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    Roger Hamm

    Next year we get more changes! The 6 handicap systems in the world are merging and we can expect these changes from our ghin system: (highlights):
    1) New handicaps are created faster. Now only 54 holes are needed. Before it was 90.
    2) New system will be based on 8 of best 20 scores. OId system was 10 of best 20 – so your handicap may go down.
    3) New max handicap index allowed is 54. Before it was 40.4 for men. (note the BMGA may vote for a league max)
    4) Algorithm in place to prevent sudden upward movements in handicap
    5) Algorithm in place to accommodate for rounds played in bad weather – this means you should use the right date for your round.
    6) Handicaps will update the next day after a posted round – no waiting for those 2 updates per month
    7) ESC max will be net double bogey for ALL handicap levels – no more sliding scale
    8) Handicap Adjustments for different Tournament Formats

    There are many articles on this, including this one on
    Full Manual: USGA Handicap Rules

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