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    Steven Haik

    Is the requirements for hitting from the senior tees the same as last year, 55 or older and a handicap of =>16.2? If so would the board consider removing the handicap requirements seeing the handicaps are adjusted for what tees you hit from. Us old guys who can’t hit the ball that far anymore really enjoy hitting from the senior tees but our handicaps are around 15.5-16.

    Chuck Bernardy

    Hi Steve:

    The criteria to play the Gold Tees have not changed since being modified last year. The current criteria are listed below. The BMGA Board might be meeting next Wednesday so we could discuss it then. I will also share your message with the entire board.


    BMGA members who meet the following criteria, are eligible to play from the Gold tees during Wednesday Night League play as well as select BMGA sponsored weekend events as determined by the BMGA Board:

    1. Age 65+
    2. USGA Handicap Index of 16.4 or higher

    BMGA members who meet the above criteria will be deemed “Gold Tee” eligible. In addition, all other BMGA members will be afforded the opportunity to play from the Gold tees when opposing a “Gold Tee” eligible member who elects to play from the Gold tees vs. the Member tees. If the players opt to play the Gold tees, both players’ handicaps must be calculated using the Gold tees (not Member tees) for the
    entire match being played. Once the players have teed off from the Gold tees, neither player may revert back to the Member tees or vice versa.

    Brad Jordan

    The board discussed gold tee guidelines, and no action will be taken for the 2022 season. The criteria will remain the same as outlined by Chuck from our league guide (65+; index of 16.4+) for this year.

    However, we will collect data at the end of the 2022 WNL season to analyze if a change is needed, and what that change could be. We’ll be sure to also include the ole “fun factor” so we ensure everyone is enjoying themselves yet still being as fair as can be for all.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to make the league the best it can be – much appreciated!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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