Beer After Round Adjustments


With the upper deck opening last week, we understand the excitement of getting back to socializing with teammates and having league beer on Wednesday nights. However, the league’s behavior last Wednesday drew some complaints.  Some of us did not go up on the deck last week due to the number of players up there and the lack of distancing, so it is no surprise that complaints were made.  In order to keep that upper deck open, we as a league at a public facility need to do a much better job of abiding by the social distancing guidelines.  It is very important to set a good example and not provide the city or Brookview any reason to second guess their decision to allow us to use the deck, as the city can quickly close the deck based on our behavior.  

Per Ben:

The deck can handle 36 people on it at one time based on current distancing guidelines.  We will step up our signage on the deck.  We have intentionally set out seating for 36 people only.  If there is not a chair available, the deck is full.  No leaning on the railings, etc.  We are also increasing seating on the south side of the restaurant (where scoring is done on some weekends) and on the north side of the restaurant patio.  Additionally, lawn bowling is not scheduled to open for at least the next 2 two weeks and that is a great area to maintain distance and gather, at least for now.  The restaurant staff won’t service these areas but they do allow us to spread out more.  Ideally gathering #’s will increase as we get through this summer, but that has not been approved as of yet. 

Again, please be more aware of your surroundings and be smarter about your behavior.  It is not business as usual.  If you are on the deck tomorrow and see behavior that is questionable, please remind players of their responsibility to abide by the guidelines set by Brookview.

Thank you,

BMGA Board

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