Maday/Steichen Capture 2-Man Match Play Crown

@Doug-Maday and @Pete-Steichen captured the BMGA 2-Man Match Play crown. This according to my undisclosed sources (my favorite new political media term). They defeated the @Dan-Peters/@Larry-Jocelyn team in a match that came down to the 18th hole. According to my sources the Maday/Steichen team was 2 down after 6 holes. They buckled down and won holes 7,8, and 9 to go 1-up. At that point Peters and Jocelyn woke up and won three of the next five holes (10-14) to go 2-up again. Not to be denied, Maday/Steichen won holes 15,16, and 17 to go 1-up again. The two teams halved the 18th hole, allowing Maday/Steichen to win the match 1-up. I am not aware of any match changing shots as my source did not go into shot detail, just the bottom line.

Congrats to the finalists and the team champion, and thanks to all who participated this year.

2 thoughts to “Maday/Steichen Capture 2-Man Match Play Crown”

  1. The two man match play final was an exciting match. Making the turn down one Peters and Jocelyn brought heat on the back side with a birdie on 11 by Peters and a short chip in birdie on 14 by Jocelyn, making them two under as a team for holes 10- 14. Noticing the dazed, stunned look on my face Mayday went into instant counseling mode with me. You see they’re two up and both stroking on holes 15 and 16. Well Doug’s counseling worked a miracle as I riffled a seven iron on 15 to eight feet and dropped the birdie putt. Doug and I both played 16 really well drilling our second shots to 80 yards out center cut, and won that hole. Then on 17 both Larry and Dan hit poor tee shots, with Mayday hitting the green for an easy two putt par making us one up. Playing 18 after sun set Larry had a chance to win the hole with a seven foot downhill right left breaker, it slide by on the low side. I think Doug and I won because we each somehow came through when it mattered most. Also we didn’t run into any players whose handicap I would have complained about. Thanks to all the other players who helped make this tournament such a success.

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