2-Man Rotation Details

The popularity of weekend events continues to grow! After the largest Greek Scramble that can be remembered (56 players) we follow it a week later with the largest 2-Man Rotation even (60 players).

Here is the tee sheet for the 2020 2-Man Rotation via Golf Genius.

This tournament IS FLIGHTED based on the low-player in the two-some. There will be FOUR flights. The TOP 2 teams in each flight will be paid out.

NEW: In addition to the four gross flights, we will have a single net flight payout as well. Handicaps will use the USGA rules for Scramble, Fourball and Alt-Shot handicap method with strokes being given at correct holes. We will pay out the TOP 2 teams in this flight but no BMGA Cup Points will be award. You can win in BOTH the Gross and Net divisions.

Event Rules

Holes #1 — #6: Two-Man Scramble Format
* Must use each player’s drive at least twice.
* “Winter rules” will be allowed within 1 foot of the ball in play, not closer to the hole.

Holes #7 — #12: Fourball Format (a.k.a., Two-Man Best Ball)
* The team score is the better gross score of the two players.

Holes #13 — #18: Two-Man Alternate Shot Format
* Player #1’s tee shot is used on the odd numbered holes (#13, #15, & #17)
* Player #2’s tee shot is used on the even numbered holes (#14, #16, & #18)
NOTE: Each team must identify Player #1 and #2 before the start of hole #13.

On each hole players alternate shots, playing the ball as it lies, until the ball is holed-out. Players cannot switch balls during the play of a hole unless the ball is lost or damaged.

NOTE: There are two groups going off hole #10. They use the SAME format above on the holes indicated.

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