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    Marty Mangold


    If you enjoy a little money on the line and have a USGA handicap, I’d like to invite you to participate in a tournament. Here are the details:

    * Saturday, October 3rd
    *Albion Ridges Golf Course – Annandale
    * 9:00 Shotgun
    * 27 Holes
    * Two-Man Best Ball (Net)
    * One player must have an 11.9 USGA or less – both can be less if you choose
    * Handicaps will be adjusted to Albion Ridges and for 27 holes
    * Once handicap has been calculated, 80% of that is your tourney handicap
    * $135 total cost
    * $60 covers 27 holes, cart and range balls
    * $75 goes into prize pool
    * Two lovely scorekeepers to keep you updated on standings throughout day

    Based on 30 teams and 60 players, the payouts would be:

    1st – $1,200
    2nd – $1,000
    3rd – $800
    4th – $600
    5th – $400

    Prizes for on course events.

    ALL money goes to tournament and prize pool. A small amount goes to scorekeepers and supplies.


    Anyone welcome to play as long as they have a USGA handicap. That means friends or family outside of the BMGA. Put your team together and let me know! Always a fun day. It is a full day and should be done with golf by 4:00, awards given by 5:00 and you are home by 6:00 at the latest. Just in case you need to get that hall pass!


    Marty Mangold


    I am currently at 21 teams for the referenced Albion Ridges tournament on October 3rd. Have room for 30 teams.

    FYI – Even though one player must be an 11.9 or less, you can still play if both are above an 11.9 with one caveat. The lowest handicapped player would have to play at an 11.9. So if one player is an 18.0 and their good buddy is a 13.1, the 13.1 would become an 11.9. That player would lose a stroke or two over the course of 27-holes, but can easily be made up by good play!

    Let me know if you have a team!

    Thanks, Marty

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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