Sifuentes Wins Season Ending BMGA Shootout

@Ramiro-Sifuentes used a deft touch around the greens to capture the season ending BMGA Shootout, edging out second place finisher @Matt-Krasen on the 18th hole.

The results of the qualifying nines holes had players @Forrest-Nelson, @Nick-Ward, @Sheldon- Silberman, @Mark-Lange, @Pete-Steichen, @Stan-Hop, @Dick-Koppy, @Brian-Beitlich, Krasen, and Sifuentes all vying for the coveted championship. Krasen was the low Gross qualifier with a 38, and Silberman was the low Net qualifier with a 32.

Defending champion Ward started out shaky and was eliminated on hole #10. The pond came into play and Nelson was eliminated on hole #11. There was a chip off on #12. After each player had a couple hiccups, Steichen advanced eliminating Silberman. Hole #13 proved too much for Lange as he lost in a chip off to who else – Sifuentes. Most of the players hit great drives on #14, however producing no gross birdies. Hop and Steichen advanced with net birdies, leaving a chip off with the remaining four players. Beitlich was eliminated after all four had nice chips. The final five players standing all received a stroke on #15. Mr. Hop’s net bogie was not good enough to advance and Stan was shown the showers. A couple bad shots on #16 sent Koppy to the sidelines. Other than that, he played solid. Krasen, Steichen and Sifuentes all approached #17 tee box with great confidence. Ramiro pured a shot to the middle of the green, leaving himself a 35 footer. Matt flushed one right on line but came up a little short, leaving a 25 footer. Finally Pete hit one a little heavy, leaving himself a tough pitch shot. He proceeded to knock his second about eight feet from the cup. Ramiro got the crowd excited as he rolled in his long putt for a duece. Not stunned at all, Matt hit his birdie putt with a tidbit too much speed, ramming the back of the hole and popping out. To extend his chances Pete (Clutch) Steichen calmly made his par putt to force a chip off with Krasen. Matt hit a solid chip and Pete couldn’t match it and was eliminated. On #18, Sifuentes, who was getting a stroke, nuked a drive right down the fairway. Krasen powered one through the fairway on the right side. Sifuentes second shot rolled slightly over the green, leaving him a delicate downhill chip. Matt was facing a difficult second, as he had to punch it under some tree limbs and hope to make a birdie. He mishit it – leaving him another chip, which he left eight feet short of the cup. Ramiro proceeded to hit his difficult chip three feet from the hole, made the par putt, and claimed the title.

The following prizes were awarded in the tournament. Low Gross Qualifier – Matt Krasen $25. Low Net Qualifier – Sheldon Silberman $40. 1st Place – Ramiro Sifuentes $85. 2nd Place – Matt Krasen $50. 3rd Place – Pete Steichen $35. 4th Place – Dick Koppy $20. 5th Place – Stan Hop $10.

Much thanks to @Jeff-Towey for overseeing this entire event. Hope you all had a great season.

Calcutta Day 2 – The Finale

On a cold, blustery rainy day, the 2019 BMGA Four-Ball (Calcutta) was won by a team with two relative youngsters and two crafty veterans. The team of @Ben-Peterson, @Marcus-Gahn, @Steve-Couture, and @Larry-Hahka dominated day 2 and won the tournament by a comfortable 5 shots, firing a two-day total of 124-128-252. I’ve never seen four larger smiling faces in my life. Of course, that could be because they pocketed some serious cash. Slightly trailing in second place was the team of @Ramiro-Sifuentes, @Matt-McClernan, @Phil-Berndt, and @Sheldon-Silberman with a two day total of 124-133-257. Finishing in a tie for third place with a total of 263 was the team of @Nick-Ward, @Chuck-Bernardy, @Charlie-Tsatsos, and @Martin-Peyer and the team of @Ryan-Pula, @Steve-Klatt, @Brent-Lindstrom, and @Brent-Nordstrom. The Klatt team actually fought back from day 1 (tied for 7th) to finish in the 3rd place tie. Low round for the day was a 62 turned in by the long hitting @Brad-Jordan and the very competitive @Ted-Roberts. The following prizes were awarded:

1st Place – see above – $80 each and 100 Cup Points, 2nd Place – see above – $47 each and 75 Cup Points, and Third Place tie – see above – $17.50 each and 25 cup Points.

On course prizes day 2- all $10 – CTP #4 – @Steve-Slivken, CTP #8 – Sheldon Silberman, CTP #12 – Brad Jordan, CTP #17 – @Kevin-Monogue, CTP in 2 on #11 – @Forrest-Nelson, and Long Putt on #9 – Matt McClernan.

Calcutta – Day 1

On a cool fall sunny day the first round of the Calcutta was completed. Leading the pack was Team #1 of Krasen, Koppy, Doherty, and Zejdlik with a score of 123. Following close behind with a score of 124 were two teams- Team #7 featuring Peterson, Gahn, Hahka, and Couture…..and Team #8 featuring Sifuentes, McClernan, Silberman, and Berndt. Great scoring all of you. I must say this format can lead to a serious quantity of net birdies. That being said, all teams have a chance to place in the event, but all will have to go low on Sunday. The weather is predicted to be a little damp on Sunday, so that will give some trailing teams the opportunity to step on the gas. Good luck everyone Sunday.

On course prizes on Saturday are as follows. $10 each. CTP #4 – Brent Nordstrom, CTP #8 – Larry Hahka, CTP #12 – Gerry Meier, CTP #17 – Sheldon Silberman, CTP in 2 on #11 – Brad Jordan, Long Putt #9 – Stan Hop

Maday/Steichen Capture 2-Man Match Play Crown

@Doug-Maday and @Pete-Steichen captured the BMGA 2-Man Match Play crown. This according to my undisclosed sources (my favorite new political media term). They defeated the @Dan-Peters/@Larry-Jocelyn team in a match that came down to the 18th hole. According to my sources the Maday/Steichen team was 2 down after 6 holes. They buckled down and won holes 7,8, and 9 to go 1-up. At that point Peters and Jocelyn woke up and won three of the next five holes (10-14) to go 2-up again. Not to be denied, Maday/Steichen won holes 15,16, and 17 to go 1-up again. The two teams halved the 18th hole, allowing Maday/Steichen to win the match 1-up. I am not aware of any match changing shots as my source did not go into shot detail, just the bottom line.

Congrats to the finalists and the team champion, and thanks to all who participated this year.

Hoffman, Payne Roll at President’s Cup

@Howard-Hoffman, our current BMGA president, overcame a shaky start to fire a 5-under par 67, collecting 13 Stableford points and winning the Member Gross flight in addition to the President’s flight. After bogeys on #1 and #4, Hoffman proceeded to play the balance of his round at 7 under par. Yikes!!! Nice playing, Howie! In the Member Gross flight @Kelly-Gallagher shot a respectable 75 (-2 Stableford points) to finish second. In the President’s flight, Matt (Double Eagle) Doherty shot a nice 82 (net 70), collected 12 Stableford points, and finished second. Matt was visibly upset that he did not overtake Howie’s 13 points, and win the coveted title.

@Matt-Payne, a relative newcomer to the BMGA, was unconscious and fired a 79 (net 61), collected 24 Stableford points, and dominated the Member Net flight. Finishing second in the Member Net flight was @Kyle-Johnsrud, who shot a sleek 87 (net 66) for 16 Stableford points.

In the White Net flight, @Mark-Lange shot a net 69, collected 11 Stableford points and finished first. @Sheldon-Silberman (net 1 on #4) finished second.

Here are the prize winners: Member Gross flight – 1st Place Howie Hoffman – $55, 2nd Place Kelly Gallagher – $20. White Net flight – 1st Place Mark Lange – $55, 2nd Place Sheldon Silberman – $20. Member Net flight – 1st Place Matt Payne – $70, 2nd Place Kyle Johnsrud $50, Third Place @Matt-Doherty – $40, Fourth Place @Craig-Wethington – $30, Fifth Place Tie @Tory-Stellick and @Darin-Allen – $15 each. President’s flight – 1st Place Howie Hoffman – $55, 2nd Place Matt Doherty – $20. Hole prize winners ($10 each) – CTP #4 @Martin-Peyer, CTP #8 @Kirk-Williams, CTP #12 @Nick-Hendrickson, CTP #17 @Matt-McClernan.

Unofficial (99% official) Net Skin Winners – $37 each. Matt Payne (eagle on #1), Craig Wethington (eagle on #14), @Doug-Diedrich (eagle on #3), Sheldon Silberman (eagle on #4), and Kelly Gallagher (eagle on #2). Any questions on skins, please direct to @Dick-Koppy.

Hoffman Defends Club Championship Title

On a damp but scoring friendly weekend, @Howard-Hoffman defended his title as the BMGA Club Champion with a even par score of 74-70- 144 total. He held off @Kelly-Gallagher, @Matt-Krasen, and @Dave-Supalla who shared second place with a two day score of 147.

The First Flight was won by favorite @Ryan-Pula, who fired a score of 82-80- 162. @Greg-Mauser finished second with a score of 166. @Jeff-Towey and @Brian-Beitlich finished in a tie for third at 169.

The Second Flight was won by @Nick-Ward, who fired his best score ever Sunday with an 80. His total was 87-80- 167. A second place tie went to @Dean-Penk and @Craig-Wethington at 168, and fourth place was secured by @Roger-Hamm at 171.

Finally, first place in the tight Third Flight was shared by @Matt-McClernan and @Sheldon-Silberman with a net score of 139. Third place went to @Dan-Gregorich with a net score of 140, and fourth place to @Matt-Payne with a net score of 141.

Congratulations to all the winners and place finishers. Here are payouts including on course prizes:

Championship Flight – Hoffman-$120, Krasen, Gallagher, and Supalla -$60 each. First Flight – Pula-$120, Mauser-$90, Beitlich and Towey-$45 each. Second Flight – Ward-$120, Penk and Wethington-$75 each, Hamm-$30. Third Flight – McClernan and Silberman-$105 each, Gregorich-$60, and Payne-$30.

Saturday On Course Winners: CTP #4 -Gallagher, CTP #8 -Hop, CTP #12 -Towey, CTP #17 -Lange, CTP in 2 on #11 -Hop, Long Putt on #9 -Bernardy.

Sunday On Course Winners: CTP #4 -Hoffman, CTP #8 -Supalla, CTP #12 -Doherty, CTP #17 -Ward, CTP in 2 on #11 -Supalla, Long Putt on #9-Pauquette.

Jacobson Wins Second Senior Club Championship Title

@Perry-Jacobson won his second Senior Club Championship title with a solid score of 76-76- 152 total. The tall veteran played well from tee to green and putted nicely, especially Sunday. He outdistanced second place finisher @Charlie-Tsatsos, who rejoined the BMGA this year after a few years of absence. Charlie fired a solid 78-78- 156. Finishing third was the always competitive @Forrest-Nelson, who shot a respectable 78-79- 157.

The First Flight was tightly contested with @Dean-Penk coming out on top with a score of 80-88- 168. Second place went to @Dick-Koppy, who finished strong with a score of 89-80- 169. And finishing third was @Roger-Hamm, who played consistent over the weekend with a score of 85-86- 171.

The Second Flight was won by @Sheldon-Silberman with a net score of 67-72- 139. Second place went to @Jeff-Olson with a net score of 70-73- 143, and third place went to @Ted-Roberts with a net score of 71-74- 145.

Congratulations to all the champions and place winners. Here are the payouts and on course prize winners.

Championship Flight – Jacobson -$85, Tsatsos -$50, Nelson -$33. First Flight – Penk – $85, Koppy -$50, Hamm -$33. Second Flight -Silberman -$85, Jeff Olson -$50, Roberts -$33.

Saturday on Course Winners – CTP #4 – Houtz, CTP #8 – Hop, CTP #12 -Tsatsos, CTP #17 -Hamm, CTP in 2 on #5 -Jacobson, Long Putt on #18 – Void (only name on card not a senior).

Sunday on Course Winners – CTP #4 – Maday, CTP #8 -Jocelyn, CTP #12 -Koppy, CTP #17 -Jacobson, CTP in 2 on #5 -Silberman, Long Putt on #18 -Tsatsos.

Silberman Wins Super Senior Title

Although a small field, @Sheldon-Silberman won a tightly contested, exciting Super Senior Championship with a one day net score of 69. He was followed by @Doug-Paquette net 70, and net scores of 71 by @Jim-Husnik and @Bob-Boufford. As a side note, Sheldon won enough in the tournaments this weekend to buy everyone a beer with his chits, and have plenty leftover. The payout for this tournament was $48, all to Sheldon. Congratulations!

Senior 8-Man Team Ends Season With Loss

The Brookview Senior 8-Man season came to an abrupt end Tuesday with a disappointing 7-5 loss at Meadowbrook. To Meadowbrook’s credit, their captain scrambled to find eight players, but two of them were a couple of Clydesdale’s, each carrying a 1.7 handicap and current Meadowbrook club champions. We gave it our best, but we either couldn’t match the abundance of their birdies or gave away holes to par. We had a nice season, finishing 2-3-1 in the tough “A” division. With incoming youngsters (55+) for next year, we should only improve on that record. Looking forward to a Division championship next year.

BMGA 2-Man Scramble Results

On beautiful Saturday morning the BMGA boys had a great time in the inaugural 2-man Scramble. We had a full field of lower, mid, and higher handicap players. Even if you didn’t finish in the money, hopefully you enjoyed the day (and format), had a couple drinks, and maybe a bite to eat. Thank you so much for participating! Here are the results:

Gross Division – $45.00 each – 1st Place Tie @ 67- Krasen/Gallagher, Hartmann/Nelson, Slivken/Hansen. $25.00 each – 4th Place @ 68 – Ward/Egan

Net Division – $55.00 each – 1st Place @ 62- Meier/Allen. $40.00 each – Tie 2nd Place @ 63 – Ward/Egan, Slivken/Hansen. $5.00 each – Tie 4th Place @ 64 – Bernardy/Hop, Johnsrud/Monogue, Krasen/Gallagher, Grove/Grove, Nelson/Hartmann

Hole Prize Winners – $10 each – CTP #4 – Pula, CTP #8 – Hartmann, CTP #12 – Larson, CTP #17 – Pula, CTP in 2 #5 – Nelson, CTP in 2 #11 – Towey, Long Putt #7 – Ward, Long Drive #16 – Krasen

Again, thanks so much for playing and please enter the 2-day Club Championships to be held August 10th-11th.