2020 WNL Members,

While we were unable to be together tonight for the spring social the board got together for a board meeting tonight with Ben Disch, Brookview’s manager, giving us an update on what we are able to do.  The board and Ben agreed the number one goal is to get the league in and started as soon as possible. 

We are planning for a May 6th start date for league play, however it is up to the City of Golden Valley attorney to give Ben the go ahead for leagues to play at Brookview.  Ben is working very hard and pushing to allow all leagues at Brookview to move forward. Captains will be creating schedules with a May 6th start date as week 1 and playing for 16 weeks.  With social distancing in mind and limiting common touch points we have modified league rules:.

1)  There will be no rakes in bunkers, which might create lies that are worse than expected, however we will “Play it as it lies.” Please be courteous to other players and smooth out the sand as best you can with your foot.

2) There will not be scorecards available when we tee off.  Captains will send out scorecards and we will post them on the website to be printed by individuals at home. A player from each group should keep a card for the foursome.  At the end of the round both teams must take a photo of the card and submit their scorecard to their captain.  The captains on both teams will review and submit the scorecard to the league.

3) All nearies, longest putts, and closest to the pin in 2 games will not be used.  Instead the money that was awarded to those games will be paid out to the team with the high point total each week.  The 8 members who played that week will receive $10 each

4) The hole in one prize will be in play this year. The cups are being installed upside down to limit common touch points which can cause a ball to pop out of the hole.  For a Hole in One to be counted it must remain within the cup.  

5) Food sales and beer are still up in the air.  Given our league runs over dinner time, members should plan accordingly.  We may also be limited on staying at the course afterwards to “socialize” even if at a safe distance.  We’ll work with the course to determine safe and appropriate options as more information becomes available.

Many people have asked about the checks they have sent in.  We started to hold off on cashing checks until we knew more.  While we are still in limbo, but planning/ hoping for a May 6th start, we will not cash the remaining checks until we know the league will move forward.  In the event we are unable to play WNL all summer, we will refund all payments. 

We hope everyone is excited for us to get going as a league with these modifications and will play honorably given the conditions we are under and the adjustments we need to make.  Please be checking the website www.BMGA.org frequently or your email to stay updated on the league.  This is the most effective way for us to communicate to 176 players.

Weekend events will also be moving forward, with minor updates to come later this week.

Thank you,

2020 BMGA Board

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