BMGA Hall of Fame

The following individuals have been inducted into the BMGA Hall of Fame.

  • Al Rosby
  • Bill Alexander
  • Bob Littlefield
  • Brad Kadue
  • Chuck Ellis
  • Curtis Medina
  • Don Gustafson
  • Don Scheunemann
  • Doug Paquette
  • Howard Hoffman (2021)
  • Jim Sanford
  • Josh Mueller
  • Marty Mangold (2021)
  • Mike Essma
  • Nick Schultz
  • Phil Iskierka
  • Richard Brynteson
  • Roger Hamm

Nominations are open to October 8th

Eligible Members List – This list are those members with at least 10 years of service including 2020.  This also indicates if a member is already in the HOF or has served at least one (1) full term on the board.  If we have missed anyone’s service time on the board, please let the committee know.

In an effort to recognize and forever commemorate those members among us who have gone well above and beyond the level of involvement and commitment exhibited by rank and file members, the BMGA has created a BMGA Hall of Fame (“HOF”).  In order to effectively and fairly administer this recognition, the BMGA Board will appoint a Hall Of Fame Committee (“Committee”).  The Committee will consist of 2 current board members, 1 former board member, and 2 additional members. The committee can seek advice from the current board, past Hall of Fame members and other sources.

Beginning with the 2010 season, the BMGA will consider naming up to 2 members to the HOF each season.  The process for recognition will be nomination, consideration, BMGA Board Vote and finally recognition.


Members may be nominated by any current member in good standing.  Nominations must be made in writing and given to a current Committee member, and cannot be made anonymously.  Beyond that, there is no formal requirement for the structure of a nomination.  However, it is advised that the nominating member make a strong case for the nominee by highlighting that person’s contributions to the BMGA.

There are minimum requirements for consideration for the HOF.  Nominating members should do their best to ensure that their nominee meet these requirements, though it will ultimately be the Committee that verifies the qualifications. Nominations must be received by September 1st for consideration for that year.


All nominees will be considered for induction into the HOF.  The consideration process starts with verification that the nominee meets the following minimum requirements:

1)     Minimum 10 years of BMGA membership.  The years do not have to be consecutive.  Exceptions to this requirement may be made only if the shortened tenure is due to death or health reasons.

2)   Must have served at least one full three-year term on the Board.

Assuming a nominee meets the above 2 minimum requirements, that nominee will be considered further.  The Committee will discuss the merits of the candidates at one or more meetings.

While there are no additional specific requirements, there is a general requirement that inductees must have gone ABOVE AND BEYOND THE EXPECTATIONS AND CONTRIBUTIONS OF AVERAGE MEMBERS, and that they must have made a NOTICEABLE IMPROVEMENT TO THE STATUS OF THE BMGA.  Examples of contributions that may be looked upon favorably would include: Served as WNL Captain, Served as Travelling Team Captain, Served multiple terms on the Board, successfully recruited many new members, high participation in events, sponsorship of BMGA events and activities, etc.


Upon the conclusion of consideration of all nominees, the Committee will decide upon 0 to 2 nominees to recommend for induction.  The Committee will then be invited to a Board Meeting at which time the chair will announce to the Board it’s recommendations, including the reasons why the nominees are recommended.  The Board will then take a yes or no vote on each recommended nominee individually.  To be inducted, a nominee must get unanimous approval from all Board members in attendance. This consideration process must be complete by the last Board meeting prior to the fall banquet.


Inductees (if any) will be announced by the committee chair at the fall banquet and will be invited to speak briefly if they so choose.  Their names will be engraved on a plaque (engraving to be handled by the Committee) which will be displayed prominently at the Brookview Clubhouse.