Race to BMGA Shootout

In October, the top individual player will be crowned, at the 2022 BMGA Shootout. To be invited to this event you need to finish in the top 12 of WNL Player Points or top 12 of BMGA Weekend Cup Points.

Remember – the WNL MVP and BMGA Cup Champion are also awarded $250.00 prize each year!

Here is the list of the current Top 20 Players Player in WNL. Points are based on your 10 BEST scores during WNL play. There is still plenty of time to move up (or down) the list.

Player (WNL Team)Place
Smith, Corey (8)1st
Martin, Jeff (4)2nd
Jordan, Brad (11)3rd
Slivken, Steve (6)4th
Grove, Matt (1)5th
Binenstock, Steve (10)6th
Repinski, Dave (8)7th
Abramson, Frank (1)8th
Grubb, Dan (7)8th
Milbert, Randy (3)10th
Wallace, Bill (15)10th
Fox, Luke (15)12th
Timpone, Frank (9)12th
Hayes, Greg (8)14th
Larson, Greg (6)14th
Mangold, Marty (8)14th
Riggs, Kent (9)14th
Sustad, Mike (2)14th
Wethington, Craig (4)14th
Nelson, Tyler (10)19th
Anderson, Lucas (11)20th
Berg, Eric (16)20th
Gaspard, Chris (15)20th
Hamm, Roger (13)20th
Host, Jeremy (4)20th
Ryan, Michael (7)20th

The BMGA Cup is awarded to the top weekend player. Points are awards based on participating in tournaments and then placing in the top 4 at those tournaments. There are still 4 weekend tournaments to earn points at (2-Person Scramble on July 23rd / Club Championship Weekend on August 6th & 7th / President + Hall of Fame Cup on August 20th / Calcutta on September 18th).

Here are the current top 20 players. To see the full list.

Larry Hahka2751st
Doug Paquette2751st
Stan Hop2751st
Steve Bensen2751st
Dylan Airhart2625th
Larry Larson2506th
Sheldon Silberman2506th
Jeff Martin2378th
Matt Grove2378th
Richard Brynteson22510th
Brad Jordan21211th
Richard Courtney20012th
Curtis Medina20012th
Steve Couture20012th
Ted Roberts20012th
Steve Shellenbaum20012th
Steve Slivken20012th
Chuck Bernardy20012th
Larry Jocelyn20012th
Darin Allen20012th

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