BMGA Start Date May 13th!

Today the board received the go ahead from Brookview to start play on Wednesday May 13th, week 2 of our schedule. Due to the 1 week delay we will play the week of August 26th which was previously being held as a rain-out date. We are planning to move the week 1 match-ups to August 26th, pending any rainouts during the season and if those are division match-ups.

The changes we mentioned in the previous post will be enacted, with a potential exception on scorecards. We are hoping to find a way to have a stack on 1 and 10 tee for use. Players will still need to send in a photo of the final card to both team captains.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through everything to get our season started as soon as we could, and very large thank you to Brookview staff working with the City of Golden Valley to give us the go ahead!!

Until we hear more from the Gov. there will not be any hanging out after our rounds. (This may change between now and May 13th.) We are waiting to hear if beer /food will be available for us and how that will be handled.

Thank you,

2020 BMGA Board

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  1. Thanks to the board for getting this done. And FABULOUS THANKS to Ben Disch. If you see him, thank him. He really put his neck out there for us. I am formally nominating Ben Disch to the BMGA hall of fame, class of 2021 – rules be damned.

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