Make up Week 1 Results

OK it went better than I thought. The front side played faster so good job to all those guys. Please play ready golf this week. We lost even more sunlight so this will be a huge challenge if we can get it done. We are making up August 12th this week and we are moving up the tee times to 10 minutes earlier.

We have some tight races going so Please don’t have any forfeits this week.

Week 1 Team Winners $10 Each “Pin Seekers” aka BROOKY STRONG: Dan Klein, Steve Benson, Mike Gomez, Jeff Martin, Craig Wethington, Jeremy Host, Ben Peterson, and Paul Carlson.

Low Net $5 Each: Matt Payne and Kevin Monogue (31)

Low Gross $5 Each: Alan Johnson and Jeff Wagner (36)

Front Skins $12.50 Each: Mr. Double Eagle Matt Doherty 3 on #7, Steve Binenstock 2 on #4, Paul Carlson 3 on #1, Nick Hendrickson 4 on #3.

Back Skins $10 Each: Howie Hoffman 3 on #15, Ted Roberts 2 on #12, Kevin Monogue 3 on #10, Alan Johnson 3 on #16, Dan Anderson 2 on #17

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