Bald Man Brewery Triumphs in the Closest Match in Championship History!

Well it was a night to remember for both teams. The matches were up and down, but in the end every 1/2 point counted. It seems like we forget on how slow this match is compared to the regular season. 6pm after 2 hours of play some of the groups only had 7 holes completed. We had to stop play for lighting at 6:00pm which had to be another first for the Championship. 6:30 we got them back on the course and honestly I still think the fading sun didn’t speed them up. I was lucky enough to watch Luke Fox chip in on 8 from 30 yards out for his par to tie the hole. Crazy that one shot could decide the fate of a whole season. Once we realized the tie was inevitable we went to the 3 captains choice tie breakers that were announced to me only before the match. Bald Man won 16.5 to 15.5… It doesn’t get any closer and hats off to Who’s your Caddy for another spectacular season.

Thanks guys for another great year and thank goodness we had golf league to look forward to this Summer in our very first World Pandemic. Well most of us, Emmy Yates might have been thru a couple more. No banquet this year so the last event will be the shootout that is an invitation only, but you can come and watch.

One last thing if your interested in joining the board or perhaps you would like to Captain your own team into history contact Howie Hoffman, myself or any of the board members.

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