Week 7 Results

Hot Wednesday night this week! Quick rule update that has been going on that needs to be addressed. You CAN’T help your teammate with his putts. The way the league is setup Yes we have teams and your playing with a teammate, but you both are in a separate match so Please don’t help your teammate with putts. I could go into more detail, but that pretty much says it all. Also on the spreadsheet ignore the Weekly Results page its not correct and I don’t have enough time in the day to bother with it.

The New guy of the week is the young guy on the right Carson Walker. He’s a natural at meeting people and his new buddy Chuck Bernardy can vouch that this kid has some game. Apparently on a weekend tournament this Spring he didn’t put in money for skins and sunk an eagle on #3. Opps! Carson is from Chicago originally where he attended East Lake High School. Currently he is a Wealth enhancement director for UBS.

This week in the standings a few teams made some strong moves playing division opponents, so the standings definitely had to be adjusted. Ramiro is still on top of the individual points board. Who’s going to stop him?

Chuck Bernardy and Carson Walker enjoying some Bald Man Beer

Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Tim Lueder $10

Closest to the pin on #4 Brad (No Clever Name) Jordan $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Nick Ward $10

Longest Putt on #9 Brad (No Clever Name) Jordan $10

Closest to the pin on #11 in 2 Doug Zuck $10

Closest to the pin #12 Eric Swanson $10

Closest to the pin on #17 Mike Manion $10

Longest Putt on #18 Kyle Johnsrud $10

Low Gross: Erik Swanson (33) $10

Low Net: 4 way tie so I picked a name out of a hat “Mick Krause” 51 net 33 $10 Bucks

Front 9 Skin: Christian Olson #5 a par for a net 2 $50 (New guy of the week last week)

Back 9 Skin: Michael Sales a birdie on #3 net 1, Dave Repinski a birdie on #15 for a net 3, Jeff Towey a birdie on #11 net 2, and David Hillesheim a birdie on #12 net 1…. “Where’s my drink David?” $12.50 each

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