2 Man Match Play Results

Summary prepared by Trent Mayberry:

The 2-man Match Play finale was a long-time coming due to scheduling conflicts including one unfortunate incident where Craig Wethington was struck by a car on his bicycle.  The wait was well worth it as the match of Neal Thiebault/Craig Wethington v. Andy Kim/Trent Mayberry was as competitive as it gets.  After multiple lead changes Kim/Mayberry tied for the lead on hole 17.  Hole 18 was a draw.  On to sudden death, hole 19 tie, hole 20 tie, and finally on hole 21 (aka hole 3) Andy Kim sunk a 25 foot birdie putt to make Kim/Mayberry repeat champions. Craig and Neal graciously offered to give Kim and Mayberry a lift back from the furthest corner of the course.  Nothing like squeezing 4 dudes and their golf bags into one cart!

Calcutta Results

Win – Team 6 – 394

Place – Team 2 – 401

Show -Team 9 – 406

Payouts below.  Payouts will be made at the banquet.  If you aren’t attending the banquet, I can mail you your payout less $.50 postage – e-mail me bkadue@sil-pro.com

  $ Bet   $1 Payout
Team Win Place Show   Win Place Show
1 $38 $32 $31        
2 $62 $49 $45     $2.50 $1.76
3 $26 $11 $16        
4 $18 $17 $13        
5 $38 $33 $23        
6 $28 $18 $16   $9.54 $5.08 $3.13
7 $16 $13 $11        
8 $15 $13 $8        
9 $26 $28 $20       $2.70

Young Gunz Win!

Congratulations to Young Gunz for winning the BMGA Championship.  Young Gunz were up 3 with one group left to play.  The final match featured Nick Shultz and team captain Brad Jordan vs. Brandon Meder and team captain Josh Mueller.  Both Schultz and Jordan won their match to finish up by 13 points.   The following members of team Young Gunz will be forever enshrined on the BMGA WNL trophey: Brad Jordan, Nick Schultz, Kelly Gallagher, Gavin May, Ramiro Sifuentes, Craig  Popp, Steve Binenstock, Ryan Dahl, Tim McNiff, Chris Pilliod, and Nick Ward.  Nice work gentleman.

Young Gunz

2015 Club Championship Results

From Brad Kadue:

In the net flight, Gerry Meier overcame a pretty large day 1 deficit to take the title shooting under par both days

The 2nd flight probably offered the most drama.  In spite of Andy Kim putting up a 79 on Saturday, and Pete Steichen making an 11 on 18 on Saturday, somehow only 2 strokes separated Pete from Andy Kim on Sunday.  Kim increased his lead to 5 shots with 4 holes to play.  But the pressure must have gotten to him as he goes double, double, bogey, bogey down the stretch. Meanwhile, Pete stays ice cold parring out over the same 4 to win by 1.

The 1st  flight too had some drama, though nobody knew.  Jason Lunetta followed up an opening round 81 with very solid 77, which kept him well clear of the guys in his final pairing.  Little did anyone know, Justin Waters who had posted an 85 on Saturday, turned in the low round of the flight with a 75.  Jason’s birdie on 18 seemed like icing on the cake, but in fact bogey would have tied!  Lunetta wins by 2.

And in the champ flight, there was little drama indeed.  Dave Supalla goes wire-to-wire turning in the 2 lowest rounds of the entire tournament (71/73) in very difficult conditions, taking the championship.  This continues what for Dave has been one of his best summers of golf ever.  This brings to an end the unprecedented string of 5 consecutive wins for Howie Hoffman.

Congratulations to all winners.  It was tough going out there, you all deserve a round of applause.

Saturday nearies were as follows:

  • 4 – Supalla
  • 8 – Steve Shellenbaum Impossible!! House was about 5 inches!
  • 12 – Waters
  • 17 – Supalla

Sunday nearies were as follows:

  • 4 – Nick Hendrikson
  • 8 – Mangold
  • 12 – Slivken
  • 17 – Pacyna


Final MVP, WNL Shootout Standings, and Stats

MVP standings  — Justin Waters holds on to the WNL MVP honors by playing the final week and splitting his match just knocking off Emmy Yates.  Congrats Justin.  Enjoy those $250 in Chits.

Top 10 scores for Shootout- Final— The final WNL Shootout standings resulted in a tie for 12th place.  Those currently scheduled to be in the shootout are Stan Hop, Justin Waters, Gavin May, Matt Pacyna, Mark Hengel, Michael Meyer, Michael “Ace” Ryan, Craig Wethington, Emmy Yates, John Bolduc, Jim Hegedus, and a two way tie for the current final spot between Dan Olson and Nick Schultz.  It is likely that there will be overlapping players once the Cup Points get finalized so those on the edge of getting in like Rick Kadue, Bob Engebretson, and Dan LaManna, might still make it in.

Final Stats

Cup points and shootout standings will be updated after the Club Championship.


From Jim Sanford:

Brookview’s over-50 contingent continues to do well in the Friday Metro Seniors League.  After six matches of the 16-match season the BMGA men were tied for the top spot.  And even after being edged by the co-leaders from University last week, our boys are only four points out of first. Match number 8, half-way point of the year, is at Como this week and BMGA is looking to regain the summit.

Metro Seniors is a league of 16 twin cities area public access courses.  Different clubs host each Friday and the format is four-man (A, B, C, D), fully handicapped, match play, with six points available in each match.  Any BMGA member over 50 who would like to play should contact either Jim Sanford or Steve Slivken, co-captains.

BMGA Seniors Number One! (for now)

An update from Jim Sanford:

The BMGA’s “new” Metro Seniors team broke unaccustomed ground last week by taking 23 of a possible 24 points from Meadowbrook in the season’s third match.  That equates to three 6-0 wins and one 5-1.  The matches were played at Fountain Valley in Farmington.  With a three week total of 48 points, BMGA climbed to No 1 in the 16-team ranking.

Last year was the first time Brookview fielded a team in this venerable old league.  A different club hosts every Friday and each club sends a four-man A-B-C-D team.  Matches are fully handicapped.  Interested BMGA seniors (50 and up) who haven’t previously heard of this opportunity should contact either co-captain: Jim Sanford or Steve Slivken.