Metro Seniors Wrap Regular Season

Metro Seniors finished up the season with the Valley team hosting at Brookview for the finale, with starter extraordinaire Steve Slivken.

The Golden team, languishing in 8th place took on 3rd place Daytona. As in years past, Roger Hamm took on the Daytona captain, long-time friend and former boss from 35 years ago, Don Cross. Roger spotted Don the front 9, losing 2 down but came back to win the back 9 and the match with the final putt, taking 4 points. Doug Paquette, with a field promotion to B player after is solo 4&3 win in 2 man match play also took home 4 points winning the front in run-away fashion and hanging onto the match at the end. Doug Diedrich took home 2 points on the front 9 but couldn’t hold the lead and Ward Eames struggled a bit versus a solid opponent and was swept. The 10-14 loss leaves Golden in 8th place. They will play 7th place Columbia in the playoff round at Oak Marsh.

The host team, Valley continued their winning ways scratching out a 13-11 win over 2nd place Braemar enough to put them in solo 4th for the playoff round. They will take on 3rd place Daytona at Oak Marsh. Valley trails Daytona by 9 for the season. Ramiro Sifuentes, while walking to the gold tees on #1 was heard to say “I’m playing the golds and only giving 1 shot – if I lose I am quitting golf”. Ramiro shot a net 78 and split his match by virtue of a par on 18. Dean Penk shot a nice net 73 and was able to gain 4 points in the process. Jim Husnik, the rock star, posted a nice net 75 and swept his opponent for 6 points. Ted Roberts also posted a net 75, but ran into a buzz saw and was swept.

As noted next week is the sole playoff week (at Oak Marsh where Ramiro and Roger just won in the Sr MPGA Publinks) where each team plays the one closest to them in the standings. Right now, the top 8 are:

  1. University (207)
  2. Braemar (184)
  3. Daytona (177)
  4. Brookview Valley (168)
  5. Fountain Valley (165)
  6. Wirth (164)
  7. Columbia (157)
  8. Brookview Golden (150)

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Seniors win their matches

Both of the BMGA Metro Senior teams won their matches 14-10 at Como golf course in the Metro Seniors golf league. Valley achieved 4th place – now 8 points behind 3rd and Golden held on to 8th place – only 15 behind Valley.

@Steve-Shellenbaum led the way for the Golden Team with a nice net 71 and a sweep for 6 points. @Dan-Olson also shot a net 71 but could only manage 1 point with a tie on the back nine. @Doug-Paquette shot a net 72 with a 49 on the front but came back strong on the back with a 40 to win the back for 2 points. @Doug-Diedrich didn’t have that good a round but neither did his opponent leading to a 5 point win for Doug. Golden wins over Columbia 14-10.

Playing the home team, Como, the Valley Team continued their winning ways scratching out a 14-10 win – enough to move up from 6th place to a tie for 4th.  @Marty-Mangold shot a great net 72 along with a resurgent @Randy-Zjedlik with a net 71, each gaining a 6 point sweep. @Chuck-Bernardy hung in there but fell just short on the 9th and 18th holes and settled for a single point. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman (net 83!) went off the rails on several holes but squeaked out a tie on the back winning the final two holes. “With my opponent only 65 yards out, I had to go for it on 18 and luckily I bounced over the creek in the front of the green from 180 yards out. I never should have taken that shot!”

Next week Valley hosts the league at Brookview where the the new irrigation system is all but done and all holes should be fully in play. Golden takes on 3rd place Daytona and Valley plays the 2nd place Braemar.  There are a lot marbles on the table! This will be the last regular week of the season with position playoffs the following week.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Senior teams looking good

Both of the BMGA Metro Senior teams descended on Valleywood in hopes of gaining ground in the last few weeks of the season. Even though some changes have been made to the course and many trees have been removed resulting in stumps and wood chips, our boys had a pretty good day.

The Golden Team slammed last place Gross (who only brought two players) taking 22 of the possible 24 points and jumping up in the standings from 11th to 8th place. @Dan-Olson (net 69) and @Gary-Ridout (net 69) took 6 points each. Captain @Roger-Hamm (net 73) and @Ward-Eames (net 76) both took 5 points.

According to Dan Olson: “The most noteworthy thing that happened was hole 7 (par 3); I almost aced it, ending up 4 feet past the hole.  My opponent is on the green maybe 50 feet away.  Ward is over the green, nearly in the hazard.  So Ward chips in for birdie; John makes a 50 foot putt for birdie, leaving me with a tricky 4 foot putt.  But I made it!  All 3 of us birdied the hole!”

Valley Team continued their winning ways with a solid 17-7 win over Green Haven.  Both @Ramiro-Sifuentes  and @Dean-Penk shot 37 on the front nine. Dean was up 3 at the turn but Ramiro gave 2 strokes to his opponent and pushed for a tie on the front. Dean kept the petal to the metal and shot a 39 on the back for a net 64 and took all 6 points. Ramiro shot a nice 40 on the back for a net 68 and won the back and the match for 5 points. @Richard-Courtney bounced back from last week and took 5 points tying the back nine by winning the last three holes for a net 71. @Jim-Husnik shot a net 68 but could only scratch out a tie on the front nine for 1 point. Even with 17 points gained the team dropped from 5th to 6th in the league but only 1 point behind the two teams tied for 4th and 4 points out of 3rd.

Next week we play at Como where Golden takes on 7th place Columbia and Valley plays the 13th place host team.  Two weeks to go and we are moving up!

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Senior Valley team rebounds but Golden is crushed

After a week off to lick their wounds from a resounding loss the week before Independence Day the two Brookview Metro Senior league teams took up the battle at Daytona golf club. There was good … and there was bad.

Valley Team rebounded from a stunning 2 points two weeks ago to capture a 20-4 win this week against 2nd place Wirth. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman and playing partner @Larry-Larson each took all 6 match points to lead the team. Larry went to the last hole on both the Front and the back with a 1 shot lead and won both holes for the match, shooting a nifty net 72. Sheldon was able to get up 2 with two to play on both the front and the back and glide to victory while giving up 7 strokes and shooting a net 74. @Chuck-Bernardy shot a net 76 taking the front up 2 and tying the back to get 5 points. @Steve-Slivken shot a 39 on the front but lost the magic on the back and came away with only 3 points.

The Golden Team went the other way, losing 4-20 against the previously 3rd place Braemer. @Gary-Scharmer was the big winner with 2 points with a net 75 while @Stan-Hop and @Steve-Shellenbaum could only muster 1 point each. Stan tied the back nine with a net 74 and Steve tied the front nine but couldn’t keep up as his opponent shot a 39 on the back. @Doug-Diedrich was skunked with his opponent shooting a net 70. Captain @Roger-Hamm is ready to pull himself from the lineup as he has calculated his +/- at -30 for the season so far. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have many choices!

Valley is in the 7th spot with 110 points (30 points out of first but only 9 points out of 4th). Golden slipped to 11th with 90.

Next week we play at Greenhaven where Golden takes on 12th place Hiawatha and Valley plays 6th place Fountain Valley. We need a strong finish to get into the top five with both teams.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Brookview Metro Senior teams hold steady against the field

After a few years of no league play, Columbia hosted this weeks Metro Seniors golf league. Having closed several holes for some public works construction, the course is back and in great shape. Everyone reported the greens were in great shape and the weather couldn’t have been better.

The Valley team won their match 16-8 over 9th place Bunker Hills. Both @Marty-Mangold and @Larry-Larson garnered all six points in their matches – Marty with a net 69 and Larry with a net 74. @Ted-Roberts shot a 37 (net 30!) on the front with two birdies to take 2 points but couldn’t beat his opponent’s 41 (net 34) on the back. @Ramiro-Sifuentes came out hot shooting a 38 on the front to get the first two points but fell flat on the back loosing the nine and the match. (Rumor has it he was anxious to make his massage appointment downtown and the match was dragging along and he lost focus!)  The 16 points won by Valley were the second most of any team this week – competition has tightened up between the teams with almost half the teams ending in tie matches.

The Golden Team couldn’t repeat their magic from last week losing 9-15 to Greenhaven.  @Curtis-Medina led the team getting all 6 points with steady play over a struggling opponent. @Doug-Diedrich had a great front nine wining the last 5 holes to take the first 2 points. Unfortunately, his opponent woke up on the back and won the first six holes for the match and and 4 points. @Mark-Steinhauser tied his opponent on the front to take 1 point. His opponent beat him by one stroke on the back. Unfortunately @Forrest-Nelson shot a decent net 74 but gave 5 strokes to a guy who shot a net 68! Forest was blanked.

Half way through the season, Valley is still in 6th place, only 2 points out of 5th and 6 points out of 4th. Golden dropped to 8th, only 9 points behind Valley.

Next week we play at Fountain Valley where Golden takes on 12th place Valleywood and Valley plays 13th place Hiawatha. This should be a chance to make a move back towards the top for both teams.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Senior Teams suffer a set-back at Les Bolstad in Week 4

It was a big match for the Golden Team going up against the second place host U of M team and needing to only beat them by more than two points to pass them in standings. It was not to be. The U of M clobbered our Golden team 23-1. Three players were shut out and only @Curt-Medina was able to squeak out 1 point with a tie on the front nine, getting creamed when his opponent came to life and shot a net 35 on the back. Captain @Roger-Hamm shot a respectable net 74 while his opponent and league captain and medalist for the day, Skip Schultz shot a gross 74, net 72. @Dan-Olson got a stroke on half the holes but lost each side by one hole, getting skunked. @Emmy-Yates had a tough round and was unable to win a hole.

The Valley team posted a 9-15 loss against Daytona with @Marty-Mangold leading the way shooting a consistent 84, net 74, winning the front and the match but tying the back for a total of 5 points when his 18 handicap opponent posted a birdie on the second to last hole. @Ramiro-Sifuentes got back to his winning ways with a net 74 shooting a 39 on the front getting enough holes to win the front and the match for 4 points. Unfortunately, @Steve-Slivken and @Dean-Penk were both shut out.

Golden dropped into a 7th place tie with Valley. Next week is off for Memorial Day. In two weeks on June 3, the Golden team hosts the league at Brookview. Their opponent will be 1st place and neighbor Theodor Wirth. The Valley team plays 13th place Valleywood.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Brookview Metro Senior teams both win at Hiawatha

Some expected the Hiawatha course to be submerged after the week of severe weather but both Brookview teams came to play no matter what the conditions. After all, we’re used to a little water! Both teams had successful days with the Golden Team clobbering Bunker Hills 17-7 and the Valley team posting a 15-9 win over Columbia. 

@Steve-Shellenbaum (Golden team) shot a career round with a gross 77, net 64! He got a gross eagle on the par 5-10th hole! Not to be outdone, @Dan-Olson shot a gross eagle with a 2 on the par 4-17th hole. Both Steve and Dan swept all six points in their matches. @Dan-Peters had a rough front nine and managed a tie but finished strong with a 45 and took the back and the match for 5 points. Things didn’t work out as well for @Gary-Scharmer as he gave his opponent 8 strokes who proceeded to shoot a net 69. Gary was shut out on points. The Golden team moved up to third place in the league, only 6 points out of 1st place. Next week the team plays the host University Club whom they trail by 2 points.

For the Valley team, @Steve-Slivken had a very uneven match – his opponent started strong getting up 2 early on the front and building a +5 lead through 9 holes. Steve came roaring back to go +4 on the back but couldn’t quite get the match.  @Chuck-Bernardy ran into a net 71 but still managed to win the back and tie the match for 3 points. @Ted-Roberts shot a nice net 73 and won the back and the match for 4 points. But it was @Richard-Courtney that carried the team with a net 73 and taking all six points giving the team an 15-9 win good for 7th place in the standings. The Valley team plays 5th place Daytona next week at the University Club.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Seniors kick-off First Week in Tough Conditions

The Metro Seniors league is made up of 14 teams from around the Twin Cities metro area. The BMGA sponsors two of the teams – The Golden team captained by @Roger-Hamm and the Valley team captained by @Sheldon-Silberman. Weekly, 18-hole match play competition is on Friday mornings with each team hosting a match through the season. For more info on the league visit the Metro Seniors web site.

The first week was hosted by Gross National on what passes for a spring day this year – at least it didn’t rain! With temps in the 40’s all golfers were layered up to defeat the cold and the wind. The course was in good early spring conditions and the new #3 green is a good improvement – still a tough hole uphill into the wind, however!

The Golden team played the University team (last years champion’s) and nearly managed a split. In a block-buster trade over the winter, the Valley team picked up @Ramiro-Sifuentes from the Golden team and Ramiro went out and took all 6 points in the A match with a slick net 74. In the B match @Steve-Slivken squeaked a win on the front nine but lost the match on 18 to gain only 2 points on the day. @Chuck-Bernardy had a solid round but couldn’t catch a break and was shut out in the C match and captain @Sheldon-Silberman split the D match for 3 points with a decent net 75 including a chip-in birdie. The end result was an 11-13 loss good for 7th place in the standings.

@Stan-Hop and @Dan-Olson both swept their matches for the Golden squad winning all 6 points each. Metro Senior rookie @Mark-Steinhauser had a tough day in the cold and wind and got blanked but fellow rookie @Gary-Scharmer had a more productive day matching his opponent all the way for a 3 point split. The team total of 15 points was enough to land in 4th place, only 5 points behind the leaders. 

The league matches continue next week at Bunker Hills where the two Brookview teams play head-to-head.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

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Metro Senior League advances to final week with Brookview teams in the #2 and #4 slots

In the second hosting this season for the league at Brookview, both teams played well enough to retain their positions in the standings. With a week to go in the regular season, the Golden team remains in second place with a 14-10 win over Wirth, 21 points behind the U and and 12 points above their nearest pursuer, Braemar. With even a moderate showing next week, it seems like the Golden team will head into the playoffs in second place.

The Valley team, tied #3 Braemar 12-12 to hold on to 4th place. In a much more tenuous position in the standings, they need a solid showing next week as their nearest pursuers, Wirth at only 1 point down and Green Haven only 7 points down, could jump up. With a moderate showing they should remain in at least the top 6. Your Brookview teams are representing us well across the metro!

@Stan-Hop was the star of the day for the Golden squad winning all 6 points even though he gave 8 strokes to his opponent. @Ramiro-Sifuentes also gave 8 strokes to his opponent but only collected 5 points with a net 72. @Gary-Ridout gave up 9 strokes but his net 80 was only good enough to win the back 9 and 2 points for the team. @Doug-Diedrich was called away from the course after gaining a tie and one point on the front nine.

The Valley team’s 12-12 split was led by captain @Sheldon-Silberman with a 6 point win with a net 76 but good enough to beat his struggling opponent. @Marty-Mangold shoots a net 70 on his first time on the gold tees blowing away the Braemer team captain for 6 points. Neither @Chuck-Bernardy nor @Dean-Penk had a good day with net 78 and net 83, respectively. Both were skunked after reasonably good starts on the front.  

The regular season finishes next week at Braemer with the playoffs a week later at Oak Marsh, a shot-gun start with head-to-head play for final positions. If everything breaks in our favor over the next two weeks, we could be in 1st and 3rd place at the end!

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To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

Metro Senior League teams have mixed results at Green Haven – Big match next week!

The Brookview Golden team took on their second place rivals – the University Team at Greenhaven Golf Club on July 16th. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep pace losing 10-14 allowing the University team to move back into first place by 2 points. The Valley team had a positive day winning 17 points from Chomonix who only brought two players. The win keeps the Valley team in the same place (6th) in the standings but only 3 points out of third place. The Valley teams trails the Golden team by 16 points setting up an important head-to-head match next week at Valleywood.

With two missing opponents for the Valley team, @Marty-Mangold and @Richard-Courtney were “playing the card” meaning they had to win one more hole than they lost (to net par) on each nine and the match (with an adjusted handicap.) Marty got all six points playing from the short tees but Richard got tripped up on the front nine with a tie – just too many double bogeys. He came back strong on the back to win 5 points for the match. @Jim-Husnik had a strong game with a net 71 vs a net 69 to win all 6 points. But @Ted-Roberts got skunked losing to a net 72.   

Golden captain @Roger-Hamm shot a nice net 71 but could only tie the front nine for 1 point against a net 68. Roger seems to have his competition playing their best against him! @Ramiro-Sifuentes did not fair much better getting only 2 points shooting a net 76 vs a net 73. Some pretty good golf – just not going the way the team wanted in a first place match. @Doug-Paquette also shot a net 71 wining the front and the match for four points while @Doug-Diedrich lost the front nine and came back strong to win the back and tie the match for 3 points with both players shooting a net 75.

So the big question for the week: Should the Valley team take a sucker punch for the Golden team to score big and vault into first place? Not a chance – expect this week’s match at Valleywood to be very competitive. Bragging rights between the teams!
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To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.