2021 BMGA Application

*2/1/2021 – application had incorrect address listed for Brookview Golf and has been corrected to 316 Brookview Pkwy*

2021 is upon us, fellow golfers, and with the new year brings a new season of the BMGA at Brookview Golf.

Registration will open at 8am on 2/1/21 and end at 4pm 3/24/21. If you know of anyone who was not part of the BMGA in 2020 that wants to partake in 2021, be sure to have them submit their application as soon after 8am on 2/1 to give them the best shot at getting into WNL. 

EARLY APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Since mailing could result in delays due to the Pro Shop being closed, it will be best to submit the application electronically to registration@bmga.org. Date/time of submission will be tracked and payment will be figured out when registration closes.  

A reminder that Wednesday Night League acceptance priority is:

1. Golden Valley residents
2. Members from the preceding year regardless of member type in registration order
3. Board Member Exemption (max of 1 per Board Member) in registration order
4. General public in registration order

If you were a member in 2020, please note your BMGA dues have been reduced by $50 (new members will pay the full $75) – this is due to us not having the social functions in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The Spring Meeting is tentatively scheduled for 3/24/21, and we will keep you up-to-date closer to the date on if this will occur or not due to protocols.

Happy New Year,

BMGA Board

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