Metro Seniors Split at Green Haven

The Valley team lost a close one 11-13 to Daytona @Jim-Sanford and @Stan-Hop led the way with 5 points each. Unfortunately @Steve-Shellenbaum and @Randy-Zedjlik could only muster 1 point total.

The Golden team won handily 16-8 over Valleywood. @Doug-Maday led the way with all 6 points and @Richard-Courtney came away with 5. @Pete-Steichen and @Doug-Diedrich also contributed with 5 total. No one was shut out, leading to a great team victory.

Brookview Golden jumped 2 spots in the standings to 13th and are crawling back. Brookview Valley is currently tied for 7th. 21 points separate the teams.

Next match is at Valleywood where Brookview Valley plays the host team and Brookview Golden plays Fountain Valley. Track all the action at

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