CIT Fourball has surprising results

In a rain/lightning interrupted and shortened event (15 holes) the full field (52 players across 26 teams) had an interesting go of it.

In the Gross division, Richard Brynteson & Luke Rajkowski held on to a one stroke victory over Howie Hoffman & Brad Jordan. Richard & Luke managed a 1 under front 9 versus the level par from the chasers, and that was the difference maker.
Rounding out the top finishers were 3rd place at +1, Larry Hahka & Doug Paquette and a three-way tie for 4th at +2 with Roger Hamm/Gerry Meier; Stan Hop/Steve Shellenbaum; Pete Steichen/Sheldon Silberman.

The Net division was also a close finish with many of the same names as above. Hahka/Paquette with a 1 stroke win at -9 over Brett Nybo & Dylan Johnson. Nybo/Johnson had a 3 stroke lead at the turn but stumbled on 13 and 14 to slip back.
Third place at -7 was Steichen/Silberman and in a four-way tie for 4th place at -6 were: Conner Paulson/Charlie Morse; Meier/Hamm; Brynteson/Rajkowski; Hop/Shellenbaum

Full results including skins and on course prizes can be seen here:
Or you can see this big-ass report

Too bad we had to shorten it as the final 3 holes could have been a difference maker with the results so tight.

Our weekend events have been very full, so remember to sign up for the next event, the Tupperware 2 person scramble on July 27th.  Registration ends July 19th.

Rotation Results

After a lot of shuffling, we were able to hold the Rotation and had 29 teams compete in both the gross and the net events. It was a slog and a slug fest. Full results are posted here: LINK

In the Net event it was trying to hang on for dear life in those last 6 holes of alternate shot.

  • There was a 3 way tie for fourth place at 7 under par:
    • Nde & Monro stumbled coming home with +5 in the last 6 but finished in the money
    • K Hanson & Rosner had 2 net eagles and a -3 finish
    • Payne & Berndt had a solid last 6 at -2
  • There was a 2 way tie for 2nd place just 1 stroke ahead at -8:
    • Gaspard & Bolduc played 15 -18 at -5 to shoot way up the leader board
    • Beitlich & Grubb were solid all day
  • The Champs at -9 were going to be hard to beat with 2 gross eagles (#2, #9) are Richard Brynteson & Howard Hoffman

In the Gross event it wasn’t even close if you paid attention to the last bullet point above. Howie and Richard were -4 in the scramble, -2 in the best ball (their only stumble a bogey on 8) and -1 in the alternate shot. Their total of -7 was a 6 stroke victory.
In a 3 way tie for second at -1 were: Beitlich/Grubb; Payne/Berndt; Jordan/Swanson

On course prizes – except hole 8 – if you know where it is, please capture it.

On Course Prizes.

Notes: last fall year the board adopted the “Richard Brynteson rule” as brought forth by Richard. That rule states that a player that wins chits in multiple flights/events in a single tournament is only eligible to win the chits & points in 1 of those flights/events. The chits they win is the highest of the ones available.
In this event this happened 3 times:

  • Hoffman / Brynteson: First place in Gross & Net
  • Payne / Berndt: T4 in Net and T2 in Gross
  • Beitlich / Grubb: T2 in both

This complicated the payouts. The prizes that could not be given out was added up and then re-allocated evenly to all those that finished in the money (places 1-4 in both). Therefore, what you see in the link above may not be what was listed before. What is in the link above in now correct using the method described.

Please note that this rule does not apply for the club championship(s) as each championship is considered it’s own stand alone tournament.

Lastly, I hope you noticed the new bench on #16. Larry Larson will be forever remembered by the BMGA and Brookview faithful.

Larry Larson’s bench on 16
“Love you Man” was a standard Larson sign off.

Metro Seniors continue ‘meh’ season.

It promised to be a beautiful Friday morning on the grounds of historic Les Bolstad golf course at the UofM.

The Valley team took to the fairways to take on Fountain Valley. In a day of feast and famine, they had two 0-point and two 6-point outcomes for a 12-12 tie. In an uncharacteristic round, Jeff Towey did not find his game and was swept 0-6. Dean Penk, vying for team MVP, drops a net 69 and wins all the points 6-0. Doug Paquette continued with solid play with a net 70 also won all the points with a 6-0 drubbing. Unfortunately, anchor man Randy Zejdlik was off his game and was shut out, losing 0-6.

The Golden team did not fare well versus 3rd place Gross. Steve Slivken dropped the front 9 and the back 9 went down to the last hole where he almost dropped the birdie on the 409 yard par 4 finishing hole. With his gimmie par he was able to win the back 9 for 2 points. Roger Hamm won the front side 1 up and was 1 down on the back. He also parred 18 with a great up and down from over the green to win that hole and the match and a tie on the back 9 for a 5-1 victory. Stan Hop admitted that he forgot how to putt on the front 9 and lost that 3 down. He improved on the back by 9! strokes but even that was only good enough for a back 9 split and a 1-5 loss. Dan Olson lost the front 9 on the 9th hole and was even on the back through 13 before the pot holes knocked the wheels out of alignment. Dan lost 0-6. The team finished with a 8-16 loss.

Valley gained a spot to 12th place overall with their split and Golden dropped to to 9th.
Current Standings  This week’s results

Next week we play at Greenhaven course where Valley plays 2nd place Wirth and Golden will hope to get better versus dead-last Como.

Lone Ranger Results

Playing on yet another soggy weekend, ten teams took to the task to claim the 2024 Championship of the Lone Ranger. If you haven’t played this event yet, put it on your 25 schedule. It’s fun, frustrating and a great time cheering for your mates.

Brynteson/Hoffman/Jocelyn/Paulsen played early and were leaders in the clubhouse for a long time at -12. The only team that could catch them were Slivken/Steichen/Silberman/ Courtney. Catch them they did, with THREE net birdies on #17 (2 natural). Then #18 happened. They could not manage to get 3 net pars to stay at -12. A single net bogey on a Lone Ranger hole sunk them to 2nd. A great finish indeed.

Full results are here.

Finishing in the money.
On Course Prizes
Net Skins (top) Gross Skins (bottom)

2 Man Match Play underway

On Saturday the Chase to the Crown for the 2 man match play teed off.

For full results see Golf Genius – click on results: LINK
(also available on the right-side menu)
3 matches went into extra holes:

  • Jon Von Eschen & Brent Lindstrom took 20 holes (after tying the match on 18) to beat Stan Hop & Chuck Bernardy.
  • Michael Saless & Luke Rajkowski won the 18th to send it into overtime, only to get beat on the 19th hole by Christian Tietz & Michael Huhn.
  • In similar fashion, Eric Berg & Gerry Meier won the 18th to go into extra holes only to exit after 19 courtesy of the Jordan Cartell.
Match Results
On Course Prizes

Metro Seniors Split at Columbia

Playing on a fast course with lightning greens and difficult pins the metro seniors ground their way around the course to 1 W and 1 L.

Brookview Valley took on a solid Greenhaven squad. Jeff Towey, making his first Sr start tied the front 9, but couldn’t gain momentum on the back 9 and dropped the match 1-5.
Veteren Chuck Bernardy also struggled and managed to get shut out. Ramiro Sifuentes dropped the front 9 and managed a split on the back also losing 1-5.
Randy Zejdlik, anchorman, shot a net 78 and managed a sweep of all 6 points. Total was 8-16 loss.

The Golden team took on the undefeated and first place University team. Jim Stetler, making his debut, halved the front 9, won the back and the match by winning 5 of the last 6 holes and took away a 5-1 lead.
Roger Hamm tied the front side by losing #9 and then tied the back side and the match by losing #18 for a 3-3 tie.
Dan Olson, not his normal self, lost 4 of the first 5 holes. He managed to win the first 3 on teh back 9 and secured a 2nd 9 win, but lost the match for a 2-4 loss.
Larry Jocelyn, playing in his second match (first was a 6-0 win), stepped on the gas and never let up. Larry won 6 holes to his opponent’s 2. He walked off with another 6-0 drubbing. Final tally was a 16-8 win over a solid squad.

Valley is in 12th place overall and Golden is in 7th.
Current Standings  This week’s results

Next week we are off. We return to play at Wirth on May 31 where Valley takes on University and Golden will tackle Valleywood.

Individual Match Play Underway

On a lovely Saturday the 2024 Indy Match play got started. This year, 55 players are vying for the title.

The brackets are all named for members of the BMGA Hall of Fame.
The results of are HERE. Just click ResultsTournament Results.
This link can also be found on the right side of our home page for easy access throughout the year.


  • In the Chuck Ellis Region:
    • Eric Fryc wins 1 up with a birdie on 18 over Todd Olson.
    • Luke Rajkowski drives #18 and 2 putts for a birdie to win 1 up over Richard Brynteson.
  • In the Bob Littlefield Region:
    • Steve Shellenbaum wins #18 to send the match with Paul Yakshe. to extra holes. Both par #10, and Yakshe wins on hole #20 with another par.
  • In the Bill Alexander Region:
    • Richard Courtney wins hole #18 to send the match with Curt Medina to overtime. Curt wasted no time and dispatched Richard on the 19th hole.
On Course Prizes
Net Skins
Gross Skins

Rojo Greek Scramble Results

With the help of our great sponsor, Rojo, we were able to add to the pot to make some nice prizes.

It was, in a word, wet. The early tee times had a rough go of it playing several holes in the rain as the course got wetter. The the wind picked up for a while. Scoring conditions were not ideal. Unless of course, you teed off last.

Full results are available here:

Winning by 2 based on their 2 under par front 9 (the only team sub-par on either 9) was Marty Mangold, Corey Smith, Kirk Williams and Luke Kannel. Congratulations boys.

Final Team Results for the Rojo Greek
On Course Prizes
Team Skins from the Rojo Greek. (These were all paid out to someone on your team)

Thanks to all who played. Single Man is this Saturday. Register for the 2 man!

Rojo Greek Scramble Details

We are excited to host our first weekend tournament on May 4th with our new sponsor, Rojo Kitchen!

Tee Sheet: You can find it HERE


We are doing a $20 team skin. It is BOTH of your team scores together.

Format: All players must tee off. You pick two drives, and you create two two-person teams. Each team scrambles from that spot. All putts must be holed out. All players must use six drives. Each team will record their TWO scores. This process is repeated on the next hole for all eighteen holes.