Both Metro Senior Teams Salvage Ties at Daytona

Both Brookview teams earned 12-12 ties in their Metro Senior team matches at Daytona.  The Brookview Valley team was led by Steve Shellenbaum’s smooth 89 (with a 17 handicap) to win his match 6-0.  Jim Sanford came from behind to tie his match 3-3.  Sheldon Silberman fought hard in his 4-2 defeat, while Steve Slivken’s marginal game at best earned his team 1 point in his 5-1 defeat. 

The Brookview Golden team was led by Doug Diedrich’s outstanding 89 (with a 21 handicap) to dominate his match in a 6-0 win.  Ted Roberts continued his winning ways with a 4-2 victory.  Chuck Bernardy ran into an old veteran from Hiawatha, played well on the back nine in his 4-2 loss, while Richard Courtney came up short in his 6-0 defeat.

Currently the Valley team is in 8th place in the 16 team field, while the Golden team is in 13th place. 

Complete standings and results can be found at

2-Man Best Ball Results

After a dark and scary 6:30 tee time, it turned out to be one of the absolute best weekends of golf one could ask for. In our first ever 2-Man Best Ball tournament, we featured the primary Net Flight with 85% handicaps and a second bonus Gross Flight.

The tournament features payouts for BMGA Cup Points for the top 5 teams in the Net Flight. In the Gross Flight, the top 2 teams are rewarded with chits but no BMGA Cup Points.

As a funny side to me, if we had a Net Skins game this weekend Stan Hops natural birdie would have been cancelled out by Howie’s natural eagle – net birdie on Hole #5. There was no skins but I just love the “Eagle – Net Birdie” moment.

In first place, congrats to John Bolduc + Peter Steichen for earning $90 per person and 100 BMGA Cup Points with their -11 performance.

Second place was a tie between Dan Klein + Stephen Wennblom and Stan Hop + Steve Shellenbaum earning $57.50 each and 75 BMGA Cup Points at -7.

Fourth place goes to our -6 team of Forrest Nelson + Steve Hartmann earning $37.50 each and 40 BMGA Cup Points each.

In a massive tie at 5th place, at -5 were the teams of Steve Slivken + Tom Hansen, Chuck Bernardy + Roger Hamm, Doug Paquette + Larry Hahka. Each earned 20 BMGA Cup Points and $8 they can use to spend on a Hot Dog and Chips.

In our Gross Flight. Howard Hoffman + Nick Schultz go -4 and earn $25.00 each. Forrest Nelson + Steve Hartmann go -2 and earn $15.00 each.

Our next weekend event is July 25th and is our 2-Man Scramble.

Week 9 Results Sponsored by Park Liquor Outlet in Brooklyn Park (Doug Paquette long time BMGA Member/Former President and Brookview Hall of Famer)

Thanks guys for another great week of golf and PERFECT scorecards. There was 1 card that had incredibly small handwriting that made it quite a challenge, but all and all I blew thru them quickly. Don’t forget Week 1 will be made up on August 26th so if your were scheduled for Week 1 it will be the same times, but on August 26th.

Week 9 Team Winners $10 Each Congratulations ForePlay: Darin Allen, Brian Beitlich, Mark Lange, Paul Rust, Jesse Doughty, Dan Peters, Larry Jocelyn, Mike Ryan

Low Net TIE $5 Each: Nick Ward and Eric Pasi 31… Low Gross $10 Howie Hoffman 33

Front Skins $17 Each: Eric Beitlich 3 on #4, Mark McDonnell 3 on #5 and Doug Lang 2 on #18

Back Skins $25 Each: Jesse Doughty 3 on #11 and Michael Meyer 3 on #13

Brookview Senior 8-Man Team Defeated at Highland

Well, what can I say.  Tuesday Highland National defeated  our Brookview boys at Highland 8-4.  They simply played better than we did.  In Group #1, Hansen / Nestvold (Yes Nestvold ) won their match 2-1.  Due to his company on break, Tom was able to play.  Then last minute sub Slivken / Merriman were defeated by the score of 2 1/2-1/2.  In their match, old Brookview member and former President Bill Alexander played well for Highland ( I think he should be jailed as a traitor).  In Group #3, Jacobson / Kraus were on their way to victory but were snake bit the final two holes and tied their match 1 1/2- 1 1/2.  In the final match Hartmann / Deede took an early lead but fell 3-0 to a couple of sneaky old veterans.

Next regular season match is Tuesday, July 21st.

Week 8 Results Sponsored by The North Golf “golf threads to grow the game”

Another HOT and fantastic week of golf. If your looking for a new shirt or hat check out the Brookview pro shop where you will find a ton of North Golf wear. Well I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but there are really just a few Teams that have won the team event each week. If you don’t know the game its simple, which team scores the most points that week.

Week 8 Team Winners $10 each: Kelly Gallagher, Tom Nestvold, Howie Hoffman, Kyle Spicer, Aaron Riedel, Isaac Philibert, Paul Yakshe, Alex Hanneman

Low Net $10: Brian Notvedt 28 Low Gross $10: Perry Jacobson 36 (There was a 3 way tie so I picked his name out of a hat.)

Front Skins $25 each: Paul Tharp 2 on #8, Bill Guthrie 3 on #5

Back Skins $12.50 each: Justin Waters 3 on #18, Brian Notvedt 3 on #11, Brian Notvedt 2 on #12, Doug Butler 2 on #14

2-Man Best Ball Details

Tee Sheets

The tournament is full and we are going off the back and the front for the tournament.  Please make sure to check the tee sheet to ensure you are going off the correct is side.

Tee Sheet Via Golf Genius

Tournament Format

The tournament is a net fourball event.  Each player will play their own ball throughout, using USGA rules, and record their gross score.  Per USGA rules, players will be allocated 85% of their handicap for a fourball event.  Details on USGA Handicap Allotments can be found here:

Per USGA Rules, players with a positive handicap will have their gross scores adjusted with an additional stroke where their handicaps mandates the addition.

Gold Tees

If you want to play the gold tees please let me know so we can score it correctly.  Per USGA rules, since the Member tees is par 72 and Gold tees are par 71, all players playing from Gold tees will have their handicap reduced by 1.


The Net event will be paid out for the top 5 spots (including ties).  Those individuals will also receive BMGA Cup Points.  We will also pay out the top 2 in Gross Flight instead of on-course challenges.  The gross flight will NOT receive BMGA Cup Points.

Rotation Results

What an amazing day for golf. The heat was turned up high, the wind was super calm and it made for some great scoring on the course. This year we tried something a little different and added a net division. This worked by calculating the team handicap into thirds. Scramble (35% low handicap + 15% high handicap), Fourball (85% of players handicap) and Alternate Shot (add both players – 50%).

In the Gross Flights, the champions will take home 100 BMGA Cup Points and $47.50 per person. Second place receives 75 BMGA Cup Points and $30 per player. (Unless there was a tie and it’s noted below.)

In the first flight, there was no surprise. The tournament director before the event started had already turned in their chit money. Brad Jordan + Howard Hoffman shot a solid -5 par, with two bogies in alt-shot but otherwise a clean card. Second place went to Richard Brynteson + Steve Hartmann at -2. The top two teams were tied at -5 through the fourball but couldn’t keep the pace down the stretch.

In the second flight Brian Beitlich + Dan Grubb ran away from the field with a -1. Gerald Meier + Steve Hallfin took second place at +3.

In the third flight, family duo of Nicklaus Grandstrand + Steve Grandstrand finished at +2. BMGA veterans Marty Mangold + Peter Steichen finished at +5.

In the fourth flight, Jeffrey Olson + Steve Couture took the top honors at +12. Tied for second place was Curtis Medina + John Bolduc and Kirk Williams + Ted Roberts. They will receive 35 BMGA Cup Points and $15 each for the second place tie.

Lastly, in the Net Flight, the family duo strikes again with a -8 (Nicklaus Grandstrand + Steve Grandstrand) and top honors. This earns them $25 each. In a three way tie for second place at -7 included: Brian Beitlich + Dan Grubb, Gerald Meier + Steve Hallfin and Kyle Egan + Nick Ward. They get to split the second place prize pool six ways, earning themselves $5 each. Just enough for a bucket of balls.

Metro Senior Teams go head to head in epic match.

At the Fountain Valley course in the Metro Seniors league, the heavily favored Brookview Valley team took on the Brookview Golden team. Each match is worth 6 points.

In the A match, @Chuck-Bernady for the Gold Team lost to @Tom-Hansen of the Valley team 2-4.

The B match was Valley team captain @Steve-Slivken taking on Gold Team stalwart @Doug-Maday. Maday blanks Slivken 6-0 with his net 75.

The C match featured first-timer @Matt-McClernan for the gold team vs Valley team veteran @Gary-Ridout. Ridout shoots net 73 and takes 5 of the 6 points.

The final match was @Ted-Roberts of the Golden team and @Dan-Peters of the valley. They split the match 3-3

The end result was a 12-12 draw.
The next match is July 10th at Daytona. For more information, contact Roger Hamm or Steve Slivken and check out

Week 7 Results Sponsored by Brent Nordstrom Lakes Area Realty

Hey guys if your looking to sell give Brent Nordstrom a call, He’s the local realtor in the west metro who knows his stuff just like his golf game. Thanks for such a great job on the cards once again. I really appreciate those first and last names. Are you guys posting your scores? Make sure you do because next week starts the 2nd half and if you don’t have a handicap your now Scratch. Good Luck!

Week 7 Team Winners Hack Attack $10 Each: Kevin Monogue, Zach Kamerer, Eric Pasi, Dave Supalla, Matt Doherty, Brent Nordstrom, Ryan Pula, Brian Notvedt

Low Net $10: Kevin Monogue (31) Low Gross $10: Alan Johnson (34)

Front Skins $17 Each: Jeremy Hagen 3 on #5, Kevin Monogue 3 on #1, Howie Hoffman 3 on #2

Back Skin $50 Dan Roberts 2 on #17

Brookview Teams Split at Metro Seniors

The two Brookview teams competing in the Metro Seniors League split their matches Friday at Hiawatha. Led by Randy Zejdlik’s 6 points, the Valley team amassed 17 points out of a possible 24. In addition members Steve Slivken, Gary Ridout, and Steve Shellenbaum all coolected points to contribute to the victory.

Brookview’s Golden team continued it’s struggles, collecting 9 out of the 24 possible points. The team played really well, which included the following net scores: Steve Merriman 72, Pete Steichen 68, Chuck Bernardy 77, and Richard Courtney 66. They just played against some really hot players.

This week the two teams go head to head at Fountain Valley. Rumors of a massive wager between the captains are floating around.

Results and current team standings can be found at