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    Steve Shellenbaum

    Guys – BMGA ois already great. Folks like Bryntesen work their asses off…good show!

    Anyways, I have two thoughts as to BMGA improvement

    1. Lets play the week of the fourth. With the team sizes as they now are, we can find 8 guys. I joined BMGA to play golf, not any other reason. I dont need this week off, and would think others could also get 8 guys out there. – just a suggestyion 🙂

    2. Can we get the start times together instead of scattered many hours apart? It would be more fun on the deck to have everyone there at the same time. if it is one vs 2 then have the 4 matches run 2 off the front and two off the back, three and for follow…and so on. Sure you have guys that can only play early or late, but Covid has changed a lot of work situations. Myself, I can play any time, so i would rather up the fun and try to start at reasonably close times. I understand from Roger that this is set this way sao somweone can cover an 18 if they have to, but to me this is not worth all the fun on that beautiful bug free, awesome view deck. If you have to play 18 on weds night that is to fing bad in my honest opinion. Being up on the deck is a very wonderful thing, and the free tasty beers are also excellent. Having tasty beers with your team mates (all of them not just a few of them) would be an improvement, so hence my friendly suggestion

    Steve Shellenbaum


    Don’t disagree on the 4th. We actually thought out using this year since the 4th was on a weekend. There are years where it’s on a Wednesday night so it would be hard to field a team.

    The tee times is an interesting one. It brings up the early league vs late league concept we had years ago. This forced us to have tee times closer because the early league had to be done by a certain time. Interesting idea. Personally, I run into late vs early tee time issues still where people can’t make it at a certain time. But anything is worth considering.


    Steve Shellenbaum

    As to t times closer together it does not have to be segregated early and late. What it does need to be is together. Could be early one week, middle the next and late the following. If you cant play early or late that week get a sub or make a trade or ask for the week off in the beginning.

    Brad Jordan

    Yeah, the 4th is tricky – I know we surveyed captains a few years ago about using that week as a make-up week and it was shut down fairly quickly. Even though some or even most guys are around that week, there are still plenty of guys that do take off time around the 4th – so some teams will struggle to field a full team. But we can certainly discuss.

    We can also definitely discuss getting teams’ tee times closer together. Roger is correct they are now staggered so a guy could turn-and-burn 18 holes if needed. I agree now that we have an additional person on the team this could be reevaluated by the Board, but if we keep it the same I implore you to introduce yourself to whoever is on the deck from other teams and then you can have a tasty free beer with new friends while waiting for your teammates to finish!

    Thanks for the suggestions, we will evaluate prior to next season!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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