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    Mark Lange

    Hello Fellow BMGA’rs–

    With the change to the equitable stroke control formula in CY2020 to net double bogey, I thought I would share a look-up grid to help enter in an appropriate score. Find your handicap on the left then look across to find the max score per hole. Seems a little more cumbersome to apply now and this would obviously change for the course you play. Please let me know if you find an error or if the handicap holes have changed. I relied upon last year’s scorecard and slope and ratings from the USGA database as of 3/4/20. Hope to see you out there!


    @mark-lange The grid didn’t post, want to try again or send it to me at and I’ll get it posted. Would be a good add!



    Here is the grid from @mark-lange for everyone:

    Brookview Grid

    Mark Lange

    Thank you Richard!

    Roger Hamm

    Thanks guys. Richard, did the BMGA cap the handicap this year? USGA allows for a 50 index now.

    Mark Lange

    Hello Roger–I just arbitrarily stopped it at 36. I can extend this down easily if needed. Just figured that our league avg. handicap was ~15 and that this was sufficient for the message/idea.


    I believe it was capped at the last board meeting, but unfortunately I was out of town, so I need to go back and look. But I know it was on the agenda to be finalized by the Spring Meeting and announced there.


    I have updated the document with a new one, due to the change to #18. Thanks again to @mark-lange

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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