Greek Scramble: Tee Times & Teams

Below are the Tee Times and Teams for the Greek Scramble:

Tee Sheet via Golf Genius

We will have tee times from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM. After the round, bring your scorecards to the clubhouse to turn them in. We will either be on the patio or tables will be setup on the South Side of the building. Each player will get 2 (two) drink tickets for attending the tournament. Results will be posted online and in-person.

Format: Each player tees-off from the member tees from their starting tee. The Team selects the two “best” drives and divides into two 2-man Sub-teams (Sub-team A and Sub-team B). Each 2-man Sub-team completes the hole in scramble format (choosing the best of each pair of shots). This sequence is repeated for each of the 18 holes. A minimum of six tee-shots from each player must be used during the round.

Missing Player: In the event a Team is short a player (only 3 team members), the player whose handicap is closest to the handicap of the missing player will play both his own ball and the ball of the missing player.

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