Last night in League Play!

Thanks guys for another great season. This was definitely a Covid year so why wouldn’t Bald Man Brewery take the top spot this year for 2020… They scored a whooping 688 points to win their Conference and get a first round Bye. I like big putts won their division and will be the #2 spot in the playoffs facing off agains the wild card team Fairway to Heaven.

Hack Attack was solid all year long and posted 671.5 points to lock up their conference and secure the Bye as the #1 seed. Who’s your caddy wins their division and will be the #2 seed facing off against the wild card Putt for Dough.

The MVP of the league this year was Kent Riggs who plays at 9th Green on 9. He scored 84.5 points for the season, highlighted by week 9 against Fairway to Heaven he scored 8.5 points in his match. If you haven’t met him this year he’s a class act and if Richard cuts him this year he most certainly will be playing for Team 1 Jesse’s Barbershop/CTB. Congratulations on the $250 chit to the pro shop.

Week 15 Team Winners: $10 Each Bald Man Brewery, Justin Wallace, Doug Lang, Jim Stetler, Ted Scheunemann, Jeff Gillis, Luke Fox, Michael White, Doug Zuck.

Low Net $5 each: Colby Grupa and Steve Bensen 32

Low Gross $5 each: Dave Supalla and Mike Manion 34

Front Skins $25 each: Stephen Wennblom 2 on #4, Chris Reuter 4 on #1

Back Skins $17 each: Sheldon Silberman 3 on #11, Ted Scheunemann 2 on #17, Aaron Riedel 3 on #13

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