Week 9 Results (06.22)

The BMGA faithful were back at it with a number of very close matches including two matches that ended in a tie.   

Team Matches

  1. Team Hack Attack (3) whacks Foreplay (Team 7) = 51.5 to 28.5 (Amended)
  2. Bald Man Brewing (15) pummels Par then Bar (14) = 47 to 33
  3. Fairway 2 Heaven (2) bests 9th Green at 9PM (9) = 45 to 35
  4. Brooky Strong (4) wins their sixth match in a row besting the Loopers = 43.5 to 36.5
  5. I Like Big Putts (10) over Range Balls (12) = 41.5 to 38.5
  6. Mid-Round Crisis (11) edges the Zed Heads (8) = 41 to 39
  7. CTB (1) ties Putt for Dough (13) = 40 All
  8. Last Call (5) uses only six players to tie Who’s Your Caddy (6) = 40 All

**Full Standings and Stats Are Here**

Prize Winners (Paid in BMGA “Chits”)

Low Gross & Low Net ($10.00 per category)

  1. Low Gross – Howard Hoffman & Mike Sustad with 35s – $5.00 each
  2. Low Net – Richard Courtney and Tyler Nelson $5.00 each

Skins ($50.00 per side)

  1. Front 9 – Kyle Spicer 4 (Net Double Eagle) on #3 and Chuck Bernardy – 2 (Net Ace) on #4. $25.00 per player.
  2. Back 9 – Tory Stellick – 3 (Net Eagle) on #10, Greg Hayes – 3 (Net Ace) on #12, Gary White – 3 (Net Eagle) on #13, and Jim Sherburne – 3 (Net Eagle) on #14. $12.50 per player.

Nearies ($10.00 per winner)

  1. Hole 1 – Closest to Pin in Two – Neal Reykdal (Team 11) (Result: “Par”)
  2. Hole 4 – Closest to Pin – Eric Berg (16) (Par)
  3. Hole 8 – Closest to Pin – Steve Bensen (3) (Three Jack Bogie)  
  4. Hole 9 – Longest Putt – Eric Kelley (14) (Bogie)
  5. Hole 11 – Closest to Pin in Two –Tim Lueder (12) (Birdie)
  6. Hole 12 – Closest to Pin – David Hillesheim (13) (Birdie)
  7. Hole 17 – Closest to Pin – Mike Pokorney (10) (Par)
  8. Hole 18 – Longest Putt –Nick Ward (11) (Par)

The Weekly Rant  

New Request

  • If an issue arises on the course during WNL play that could impact the results of your match, please bring the matter to the WNL Director’s (or other BMGA Board Member) attention so we can try to resolve it right away.


  1. Pace of Play is critical to the enjoyment of all. Please be early to your tee time.
  2. BMGA veterans please take the time to welcome new members especially your new teammates! 
  3. Using a Range Finder with the Slope functionality turned on is prohibited under USGA Rule 4.3a (1).  The penalty for violating this Rule is the “General Penalty” (Loss of Hole in Match Play) with repeat violations leading to disqualification. For more information see USGA Rule 1.3c (2).   
  4. If you move a Prize Pin on the green, please be sure to move it back to its original position so the correct WNL member is awarded the much coveted BMGA Chits.


  • Scorecards should not be altered after being submitted without all impacted players agreeing to any changes to the results.  If agreement cannot be reached, the issue should be brought to the attention of the WNL Director or other BMGA Board Member.
  • After eight weeks of play, some scorekeepers are still unwilling (or unable) to fill in their TEE TIME.
  • Signing a scorecard means it’s supposed to be complete and correct in terms of addition, scores, etc.
  • Scorecards should be signed by at least one player from each team.
  • If someone concedes a hole, please mark an “X.”  This is especially important when both players score a 9 but the hole is conceded by the player who picks up their ball first.


  • Please post your scores for WNL as they are not entered by the BMGA or Brookview.  Sandbaggers are not appreciated.
  • The WNL Director is not responsible for checking the accuracy of the player’s handicap on the scorecards. Check the GHIN App before teeing off to get your current handicap and adjust it to the Side (Front or Back) and Tees (Member or Gold).

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  1. Hey Chuck,

    I did have closest to the pin for 8 as of the 5:10 tee time. With that said, I don’t remember putting my name on it, however I did put the sign where my ball was at on the green. I probably forgot to put my name because I 3 putted from about 12 feet. I was a little distraught! Haha. I am totally cool if I lose out on it. My fault for not writing my name!

    Thanks Chuck! Keep up the great work!!


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