Updated Course Handicap

As we get prepared to enter our first week of league the board thought it was important to remind all players of a few items. We also wanted to share news about the 18th hole.

Member Tees

For all league events, WNL and Weekend Tournaments, we use the Member Tee Shortened. This consists of a combo of Blue and White tees. Here is your list to remind yourself:

Front: #1 (Blue), #2 (Blue), #3 (White), #4 (Blue), #5 (Blue), #6 (Blue), #7 (White), #8 (White), #9 (Blue)

Back: #10 (White), #11 (Blue), #12 (White), #13 (Blue), #14 (White), #15 (Blue), #16 (White), #17 (Blue), #18 (White)

18th Hole

If you have not had a chance to play at Brookview this year you will discover a new White Tee box. This is set approximately 40 yards back from the previous tee box. With that, it means we have a new slope and rating for 2020. Below is the new course measurements and member tee handicap breakdown.

I would aim a little more to the right when teeing off from #18 now. Carrying the trees is a little more difficult.

Find all course handicap breakdowns via the MGA.

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