Brookview 2022 Irrigation Project

The following post will be updated as we are made aware of changes on the course with regards to the 2022 Irrigation Project.

Background: The inground irrigation at Brookview is nearly 40 years old. The course made the decision to replace the entire system (regulation and par 3) with a new product. Notable changes include: no more sprinkler heads in the fairways or tee boxes, greens will have two sets – one dedicated to the green and one to the rough, and overall better coverage of the course.

The project is starting in April of 2022 and expected to end in late July / early August.

The BMGA has a local rule for Abnormal Course Conditions for WNL as seen below. Irrigation equipment and the damage done as part of the installation of new or removal of old is considered an Abnormal Course Condition and the player is entitled to free relief for Ball, Swing, Stance, or Line of Play.

Abnormal Course Conditions not marked

  • If a ball comes to rest in or on an area that appears to be Abnormal Course Condition (formally known as Ground under Repair), but is not clearly marked as such, relief may be taken provided the player and his competitor agree that the area is warranted for relief. 
  • The ball may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole.  A ball in the fairway may be dropped in the fairway, a ball outside the fairway must stay outside the fairway.  This rule is not applicable to balls inside a penalty area.
  • This rule is intended for areas of the course that are currently under maintenance by grounds crew, drainage, or irrigation work. This local rule is not designed for areas of the course with poor surfaces, poor grass, etc.

August 10 Update – Driving Range will be closed. Putting Green between the Driving Range and #1 Tee will also likely be closed.

July 27 Update – Hole #11 will be shortened and play as a Par 3. Member and Gold tee boxes will be located about 175 yards from the middle of the green.

July 20 Update – Hole #12 will be shortened with the teeing area on the other side of the pond.

July 13 Update – Hole #4 will be closed. Players should proceed to Hole #5 and continue their match.

June 29 Update – Hole #10 will be closed. Players should proceed to Hole #11 to begin their match. The Member Tee Box on Hole #3 will be moved up to where the Gold/Red Tee Box is located.

June 15 Update – Hole #1 will be closed. Players should proceed to Hole #2 to begin their match.

May 18 Update – Crews have finished laying the initial pipe on #1 and #2. Remember that if a sod seam impacts your ball lie, swing or stance you can take free relief for abnormal course conditions.

April 25 Update – Due to construction and maintenance, the Driving Range is closed from April 25th and will reopen on April 29th.

April 22 Update – Starting the week of April 25th, pipes and other construction equipment will be placed on certain holes for the installation of the primary pipe that runs around the course. Ground is scheduled to be broken the first week of May.

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