Week 12 Results Sponsored by Jesse’s Barbershop! (Making the World better looking 1 haircut at a time.)

Please don’t forget about Week 1. We will be making up that week on August 26th and that will be our Grand finale Wednesday. What does that mean? No idea yet….. If you were scheduled to play week 1 that will be your tee time for August 26th. The race to the finish is getting really tight in 3 out of the 4 Divisions…

BCC North: Fairway to Heaven has a tiny lead over I like big putts and mid round crisis. This division will definitely go to the last week. Most likely the Wild Card team will come from this division.

BCC South: Bald Man is walking away with it although Foreplay might have a Christmas miracle left in their bag. CTB and The Loopers are finished, but who knows maybe we can have a side bet…

GVC East: Whose your Caddy has a slight lead over 9th green at 9… Range Balls could push thru if they can have a string of strong Wins.

GVC West: Hack Attack has a narrow 6.5 point lead over Putt for Dough. The wild card team is up in the air in this Conference.

Week 12 Team Winners: Fairway to Heaven $10 Each: Jeff Wagner, Ward Eames, Jim Husnik, Steve Binenstock, Dan Roberts, Paul Bryan, Rahul Tamhane, Curtis Medina

Low Net $3.33 Each: Roger Hamm, Kevin Monogue, Brad Jordan (32)

Low Gross $3.33 Each: Tim Lueder, Erik Swanson, Nick Schultz (35)

Skins Front $12.50 Each: Don Grove 2 on #4, Mike White 4 on #7, Isaac Philibert 3 on #1, Brad Jordan 3 on #2

Skins Back $17 Each: Phil Steinweg 3 on #14, Jeff Towey 3 on #18, Steve Couture 3 on #11.

Week 12 Standings…

Week 11 Results

It felt like Fall Last Wednesday night? There wasn’t a lot of movement in the standings besides Hack Attack reclaiming the lead in their division over Putt four Dough. Foreplay had a dominating performance scoring 49 points, but were a half point off from claiming the top winning team.

Week 11 Team Winners Who’s Your Caddy $10 Each: Stan Hop, Steve Shellenbaum, Brent Lindstrom, Greg Larson, Chuck Bernardy, Doug Paquette, Steve Couture, Michael Manion

Low Net $10 Ward Eames 31

Low Gross $10 Dave Supalla 34

Skins Front $25 Each: Bill Wallace 3 on #7, Bill Guthrie 4 on #1

Skins Back $10 Each: Ward Eames 4 on #15, Mick Krause 4 on #13, Tom Scheuneman 5 on #16, Dan Kjorsvik 3 on #14, Brent Lindstrom 3 on #11

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Standings are getting tight with only a few more weeks left. Whose your Caddy takes the lead in the GVC East conference scoring 50 points over Fairway to Heaven. Putt for Dough takes the lead in the GVC West after CTB pulls off a stunner over Hack Attack. CTB had some miracle putts including Joel Longo’s putt on #9 30 foot bender for Birdie and the win.

On the other side of the standings Bald Man Brewery and I Like big putts both lost but still have a commanding lead in their divisions.

Week 9 Team Winners $10 Each: “Whose Your Caddy” Kevin Stoner, Steve Wennblom, Stan Hop, Steve Couture, Brent Lindstrom, Steve Shellenbaum, Steve Slivken, Doug Paquette

Low Net $5 Each: Brad Jordan and Matt McClernan (32)

Low Gross $5 Each: Alan Johnson and Howie Hoffman (34)

Front Skin $50: Kevin Ahtou 3 on #8

Back Skins $12.50 Each: Craig Wethington 4 on #16, Darin Allen 3 on #11, Bill Wallace 2 on #12, Matt McClarren 4 on #15

Week 9 Results Sponsored by Park Liquor Outlet in Brooklyn Park (Doug Paquette long time BMGA Member/Former President and Brookview Hall of Famer)

Thanks guys for another great week of golf and PERFECT scorecards. There was 1 card that had incredibly small handwriting that made it quite a challenge, but all and all I blew thru them quickly. Don’t forget Week 1 will be made up on August 26th so if your were scheduled for Week 1 it will be the same times, but on August 26th.

Week 9 Team Winners $10 Each Congratulations ForePlay: Darin Allen, Brian Beitlich, Mark Lange, Paul Rust, Jesse Doughty, Dan Peters, Larry Jocelyn, Mike Ryan

Low Net TIE $5 Each: Nick Ward and Eric Pasi 31… Low Gross $10 Howie Hoffman 33

Front Skins $17 Each: Eric Beitlich 3 on #4, Mark McDonnell 3 on #5 and Doug Lang 2 on #18

Back Skins $25 Each: Jesse Doughty 3 on #11 and Michael Meyer 3 on #13

Week 8 Results Sponsored by The North Golf “golf threads to grow the game”

Another HOT and fantastic week of golf. If your looking for a new shirt or hat check out the Brookview pro shop where you will find a ton of North Golf wear. Well I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but there are really just a few Teams that have won the team event each week. If you don’t know the game its simple, which team scores the most points that week.

Week 8 Team Winners $10 each: Kelly Gallagher, Tom Nestvold, Howie Hoffman, Kyle Spicer, Aaron Riedel, Isaac Philibert, Paul Yakshe, Alex Hanneman

Low Net $10: Brian Notvedt 28 Low Gross $10: Perry Jacobson 36 (There was a 3 way tie so I picked his name out of a hat.)

Front Skins $25 each: Paul Tharp 2 on #8, Bill Guthrie 3 on #5

Back Skins $12.50 each: Justin Waters 3 on #18, Brian Notvedt 3 on #11, Brian Notvedt 2 on #12, Doug Butler 2 on #14

Week 7 Results Sponsored by Brent Nordstrom Lakes Area Realty

Hey guys if your looking to sell give Brent Nordstrom a call, He’s the local realtor in the west metro who knows his stuff just like his golf game. Thanks for such a great job on the cards once again. I really appreciate those first and last names. Are you guys posting your scores? Make sure you do because next week starts the 2nd half and if you don’t have a handicap your now Scratch. Good Luck!

Week 7 Team Winners Hack Attack $10 Each: Kevin Monogue, Zach Kamerer, Eric Pasi, Dave Supalla, Matt Doherty, Brent Nordstrom, Ryan Pula, Brian Notvedt

Low Net $10: Kevin Monogue (31) Low Gross $10: Alan Johnson (34)

Front Skins $17 Each: Jeremy Hagen 3 on #5, Kevin Monogue 3 on #1, Howie Hoffman 3 on #2

Back Skin $50 Dan Roberts 2 on #17

Week 6 Social Distancing was a Success Thanks to BALD MAN BREWERY for years of Sponsorship and all the tasty BEER!

Good job guys on the patio this week. The scorecards were as close to perfect as they ever will be. It took less than an hour to get them all done. We are starting to see a few teams pull ahead. Bald Man keeps winning and padding there lead over CTB and the Loopers. Fairway to Heaven (defending Champs) are in a Heated battle with I like big putts. Range Balls are the only undefeated team left in the league so Good Luck to Par than Bar this coming week. Putt for Dough is silently pulling away from its division and winning the team competition 3 times now? Seriously…

Week 6 Team Winners: Putt for Dough $10 to Roger Hamm, David Hillsheim, Dylan Niska, Dan Anderson, John Bolduc, Tom Bischel, Dan Kjorsvik, and Dave Schoeller

Low Net: $10 Mick Krause 28, Low Gross: $10 Howie Hoffman 36

Front Skins: $25 each Chuck Kugler 3 on #5, Rahul Tamhane 4 on #3

Back Skins $12.50 each Mick Krause 4 on #13, Jesse Doughty 3 on #11, Tom Bakritzes 2 on #17 Mike Ryan 2 on #11 From the Fairway…

Weeks 4 & 5 Sponsored by Jesse’s Barber Shop

Hey guys sorry it took so long for the stats to come up. The barbershop has been packed 14 hours a day. I’m all caught up though so lets just get to the winners.

Week 4 Team Winners with the most Points? I like Big Putts and Fairway to Heaven 48 points each… $5 per guy: Jason Clark, Aaron Reidel, Dan Gustafson, Alex Hannemann, Mike Sustad, Isaac Philibert, Kelly Gallagher, Kyle Spicer: (Fairway Guys) Chris Reuter, Paul Bryan, Rahul Tamhane, Ward Eames, Dan Roberts, Eric Beitchel, Steve Binnenstock, Jim Husnik

Low Net: $10 Daniel Jacobs 32 Low Gross: $10 Alan Johnson 32

Front Skins: $25 Joe Wrecza 3 on #6, $25 Mick Krause 3 on #9

Back Skins($17 each) : Paul Bryan 4 on #16, Phil Steinweg 2 on #12, Jeff Martin 3 on #13

Week 5 Team Winners with the most Points? I like Big Putts and Bald Man Brewing 49 points each… $5 per guy: Howie Hoffman, Paul Yakshe, Jason Clark, Isaac Philbert, Kelly Gallagher, Dan Gustafson, Tom Nestvold, Mike Sustad: (Bald Man Brewing) Justin Wallace Jim Stetler, Bill Wallace, Dan Jacobs, Luke Fox, Jeff Gillis, Doug Zuck, Tom Schuneman

Low Net: $10 Nick Ward 30 Low Gross: $5 Each Howie Hoffman/Zach Kamerer

Front Skins: $50 Jesse Rask 3 on #6

Back Skins $25 each Bill Guthrie 4 on #11, Jim Sherburne 4 on #15

Stats for the league: Well someone very brilliant fixed the spreadsheet, but I’m the guy putting in the numbers. I don’t know if I can cut and paste so Sorry to the one division thats all over the place in the bracket. I’ll find out this week and it will look perfect.

Week 3 Sponsored by Tradition Mortgage

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Once again another beautiful sunny day. I can’t think of a year where we have had such awesome weather so early. June 1st is coming so maybe the rules on booze and food will change shortly. If things change I’ll be the first to let you know.

Guys once again please put last names as well on your card. If you don’t know your team number find out… And lastly if you haven’t downloaded the app USGA GHIN do it and figure it out…. We had one scorecard this week that took at least 30 minutes of MY time that I will never get back. They had none of these things also to top it off we have multiple teams with guys having the same first name. It’s not hard your playing with these guys for 2 hours get the information. If you don’t know how to fill out a card don’t keep score!!!

Games… The team with the most points… Putt 4 Dough 46.5 points… $10 each to: Roger Hamm (Captain) Dave Schoeller, David Hillsheim, Kevin Ahtou, John Bolduc, Ben Zurn, Dylan Niska (Mortgage Lender Stud)

Low Net $10 Tom Scheunemann 33

Low Gross $5 Each Howie Hoffman and Dave Supalla 34

Net Skins Front: $50 Paul Tharp #2 (5)

Net Skins Back $17 Each: Jason Clark #18 (3) Jeremy Hagen #15 (5) Mark Steinhauser #10 (3)

Week 2 in the books and its Sponsored by: Ernie Rose Golf

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Hey guys, well this weeks scorecards were definitely not anything to brag about. Please remember first and last names, if you don’t know your team number any chance you can figure it out by week 3. Also there about 7 guys who have yet even purchased their patron card let alone their GHIN. This league is handicapped so that puzzles me a little.

One Scorecard per foursome Please!!! We have a limited amount of cards this season. Sorry if you have to use your phone or maybe get a scorecard from under the door of the clubhouse. Leave my scorecards to the 1 person scoring the 4 some. Please call anyone out if you see them grabbing a card just for themselves.

Games…. The team with the most points Mid-Round Crisis… $10 dollars per guy.. Brad Jordan, Nick Schultz, Greg Donahue, Nick Hendrickson, Neal Reykdal, Erik Swanson, Nick Ward, Ramiro Sifuentes…

Low Net $10 Bill Wallace 32

Low Gross $10 Alan Johnson 34

Net Skins Front: $12.50 Stephen Wernblom with a Real Eagle on #2. Nice! Don Grove #1 3, Luke Kannel #3 4, Ross Johnson #6 3

Net Skins Back: $12.50 Brent Nordstrom #10 3, Michael White #18 4, Dave Bialke #17 2, Zach Kamerer #15 3