Week 8 Results Sponsored by The North Golf “golf threads to grow the game”

Another HOT and fantastic week of golf. If your looking for a new shirt or hat check out the Brookview pro shop where you will find a ton of North Golf wear. Well I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but there are really just a few Teams that have won the team event each week. If you don’t know the game its simple, which team scores the most points that week.

Week 8 Team Winners $10 each: Kelly Gallagher, Tom Nestvold, Howie Hoffman, Kyle Spicer, Aaron Riedel, Isaac Philibert, Paul Yakshe, Alex Hanneman

Low Net $10: Brian Notvedt 28 Low Gross $10: Perry Jacobson 36 (There was a 3 way tie so I picked his name out of a hat.)

Front Skins $25 each: Paul Tharp 2 on #8, Bill Guthrie 3 on #5

Back Skins $12.50 each: Justin Waters 3 on #18, Brian Notvedt 3 on #11, Brian Notvedt 2 on #12, Doug Butler 2 on #14

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