Week 6 Social Distancing was a Success Thanks to BALD MAN BREWERY for years of Sponsorship and all the tasty BEER!

Good job guys on the patio this week. The scorecards were as close to perfect as they ever will be. It took less than an hour to get them all done. We are starting to see a few teams pull ahead. Bald Man keeps winning and padding there lead over CTB and the Loopers. Fairway to Heaven (defending Champs) are in a Heated battle with I like big putts. Range Balls are the only undefeated team left in the league so Good Luck to Par than Bar this coming week. Putt for Dough is silently pulling away from its division and winning the team competition 3 times now? Seriously…

Week 6 Team Winners: Putt for Dough $10 to Roger Hamm, David Hillsheim, Dylan Niska, Dan Anderson, John Bolduc, Tom Bischel, Dan Kjorsvik, and Dave Schoeller

Low Net: $10 Mick Krause 28, Low Gross: $10 Howie Hoffman 36

Front Skins: $25 each Chuck Kugler 3 on #5, Rahul Tamhane 4 on #3

Back Skins $12.50 each Mick Krause 4 on #13, Jesse Doughty 3 on #11, Tom Bakritzes 2 on #17 Mike Ryan 2 on #11 From the Fairway…

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