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Hey guys, well this weeks scorecards were definitely not anything to brag about. Please remember first and last names, if you don’t know your team number any chance you can figure it out by week 3. Also there about 7 guys who have yet even purchased their patron card let alone their GHIN. This league is handicapped so that puzzles me a little.

One Scorecard per foursome Please!!! We have a limited amount of cards this season. Sorry if you have to use your phone or maybe get a scorecard from under the door of the clubhouse. Leave my scorecards to the 1 person scoring the 4 some. Please call anyone out if you see them grabbing a card just for themselves.

Games…. The team with the most points Mid-Round Crisis… $10 dollars per guy.. Brad Jordan, Nick Schultz, Greg Donahue, Nick Hendrickson, Neal Reykdal, Erik Swanson, Nick Ward, Ramiro Sifuentes…

Low Net $10 Bill Wallace 32

Low Gross $10 Alan Johnson 34

Net Skins Front: $12.50 Stephen Wernblom with a Real Eagle on #2. Nice! Don Grove #1 3, Luke Kannel #3 4, Ross Johnson #6 3

Net Skins Back: $12.50 Brent Nordstrom #10 3, Michael White #18 4, Dave Bialke #17 2, Zach Kamerer #15 3

Week 1 Results (Sponsored by Bald Man Brewery)

Hey guys well for our first ever socially distancing round of Wednesday night league, that went really smooth. Thanks! Hopefully later this Summer we can actually hang out and have a beer.

The cards were perfect! Thanks for filling out last names as well and of course the much needed team numbers. For those of you have yet to download the USGA Ghin app your doing yourself a disservice. It’s quite handy and it will tell you what your handicap is for 9 holes Member tees in a flash. If there were any errors it was people not knowing their handicap.

Weekly Winners this week!

Low Net $5 Each Jesse Doughty & Jeremy Host (32)

Low Gross $10 Nick Schultz (34)

Team Most Points $10 (Team members who played) Putt for Dough

Roger Hamm, Tory Stellick, Dan Anderson, John Bolduc, Tom Bischel, Dan Kjorsvik, (Niska, and Schoeller… ) These 2 didn’t have a first name. There first names must be really long?

Skins Gross

Front $25 each: Dan Grubb 3 on #5 , Nick Schultz 3 on #7

Back $16.50 each: Alan Johnson 3 on #18 , Brad Jordan 4 on #16 , Patrick Burrage 2 on #12

Draft Night was a Success!

Hey Guys just a quick update on the draft last night. Your captain should be contacting you shortly if not already. ZOOM ended up being a huge success and we had no glitches. Dan Gregorich ended up being the #1 pick in the draft and honestly its not a surprise. The teams had a good basket of new guys to pick from, including one that likes to drink Mimosas?

Our next board meeting is next week and we will have an update from Ben Disch and our board on when we plan on starting. This will be a interesting year, but I can guarantee we will make the most of it.

New Trophy from here on out. We had to add another block so we got rid of the fake wood and replaced it with Black Walnut.

If any new information comes available we will keep you informed. Thanks again and Good Luck this year!

Chuck Kugler (Wednesday Night League Coordinator) If anyone has questions please contact me at chuckhaircut@gmail.com… I’m not working so I have plenty of time for questions… lol

Semifinal Results

A perfect night for golf with a little wind thrown in. CTB failed to defend their championship and lost to Fairway to Heaven. (43-37) Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket Putt for Dough ends the miracle run of Whose your caddy. (43.5-36.5) Championship match will be Wednesday the 25th at 4:20.

Championship Round Here we come!

WNL Final Standings

Two division races came down to a tight finish.
The team formerly known as CTB (now Jesse’s Barber Shop) overtook Foreplay’s 2 point lead to win the BCC South by 5.5 points.
Meanwhile, coming down to the last cards of the night, Hack Attack eeks out a 2 point division win over Putt 4 Dough in the GVC West Division.

In next week’s playoffs it will be two divisional grudge matches:
–Foreplay (wildcard) takes on Jesse’s Barber Shop (CTB) {BCC South}
–Putt 4 Dough (wildcard) takes on Hack Attack {GVC West}

Sitting at home awaiting the winners are the two #1 seeds:
– Fairway to Heaven (690.5 points and 13-3 record)
– Who’s Your Caddy (684.5 points and a 10-5-1 record)

WNL Regular Season Final Standings

Weekly $10 Games

  • #1 – Closest in two: Scott Hartmann
  • #4 – Closest to pin: Nick Balin
  • #8 – Closest to pin: Eric Beitlich
  • #9 – Long Putt: Yury Milman
  • #11 – Closest in two: Colby Grupa
  • #12 – Closest to pin: Stephen Wennblom
  • #17 – Closest to pin: Matt Doherty
  • #18 – Long Putt: Matt McClernan

Side Games

  • Low Gross: Dave Supalla 35 $10.00 Each
  • Low Net: Jesse Doughty 29 $10.00

Net Skins

  • Front: Chris Reuter Net 2 on #5 $50.00
  • Back: Bill Wallace, Colby Grupa, Randy Zedlick $17.50 Each

Week 16 Results

First we are making up Week 3 next week so if you were scheduled to play that would be your tee time. Please coordinate with your teammates to make sure you can fill in a full roster. We have a few tight races so forfeits will not be looked upon well.

Change in division leaders in GVC West with Hack Attack halting the 8 week win streak of Putt 4 Dough with a convincing 48-32 win and taking over first place by 3 points.
Who’s Your Caddy has locked up GVC East by 37 points and the #1 seed overall with 642.5 points –the closest competitor is 20 points back (Hack Attack).  Will they sit their starters next week?
The wild card race has Putt 4 Dough in the lead by 17 over Range Balls.  

What to watch for next week: 

  • GVC Division win decided when Putt 4 Dough takes on the Loopers (last place BCC South) and Hack Attack takes on Bald Man (almost last place BCC South)
  • The loser of the division will probably be the wild card from GVC unless Range Balls comes up big when they play Last Call (last place BCC North) and closes that 17 point deficit.

Bassett Creek Conference is not so contested. Fairway to Heaven has pretty much locked in their first round bye, with their playoff history thru the years they will definitely need it. Foreplay has a 2 point lead going into the final week over CTB. The fight is really all about chits since the winner of the division will get the chits and the loser will get revenge by being the wildcard.

Round 1 of the Playoffs is August 28th and Please look for the signup sheet for free golf that week. Signup with your teammates and play a fun round of golf August 28th. Hopefully we will have the Clipboard out next week on the patio so everyone can signup. We will have a great time closing out the year…

Weekly $10 Games

  • #1 – Closest in two: Steve Haik
  • #4 – Closest to pin: Was not turned in? Still looking
  • #8 – Closest to pin: Was not turned in? Still looking
  • #9 – Long Putt: Kelly Gallagher
  • #11 – Closest in two: Alec Johnson
  • #12 – Closest to pin: Erik Swanson
  • #17 – Closest to pin: Bill Wallace
  • #18 – Long Putt: Larry “One Putt” Larson

Side Games

  • Low Gross: Howie Hoffman & Erik Swanson 34 $5.00 Each
  • Low Net: Jesse Doughty 30 $10.00

Net Skins

  • Front: Frank Abramson Net 1 on #4 $17 Bucks, Jesse Doughty Net 2 on #1 and a Net 2 on #5 $33.00 for him
  • Back: Larry Joceyln Net 1 on #12, Luke Fox Net 2 on #10, Nick Gnerer Net 2 on #18, Chas Puntillo Net 2 on 13. $12.50 Each