8-Man Senior Team Falls to Columbia

With an undermanned team, the Brookview Senior 8-Man team was defeated by Columbia 8-4.  We missed the regular services of  the always reliable Tom Hansen,  Steve Hartmann, and Forrest Nelson.   Unfortunately Charlie Tsatsos also had a last minute work conflict and could not compete.  I am not sure how many matches were close, but here are the final results.

Mark Kraus and Doug Zuck tied their match 1 1/2- 1 1/2, so obviously that match was close.  I heard from a very reliable source that Mike Deede and Jim Sanford unfortunately did not have the usual stellar games, and they fell 0-3.  Then one of the MVP’s of the season, Perry Jacobson, and his partner Steve Houtz, won their match 2 1/2- 1/2.  I don’t think Perry has lost a match in three years (oops!  Maybe recently at Highland National).   In the final group, Steve Merriman was forced to play as a single for a few holes until Gary Ridout filled the emergency opening on hole #4.   Always the loyal competitor, Gary is rumored to have raced by local sheriffs on his way back from Wadena to get there as soon as he could.   Unfortunately, the story did not end well as they were defeated 0-3.  

Thanks to Mark Kraus for captaining yesterday.  Could be a sign of the future.  Although the weird 2020 Covid 19 season is over for the team, 2021 looks solid as we have a lot of good players.

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