Week 18 Results

Hey guys next week is the makeup week from our only Rain out of the year. The schedule changed so make sure your in contact with your captain on what your tee time is. SUNLIGHT will be an issue so those early tee times, just because your team has a chance for playoffs lets not pretend we are in the PGA. If you see your foursome falling behind say “SOMETHING” Please.

We have a lot of tight races still and no one is a lock for all the marbles going into the last week. The last Back tee time failed to pick up the game cards so hopefully their in the locker so those names will be revealed next week.


Closest to the pin on #1 in 2 Tom Nestvold $10

Closest to the pin on #4 Mike Sustad $10

Closest to the pin on #8 Bill Guthrie $10

Longest Putt on #9 Stephen Wernblom $10

Closest to the pin on #11

Closest to the pin #12

Closest to the pin on #17

Longest putt on #18 Mark Steinhauser $10

Low Gross: Howie Hoffman (34) $10

Low Net: Tom Scheunemann (32) $10

Skins Front: Bill Guthrie a 2 on #8 net 1, Nick Gnerer a 3 on 5 net 2, Kevin Stoner with a easy 2 on #6 Just an Eagle, Mike White a 3 on #1 net 1 $12.50 Each

Skins Back: Tom Scheunemann a 3 on #10 net 2, Kirk Williams a 3 on #13 net 2, Dan Anderson a 2 on #17 net 1. $16.50 Each

Richard is on Vacation so I didn’t want to bother him about fixing the spreadsheet so here is the team stuff and the shootout information is sponsored by Tuppleware thanks to Roger.

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