BMGA Club & Senior Champions

The BMGA holds its annual Club Championship in August each year since 1969. Over that time, the BMGA introduced a Senior Club Champion starting in 1980. This two-day event is the crowning jewel of the BMGA and here we recognize those who have achieved this greatness.

Championship Highlights

  • Most Championships:
    • Club: Howard Hoffman (9 Championships)
    • Senior: Jim Sanford (10 Championships)
  • Players to win Both Club & Senior
    • David Myers (CC 1983, 1984, SCC 1988, 1989, 1991)
    • Bill Cook (CC 1969, SCC 1992, 1995, 1997)
    • Jack Culver (CC 1970, SCC 1981)

All Champions

YearClub ChampionSenior Champion
2022Michael ManionTom Nestvold
2021Howard HoffmanSteve Hartmann
2020Howard HoffmanTom Hansen
2019Howard HoffmanPerry Jacobson
2018Howard HoffmanScott Hartmann
2017Nick HendriksonPerry Jacobson
2016Nick HendriksonScott Hartmann
2015David SupallaScott Hartmann
2014Howard HoffmanJim Sanford
2013Howard HoffmanScott Hartmann
2012Howard HoffmanScott Hartmann
2011Howard HoffmanScott Hartmann
2010Howard HoffmanPaul Gerber
2009Jav CavanaghJim Sanford
2008Derek PyleJim Sanford
2007Erik SwansonJim Sanford
2006Erik SwansonJim Sanford
2005Mark BotJim Sanford
2004Todd SwilerBob Berg
2003Steve MerrimanJim Sanford
2002Todd SwilerJim Sanford
2001Bill AlexanderJim Sanford
2000Mark BotJim Sanford
1999Tim LuederJim Price
1998Jim TroutfetterVince Kennedy
1997Jim TroutfetterBill Cook
1996John ElvecrogBob Littlefield
1995Jim TroutfetterBill Cook
1994Kevin AasgaardVince Kennedy
1993Morgan FieldsJim Price
1992Don GustafsonBill Cook
1991Tom SmithDavid Myers
1990Course Was ClosedCourse Was Closed
1989Andrew SherwinDavid Myers
1988Phil ReichelDavid Myers
1987Phil ReichelVince Kennedy
1986Phil ReichelVince Kennedy
1985Dave ReichelGeorge Murad
1984Dave MyersRalpha Biorn
1983Dave MyersLen Lewicki
1982Rolf EngwallFred Sicora
1981David ReichelJack Culver
1980Rolf EngwallHal Younghans
1979David Reichel
1978David Reichel
1977Rolf Engwall
1976David Reichel
1975Dick Massuch
1974Dave Duschane
1973Bob Bohn
1972Bob Bohn
1971Lee Sanderson
1970Jack Culver
1969Bill Cook