Calcutta Tournament Info

Team Pairings

Team List. The below is the final team list. Handicaps have been locked in.

The above guide has your locked in individual handicaps. Remember, we will take 85% of your handicap and that will be applied individual handicap.

Auction & Horse Race

The Auction will occur at Brookview, on the upper-deck at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, September 23rd.  The timing should work so those who are playing in the playoffs will be able to attend.  A few notes about this:– Max capacity on the deck is 36 people.  Therefore, when we reach capacity, we will ask teams to have only ONE PERSON on the deck so we can remain at capacity numbers.– There are LOTS of teams.  28 of them.  Should have been 26 but I screwed up, so now there are 28 – and I apologize in advance for the last nine holes – it’s going to be slow!  That means the draft MUST BE FAST paced.  We love people hanging out and having fun.  If you are being loud and disruptive during the draft, we will ask you to head down to the patio and continue your conversation.  That also means you should come prepared with the plan.

During the auction we will also be taking Horse Bet information as well.


We will be having a skins game this weekend.  There will be two pots, the first 18 holes and the last 9 holes.  Cost is $10 for Gross / Net or you can pay $20 and get into both skins pools.  If for some reason there are NO skins in the final 9 holes, that money will be moved to the first 18 hole skins pot.

To register for skins use this form:

Tee Sheets & Format

Reminder, the tournament is on SUNDAY, September 27th.

Tee sheets are now available for both rounds here:

If I did it correctly, you will play with different people in the first 18 vs the last 9 holes.  The tee times are two shot-gun starts at 8:00 AM and 1:30 PM.  Most groups are threesomes and the goal is to get around the course quickly.  As part of the tournament, you will receive 2 drink tickets and a meal ticket.  We MUST start the second nine by 1:30 PM so we do not goof up the public tee sheet.

The first 18 holes you will NOT play with your partner.  It is a best-ball and a single score between the two players will count towards your final score.  The last 9 holes is Both Balls will count towards the final score.  All players will use 85% of their USGA Handicap.

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