halved their match 12-12 with Valleywood last Friday. Captain  @Sheldon-Silberman and @Larry-Larson both posted nice net 73’s and came away with a great 11 of 12 points in their two matches. This is the 2nd straight net 73 by Sheldon. On the other card, @Ramiro-Sifuentes and @Dean-Penk both shot net 78’s, but could only manage 1 point combined.

The Golden Team coming off a 2 week free fall woke up from their coma and beat first place Wirth 16-8. @Stan-Hop posted a great net 69 and won 5 points – 1 of those points by virtue of a birdie chip on on #17 from near the #8 flowerbed, sending shock & awe through the league. @Daniel-Peters shot a nice net 72 and swept his opponent 6-0. @Gary-Ridout got off to a hot start, then hit the skids on the back 9. He found a way to win the match and got 4 of the 6 points. @Gary-Scharmer shot a net 75 but only could get 1 point.

With the new point totals, Valley is now in 6th place and Golden is tied for 7th. Through 6 weeks, just 2 points separate the teams.
Next week we play at Columbia where Golden takes on T7 Greenhaven and Valley plays 9th place Bunker Hills. The Columbia match will mark the half way point of the league.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Seniors Split at Theo Wirth

NOTE: The league was scheduled to play June 3rd at Brookview – however to a scheduling mishap, had to switch to Wirth at the last minute. Luckily, the tee times were available. We switched the June 3rd and 10th locations and opponents. Now the 10th will be at Brookview, hosted by the Golden team.

The Valley team posted a 14-10 victory over Gross with @Ted-Roberts winning all 6 points in his match with a decent net 76. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman lost the front 9, but bounced back to win the back and the final with a nice net 73. @Steve-Slivken spit his match with 3 points with a steady net 76 playing versus a 0 handicap and @Peter-Steichen shot a nice net 74, but could only manage 1 point. All players contributed to a nice win. Valley has moved up to 6th place in the league and take on last place Valleywood next week.

Golden continued their slide, losing 8-16 to Fountain Valley and dropped further to 9th place, 6 points behind Valley. @Dan-Olson again proved to be the team MVP with a net 71 and a 6 point sweep. @Stan-Hop won the only 2 other points with a net 77. Playing and getting shut out were Chick Evans and @Ward-Eames. Golden hosts next week and plays versus first place Wirth.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Senior teams face off at Bunker Hills

The Brookview Golden and Valley teams of the Metro Seniors league traded blows at a great course on a great day.

In the A player match, Gary Ridout (Golden) took on Jim Sandford (Valley). Neither had great days, and Jim snuck a win on the front 9 on the 9th hole and they halved the back:

Golden 1 – Valley 5

B player Ramiro Sifuentes (Valley), fresh off his 6 point week 1 win was licking his chops to get revenge on Roger Hamm (Golden) after Hamm traded him. Roger also won the front 9 on the 9th hole and ran away with the match on the back:
Golden 7 – Valley 5

Dan Olson (Golden C player) was looking to avenge his WNL loss to Pete Steichen (Valley C player). Dan was 2 up after 2, then Pete bounces back to halve the front side. Dan comes charging back to win the back side and the match:
Golden 12 – Valley 6

The D match was Doug Diedrich (Golden) vs Steve Slivken (Valley). Steve runs away with the first 9, but Doug manages to right the ship enough to split the back:
Golden 13 – Valley 11

After 2 weeks in, Golden is tied for 4th and Valley is in 7th place. The league continue next week at Hiawatha Golden takes on Bunker Hills and Valley tackles Columbia.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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BMGA well represented at MPGA Combination

On Sunday the 12th, the MPGA held it’s 27 hole combination event (Scramble, Best Ball, Alternate Shot) at Emerald Greens in Hastings. This event had 90 teams of two players competing in Championship, Gross (3 flights) and Net Divisions.
Of the 180 players, 9 play out of the BMGA.

Teams of:
– Tom Bischel / Dave Schoeller (6th in Net)
– Ted Roberts / Pete Steichen (T14 in Gross Flight 3)
– Marty Mangold / Todd Peterson (T11 in Gross Flight 3)
– Tory Stellick / Jeff Towey (T7 in Gross Flight 3)
– Matt McClernan / Ramiro Sifuentes (3 in Gross Flight 3)
all represented us well.
For full results see this link:

Metro Seniors finish regular season at Braemar

With a wind whipping around and changing direction and lightning fast greens and a sloggingly slow round of golf, Brookview’s Seniors fought the elements at Braemar to finish the season.

The Valley team played to a 12-12 tie with Bunker Hills. 5 of the points came from @Chuck-Bernardy who played just well enough to win the front (on the 9th hole), tie the back and win the match. @Steve-Slivken started losing the first 4 holes but was able to win the back and narrowly lost the match to get his 2 points. @Richard-Courtney was off his game and could only get 1 point with a back 9 tie with a good par on the 18th. @Randy-Zejdlik was 4 down after 6 holes and mounted an impressive comeback to get 2 points on the back and win the match for a 4 point total.

The Golden team, needing a ton of points to catch first place University, started out with a bang versus Fountain Valley getting 11 of 12 from @Tom-Hansen and @Ramiro-Sifuentes who both shot 76. Tom’s 76 was good enough for 5 points after a half on the front 9. Tom played so well his opponent left. Ramiro’s 76 (net 70) was a 6-love blanking. @Steve-Shellenbaum joined in with his neat 84 (net 74) and won the front and the match for a 4-2 win. Unfortunately @Doug-Paquette did not have his A game and was blanked 0-6.

The top of the league standings look like this after the season final:
1 – University – 241 points
2 – Brookview Golden – 223 points
3 – Braemar – 213 points
4 – Wirth – 208 points
5 – Brookview Valley – 204 points
6 – Green Haven – 203 points

So Golden will play University in the playoff (position week) at Oak Marsh and start out 18 points back. Golden would have to beat a very good team 21-3 to be in a first place tie. Valley will play Green Haven and could end up anywhere between 4th and 6th depending on how they play and the result of the Braemar vs Wirth match.

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To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

Metro Senior teams battle at Como

The Valley team, trying to improve on it’s 4th place ranking squeaked out a win vs Daytona. @Randy-Zedjlik was the star of the day winning all 6 points with his net 72. @Chuck-Bernardy won 5 of 6 in a straight up match that was decided by only 2 strokes. @Ted-Roberts won the front-side but could not hold that momentum, dropping the back and the match. @Marty-Mangold shoots a net 72 but loses 5 of 6 to a net 69. I can hear the ‘bagger’ cries now. All told the team wins the week 14-10.

The Golden team, trying to get back in the W column vs Braemar and close that gap with University is led by the day’s medalist with a 72 (net 66) @Tom-Hansen who smoked his opponent and won all 6. @Ramiro-Sifuentes continues his winning ways with a nice 76 (net 68) and also won 6 of 6. Great start. Alas @Gary-Ridout and @Dan-Olson don’t have their best game and win a combined 0 points. That means a 12-12 tie versus the 3rd place Braemar team.

The Golden team, with the 12 points actually lost ground to University who took 17. University now holds a 14 point lead in the league over Brookview Golden. By splitting with Braemar, their lead over that 3rd spot is unchanged at 10 points.

The Valley team unfortunately dropped a spot to 5th in the league as Wirth jumped over them with 17 points for the week. Valley is just one back of 4th place and 4 back of 3rd place Braemar

Some home cooking next week when Brookview Valley hosts. Valley plays 3rd place Braemar and has a chance to move up into the top 3. Golden plays 4th place Wirth.

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To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.