Metro Senior League teams have mixed results at Green Haven – Big match next week!

The Brookview Golden team took on their second place rivals – the University Team at Greenhaven Golf Club on July 16th. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep pace losing 10-14 allowing the University team to move back into first place by 2 points. The Valley team had a positive day winning 17 points from Chomonix who only brought two players. The win keeps the Valley team in the same place (6th) in the standings but only 3 points out of third place. The Valley teams trails the Golden team by 16 points setting up an important head-to-head match next week at Valleywood.

With two missing opponents for the Valley team, @Marty-Mangold and @Richard-Courtney were “playing the card” meaning they had to win one more hole than they lost (to net par) on each nine and the match (with an adjusted handicap.) Marty got all six points playing from the short tees but Richard got tripped up on the front nine with a tie – just too many double bogeys. He came back strong on the back to win 5 points for the match. @Jim-Husnik had a strong game with a net 71 vs a net 69 to win all 6 points. But @Ted-Roberts got skunked losing to a net 72.   

Golden captain @Roger-Hamm shot a nice net 71 but could only tie the front nine for 1 point against a net 68. Roger seems to have his competition playing their best against him! @Ramiro-Sifuentes did not fair much better getting only 2 points shooting a net 76 vs a net 73. Some pretty good golf – just not going the way the team wanted in a first place match. @Doug-Paquette also shot a net 71 wining the front and the match for four points while @Doug-Diedrich lost the front nine and came back strong to win the back and tie the match for 3 points with both players shooting a net 75.

So the big question for the week: Should the Valley team take a sucker punch for the Golden team to score big and vault into first place? Not a chance – expect this week’s match at Valleywood to be very competitive. Bragging rights between the teams!
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To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

Golden Team snags first place – Both Brookview teams have a great day at Daytona

The Brookview Golden team had an outstanding day against Hiawatha on July 9th at Daytona Golf Club winning 21-3 and while passing the University team to take first place in the league of 16 metro teams. The Valley team also had a good day winning 19-5 over Green Haven and moving up to 6th place. The Valley teams trails the Golden team by 23 points.

For the Valley team, the 18th hole proved pivotal: @Chuck-Bernardy won the back nine and the match on the last green to get 4 points in a tough match against an opponent with a 1 handicap! Chuck shot a net 75 but won the holes he needed to come back after losing the front nine. @Steve-Slivken shot a nice net 73 against a net 70 but won enough holes to take all 6 points. @Larry-Larson copied Chuck’s success with a tie on the last hole to tie the back nine and win the match due to his 1-up win on the front for 5 points. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman also followed Chuck’s lead by winning the last hole for a 2-up win for the back and the match to gain 4 points.

Everyone won for the Golden team. @Stan-Hop swept all 6 points with a net 71 against a 3 handicapper on a bit of an off day. @Dan-Peters shot a net 69 grabbing another 6 points and walloping his opponent. Not to be outdone by his teammates, @Chris-Reuter shot a net 67 after struggling a bit on the front nine for a tie and then rolling on the back for the win and picking up 5 points. Captain @Roger-Hamm shot a net 73 against the day’s medalist who shot 75 (net 73) but Roger was able to win the back and the match for 4 points. The sizable win advanced the Golden team into first place in the league with a narrow margin of 2 points over the University team. Golden takes on University in a key match next week at Green Haven.

The 4-7th place teams are all within a 3 points of each other. The competition is pretty exciting as teams jockey for position. The Brookview teams are representing us well against the other 14 teams.
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To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.

Metro Senior League teams have mixed results at Hiawatha

Reversing last week’s results the Brookview Golden team was hot and took down the team from Green Haven 18-5 and shot themselves back into 2nd place, only ten points behind the first place University team. The Valley team, playing against the first place team lost 9-15, falling one place to 6th place of the 16 teams. The two teams continue to proudly represent Brookview’s BMGA across the Metro Senior League

The Golden team started out steady but put their collective foot on the pedal with all four players winning their back nine matches. @Gary-Ridout and @Stan-Hop each shot net 73 while @Daniel-Peters and @Chris-Reuter each shot a net 76! It is surprising they didn’t win all the points! Gary and Chris were able to tie the front and win their back nine and matches. Stan’s opponent struggled while Stan was solid and took all 6 points. Dan’s opponent had a great day shooting a net 74 and squeaking out a few more holes than Dan.

The Valley team battled the University team. @Peter-Steichen had a great round shooting a net 70 but was run over by a train named Skip Schultz, the league coordinator and University team captain who shot a gross 69, net 65. He had the best score of the day. Still, Peter only lost by one hole on the front and one hole on the back. Sometimes life just isn’t fair! @Dean-Penk also shot a net 70 and feels like he should have done better than tie the front nine. He came back strong and won the back and the match for 5 points. @Chuck-Bernardy had a close match losing the front nine and winning the back nine and tying the match for 3 points. @Richard-Courtney had a tough day but was able to scratch out a tie on the back to pick up one point against an opponent that shot a net 73.

Next week Fountain Valley hosts. Golden takes on 12th place Gross and Valley takes on the 11th place hosts. Both teams are eying the July 23rd match when they play each other at Valleywood.

To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.
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Metro Sr. Teams Advance with Home Court Advantage

On a very HOT Friday the Metro Sr teams took advantage playing at our home course and both teams moved up in the standings.

The Valley team moved up to sixth place with a 19-5 win over Valleywood. Both @Jim-Sanford (net 80) and @Steve-Slivken (net 70) won all six points. @Peter-Steichen took five points, tying the front nine with a net 80 and captain @Sheldon-Silberman was only able to win the back nine and acquire 2 points with a net 75 against an opponent with a net 73.

The host Golden team was solid with 15-9 win and moved up to 2nd place in the league only nine points back of the leader, University of Minnesota team.  Captain @Roger-Hamm “crushed” his opponent with a net 76 vs. net 78 – it was close but Roger pulled it out. @Stan-Hop was able to take four points winning the back and the match as his opponent faded in the heat. @Doug-Diedrich was able to get a split for 3 points and @Chris-Reuter won the back for 2 points. The Golden Team leads the Valley Team by 12 points.

Everyone enjoyed the course but it was a slow, hot round. Scores were pretty high and the last groups came in at five hours. Thanks to those that helped to guide the visitors around the course and find lost balls. A big thanks to @jeff-towey for filling the job of starter.

Next week Chomonix hosts. To find out more, see Sheldon or Roger.
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BMGA Metro Senior Teams advance at Gross

Columbia Golf hosted the 3rd week of the Metro Sr. League at Gross as the Columbia course is still undergoing some reconfiguration and maintenance. The weather, while a bit chilly to start was perfect.

The winds came up late in the round and the greens were a little bumpy making it challenging for the Golden team as they had three matches “against the card” because Chomonix only could bring one player. With @Steve-Slivken and @Sheldon-Silberman filling in the empty spots (for fun) and providing some tips on playing the card, @Tom-Hansen and @Stan-Hop each swept with 6 points by tying the card both front and back (ties go to the actual player). @Dan-Peters also played the card and won all 6 points. Unfortunately, @Ward-Eames was not successful in his close match shooting a net 74 but was shut out on points. The Golden team 18-6 win vaulted them up to a tie for 5th place in the standings

The Brookview Valley Team played strong but didn’t get many points in a 17-7 loss to Wirth and dropping to 7th place overall. @Jim-Sanford struggled a bit but was able to pull off a tie with 3 points. @Peter-Steichen shot 3 over par on the front and a net 73 overall but was giving up 11 strokes to a guy that shot a net 69! Peter squeaked out a tie on the back for 1 point. @Ted-Roberts also ran into a buzz saw when his opponent shot a net 70 from the short tees and got swept. @Randy-Zejdlik won the front and squeaked out a tie for the match to gain 3 points.

After 3 weeks the Golden team snuck past the Valley team to gain a tie for 5th place and the Valley team slipped to a 7th place tie. There are 16 teams in the league. 

To learn more about the league, check out the website or speak to one of the captains,  @roger-hamm (Golden Team) or @Sheldon-Silberman (Valley Team.)
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Metro Senior Teams tough it out at Bunker Hills

Week 2 of the Metro Senior league was held at Bunker Hills on Friday, May 7. Unfortunately, the Brookview Golden Team opponent had the home field advantage. @Dan-Olson shot an 86 against and evenly matched opponent and won the front 9 and the match to get 4 points but the rest of the team struggled in the chilly temps and windy conditions. Bunker Hills defeated the Golden team 19-5 and the team dropped a few places in the standings

The Brookview Valley Team had a little better result with a 14-8 win over the Hiawatha team. @Marty-Mangold swept all 6 points and @Steve-Slivken picked up another 4 with four birdies and some really ugly holes! @Dean-Penk and @Jim-Sanford each won the the front 9 but could only muster 2 points each.

After 2 weeks the Golden team slipped to 8th place and the Valley team moved up to a 5th place tie. There are 16 teams in the league. 

To learn more about the league, check out the website or speak to one of the captains, @roger-hamm (Golden Team) or @Sheldon-Silberman (Valley Team.)
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