Metro Seniors League Concludes It’s Season

The Metro Senior League concluded it’s season at Oak Marsh Friday, 9/4. The team from Fountain Valley edged the team from University to claim the season long title and display the winner’s trophy until next year.

The BMGA sponsored two teams in the league. The Valley team, captained by Steve Slivken, finished in 7th place (1 point out of 6th and 2 points out of 5th) in the sixteen team league. On Friday Tom Hansen continued his stellar play, shooting a 74 (net 70) to win his match 6-0. Steve Slivken crawled to the finish with an 87 (net 76) to tie his match 3-3. Marty Mangold also shot an 87 (net 75) to tie his match 3-3. Gary Ridout didn’t have his usual power game and fell 0-6. In total the Valley team tied it’s match 12-12.

The Golden team, captained by Roger Hamm, continued to improve and won it’s match 14-10. Doug Paquette shot an 88 (net 71) to win his match 4-2. Ted Roberts blistered the course with an 83 (net 66) and dominated his match 6-0. Doug Diedrich shot a 94 (net 75) to win his match 4-2. Richard Courtney fell a little short in a close match an lost his match 0-6. The Golden team finished it’s season in 11th place (3 points out of 10th).

We were blessed this season to enjoy great weather every match. It was a fun season. Many thanks to Skip Schultz from the University team for overseeing the league. Also much thanks to Roger Hamm for creating and maintaining the new website. To see the final standings and learn more about the Metro Senior League, please go to

Brookview Senior Metro Teams Post Two Victories

On a beautiful day at the Les Bolstad golf course at the U of M the Brookview Metro Senior teams each won their match. The Golden team defeated the first place team from Columbia 16-8. In a weird kind of result, the Golden team was led by their captain Roger Hamm (89 net 75), Ted Roberts (89 net 76) and Doug Paquette (84 net 71). Together they amassed 16 out of a possible 18 points. The odd score was that of their “A” player, Ramiro Sifuentes. Ramiro fired a 78 net 68, competed against an 80 net 68, and lost all six points. How does that happen? Could it be rigged? Go figure!

The Valley team defeated the team from Greenhaven 13-11. The team was led by the outstanding performance of Steve Shellenbaum (84 net 68) and their captain Steve Slivken (85 net 74). Dan Olson (94 net 80) squeezed the team’s remaining two points in his match on the last hole. Sheldon Silberman (97 net 84) did not have his usual consistent game and failed to register a point.

Currently the Valley team is in eighth place (but only four points out of fifth place). The Golden team is on a roll and, after a slow start to the season, is now in eleventh place. For full results and standings go to the website

Brookview Metro Senior Teams Win One, Lose One

The Brookview Metro Senior teams won one and lost one at the event held at Gross National Friday, 8/7.

The Valley team was victorious in defeating a team from Como 15-9. All players chipped in with points to secure the win. Steve Slivken (81/ net 70) won five points. Jim Sanford (81/net 73) and Stan Hop (86/net 70) won 4 points each. Steve Shellenbaum (87/net 70) played well, but ran into a high handicapper and secured the final 2 points. Nice win!!!

The Golden team was defeated by the team from Daytona 9-15. Roger Hamm continued his solid play by firing an 84/net 69 to secure 6 points. Bob Boufford (93/net 74) battled and won 2 points. Playing from the short tees (according to my records), Doug Deidrich (94/net 80) was not his usual self and failed to gain a point. Richard Courtney, again short tees, secured one point by shooting a 100/net 81.

The next match will be held at Braemar. Should be interesting. Currently the Valley team sits in 7th place in the 16 team field. The Golden remains in 13th place. For complete results and to find out more about the Metro Seniors League, please go to

Metro Senior Teams have a Tough Day at Valleywood

The two Brookview Metro Senior teams had a tough day at Valleywood Friday. It was hot and muggy. Thank goodness for a little breeze.

The Valley team, which garnered ten points, was led by Tom Hansen and Dan Olson. Olson played well and won his match 6-0. Hansen tied for the low score of the day, firing a 77 and won 4-2. But then, something happened. Marty Mangold must have been ailing, lost his mojo, and was defeated 0-6. Randy Zejdlik’s back must still be ailing as he too was defeated 0-6.

The Golden team, which secured eight points, was led by their captain, Roger Hamm, who shot a 93 (net 78), to win his match 5-1. Ramiro Sifuentes also played well (84, net 74) but lost his match 2-4. Doug Maday did not have his usual stellar day and was defeated 1-5. And Chuck Bernardy slipped a little (he’s having a great season) and lost his match 0-6.

Currently, in the sixteen team field, the Valley team is in 7th place and the Golden team is in 14th place. This Friday the Valley team hosts the event at Brookview. Hopefully both teams can take advantage of their home course.

8-Man Senior Team Falls to Columbia

With an undermanned team, the Brookview Senior 8-Man team was defeated by Columbia 8-4.  We missed the regular services of  the always reliable Tom Hansen,  Steve Hartmann, and Forrest Nelson.   Unfortunately Charlie Tsatsos also had a last minute work conflict and could not compete.  I am not sure how many matches were close, but here are the final results.

Mark Kraus and Doug Zuck tied their match 1 1/2- 1 1/2, so obviously that match was close.  I heard from a very reliable source that Mike Deede and Jim Sanford unfortunately did not have the usual stellar games, and they fell 0-3.  Then one of the MVP’s of the season, Perry Jacobson, and his partner Steve Houtz, won their match 2 1/2- 1/2.  I don’t think Perry has lost a match in three years (oops!  Maybe recently at Highland National).   In the final group, Steve Merriman was forced to play as a single for a few holes until Gary Ridout filled the emergency opening on hole #4.   Always the loyal competitor, Gary is rumored to have raced by local sheriffs on his way back from Wadena to get there as soon as he could.   Unfortunately, the story did not end well as they were defeated 0-3.  

Thanks to Mark Kraus for captaining yesterday.  Could be a sign of the future.  Although the weird 2020 Covid 19 season is over for the team, 2021 looks solid as we have a lot of good players.

Both Metro Senior Teams Salvage Ties at Daytona

Both Brookview teams earned 12-12 ties in their Metro Senior team matches at Daytona.  The Brookview Valley team was led by Steve Shellenbaum’s smooth 89 (with a 17 handicap) to win his match 6-0.  Jim Sanford came from behind to tie his match 3-3.  Sheldon Silberman fought hard in his 4-2 defeat, while Steve Slivken’s marginal game at best earned his team 1 point in his 5-1 defeat. 

The Brookview Golden team was led by Doug Diedrich’s outstanding 89 (with a 21 handicap) to dominate his match in a 6-0 win.  Ted Roberts continued his winning ways with a 4-2 victory.  Chuck Bernardy ran into an old veteran from Hiawatha, played well on the back nine in his 4-2 loss, while Richard Courtney came up short in his 6-0 defeat.

Currently the Valley team is in 8th place in the 16 team field, while the Golden team is in 13th place. 

Complete standings and results can be found at

Brookview Senior 8-Man Team Defeated at Highland

Well, what can I say.  Tuesday Highland National defeated  our Brookview boys at Highland 8-4.  They simply played better than we did.  In Group #1, Hansen / Nestvold (Yes Nestvold ) won their match 2-1.  Due to his company on break, Tom was able to play.  Then last minute sub Slivken / Merriman were defeated by the score of 2 1/2-1/2.  In their match, old Brookview member and former President Bill Alexander played well for Highland ( I think he should be jailed as a traitor).  In Group #3, Jacobson / Kraus were on their way to victory but were snake bit the final two holes and tied their match 1 1/2- 1 1/2.  In the final match Hartmann / Deede took an early lead but fell 3-0 to a couple of sneaky old veterans.

Next regular season match is Tuesday, July 21st.

Brookview Teams Split at Metro Seniors

The two Brookview teams competing in the Metro Seniors League split their matches Friday at Hiawatha. Led by Randy Zejdlik’s 6 points, the Valley team amassed 17 points out of a possible 24. In addition members Steve Slivken, Gary Ridout, and Steve Shellenbaum all coolected points to contribute to the victory.

Brookview’s Golden team continued it’s struggles, collecting 9 out of the 24 possible points. The team played really well, which included the following net scores: Steve Merriman 72, Pete Steichen 68, Chuck Bernardy 77, and Richard Courtney 66. They just played against some really hot players.

This week the two teams go head to head at Fountain Valley. Rumors of a massive wager between the captains are floating around.

Results and current team standings can be found at

Brookview Senior 8-Man Team Victorious

The Brookview 8-Man Senior team had some close matches, but pulled out an 8-4 victory against Emerald Greens on Tuesday.  Led by the initial pairing of Tom Hansen /  Perry Jacobson, Brookview jumped out to a 3-0 lead.  Ham and eggs was their meal for the day.  The next group of Steve Slivken / Mark Kraus did not produce their best games, battled to the final hole on each side, but and fell 3-0.  The third group of Doug Zuck / Steve Houtz fell behind early but charged to a 2 1/2 – 1/2 victory.  It came down to the final match.   The anchor team of Steve Hartmann / Charlie Tsatsos finished the job with a close 2 1/2 – 1/2 win.  Congrats everyone!

Currently the standings in our division are,  1.  Braemar  2-0,  2.  Columbia  1-0-1,  T3.  Brookview  1-1,  Emerald Greens  1-1,  5.  Meadowbrook 0-1-1,  and 6.  Highland National  0-2.

Our next match is at Highland National Tuesday, July 7th.  9:00 starting tee times.

Metro Seniors Tumble at Brookview

Yesterday the Metro Seniors played at Brookview as Roger’s Brookview Golden team hosted the event.  It was a beautiful morning and, of course, Roger had everything well organized.  The Brookview Valley team, led by Stan Hop and Gary Ridout, managed to salvage 12 points of the 24 points possible.  Gary and Stan each squeaked out victories, Gary accumulating six points and Stan five points.  Randy Zejdlik was dealing with a shoulder injury but still manged to gain Valley’s final point.  Jim Sanford lost an up and down match to his opponent as he couldn’t quite get across the finish line.  

Roger’s Golden team didn’t quite fair so well.  The team managed to gain six of the possible twenty-four points.  But their time will come.  In the “A” match, Steve Merriman played well, but ran into a buzz saw in Skip Schultz.  Skip was co-medalist yesterday, firing a 75.  Doug Diedrich played to his handicap and gained five points.  Nice playing Doug.  Richard Courtney salvaged a point and Ted Roberts played ok, but again played against a very good opponent.

In the sixteen team field, currently the Valley team is in sixth place and the Golden team is in fifteenth place. Follow the action all season long at Weekly results and weekly standings are online there.