Greek Scramble Details

Below are the tee times for this weekend’s Greek Scramble.

Tee Times2021 Greek Scramble Event :: Tee Sheets (

Format: Each player tees-off from the member tees of Hole #1. The Team selects the two “best” drives and divides into two 2-man Sub-teams (Sub-team A and Sub-team B).

The players whose tee-shots are selected as “best” must remain with his ball.

Each 2-man Sub-team completes the hole in scramble format (choosing the best of each pair of shots). This sequence is repeated for each of the 18 holes.

Scoring example (Hole #1): Sub-team A’s score of 3 strokes and Sub-team B’s score of 4 strokes. Total Team score for Hole #1 is 3 + 4 = 7 strokes.

A minimum of six tee-shots from each player must be used during the round.

Short a Player In the event a Team is short a player (only 3 team members), the player whose handicap is closest to the handicap of the missing player will play both his own ball and the ball of the missing player.

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