Rotation Results

What an amazing day for golf. The heat was turned up high, the wind was super calm and it made for some great scoring on the course. This year we tried something a little different and added a net division. This worked by calculating the team handicap into thirds. Scramble (35% low handicap + 15% high handicap), Fourball (85% of players handicap) and Alternate Shot (add both players – 50%).

In the Gross Flights, the champions will take home 100 BMGA Cup Points and $47.50 per person. Second place receives 75 BMGA Cup Points and $30 per player. (Unless there was a tie and it’s noted below.)

In the first flight, there was no surprise. The tournament director before the event started had already turned in their chit money. Brad Jordan + Howard Hoffman shot a solid -5 par, with two bogies in alt-shot but otherwise a clean card. Second place went to Richard Brynteson + Steve Hartmann at -2. The top two teams were tied at -5 through the fourball but couldn’t keep the pace down the stretch.

In the second flight Brian Beitlich + Dan Grubb ran away from the field with a -1. Gerald Meier + Steve Hallfin took second place at +3.

In the third flight, family duo of Nicklaus Grandstrand + Steve Grandstrand finished at +2. BMGA veterans Marty Mangold + Peter Steichen finished at +5.

In the fourth flight, Jeffrey Olson + Steve Couture took the top honors at +12. Tied for second place was Curtis Medina + John Bolduc and Kirk Williams + Ted Roberts. They will receive 35 BMGA Cup Points and $15 each for the second place tie.

Lastly, in the Net Flight, the family duo strikes again with a -8 (Nicklaus Grandstrand + Steve Grandstrand) and top honors. This earns them $25 each. In a three way tie for second place at -7 included: Brian Beitlich + Dan Grubb, Gerald Meier + Steve Hallfin and Kyle Egan + Nick Ward. They get to split the second place prize pool six ways, earning themselves $5 each. Just enough for a bucket of balls.

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