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    Jeff Wagner

    Apologies if this has been brought up before but I’ve heard varying opinions on what the actual rule is for a ball hit out of bounce (road side) off the tee on either #2 or #3. This question is just for the local rule of BMGA Wednesday night league and or BMGA weekend events.

    Is it…
    1. Re-tee hitting your third shot
    2. Take distance and drop where ball crossed out of bounce hitting your third shot from that point.

    Thanks, Jeff.

    Steve Slivken

    Re-tee hitting 3rd shot. To the best of my knowledge, the MGA Senior Tour uses for suspected out-of-bounds or lost ball, you can determine where you feel the ball went OB or where it was lost. After determining that point, you can drop a ball two club lengths in the fairway no closer to the hole. However you are lying 3, hitting your fourth shot. Pace of play issue. In WNL. I have allowed people to drop with the assessed stroke and distance penalties.

    Sheldon Silberman

    According to the full BMGA rules (hole by hole appendix) an out of bounds ball on the left side of holes 2 and 3 are played as a probable lost ball. Agree on probable spot and loose one stroke. Off the tee, you would be hitting your third shot after the drop.

    Sheldon Silberman

    Only on WNL – not weekend events – then you follow Steve’s response.


    I would encourage everyone to read the Local Rules. We have a hole-by-hole scenarios here:


    So Sheldon is correct, WNL we do have a pace-of-play lost ball rule. That can be found here:

    If a ball is lost and it is certain that it is not out of bounds or in a hazard, for example left of the
    10th tee, the player may drop a ball near the agreed upon most likely location that should

    However, if you look at the hole-by-hole scenario you will find:

    The local rule for a lost ball generally should not be invoked on this hole for a ball lost along the
    left side, due to the relatively high probability that a ball lost is actually out of bounds.

    There have been a bunch of questions about rules this year so we definitely need to revisit them and update for the 2021 season.

    Mark Lange

    Thank you Rich for directing us to the Local Rules! This is always a nice refresher. I’m probably confusing myself, but I had a question from this document regarding an embedded ball. On page 2, it says for embedded ball “Relief for an embedded ball under rule 25-2 is expanded to include a ball embedded any place on the course except for in a hazard (which includes bunkers).”, which I interpret to mean that no relief is allowed for a ball embedded in the bunker. When I look at page 7, the embedded ball line references Rule 25-2 (we should probably update the rule numbers to the 2020 ROG, which is Rule 16 now as you mentioned), where there is a column for Local Exception (if any) that says “Includes Bunkers” next to 25-2. Should this be blank here, meaning no relief for embedded bunker ball, or is the “exception” that we do get relief? Just curious…I assume no relief in bunker, but I’m just trying to interpret the document.


    Mark – You are correct, all of the local rules weren’t updated – but they are now.

    Mark Lange

    Thank you Richard!

    On a side note, I remember during league play last season that my competitor wanted to drop on the green-side of the creek on hole #4 after hitting it into the hazard, and since it was yellow-staked, my teammate and I told them NO you have drop on the tee-side (felt kind of awkward because I didn’t know the local rule at the time). But then I later looked in the BMGA local rules and it was there that a drop could be taken on green-side for speed of play. This was a local rule at the time in CY2017. But now in the BMGA list for local rules in CY2021, I’m glad that it was clarified and that it is not allowed. Thank you for updating.

    Also for all: the MGA is hosting free rules webinars on Tuesday evenings in March and April. A few of us BMGA’ers are tuning in and I personally enjoy the discussion. For those interested and who may have missed the link, here is the MGA page and scroll down to MGA Rules on Tap and select the link to sign up: https://www.mngolf.org/Rules_of_Golf



    It really depends on how the person went into the water. In my picture below I have two purple dots. One at the top of the green, outside the hazard and one in the middle of the hazard.

    Let’s say the person hit the hill, right where the purple dot is and it bounced straight left and into the water. In this case, the person could take relief (with penalty) on the green side – no closer to the hole where it went into the water. They might have to go closer to the 14th tee box but they could drop on that side.

    The bottom purple dot, they most likely have to drop on the other side of the creek to the left of the walking bridge.

    UNLESS, there is a small area to the left of the walking bridge as soon as you cross it, which is not in the penalty area. So if the player believed that the ball crossed that part of the hazard, then they could drop in the little triangle once you cross the bridge on the left.

    Rules are fun!

    Mark Lange

    Thank you for the visual and the possibilities Richard. I probably should have said my competitor crossed the yellow margin straight in front of the tee box in the situation we faced, so the red stakes were not in play. So our discussion was around whether he could drop green-side in that case. At the time we said no, so I still feel like we played the rules correctly, aside from the local rules document that wasn’t updated last year.

    Rules on Tap from the MGA starting shortly…Tuesdays @ 7PM. I need to expand my knowledge more!

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