Metro Senior League teams have mixed results at Green Haven – Big match next week!

The Brookview Golden team took on their second place rivals – the University Team at Greenhaven Golf Club on July 16th. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep pace losing 10-14 allowing the University team to move back into first place by 2 points. The Valley team had a positive day winning 17 points from Chomonix who only brought two players. The win keeps the Valley team in the same place (6th) in the standings but only 3 points out of third place. The Valley teams trails the Golden team by 16 points setting up an important head-to-head match next week at Valleywood.

With two missing opponents for the Valley team, @Marty-Mangold and @Richard-Courtney were “playing the card” meaning they had to win one more hole than they lost (to net par) on each nine and the match (with an adjusted handicap.) Marty got all six points playing from the short tees but Richard got tripped up on the front nine with a tie – just too many double bogeys. He came back strong on the back to win 5 points for the match. @Jim-Husnik had a strong game with a net 71 vs a net 69 to win all 6 points. But @Ted-Roberts got skunked losing to a net 72.   

Golden captain @Roger-Hamm shot a nice net 71 but could only tie the front nine for 1 point against a net 68. Roger seems to have his competition playing their best against him! @Ramiro-Sifuentes did not fair much better getting only 2 points shooting a net 76 vs a net 73. Some pretty good golf – just not going the way the team wanted in a first place match. @Doug-Paquette also shot a net 71 wining the front and the match for four points while @Doug-Diedrich lost the front nine and came back strong to win the back and tie the match for 3 points with both players shooting a net 75.

So the big question for the week: Should the Valley team take a sucker punch for the Golden team to score big and vault into first place? Not a chance – expect this week’s match at Valleywood to be very competitive. Bragging rights between the teams!
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