Metro Sr. Teams Advance with Home Court Advantage

On a very HOT Friday the Metro Sr teams took advantage playing at our home course and both teams moved up in the standings.

The Valley team moved up to sixth place with a 19-5 win over Valleywood. Both @Jim-Sanford (net 80) and @Steve-Slivken (net 70) won all six points. @Peter-Steichen took five points, tying the front nine with a net 80 and captain @Sheldon-Silberman was only able to win the back nine and acquire 2 points with a net 75 against an opponent with a net 73.

The host Golden team was solid with 15-9 win and moved up to 2nd place in the league only nine points back of the leader, University of Minnesota team.  Captain @Roger-Hamm “crushed” his opponent with a net 76 vs. net 78 – it was close but Roger pulled it out. @Stan-Hop was able to take four points winning the back and the match as his opponent faded in the heat. @Doug-Diedrich was able to get a split for 3 points and @Chris-Reuter won the back for 2 points. The Golden Team leads the Valley Team by 12 points.

Everyone enjoyed the course but it was a slow, hot round. Scores were pretty high and the last groups came in at five hours. Thanks to those that helped to guide the visitors around the course and find lost balls. A big thanks to @jeff-towey for filling the job of starter.

Next week Chomonix hosts. To find out more, see Sheldon or Roger.
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