Bald Man Brewery Triumphs in the Closest Match in Championship History!

Well it was a night to remember for both teams. The matches were up and down, but in the end every 1/2 point counted. It seems like we forget on how slow this match is compared to the regular season. 6pm after 2 hours of play some of the groups only had 7 holes completed. We had to stop play for lighting at 6:00pm which had to be another first for the Championship. 6:30 we got them back on the course and honestly I still think the fading sun didn’t speed them up. I was lucky enough to watch Luke Fox chip in on 8 from 30 yards out for his par to tie the hole. Crazy that one shot could decide the fate of a whole season. Once we realized the tie was inevitable we went to the 3 captains choice tie breakers that were announced to me only before the match. Bald Man won 16.5 to 15.5… It doesn’t get any closer and hats off to Who’s your Caddy for another spectacular season.

Thanks guys for another great year and thank goodness we had golf league to look forward to this Summer in our very first World Pandemic. Well most of us, Emmy Yates might have been thru a couple more. No banquet this year so the last event will be the shootout that is an invitation only, but you can come and watch.

One last thing if your interested in joining the board or perhaps you would like to Captain your own team into history contact Howie Hoffman, myself or any of the board members.

Championship is Set!

Bald Man Brewery vs Who’s your Caddy

Who’s your Caddy took Hack Attack to the wood shed on Wednesday. 7 out of their 8 golfers one their match. On the other side of the Bracket I like Big Putts lost to Bald Man Brewery by 1 point to give Bald Man a ticket to the Championship show. This Wednesday at 4:00pm matches will start, its usually a slow round of golf so expect them to come in right around 6pm and the trophy presentations 6:30pm. Thanks Guys for a great year!

Last night in League Play!

Thanks guys for another great season. This was definitely a Covid year so why wouldn’t Bald Man Brewery take the top spot this year for 2020… They scored a whooping 688 points to win their Conference and get a first round Bye. I like big putts won their division and will be the #2 spot in the playoffs facing off agains the wild card team Fairway to Heaven.

Hack Attack was solid all year long and posted 671.5 points to lock up their conference and secure the Bye as the #1 seed. Who’s your caddy wins their division and will be the #2 seed facing off against the wild card Putt for Dough.

The MVP of the league this year was Kent Riggs who plays at 9th Green on 9. He scored 84.5 points for the season, highlighted by week 9 against Fairway to Heaven he scored 8.5 points in his match. If you haven’t met him this year he’s a class act and if Richard cuts him this year he most certainly will be playing for Team 1 Jesse’s Barbershop/CTB. Congratulations on the $250 chit to the pro shop.

Week 15 Team Winners: $10 Each Bald Man Brewery, Justin Wallace, Doug Lang, Jim Stetler, Ted Scheunemann, Jeff Gillis, Luke Fox, Michael White, Doug Zuck.

Low Net $5 each: Colby Grupa and Steve Bensen 32

Low Gross $5 each: Dave Supalla and Mike Manion 34

Front Skins $25 each: Stephen Wennblom 2 on #4, Chris Reuter 4 on #1

Back Skins $17 each: Sheldon Silberman 3 on #11, Ted Scheunemann 2 on #17, Aaron Riedel 3 on #13

Make up Week 1 Results

OK it went better than I thought. The front side played faster so good job to all those guys. Please play ready golf this week. We lost even more sunlight so this will be a huge challenge if we can get it done. We are making up August 12th this week and we are moving up the tee times to 10 minutes earlier.

We have some tight races going so Please don’t have any forfeits this week.

Week 1 Team Winners $10 Each “Pin Seekers” aka BROOKY STRONG: Dan Klein, Steve Benson, Mike Gomez, Jeff Martin, Craig Wethington, Jeremy Host, Ben Peterson, and Paul Carlson.

Low Net $5 Each: Matt Payne and Kevin Monogue (31)

Low Gross $5 Each: Alan Johnson and Jeff Wagner (36)

Front Skins $12.50 Each: Mr. Double Eagle Matt Doherty 3 on #7, Steve Binenstock 2 on #4, Paul Carlson 3 on #1, Nick Hendrickson 4 on #3.

Back Skins $10 Each: Howie Hoffman 3 on #15, Ted Roberts 2 on #12, Kevin Monogue 3 on #10, Alan Johnson 3 on #16, Dan Anderson 2 on #17

Week 16 Results

Make up Week 1 (May 6th tee times) next week. PLEASE remember to play Ready Golf. We need to get everyone in so for the early tee times do not play slow… Keep up with the group in front of you. Seriously

Week 16 Team Winners $10 each: Bald Man Brewing (53 points) Doug Lang, Ted Scheuneman, Tom Scheuneman, Dan Jacobs, Jeff Gillis, Bill Wallace, Justin Wallace, Luke Fox

Low Net $3.33 Each- Dave Repinski, Doug Lang, Bill Wallace (30)

Low Gross $10- Howie Hoffman (35)

Skins Front $17 Each – Jay Steffenhagen 2 on #8, Richard Courtney 4 on #9, Nick Schultz 3 on #2

Skins Back $17 Each – Frank Abramson 4 on #18, Ryan Rodgers 5 on #15, Sheldon Silberman 3 on #14.

August 12th Rainout Make up day will be Sept 2nd, Week 1 Make up day is August 26th

Due to a rainout we decided to push this past Wednesday (August 12th) will be played on Sept 2nd instead. This will be our last Wednesday to make up any weeks because of the lack of daylight. Please play ready golf..

We will be making up week 1 on August 26th. If you were not scheduled, this would be a good day to try and sub in for a free round. If you were scheduled to play either one of these weeks you will have the same tee time as scheduled.

Playoffs are still set for September 16th, 23rd, and 30th. See you on the course.

Week 13 Results

Hey guys this will be short and sweet. I’ll have the MVP spreadsheet up sometime before this Wednesday. We have 3 weeks left in the regular season.

Week 13 Team Winners $10 Each: Last Call, Dave Bialke, Noel Jacobson, Perry Jacobson, Dan Olson, Jay Steffenhagen, Gary Scharmer, Bob Boufford, Andrew Geuber

Low Net $3.33 Each: Kyle Spicer, Justin Waters, Greg Mauser (32)

Low Gross $10: Kelly Gallagher Net (34)

Skins Front $17 Each: Dave Repinski 3 on #1, Matt Payne 3 on #2, Kevin Ahtou 3 on #4

Skins Back $12.50 Each: Brian Egan 2 on #12, Rahul Tamhane 3 on #11, Mike White 4 on #10, Gerald Meier 3 on #14

Week 13 Standings (Give it a look if you see something wrong shoot me an email)

Week 12 Results Sponsored by Jesse’s Barbershop! (Making the World better looking 1 haircut at a time.)

Please don’t forget about Week 1. We will be making up that week on August 26th and that will be our Grand finale Wednesday. What does that mean? No idea yet….. If you were scheduled to play week 1 that will be your tee time for August 26th. The race to the finish is getting really tight in 3 out of the 4 Divisions…

BCC North: Fairway to Heaven has a tiny lead over I like big putts and mid round crisis. This division will definitely go to the last week. Most likely the Wild Card team will come from this division.

BCC South: Bald Man is walking away with it although Foreplay might have a Christmas miracle left in their bag. CTB and The Loopers are finished, but who knows maybe we can have a side bet…

GVC East: Whose your Caddy has a slight lead over 9th green at 9… Range Balls could push thru if they can have a string of strong Wins.

GVC West: Hack Attack has a narrow 6.5 point lead over Putt for Dough. The wild card team is up in the air in this Conference.

Week 12 Team Winners: Fairway to Heaven $10 Each: Jeff Wagner, Ward Eames, Jim Husnik, Steve Binenstock, Dan Roberts, Paul Bryan, Rahul Tamhane, Curtis Medina

Low Net $3.33 Each: Roger Hamm, Kevin Monogue, Brad Jordan (32)

Low Gross $3.33 Each: Tim Lueder, Erik Swanson, Nick Schultz (35)

Skins Front $12.50 Each: Don Grove 2 on #4, Mike White 4 on #7, Isaac Philibert 3 on #1, Brad Jordan 3 on #2

Skins Back $17 Each: Phil Steinweg 3 on #14, Jeff Towey 3 on #18, Steve Couture 3 on #11.

Week 12 Standings…

Week 11 Results

It felt like Fall Last Wednesday night? There wasn’t a lot of movement in the standings besides Hack Attack reclaiming the lead in their division over Putt four Dough. Foreplay had a dominating performance scoring 49 points, but were a half point off from claiming the top winning team.

Week 11 Team Winners Who’s Your Caddy $10 Each: Stan Hop, Steve Shellenbaum, Brent Lindstrom, Greg Larson, Chuck Bernardy, Doug Paquette, Steve Couture, Michael Manion

Low Net $10 Ward Eames 31

Low Gross $10 Dave Supalla 34

Skins Front $25 Each: Bill Wallace 3 on #7, Bill Guthrie 4 on #1

Skins Back $10 Each: Ward Eames 4 on #15, Mick Krause 4 on #13, Tom Scheuneman 5 on #16, Dan Kjorsvik 3 on #14, Brent Lindstrom 3 on #11

Week 10 Results Sponsored by Marty Mangold Caldwell Banker Burnett

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Standings are getting tight with only a few more weeks left. Whose your Caddy takes the lead in the GVC East conference scoring 50 points over Fairway to Heaven. Putt for Dough takes the lead in the GVC West after CTB pulls off a stunner over Hack Attack. CTB had some miracle putts including Joel Longo’s putt on #9 30 foot bender for Birdie and the win.

On the other side of the standings Bald Man Brewery and I Like big putts both lost but still have a commanding lead in their divisions.

Week 9 Team Winners $10 Each: “Whose Your Caddy” Kevin Stoner, Steve Wennblom, Stan Hop, Steve Couture, Brent Lindstrom, Steve Shellenbaum, Steve Slivken, Doug Paquette

Low Net $5 Each: Brad Jordan and Matt McClernan (32)

Low Gross $5 Each: Alan Johnson and Howie Hoffman (34)

Front Skin $50: Kevin Ahtou 3 on #8

Back Skins $12.50 Each: Craig Wethington 4 on #16, Darin Allen 3 on #11, Bill Wallace 2 on #12, Matt McClarren 4 on #15