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    Brad Jordan

    With Week 1 coming tomorrow, here are The People’s Champion’s predictions:
    BCC North: Mid-Round Crisis runs away with it (duh). Fairway 2 Heaven takes the Wildcard.
    BCC South: Is this the year The Loopers make a run? Dear reader, the answer is no, look for Bald Man Brewing Co. to again take the division.
    GVC East: I feel Brynteson will whip 9th Green at 9 into shape to finish on top, while Who’s Your Caddy sneaks in as the Wildcard.
    GVC West: Pin Seekers are too chill to finish at the top so finish 2nd to Team Hack Attack.
    Yada-yada-yada: Mid-Round Crisis wins the whole thing.

    Sponsored by Mid-Round Crisis


    After week 1, your prediction couldn’t be more wrong. But we like to start slow and those 2 extra weeks are going to be the difference this year!!!

    Roger Hamm

    Half-Way through the season lets see how the Bold Predictions of @brad-Jordan are holding up:
    BCC North
    Mid-Round Crisis has a slim 1.5 point lead over Last Call and Fairway to Heaven. He has the leader, but it is certainly no run-away. Also it appears the Wild card will be from BCC South
    BCC South
    Top 2 teams in the league. 2.5 points separate CTB and Bald-Man. It’s a toss up. One will be the #1 seed one will be the wildcard.

    GVC East
    Who’s Your Caddy makes a late push to overtake Zed Heads. Brynteson’s 9th Green at 9 team is only 27.5 points out of first – aka last.
    GVC West
    Hack Attack is in the mix, as predicted, but Brooky Strong (formerly Pin Seekers) is not. Missed of course was the class of the conference and current #1 seed Putt 4 Dough

    All in all, Id give these predictions a solid C-

    Brad Jordan

    C’s get degrees, baby! I look forward to the final grade after week 18.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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