Are carts included for Wed. Night?

Carts are not included; they can be purchased at the Pro Shop. Discount Rate for BMGA Members

Are the weekend tournaments included with the League costs?

The weekend tournaments are not included. The charge is the greenfee plus a $12 tournament fee.

Are there any traveling opportunities with the BMGA? Or are all the rounds played at Brookview?

The BMGA has two 16-Man Teams that play matches once a month against teams from other courses in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. They play two matches at  Brookview and two matches at opponents’ courses before the playoffs. In 2016, our 16-Man team won the Class C division.

How do I use the GHIN system?

After each round (Nine or eighteen) you should be entering your adjusting score into the handicap tracking system. This system is located at the club. Most clubs will have a computer hooked up to GHIN system, so you can enter your adjusted score right after playing. You should post your score, (after it has been adjusted per you handicap) in a timely manor. This is usually right after playing. Failure to post proper scores will only result in a handicap that is not only not in line with USGA guidelines, but a handicap that is outside your true capability.

What if I am late on Wed?

If you are late, one of your team members with a later tee-time can move up so your team is not penalized. Please see League Guide for more details.

What if it rains?

Brookview Golf Course will determine rainouts. To check on a rainout situation; call the league cancellation line: 763-512-2300, Press#2, then #1. A decision on whether to play or not will be made one hour before the first tee time.

What is included in the costs of the BMGA?

The $75 league entry fee gains access to the BMGA and allows entry into the weekend tournaments throughout the summer. The tournaments require the purchase of a green fee plus $12. Tournaments include the opportunity for prizes and refreshments following the round. The $310 Wed. night league covers the green fees for 16 weeks of 9-hole Wed. evening rounds. This also includes refreshments and food, on occasion, following the round.

What is the format to the Wednesday Nite League?

The format is match play. In each individual match, there are 10 points possible. One point is awarded to the lowest score on each hole, each player gets ½ point if they tie. The 10th point is awarded based on scoring from match.  If you tie the point is halved, otherwise the winner of the match gets the 10th point. All scores are adjusted according to the golfers’ handicaps. A detailed description of the scoring is available in the Wed. Nite League Guide.

What prizes are available?

Each league night will feature $200 in prizes awarded in the form of merchandise gift certificates to be spent in the Brookview Golf Shop.  Additionally, team prizes will be given to the winner of the Group Champion and The League Team Champions.

When do I sign up for the BMGA?

The BMGA sign-up meeting occurs each spring with membership closing around the first of April. All members and prospective members are invited to come to the
BMGA spring meeting at the Brookview Community Center. Or contact the league at registration@bmga.org for more information.

Who are the responsible parties for BMGA, the Wednesday Night League, and the course, and how do I get ahold of them?

New to the site, is the name and phone numbers of the board, these are accessible if you have signed into the site with your password, under the members area. Also available to members is the “League Guide”, also available on this site.

Who do I play with in the Wednesday night league? Do I make my own tee times and pick my playing partners?

The members in the Wed. night league are grouped into teams. The team captains form the teams during a draft. Each week, two team members from opposing teams
make up each foursome.

Why do full-length golf courses have 18 holes, and not 20, or 10 or an even dozen? How many of you golfers know the answer to this one?

During a discussion among the club’s membership board at St. Andrews in 1858, one of the members pointed out that it takes exactly 18 shots to polish off a fifth of Scotch. By limiting himself to only one shot of Scotch per hole, the Scot figured a round of golf was finished when the Scotch ran out.

Why does the weekend event signup window close when it does?

Weekend tournament registration ends at 5pm 2 Fridays before the event. Brookview has to release unused tee times to the public one week before our Saturday tournament date. Brookview advance tee time policy for the general public is 7 days for 4 patron’s.

So, for Brookview to manage their tee time release, they need to do that on the Friday evening 2 weeks before a given Saturday. In order for them to do that, the weekend tournament director must tell Brookview how many tee times they will need for the upcoming tournament by 5pm 2 Friday’s before the tournament.

Why is there a participation limit for BMGA weekend events?

Brookview is a public course and managed by the City of Golden Valley. Our arrangement with the City is for 56 tee times on weekend events (this is an entire half of a weekend crossover).

This provides 56 morning tee times on Saturday for patrons not in our league.

We do get a couple of exceptions to this rule, to be used at our discretion. One of those events is the Club Championship. The other moves around, depending on demand.