Race to the BMGA Cup Champion

With only one major tournament left in the season, let’s look at where the standings sit for the prized BMGA Cup. This award goes to the top Weekend Player. Not only do they get recognition but also a cool $250 dollars in chits!

There are ONLY four players left who could mathematically take home the crown! Remember, the TOP 12 are invited to the Shootout to crown the top player in the league. They will be joined by the TOP 12 WNL Players.

Points still outstanding are:

  • Calcutta Points
  • Finals in 2-Man Match Play
  • Semi-Finals and Finals in Individual Match Play
1st PlaceSteve Couture827 Points
2nd PlaceSteve Shellenbaum800 Points
3rd PlaceHoward Hoffman770 Points
4th PlaceMatthew Payne742 Points
5th PlaceRichard Brynteson695 Points
6th PlaceJeff Olson682 Points
7th PlaceTom Nestvold584 Points
8th PlaceSteve Hartmann580 Points
9th PlaceRamiro Sifuentes567 Points
10th PlaceMatt McClernan547 Points
11th PlaceCraig Wethington535 Points
12th PlaceDoug Paquette525 Points

What did it take to get into the top 4?

Steve C. played in all weekend events thus far. In those, he finished as a semi-finalist in 2-Person Match Play; 1st Place Net Club Champion, 2nd Place Rotation, 4th Place in the 2-Person Scramble.

Steve S. played in all weekend events thus far. In those 2nd in Rotation, 2nd in Fourball and won the Senior Club Championship Net.

Howard has played in 6 of 8 tournament. Taken first in 2-Person Scramble, Presidents Cup and Club Championship.

Matthew played in all weekend events thus far. Won the Greek Scramble, 3rd Rotation, 4th in 2-Person Scramble, 4 in Club Championship and 2nd in Presidents Cup.

That is a lot of consistent play between four players! Good luck in the rotation!

2 thoughts to “Race to the BMGA Cup Champion”

  1. How does it work if guys have enough cup points to qualify for the shootout but are also in the top 12 for Wednesday night individual points? Do they take up both spots or are they removed from one list so that another player can move up into their qualified spot?

  2. Great question. We remove from the list where they are lower positioned. For example, if they were #4 in WNL and #12 in Weekend. We would move down the list on the Weekend Tournament side. If they happened to be both #4 in WNL and Weekend. We flip and coin and move down – this is super rare.


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