Metro Seniors kick off 2020 season with 2 teams from Brookview

dateline – 17May- Columbia GC
The Valley team, captained by @steve-slivken played against a rejuvenated Fountain Valley team. @Jim-Sanford, @Stan-Hop, @Jim-Husnik and @Randy-Zejdlik could only manage 10 points out of the 24 max. Randy led the way with 5.
The Golden team, captained by @roger-hamm played against a tough Braemar squad. @ramiro-sifuentes, @doug-maday, @doug-paquette and @ted-roberts could only grab 8 points. This group was led by rookie @ramiro-sifuentes and his 5 points.

To find out more about the league, check out the traveling teams page or visit If you are over 50 and wish to play in a fully handicapped competition on Friday mornings, contact @steve-slivken or @roger-hamm

Sr. Metro Team Season Wrap

Brookview finished the season with a 4-20 drubbing by Valleywood and finished up in 5th place overall.
@Jim-Sanford (net 74), @Doug-Maday and @Dan-Olson (net 76’s) could only manage 4 points and unfortunately @Randy-Zejdlik had his back go out and I did not get my email checked soon enough to get a sub lined up.

For the season, we played:
– 24 different golfers from Brookview
– 15 golf courses
– 144 offers to play 60 tee times
– Most frequent player: @Sheldon-Silberman (5)
– Five guys played one time
– Four guys offered to play one time and I was unable to get them out.

Some more stats to chew on:

We won a little money for our fifth place finish. So far we have decided to roll it into next year to support the entry fee of a 2nd team. We will gauge the interest before committing to doing so. Please note that if we do this, the teams must remain separate through the year. So Sheldon can only play for one team, not both. If we decide to not use the money for a 2nd team, I will buy better tequila for myself cause you guys all cause me to drink!

Metro Sr. Team delivers massive win.

In a battle for the ages at the newly refreshed Braemar golf course, BMGA member deliver a knock out win 22-4 versus Daytona, which is the high point total for the week.

@Forest-Nelson shoots a 75 (net 68!) along with 5 birdies and takes down the Daytona captain 6-0.
@Stan-Hop stumbles in with a net 72 and can only get 4 of the 6 points.
@Doug-Diedrich, with 2 birdies on the first 9, shoots a net 71 and also goes 6-0
@Roger-Hamm drops a net 70 and also goes 6-0

The win puts us in fourth place and just 12 out of first with just one week left. We will be playing at Oak Marsh vs Valleywood (20 points this week).

Metro Sr. gets back on winning track

Brookview beats Hiawatha 15-9.
Led by @Sheldon-Silberman and his net 66 (5 points) (Club Championship preview?) the team goes on a tear with every player contributing.
Also getting points were @Steve-Slivken (Net 71) (3 points) @Stan-Hop (Net 73) (5 points) and @Bob-Boufford with 2 points.

This puts us tied for fourth in the league with GreeenHaven at 168 points. 25 points behind Braemar. Braemar hosts this week, so they will get 0 points, but if we have a perfect week, the best we could do is 24. It looks like maybe a top 5 finish in the league is on tap though.

Sr. Metro Team loses 2nd straight

This past Friday, 02August at University, the team took on Oak Marsh and came away short losing 6-18,

@Dean-Penk in a close match (net 74 versus net 73) can only grab 2 points
@Dan-Olson holes out on 18 from the sand to shoot a net 74 and salvage 1 point versus another net 73
@Ted-Roberts shooting another net 74 can get 2 points versus another net 74
@Tom-Bredesen collects 1 point versus a net 71.

Sr. Metro Team drops one.

The team played at Valleywood golf course on Friday, July 26th against a solid Gross team and lost 6-18. This is our 2nd worst defeat of the year only trailing the 5 points we collected at Columbia on May 17.

@Steve-Slivken takes team MVP for the week with a nice net 74 and collects 5 points.
@Dan-Olson comes in with a net 76 but can only collect 1 point in a close match with a net 73.
@Doug-Maday, fighting a back issue, and @Jim-Husnik get shut out.

The team remains in fourth place overall with 147 points. It looks like University and Braemar are running away with it and they took in 22 and 16 respectively.

Sr. Metro Team pulls out narrow win

At Green Haven playing against a tough Wirth team, we pull out a 13-11 win.
@Jim-Sanford shoots a smooth 78 (net 72) and is only able to get 2 points against his opponents same net 72.
@Steve-Slivken Shoots a net 73 and is shut out versus a net 69
@Jim-Husnik shoots a net 71 and brings home 5 points
Anchor @Ted-Roberts also nets a 71 and takes all 6.

The Win moves us up to 4th place overall, just 17 behind the leaders. Again, none of the 3 teams ahead of us have yet to have their bye.

Sr. Metro Team Dominates

Brookview Team wins 23 – 1 versus a vacant team from Keller.
Keller has a hard time fielding a team, and they sent one golfer who had to quit due to an injury.

BMGA’s finest still had to play to win points, and they did.

Metro Sr. Team wilts

The team loses 8-16 to Braemar.
Report from the team playing at Hiawatha was:
The course was in terrible shape.  Greens weren’t mowed, but rolled ok. 
“I still think the course is a cow pasture but the greens were pretty good.”

@Steve-Merriman shot a net 71 and was the leader of the day with 5 points
@Dean-Penk was able to break even with 3 points without his best stuff
Penk split his match with an 80 yr old losing the front by 1 and wearing him down winning the back side and total on the last hole....because they both missed 3 footers...
@Sheldon-Silberman gets shut out from an opponent shooting a net 67
@Randy-Zejdlik also goose egg from his opponent shooting net 69

The loss puts us at Tied for 6th place and now 22 points off the lead.

Metro Sr. Team wins again!

On a windy Friday a well-fought match against a balanced Bunker Hills team at Oak Marsh Golf Course, Brookview prevailed 15-9.
@Tom-Hansen led the charge with a 69 (net 63!) and not only won 6 out of 6 points but also won the Medalist Honors for the day!
@Marty-Mangold has a tough seesaw match but finishes strong on each nine and battles through to capture all 6 points as well.
@Ted-Roberts shoots a nice net 72 against a tough opponent and ties both sides to pull out 3 points hard-won points.
@Richard-Courtney drives well but experiences short-game-amnesia and is crushed by a short-game wizard leaving him with 0 points.

The point total of 15, moves us up one notch in the standings – see attached. we are only 17 points out of first, and of the 6 teams ahead of us, ALL 6 have yet to host – have their bye week and take the 0 point week as we have.
So, I think we are in good shape.