2-Man Match Play Bracket

Below is the 2-Man Match Play bracket. A few reminders as we start this year-long tournament.

  1. You, as players, are responsible for setting up all tee times. There is NO opening weekend play for the 2-man match play this year. Please try your absolute best to schedule these as fast as possible.
  2. We have 74 players (37 teams!!!). It is the largest opening bracket we have had that I can remember. As such, there are a handful of round 1 matches or play-in-matches or the-computer-picked-you-sorry matches.
  3. When you matches are complete, you need to e-mail me so I can update the bracket. The dates on the bracket are when we would like those rounds completed prior to, get the first rounds in ASAP please.

If you believe you see any errors with pairings, you are missing, etc. please let me know ASAP.

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2 thoughts to “2-Man Match Play Bracket”

  1. Steichen (11.6) / Maday (13.7) vs Stellick (6.9) / Hamm (14.0) on Saturday the 16th starting at 9:30. It will be a bloody match with Stellick/Hamm as 7:5 favorites due to Hamm’s great sandbagging and Stellick’s solid play.

    1. Congrats Hamm and Stellick! Last year the fearsome “New Machine” fell to Steichen/Maday. The combination of Steichen’s might and Maday’s stealth were too much for even the New Machine to handle and they went down in flames at the very end. Justice has finally been served with a vengeance and the New Machine, along with every other respected team, is delighted at the outcome.
      Even though it’s my understanding that Hamm’s sandbagging carried the day, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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