Week 11 Results

It felt like Fall Last Wednesday night? There wasn’t a lot of movement in the standings besides Hack Attack reclaiming the lead in their division over Putt four Dough. Foreplay had a dominating performance scoring 49 points, but were a half point off from claiming the top winning team.

Week 11 Team Winners Who’s Your Caddy $10 Each: Stan Hop, Steve Shellenbaum, Brent Lindstrom, Greg Larson, Chuck Bernardy, Doug Paquette, Steve Couture, Michael Manion

Low Net $10 Ward Eames 31

Low Gross $10 Dave Supalla 34

Skins Front $25 Each: Bill Wallace 3 on #7, Bill Guthrie 4 on #1

Skins Back $10 Each: Ward Eames 4 on #15, Mick Krause 4 on #13, Tom Scheuneman 5 on #16, Dan Kjorsvik 3 on #14, Brent Lindstrom 3 on #11

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