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    Matthew Doherty

    Third (Net)
    Hard to pick a winner here. Matt McClernan as the current WNL point leader has to be in the running. Doug Paquette with a handicap that just barely missed the cut for the second flight has a chance as well. This year the winner is CTB. His handicap has dropped three strokes this year folks. He golfs more than he cuts hair. Put a W up at the barber shop for Chuck.

    Second flight:
    I’d say five guys have a shot at this one: Hop, Mangold, Wethington, Monogue and myself. The old guys – Hop and Mangold – get tired on day two and fall back from the lead. Monogue gets a 10 or higher on a hole that messes up an otherwise stellar performance. Wethington makes a run at the Double Eagle but can’t keep up in the end. Doherty for the win.

    First flight:
    Pula, Stellick and Beitlich are the chalk picks based on handicaps. I only really know about Pula’s game. He’s won in the past and will do so again this year.

    As far back as I can remember, the Club Championship has been won by Hoffman, Supalla, or Hendrikson. I think Lueder might have won it as well back when he was just a young lad. Supalla’s got a young baby at home, won’t get any sleep and will feel guilty for golfing twice in a weekend. He’s out. Hoffman’s domination of this tournament makes him impossible to bet against. Nevertheless, I think this is a year he falters. A new name will be on the trophy at the end of the tournament. I’m not certain who yet, but I think it will be a surprising two way race determined in a playoff between Nick Schultz and Matt Krasen with the entire league watching on.

    Looking forward to it. Play well this weekend.

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