Metro Seniors Playoff Finale…………Sooooooooo Close!

This week’s author is the Brookview National Historian, @Marty-Mangold himself.

The Metro Seniors wrapped up the season on Friday at famed Oak Marsh in Woodbury.  The Metro Seniors League is made up of 16 teams from across the Twin Cities.  Brookview has two teams who have been climbing the ladder all season.  In the playoff matches, second place Brookview Golden went head-to-head with first place University.  To claim the title, Brookview Golden would need a miraculous day and beat University by a score of at least 21-3.  Impossible you say?  Brookview Valley started the day in fifth place and was looking to finish on a strong note as well.  Scores below for each player are gross/net and points won.  Results….let’s start with the appetizer:

Brookview Valley vs Green Haven

Slivken: 91/80 – The combination of a bad day and a hot opponent sent Steve to the Pepto Bismol.  0 points. 
Mangold: 81/72 – Marty’s opponent had to bow out due to COVID, thus forcing him to play against the highly competitive “scorecard.”  Mangold took inspiration from a line in the movie Remember the Titans.  ”Run it up Herman…leave no doubt.”  6 points.  
Penk: 77/67 – Dean was the iceberg and his opponent the Titanic.  6 points.
Zejdlik: 100/76 – It was just another day at the office for Randy.  Send out invoices, collect money, three-hour lunches and check off another victim.  6 points. 

An 18-6 victory pushed Valley past Theo Wirth by one point to finish in fourth place.  

Now to the entrée! Brookview Golden vs University

Sifuentes: 82/75  – The recent state champ was up two with three to go for the 2 points on the front , but unfortunately lost the front-side.  Ramiro rebounded nicely and won the back and overall.  4 points. 
Hamm: 82/71 – The captain had a solid day, sweeping the leg of his opponent, forcing him to beg for mercy.  6 points.  
Shellenbaum: 75/64 – Steve treated the course like a Steinway piano and put together a masterful performance.  However, his opponent had a great front and dropped a 10-footer on #9 to claim the 2 points.  Steve rose to the occasion and carved him up like a turkey at Thanksgiving the rest of the way.  4 points.
Hop: 81/68 – Verne Gagne isn’t the only one with a sleeper hold!  Stan lured his senior opponent to sleep with that silky smooth swing.  No contest….tap out.  6 points.  

The final tally was 20-4…falling just one point short of the miracle.  As Three Dog Night would say….one is the loneliest number.  The title came down to one putt, one hole, one stroke and one hot day.  A valiant effort by Brookview Golden and a second place finish.  My suggestion to team Golden… stiff martini…..well maybe two!

There were also some on-course events and skins Friday.  Brookview fared well!  Richard Courtney, Roger Hamm, Randy Zejdlik and Steve Shellenbaum all won some money for skins or one of the events.  

It is amazing that some of the teams can’t even field a team of four players at times.  Brookview not only has two teams, but both teams finished in the top four!  What a fun season and great performances by both teams.  A huge thank you to Roger Hamm and Sheldon Silberman for stepping up as captains.  It is always more work than people think.

Several Photos were taken courtesy of Sheldon : All the pics are here: LINK

All Standings during the year All Results during the year

See you next year! – BNH

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  1. Nice write up Marty. I take full responsibility for my ugly ass play at Oak Marsh, preventing our Valley team from securing 3rd place. On the flip side, I won some points back in June sometime and according to my calculations, those are the points that propelled us into 4th place.. Thanks to Roger and Sheldon for overseeing a fun season.

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